Brutal Inflation, 1/6 Manipulation, and Motherhood, with Eric Bolling, Michael Knowles, and Christina P. | Ep. 340


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Megyn Kelly is joined by Newsmax host Eric Bolling to talk about the breaking news about the massive rise in inflation again, the effect on gas prices and other everyday items for Americans, and China and Russia's influence. Next The Daily Wire's Michael Knowles joins the show to talk about January 6 committee manipulation, taking Trump comments out of context, claims about the police and 1/6, and more. Then comedian Christina P., co-host of the "Your Mom's House" podcast, joins to discuss how the pandemic led her to Megyn's show, motherhood, parenting, dieting, the move to Texas, talking to strangers, life with husbands, raising resilient kids, running toward the danger, the change in free speech, growing up, and more.

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