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Join Holly and Tracy as they bring you the greatest and strangest Stuff You Missed In History Class in this podcast by
The latest news from the team behind BBC History Magazine - a popular History magazine. To find out more, visit
In "Hardcore History" journalist and broadcaster Dan Carlin takes his "Martian", unorthodox way of thinking and applies it to the past. Was Alexander the Great as bad a person as Adolf Hitler? What would Apaches with modern weapons be like? Will our modern civilization ever fall like civilizations from past eras? This isn't academic history (and Carlin isn't a historian) but the podcast's unique blend of high drama, masterful narration and Twilight Zone-style twists has entertained millions ...
History as told by the people who were there.
The BHP is a chronological retelling of the history of Britain with a particular focus upon the lives of the people. You won’t find a dry recounting of dates and battles here, but instead you’ll learn about who these people were and how their desires, fears, and flaws shaped the histories of England, Scotland, and Wales.
BackStory is a weekly public podcast hosted by U.S. historians Ed Ayers, Brian Balogh, Nathan Connolly and Joanne Freeman. We're based in Charlottesville, Va. at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.Each week we take a topic that people are talking about and explore it through the lens of American history. Through stories, interviews, and conversation with our listeners, we make history engaging and fun.
Comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds take on one subject from American history each week.
A weekly podcasting exploring great political revolutions. Now: The July Revolution. Next: 1848
The History Hour
An hour of historical reporting told by the people who were there.
A regular podcast telling the story of England with warmth and wit and enthusiasm. The story of the great names and the events that made England the mosaic it is today; the daily lives of the people who made it so. We take a chronological approach, from the cataclysmic end of Roman Britain, all the way through to the present day – when we get there! Along the way we follow the major highways of history, and some of the side roads too – what it was like to live in the Middle Ages, why the dif ...
All good stories have a twist, and all great storytellers are just a little twisted. Join Mike Rowe for a different take on the people and events that you thought you knew, from pop culture to politics, Hollywood to History… The Way I Heard It with Mike Rowe is a series of short mysteries for the curious mind with a short attention span.
A weekly podcast tracing the rise, decline and fall of the Roman Empire.
The History of China
An audio journey through the 5000 year history of one of the world's oldest continuous civilizations.
History on Fire
Where history and epic collide--"History on Fire" is a podcast by author and university professor Daniele Bolelli.
History is full amazing stories. Join hosts Bryan Moriarty, Eric Bricmont, and Sarah Ashley as they explore the most inspirational, terrifying and hilarious events in history. Everything from the creation of the universe to the invention of Cheese in a Can and everything in between. Learn something new weekly by subscribing to the Nerd’s on History podcast.
Life Of Caesar
A podcast about the life of Gaius Julius Caesar.
History of Japan
A weekly podcast on Japanese history, covering everything from prehistory to the modern era. Additional information available at the podcast blog, at
Peter Adamson, Professor of Philosophy at the LMU in Munich and at King's College London, takes listeners through the history of philosophy, "without any gaps".
Laszlo Montgomery presents topics covering 5,000 years of Chinese history and culture.
The History Chicks
Two women. Half the population. Several thousand years of history. About an hour. Go.
Historical themes, events and key individuals from Akhenaten to Xenophon.
It's the history of our world from the Big Bang to the Modern Age! Well...eventually at least. Every episode has FINALLY been remastered, touched up, and had the numbering fixed. TPHOOW is back in action!
A podcast telling the story of the Roman (Byzantine) Empire from 476 AD to 1453.
History! The most exciting and important things that have ever happened on the planet! Featuring reports from the weird and wonderful places around the world where history has been made and interviews with some of the best historians writing today. Dan also covers some of the major anniversaries as they pass by and explores the deep history behind today's headlines - giving you the context to understand what is going on today. Join the conversation on twitter: @HistoryHit Producer: Natt Tapl ...
The Irish History Podcast brings you on a journey through Ireland's fascinating past. This podcast is not just dates but an enthralling account of Ireland's history, looking at daily life through the ages. The show is currently focused on the Great Irish Famine of the 1840s (see below), while the archive contains the stories of Ireland's ancient High Kings, Viking raiders and the Norman Invasion of the Middle Ages. The story of the Great Famine has proved the most popular to date,Between 184 ...
Ridiculous History
History is beautiful, brutal and, often, ridiculous. Join Ben Bowlin and Noel Brown as they dive into some of the weirdest stories from across the span of human civilization in Ridiculous History, a podcast by HowStuffWorks.
You think you know the story, or maybe you don’t. But Watergate was stranger, wilder, and more exciting than you can imagine. What did it feel like to live through the scandal that brought down President Nixon? Find out on this eight-episode podcast miniseries hosted by Leon Neyfakh.This podcast is made possible by Slate Plus members, who get a full-length bonus episode every week. Find out more at
Unbuttoned History
Informative, casual, and a little bit sexy, Unbuttoned History is the raucous history podcast for people who want to learn a bit about yesteryear, but with silly voices and swearing. Hosts Mike, a second Mike and Caleb guide you through time immemorial and play a few ridiculous games along the way.
Lectures in History
Join students in college classrooms to hear lectures on topics ranging from the American Revolution to 9-11.
The Washington Post's Presidential podcast explores how each former American president reached office, made decisions, handled crises and redefined the role of commander-in-chief. It was released leading up to up to Election Day 2016, starting with George Washington in week one and ending on week 44 with the president-elect. Hosted by Lillian Cunningham, the series features Pulitzer Prize-winning biographers like David McCullough and Washington Post journalists like Bob Woodward. New episode ...
Interviews, musings and extra material from the makers of Dan Carlin's Hardcore History. If it did not fit in the HH feed it's probably here
This show will detail the biographies and interesting facts of the Papacy of Rome. It will start in the beginning, but will not go straight through. There will be many side tracks and detours along the way. We will investigate the backstreets of the Papacy where the tour normally doesn't go.
We examine the lives and deaths of prominent people who changed history and influenced pop culture. We tell you their story, their achievements, their struggles, their secrets and take you on dramatic journey through the life and ultimate tragic death of those who have had an impact on society. With the help of voice actors, we attempt to honor these individuals by bringing their stories to life. New episodes are released every Wednesday. Remarkable Lives, Tragic Deaths is part of the Parcas ...
America is divided, and it always has been. We're going back to the moment when that split turned into war. This is Uncivil: Gimlet Media's new history podcast, hosted by journalists Jack Hitt and Chenjerai Kumanyika. We ransack the official version of the Civil War, and take on the history you grew up with. We bring you untold stories about covert operations, corruption, resistance, mutiny, counterfeiting, antebellum drones, and so much more. And we connect these forgotten struggles to the ...
The History of Egypt, as the ancients described it. A tale of pyramids, pharaohs, gods and mysteries, told through the eyes of the ancients themselves. A member of the Agora Podcast Network
The Thomas Jefferson Hour features conversations with Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States, as portrayed by the award-winning humanities scholar and author, Clay Jenkinson. The weekly discussion features Mr. Jefferson’s views on events of his time, contemporary issues facing America and answers to questions submitted by his many listeners. To ask President Jefferson a question visit his website at
Emperors of Rome
“Great empires are not maintained by timidity.” - Tacitus. A podcast series looking at the rulers of the ancient Roman empire, by Dr Rhiannon Evans and Matt Smith.
Barbarians, political breakdown, economic collapse, mass migration, pillaging and plunder. The fall of the Roman Empire has been studied for years, but genetics, climate science, forensic science, network models, and globalization studies have reshaped our understanding of one of the most important events in human history. PhD historian and specialist Patrick Wyman brings the cutting edge of history to listeners in plain, relatable English.
A History of Appalachia, One Story at a Time
A biweekly podcast covering the last great war. Join Ray Harris Jr as he explores World War Two in intimate detail.
The Ancient World
LATEST SERIES - BLOODLINE (tracing the generations from Cleopatra to Zenobia)
Tides of History
Everywhere around us are echoes of the past. Those echoes define the boundaries of states and countries, how we pray and how we fight. They determine what money we spend and how we earn it at work, what language we speak and how we raise our children. From Wondery, host Patrick Wyman, PhD (“Fall Of Rome”) helps us understand our world and how it got to be the way it is.
In this podcast for fans of presidential history, John Dickerson of Slate’s Political Gabfest revisits a moment from the American carnival of politics. Hear about the grand speeches, emergency strategies, baby kissing, and backstabbing that make each presidential cycle so fascinating.
New York City history is America's history. It's the hometown of the world, and most people know the city's familiar landmarks, buildings and streets. Why not look a little closer and have fun while doing it?
Where History Comes Alive! A fast-paced, well-researched weekly podcast covering a wide range of historical events, persons, places, legends, and mysteries, hosted by Jon Hagadorn. 1001 Heroes Podcast is a proud part of the 1001 Stories Podcast Network, which includes 1001 Classic Short Stories & Tales Podcast and 1001 Stories For the Road Podcast. The network enjoyed over 5 million listens in the past year from a worldwide audience. Get The Free App (1001Stories Network) Now! It combines al ...
Over 900 years ago, thousands of Christians invaded the Middle East, intent on taking the Holy Land from the Muslims. The following 200 years were marked by a series of military campaigns known as the Crusades.Join us to follow the history of the Crusades from 1095 onwards. Castles, battles, religious clashes, Richard the Lionheart, the Assassins, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Saladin, the Knights Templar - all will feature as we examine one of the most interesting periods in history.
Viking Age Podcast
Sharing the History of The Viking Age, one podcast at a time. We are covering the History of Scandinavia during the Viking Age. We're exploring Raiding, Trading and Settlement of Scandinavians abroad as well as the culture and society of the Norse homelands. Join us to learn more than you ever thought you wanted to know about the people, for better or worse, history knows as the Vikings.
Great Lives
Biographical series in which guests choose someone who has inspired their lives.
Each week, the International Spy Museum will offer a new SpyCast featuring interviews and programs with ex-spies, intelligence experts, and espionage scholars. The SpyCast is hosted by Dr. Vince Houghton, historian and curator at the International Spy Museum. Dr. Houghton specializes in intelligence, diplomatic, and military history, with expertise in the late-WWII and early-Cold War eras. The International Spy Museum in Washington, DC is the only public museum in the U.S. solely dedicated t ...
The Cold War, Prohibition, the Gold Rush, the Space Race. Every part of your life -the words you speak, the ideas you share- can be traced to our history, but how well do you really know the stories that made America? We’ll take you to the events, the times and the people that shaped our nation. And we’ll show you how our history affected them, their families and affects you today. Hosted by Lindsay Graham (not the Senator). From Wondery, the network behind Tides Of History, Fall Of Rome and ...
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Of all the crazy years during the Great War, 1917 was probably the most eventful. The Russian Revolution, Unrestricted Submarine Warfare, the Zimmerman Telegram, Woodrow Wilson and the United States entering the war, the Nivelle Offensive, and Passchendaele are just some of the momentous events. It can be difficult to make sense of it all witho ...…
Tokyo and Washington seem to be making progress in their peace talks. And yet, the Japanese 1st Air Fleet departs for its attack on Pearl Harbor. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
“Defenestrate” just means “to throw out of a window.” And apart from sounding like the punch line to a joke about Daleks … there has been a surprising amount of defenestration in Czech history. And almost all of it has been connected religious wars. Learn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at ...…
Author and activist Mark LeVine on the recent horrific events in Gaza and Jerusalem, which he sees as a point of no return. LeVine interprets Zionism's fundamental nature and history as one of settler colonialism, and he explains why he thinks resistance to Zionism around the world, both by Jews and non-Jews, is in the process of transforming i ...…
The Brookings Institute's Carol Graham (papers here, here, and here) on failing health and declining prospects among poor white people in the United States. Then, Kristen Ghodsee, co-author of this article, on the vile uses of anti-communism.
A battle at Dorking, that never happened, and German spies that never existed were a cause of great anguish to the British in the early part of the twentieth century. The result would be the creation a secret service, the rounding up of foreign nationals and an explosion in the popularity of the spy genre; which would manifest itself with class ...…
Lothar III and his marsh castle of Supplinburg was a one-emperor German dynasty. An interesting character himself, looking at his lifetime also allows us to summarize the Salien dynasty and foreshadow the (Hohen)Staufers a bit, like Keiser Barbarossa. More from the podcastnik team on -- New video (new YouTube channel even)! so ta ...…
Dan talks to the editor of the Times Literary Supplement, Stig Abell about what ideas and institutions govern Britain, and how they have developed. For more exclusive history documentaries and interviews, subscribe to HistoryHit.TV. Producer: Natt Tapley Audio: Pete Dennis
In advance of his new BBC Radio 4 series, the journalist and broadcaster Misha Glenny reflects on some of the key moments in the Netherlands’ story: from the Dutch Golden Age to World War Two
You visit Constantinople, guided by a stranger.
John Munro’s new book, The Anticolonial Front: The African-American Freedom Struggle and Global Decolonization (Cambridge University Press, 2017) is a transnational study that traces the persistence and continuities of Black radicalism from the end of the Second World War…
How do transitions to democracy affect the shape and participation of social movements in the present? In their new book, Legacies and Memories in Movements: Justice and Democracy in Southern Europe (Oxford University Press, 2018), Donatella della Porta and her…
Elaine Fisher’s Hindu Pluralism: Religion and the Public Sphere in Early Modern South Asia (University of California Press, 2017) sheds light on the variegated, pluralistic texture of Hinduism in precolonial times. Drawing on Sanskrit, Telugu, and Tamil sources, Fisher…
What was Italy’s role in the Holocaust? Why is it that Italy is known as the Axis power that was benevolent to Jews, despite a scholarly consensus that many Italians actively participated in anti-Jewish persecution? In Italy’s Jews from Emancipation …
Today’s show features music performed by Dinah Washington, Chuck Berry, and Albert King
On May 21st 1998 the president of Indonesia resigned after 31 years in power. He stood down in the wake of demonstrations and riots across the country. The riots had broken out after the shooting of four student demonstrators by armed police in the capital Jakarta. In 2014 Alex Last spoke to Bhatara Ibnu Reza who took part in the demonstrations ...…
21 May Wild Bill Hicock
May 21, 2018 – In this episode, our time machine welcomes aboard the daughter of an American national treasure: Rod Serling. Best known for his ominous exposition in TV’s groundbreaking anthology, The Twilight Zone, Serling also produced landmark screenplays such as Planet of the Apes, Seven Days in May, Playhouse 90’s The Velvet Alley, and Req ...…
Famous alley cat Thomas O’Malley lived with style and joie de vivre, traveling the world and playing with Scat Cat’s jazz band. But once he met a pampered cat named Duchess outside of Paris, it changed the course of his life.
On the 21st May 1927, Charles Lindbergh became the first person to make a solo non-stop flight across the Atlantic when he flew 3,600 miles from New York to Paris. On exactly the same date five years later, Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic when she landed in Northern Ireland, having been forced to abandon he ...…
The Pit Stop is a weekly mini-episode from In The Past Lane, the podcast about history and why it matters. Every Monday The Pit Stop tells you what happened in American history this week - in under 5 minutes! We drop these minis in between our full-length episodes that feature interviews with historians about their latest books, feature pieces, ...…
Meet the Sacred Cod, a five foot long wooden fish, carved and painted to resemble a cod. The mighty cod holds great prominence in Massachusetts history, as cod fishing was the first industry practiced by Europeans in the region. For perhaps 270 years or more, the Sacred Cod has served as a sort of mascot for the state House of Representatives, ...…
#RoyalWedding, Black people, British Slave Trade, Colonizers! Listen to the PODCAST of The African HIstory Network Show with Michael Imhotep from 5-20-18 2) Dr. Ray Winbush, Expert on Race Relations and Director of the Institute for Urban Research at Morgan State Unviversity discusses African Liberation Day & Reparations. He will be at Detroit' ...…
In which we wrap-up our discussion of the Battle of Fredericksburg, which took place on December 13, 1862.
"Killing Mata Hari" tells the true story of Margaretha Geertruda Zelle, known to most of us as Mata Hari, the dancer supposedly turned spy and definitely executed in 1917. Much information has come to light about her, telling a poignant story of a precocious young girl whose father ran out on her and whose mother died when she was young, leavin ...…
In September 1870, everyone in Paris prepared for a siege. Some of them also prepared for revolution. Remember:
Emperor Renzong of Song isn't exactly... into the whole "rule" thing. He'd much rather wile away his days talking about Confucian philosophy, writing calligraphy, and making love to his concubines. But he'll be forced to uneasily embody the might of Song China when the Tangut state of Western Xia declares its independence, triggering a massive ...…
Forward Air Controllers or FACs choreographed this skies over the battlefield in Vietnam. They courageously flew low, slow and unarmed over enemy territory in small, propeller driven aircraft like the Cessna 0-1 Bird Dog and 0-2 Skymaster. The FACs were experts at spotting an evasive, well camouflaged enemy and they often braved a battery of en ...…
In 1544 Henry traveled to France and hauled himself into the saddle for his last chance to emulate Henry V. A little like his predecessor, he was also investing in a royal navy; and this time, it's an investment that would last.By (David Crowther).
We begin to look at the third tradition of medieval philosophy, in which the heritage of classical antiquity is preserved and debated by the Byzantines.
Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy formed the Triple Alliance.Germany and Austria-Hungary had formed the defensive Dual Alliance in 1879 in which both countries agreed to assist each other if they were attacked by Russia and promised benevolent neutrality to the other in case of war with another nation.Two years later Italy, which had North Afr ...…
We take a look back at one of our most delightful subjects with a remastered classic episode. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
A French riot policeman's view of the violence that swept through France in May 1968; plus the man who led a team that made safe two nuclear weapons that had crashed to ground in the US. Also, the origins of Montessori education, one of the airmen on the Dambusters' raid and actor Jane Asher remembers John Osborne's radical 1950s play, Look Bac ...…
We're revisiting another episode from Sarah and Deblina., in which they talk about how the Brontë sisters quickly rose from obscurity to notoriety after their three novels were published under the Bell pseudonym. Learn more about advertising on the HowStuffWorks podcasts at And to learn about your ad choice ...…
This week we tell three short stories involving politics in Appalachia. You can subscribe to the podcast at Apple Podcasts, RadioPublic, Stitcher or on your favorite podcast app. We’re on Twitter @storyappalachia and on Facebook @storiesofappalachia. Thanks for lending us your ears!
This week, we cover the sengolu era history of the Shimazu clan, and their meteoric ascent from minor lords to major ones in the span of a few decades. Plus, the Tokugawa and the Shimazu, the role of sugar in the Shimazu clan's fortunes, and the invasion of the Ryukyu islands. It's a packed episode!
1918 Final German Offensive
On the 19th May 1536, Anne Boleyn – Henry VIII’s second wife and mother of the future Elizabeth I – was beheaded in the Tower of London, having been found guilty of adultery, treason, and incest.Although found unanimously guilty by a jury of 27 peers, the evidence against her was questionable. Only one person accused of an affair with Anne admi ...…
In which the Library of Virginia's Sandra Gioia Treadway tells us about 5 remarkable women - Cockacoeske, Anna Maria Lane, Elizabeth Van Lew, Caroline Putnam, and Mary Jackson, and how they impacted Virginia and beyond.
Israel is massacring Palestinians daring to approach a fence that occupation forces have built to shore up an ethno-state founded on the principle of apartheid. Nothing could be more clear. But you wouldn't no that from the, at best, muddied coverage that prevails in mainstream media accounts. Dan’s guest is Noura Erakat, a human rights attorne ...…
Greetings, Comrades! Hello from Sweden, where I’m currently visiting PDXCon. But I just couldn’t leave you without an episode, now could I? So, this is why I recorded one before leaving the town. It’s all about Soviet Cinema – but, as it turns out, as there is just a ridiculous amount of stuff to talk about in this subject, I turned this into a ...…
Early years of Ivan IV, the Terrible. On his reaching maturity, Moscow resumes its bid for control of the neighbouring khanate of Kazan, already weakened by decades of instability
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