Tripp Bowden- First White Caddy @ Augusta National GC/ Author/Word Doctor


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Tripp starts by telling you who he was as a child, his first memory of fishing, along with where and how he started golfing. We hear about who Freddie Bennet was, what he taught Tripp in life, a few of his many Freddie-isms, and why Tripp decided to tell his story.

What is a forecaddie? How did Tripp end up at Augusta U to play golf? What does he recall about the first time he put on the Augusta National White Caddy Jumpsuit? Tripp explains the learning curve at Augusta National and a couple stories about his caddy days.

Caddy’s Cookbook conversation that includes a salad dressing that Tommy would eat off a garbage sack it is that good! Tripp gives us his favorite recipes and why he chose the approach to write- All the Memorable Rounds from the experience at a golf course? His new release- Hey Tiger! You Need To Move Your Mark Back steers a warranted conversation if you would have done what Steve Scott did?

How does he think his life would be had Freddie Bennet come into it? Once a caddy always a caddy?


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How was Amen Corner named?

Does he still have his caddy book?

What is golf like these days for Tripp?

What is the Cabbage Patch?

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