211 | Bill Bishop | Rewiring Your Thinking and How You Can Stop Being a Penguin in a Commoditized Marke


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Wondering how to grow your business in a competitive and commoditized market? And how to add value and make yourself irresistible to your ideal clients?

Back in 1980, Bill was working as a waiter at The Keg restaurant when he hit upon a “magic formula” to sell lobsters to restaurant customers. Using his formula, Bill managed to sell 1400 lobsters in 3 months. And to put things in perspective, the waiter who came in distant second just sold 90.

Bill figured out soon enough that he could apply this same magic formula to other businesses as well. And this led to him forming The Big Idea Company in 1987.

“So, what was the magic formula due to which Bill ended up selling an obscene number of lobsters?”, you may ask.

Well, his lobster story taught Bill the importance of understanding his clients and then rewiring his thinking.

Unless you are willing to expand your thinking to make it more aligned to the current scenario, you will end up fighting a losing battle where you are just struggling to survive.

Bill has since taught hundreds of clients to profitably and sustainably scale their businesses by providing more value and differentiating themselves in a commoditized market.

You will learn the three things that you can do right NOW to get rid of your fears and embrace this new-age thinking.


What You Will Learn In This Show

  • Scaling and growing your business in a commoditized market
  • How to make “gourmet” offers that win your ideal clients over
  • The three things that you can do to stop managing and start entrepreneur-ing
  • The five super-powers that robots do not have
  • And so much more…


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