The Freemasons with Courtney Epps


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The Freemasons are a secret society that practices satanic ritual abuse. Courtney Epps gave her testimony of SRA and MK Ultra on season 2, episode 27, so if you missed her story, I highly encourage you to go back and listen to that first. Courtney has studied the history of the Freemasons because her grandfather was a 33rd degree Mason and she wanted to understand that connection with her abuse. Here are some links to her research: The Truth 9/13/21 - Secret Societies Part 1 Truth 9/14/21 - Secret Societies Part 2 If you would like to support this podcast, there are a number of options available. At you can buy me a coffee, subscribe to a month Q&A with Lisa, or purchase a one hour conversation with Lisa. On Anchor or Spotify you can subscribe to Lisa's World, which give extra podcasts where Lisa talks about personal parts of her life. Thank you so much for listening today!

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