Offset The Individual Emissions Of Your Purchases w/Antero Vartia, CEO of Compensate


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Antero is a serial entrepreneur who has been set on tackling climate change for a long time. Several years ago he joined the Finnish Green Party and was a member of Parliament for 4 years (2015-2019).

He is the founder Compensate - a non-profit which aims to bring people and companies together to stop climate change. They want to enable companies to offer their customers effective ways to offset their emissions and even overcompensate for them by removing more carbon than they've emitted.

Antero managed to synthesize his world view and offer simple analogies for the complex situation the world faces. We spoke about his background and Finland's 2035 carbon neutrality targets, we went into the inner workings of Compensate and what its overall vision for the future is and we discussed what the best methods for carbon removal are (not surprisingly he has the same conclusion as other guests on the show).

Finally, he also explained the structure behind Compensate being a non-profit and why he believes this is the best indication that it's a project for the benefit of everybody on this planet. I encourage you all to give go on their website and look up their solution.


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2:45 - His Background & Involvement With The Finnish Green Party
9:00 - The Global Shift In Awareness When It Comes To Climate Change - But Is It Enough?
14:57 - What People Need To Do To Fight This Crisis & How Compensate Helps With That
19:58 - Compensate In Detail + Overcompensating
23:56 - Their Focus On Carbon Capture via Photosynthesis
27:03 - How Market Economies Will Help Scaling Of Carbon Removal
29:44 - Other Promising Carbon Capture Solutions
33:31 - Science vs Business vs Politics vs Society
38:34 - How Compensate Works As A Non-Profit

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