Eric Bolling and Brett Favre talk Super Bowl 55, Tom Brady, Favre's thousands of concussions, and we try to teach Brett about Bitcoin on the debut of Bolling with Favre


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Eric Bolling and Brett Favre kick off their podcast by diving deep into Super Bowl 55, and Brett Favre has high praise for Tom Brady right out of the gate. Brett also talks about Patrick Mahomes, and the reason Patrick's concussion caught his attention is because he recently learned he likely had thousands of concussions while playing in the NFL. And when talking about Deshaun Watson, Brett says QBs and players today need to focus on being players and not General Managers. We also try to educate Brett on Bitcoin and the stock market, and look at the strange tradition that is Groundhog Day. We also have some fun with a feature called Date, Debate or Terminate! Follow the show on all social platforms @BollingWithFavre and rate and review the show!!

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