Best Sci-Fi podcasts — Science fiction flicks and TV series (Updated December 2018; image)
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Imaginary Worlds
Imaginary Worlds is a bi-weekly podcast about science fiction and other fantasy genres. Host Eric Molinsky talks with novelists, screenwriters, comic book artists, filmmakers, and game designers about their craft of creating fictional worlds. The show also looks at the fan experience, exploring what makes us suspend our disbelief, and what happens when that spell is broken. Fantasy worlds may be set in distant planets or parallel dimensions, but they are crafted here on Earth and on some lev ...
Author David Barr Kirtley talks geek culture with guests such as Neil Gaiman (#253), George R. R. Martin (#22), Richard Dawkins (#46), Paul Krugman (#61), Bill Nye (#273), Margaret Atwood (#94), Neil deGrasse Tyson (#32), and Joyce Carol Oates (#202). The A.V. Club calls the show, "An informative and impressively in-depth podcast well worth checking out," and io9 lists it as one of "13 Smart Podcasts That Will Feed Your Hunger for Knowledge and Ideas." NPR's lists the show as a re ...
Sci Fi Saturday Night, the Podcast is the web version of the popular New Hampshire based radio show. Our hosts, The Dome, Kriana, and Zombrarian discuss science fiction, science fact, fantasy and whatever else we think is cool, in between celebrity interviews.
They are obnoxious, they are absurd, they are irreverent, and they are - at times - shockingly insightful. If you are looking for something different in the TV & Film podcasting genre, something honest and with zero interest in pandering, then turn your ears to the Science Fiction Film Podcast. Subscribe and never miss a week of their profane ramblings.
Join Tom Elliot on a journey through Rod Serling’s classic television series. With reviews, interviews and readings from The Twilight Zone…
Digging deeper into the Sci-Fi Movies we all love!
We see The Sci-Fi Christian, in all its iterations, as being about the collision between faith and nerdom. We believe that good genre fiction is about more than just entertainment. We seek to engage with the themes and philosophies behind our favorite stories, wrestling with the big ideas within speculative fiction. We’re unabashedly nerdy and unabashedly Christian. Even if your faith background differs from ours, we look forward to interacting with you at The Sci-Fi Christian!
Métis In Space
What happens when two Métis women, who happen to be sci-fi nerds, drink wine and deconstruct the science fiction genre from a decolonial lens? Molly Swain and Chelsea Vowel break down tropes, themes and the hidden meanings behind the whitest genre of film and television we've ever known.
The Twilight Pwn features a weekly review and humorous discussion of each and every episode of Rod Serling's classic television show The Twilight Zone, now with airhorns!
Anthology is a podcast exploring science fiction anthology television from TV's first golden age beginning with The Twilight Zone. Each week, join host Matt Hurt (The Obsessive Viewer podcast) as he discusses the plot, themes, and trivia of an episode of The Twilight Zone as well as how he felt as a first time viewer of the show. Each podcast includes a bonus review of a movie or show related to the week's main topic. Classic TV shows planned for future seasons of the podcast include The Out ...
The viewer's guide to genre television
Welcome to the SciFi Diner where we serve up spicy conversations off the latest menu of SciFi Movies & Television Shows.
Sci-Fi Talk
Conversations with Actors And Creators of Sci-Fi,Fantasy,Horror Movies And TV
This is How We Geek Out: Interviews, Reviews & More
Women Talk Sci Fi
The girls of SciFi, Gerri and Eugenia, from GE News Ezine now bring you Women Talk Sci Fi. A Podcast by women about their favourite genre, Sci-Fi. You've read what we have to say now you can listen to us too!
Entertaining, humorous and very nerdy discussions about many aspects of geek life from 4 guys who think their opinions matter. Including: Sci-Fi, Video Games, Comic Books, Music, Movies, TV and the Internet.
British Invaders
The podcast all about British Science Fiction Television
Science fiction and fantasy movie podcast! New episodes every Monday!
A Babylon 5 IntroCast
A podcast about your favorite science fiction television shows and movies.
The SciFi Podcast
In-depth discussion of all things science fiction
Sci-Fi in Color
A writer & a film buff discuss sci-fi TV & films that feature actors/directors/writers of color! Podcast updates on Sunday.
Sci Fi Fidelity
Mike and Dave turn up the volume on sci fi, fantasy, comics, and horror-themed television shows that deserve your attention and share monthly interviews from those behind all of your favorite series.
Proudly serving you since April 2010, Earth Station One is a pop-culture Podcast and blog celebrating our love for all things sci-fi, fantasy, comics, and much, much more. During any given Podcast, we never know where our discussions will take us, but we assure you that our Podcasts will be entertaining and that you will enjoy them. Join Mike Faber and Mike Gordon as they dive headfirst into the world of their favorite topics, and see how they can find to get into trouble! The ESO Podcast: I ...
Jeff Cork and Ben Hanson of Game Informer discuss every episode of The Twilight Zone.
This is a podcast for discussion of the Twilight Zone series. Each episode will be discussed in a session season by season with interaction from listeners.
Time Shifters
From science-fiction to science fact, fantasy to reality, horror to comedy, big-budget Hollywood epics to backyard independent film. Time Shifters will discuss, review and just mention a little bit of everything, in time.
"Imagination... its limits are only those of the mind itself." - Rod Serling
Comedian Phoenix West and Frank Linkz review every episode of The Twilight Zone. This show is stand-up meets review show. Sobriety not guaranteed.
Brace yourself as you approach that signpost up ahead! On The Fifth Dimension, hosts Richard Arnold and Trent Urness bring you analysis of the best and worst of the original Rod Serling series "The Twilight Zone". With each edition, we'll talk about the themes and trivial details of select episodes from the series' five-year run. This is the podcast that lies between the pit of your fears and the summit of your knowledge: Welcome to The Fifth Dimension!
Random Serling
Random Serling is a podcast focused on the work of Rod Serling, specifically the television programs The Twilight Zone and Night Gallery. Each week, host Dan Wearsch is joined by a guest to discuss a randomly selected episode.
StarfleetComms is a science fiction podcast and review site with a penchant for sharp delivery and critical observation. We talk about TV shows, films books and everything sci-fi related from the big names to the indie produced. Proudly broadcasting since 2010 we'd love you to join us and #staygeeky.
Join The Front Row Movie Reviews as we discuss the original Twilight Zone! Brandon and Scott are embarking on a journey to review EVERY episode of the classic Twilight Zone series. Come back each week as we explore the fifth dimension!
Geek Homeworld
You'll never find a more awesome hive of fans and geekery.
Imagine if you will
A chronological review of every episode of the twilight zone...ever.
An exploration of exceptional and intriguing science fiction, fantasy, and genre web series and online short films. Hosted by Rod T. Faulkner, founder of The 7th Matrix dot com, a web site dedicated to promoting the best in indie SF&F web series and online shorts.
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On today’s podcast Kevin and Kat discuss the following season 3 episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Homecoming(3×05), Band Candy (3×06) and Revelations (3×07). Spoilery section begins at 50:45. Links mentioned in this episode… Buffy Episode Posters from Laz Marquez Sign up for our Buffy Earpers email list here Buffy Earper tee shirts from Fan ...…
Queue this episode up with Netflix, starting at the 0 second mark. Watch it on silent with subtitled and listen as we make fun of the wife's decorating, how far on the spectrum the main character is and how he's a junkie for reading. www.LIWstudios'd like to thank our Patreon hero: The Indy Sportscar P ...…
Talented actor spoke to me about his role in All The Devil's Men. We also look back at his memorable roles in Contact and The Dark Knight working with Heath Ledger.
Harry Price: Ghost Hunter was a 2015 TV movie about a real-life ghost hunter trying to debunk a haunting in the 1920s. Please send us your comments, questions, requests and complaints. You can reach us at, and you can find us on the British Invaders Facebook Group. British Invaders is an audio podcast that discusses te ...…
This week, Shudder curator Sam Zimmerman stops by to talk all about his job selecting the films and shows that are helping Shudder take the streaming services world by storm.Where do you find your horror entertainment? Let us know! Call 602-635-6976 and leave a message, send Summer an email, or have your say in the comments below! [Listen to th ...…
Erik Radvon When I go to a convention there is no real idea of who I might meet. It might be someone from my other work in such outrageously inventive cosplay you don’t even recognize them, it might be a long-lost friend from school days past who is now an artisan and produces the most amazing monster jars or it just might be someone so differe ...…
Cassandra brings your favorite drinks from genre and pop culture movies and TV in her books. She has developed drinks from Star Trek, Star Wars, A Game Of Thrones, and Harry Potter. Visit Geeky Chef
Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono In this episode we make an announcement about voting for the End of the Year episode, and share some news!
This podcast is a recording of the Wynonna Earp Ladies Of Purgatory panel done on October 14, 2018 at Earp-A-Palooza. Panelists include Emily Andras, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Katherine Barrell and Megan Follows. The panel was moderated was Bonnie Ferrar. Links mentioned in this episode… Video Recording Of This Panel Video Recordings Of All O ...…
Christopher corrects a cinematic oversight and finally watches 1985’s The Last Dragon, sho’nuff! Promo: Season 14, Time For a Podcast ( Be sure to visit our TeePublic Store! All original content of the Time Shifters Podcast is licensed under a Creative Commons ...…
Compiled from the many different guests that I hosted this year on my podcast. Included are Adrienne Mitchell, Mercedes Bryce Morgan,Lyndsy Fonseca,Jerry O'Connell and Rebecca Romijn, Mars Thinkers from Nat Geo's Mars , Harry Lennix, Joshua Leonard, and Jason Riles.
For more than three decades, Jim Aparo provided pencils, inks, and lettering almost exclusively for DC Comics. Mike, Mike, Kevin Eldridge, and Ricky Zero discuss their favorites, including many dynamic Batman stories from Brave and the Bold to Untold Legends. Plus, Jami Jones from Infinite... Proudly serving you since April 2010, Earth Station ...…
Send Us Feedback Leave us a SpeakPipe audio message Voicemail: 706-927-8478 Twitter Facebook Email Listen to the episode now using the ‘Play’ button below. Follow the break for the detailed Show Notes. Water Cooler Create a TIST Show Introduction Tuner Minute: Giving and Getting Back Porch 0:40:16 The Good Place 3.09 Janet(s) 0:47:59 RWBY 6.06 ...…
We all grow up playing board games and card games, and now those games are growing up as well. I check out BostonFIG (festival of independent games), where a new generation of indie board game designers is reimagining what we can do with dice, cards and plastic game pieces. I also talk with Shari and Jenni Spiro of AdMagic -- the company that c ...…
Theme song graciously provided by Beatnik Turtle.Want to share your thoughts on this topic or read what other people think? The forum discussion thread is here.You can listen to the episode now by using the ‘Play’ button below.
Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono Ben and Matt continue their journey through the Rocky franchise, this time with the most recent installment, Creed II.
Travelers season 3 drops on Netflix on December 14, 2018, and we had the opportunity to talk to Reilly Dolman, who plays Philip Pearson on the show. Philip, of course, is the team's historian with the photographic memory of everything that happened in the 21st century - definitely one of the more interesting characters in Travelers. Reilly spok ...…
The Apocalypse Five team has been training for years against an unforeseen threat that could destroy the planet, and now that threat has made itself known. Interesting premise for YA novel that its author and I explore.
Tonight’s Menu: On this rewind, our discussion of Star Trek: First Contact includes Picard’s PTSD, issues of Misogyny, the best villains in Star Trek, and more. Scifi Rewind 344 – Star Trek VIII: First Contact This show is brought to you by Patreon Supporters: Jame Husband Mike Crate Support us on Patreon Special thanks to Lee […]…
Special offers A special chance for us to use your name for something dumb in the upcoming scifi adventure show Decipher RPG :-). Anybody supporting this show by Fri Dec 21 2018 will get their name used for a character! Contact “Levels” of alien contact. Converting anal probes and sex bases to contact “levels.” First kind: visual contact Second ...…
SAURORA is a standout sci-fi short film not only because of its impressive visuals, but mainly because of its unique setting - under the ocean of an alien world. Written and directed by Pavel Siska, SAURORA is a story of deep sea divers who are engaged in an undersea rescue mission of one of their own. When on of the team has a fateful encounte ...…
This week, the randomizer sent us into an alternate dimension where a group of benevolent aliens have taken over the world! They first thing they did was get rid of any media that could agitate or in anyway excite the populous. AND THAT is how we got stuck watching The Monitors from 1969! Email: Facebook: ...…
Matthew and Dean find a way to bring some levity to a very serious and heavy movie. They talk about the difficulty of shooting children from horseback while at the same time hitting all the racial stereotype notes. Also, don't forget to subscribe to Dean's new solo show: Real Quick? An LSG Media Movie Podcast. Android Google Play - not availabl ...…
To Serve Man is one of The Twilight Zone‘s most iconic episodes, but is it just about THAT twist ending? Or is there more to it? Tom Elliot finds out. Please consider supporting The Twilight Zone Podcast on Patreon. The post To Serve Man appeared first on The Twilight Zone Podcast.
To Serve Man is one of The Twilight Zone‘s most iconic episodes, but is it just about THAT twist ending? Or is there more to it? Tom Elliot finds out. Please consider supporting The Twilight Zone Podcast on Patreon. The post To Serve Man appeared first on The Twilight Zone Podcast.
Roundtable interviews with executive producers Dave Bartis and Gene Klein plus cast members David Ajala, Gretchen Mol, Eion Macken and Jodie Turner-Smith.
This week, writer-directors David Ian McKendry and Rebekah McKendry stop by to talk about All the Creatures Were Stirring, their new horror-comedy anthology.Do holiday horror stories keep you warm on wintry nights? Let us know! Call 602-635-6976 and leave a message, send Summer an email, or have your say in the comments below! [Listen to the sh ...…
Cat (@fancyfembot) and Carl (@robominister) discuss Syfy’s adaptation of George RR Martin’s Nightflyers. We have a new Facebook discussion group! Voicemail: 773-336-2686 Sci-Fi Party Line Podcast: Twitter: @scifipartyline ...…
Ceara Comeau As has been mentioned over and over, one of the best things about setting up at conventions is not only the chance to talk to our fans and listeners but also to meet old friend as well as new talented people. Terry Thomas, from Keene Comic Con came by our booth at Granite Con to talk to us about some of the guests that were going t ...…
In our final super-sized podcast before the new year brings a new format, we start our discussion with our favorite space battles ranging from the civil war of Babylon 5 to the sneaky maneuvers in The Expanse. Our show topics this month include a look at the premiere of Nightflyers on Syfy, which began on December 2, 2018, and a breakdown of th ...…
Col. Luke Stone and his men are on their way to the planet Ebon, when they are intercepted and imprisoned. Luckily, these men can hold their own under interrogation…or can they? Subscribe to The Outer Limits Podcast on ITunes or RSS. The post Nightmare appeared first on The Twilight Zone Podcast.
Catching up with this talented actor as we chat about his roles in War For The Planet Of The Apes, as a now human Julius in Van Helsing, and a role in the movie, Cold Pursuit.
On today’s podcast Kevin and Bonnie are joined by the ladies (Valerie Anne, Bridget Liszewski and Kat Jetson) from Feminist Thrilljoys to discuss TV shows that we think fellow Earpers will enjoy during the Wynonna Earp hiatus. Links mentioned in this episode… Wynonna Earp Cast Says PCAs Win Is “Out of This World” Earpers Have Spoken! Space’s Or ...…
Before we say goodbye to 2018, Mike, Mike, and Dr. Scott Viguie review the latest devices, discoveries, and Disney technology. All this, along with Rants and Raves, Angela’s Geek Girl Take, Ashley’s Box Office Buzz, Michelle’s Iconic Rock Moment, and Shout Outs! Earth Station One wants to... Proudly serving you since April 2010, Earth Station O ...…
Dean, Matthew, and Jessica get together to heap a ton of praise on Michael Mann, Tom Cruise, and Jamie Foxx. Also, don't forget to subscribe to Dean's new solo show: Real Quick? An LSG Media Movie Podcast. Android Google Play - not available yet iTunes Spotify - not available yet *RSS Address: SFFP Subscr ...…
Author the popular One Second After talks to me about his new book 48 Hours where humans face their demise.
Send Us Feedback Leave us a SpeakPipe audio message Voicemail: 706-927-8478 Twitter Facebook Email Listen to the episode now using the ‘Play’ button below. Follow the break for the detailed Show Notes. Water Cooler Create a TIST Show Introduction Tuner Minute: Removed Back Porch 0:46:24 RWBY 6.04 So That’s How It Is, 6.05 The Coming Storm 0:59: ...…
Titan The most interesting moon ’round Saturn! Viewing the moon Titan by eye or by telescope. Protip: bincolulars are actually just two tiny telescopes. Saturn The Saturnian hexagonal storm vs the larger Jovian storm. Latitudinal wind gradients. Adaptation Adapting the world to our needs. The possibility of adapting ourselves to a world. Inhosp ...…
DUST is the ambitious and stunning fantasy short film about a man haunted by his tragic past, who must use his arcane knowledge of nature to stop a deadly plague of supernatural origin from ravishing his world. DUST is an epic fantasy rooted in the culture and traditions of East Asia. Episode Links: DUST: ...…
Theme song graciously provided by Beatnik Turtle. Want to share your thoughts on this topic or read what other people think? The forum discussion thread is here. You can listen to the episode now by using the ‘Play’ button below.
We talk about this very cool streaming service that offers indie SF films and new content sure to please SF fans.
Supercar was the first science-fiction Supermarionation series from Gerry Anderson. It brought us an amazing vehicle and a number of marionette puppet characters. It ran on ITV in 1961 and 1962. Please send us your comments, questions, requests and complaints. You can reach us at, and you can find us on the British Inv ...…
Watch the episode on mute on Netflix with subtitles as we ramble live commentary on the episode then disuss the episode afterward. This is our second attempt at live commentary and it went much smoother. We stayed on topic this time about this episode about a pathetic man who wants to live forever until he's immediately suicidal.www.LIWstudiosp ...…
For the first time we randomly decided to do a live episode commentary for this Twilight Zone episode. Warning: There is a false alarm when Phoenix says to press play on Neflix so expect that. Press play the second time he actually says to press play. Again, this was not prepared but also not the last time we are doing this. Also, everything af ...…
This week, Duncan Skiles stops by to talk about his feature directorial debut, The Clovehitch Killer. We talk about his tricks for building suspense, on working with experienced actors, and looking forward to the next story.What story elements in movies keep you on the edge or your seat, and sometimes talking to the characters on screen? Let us ...…
Noah Whippie One of the best parts of conventioning is getting to see and meet new and emerging talents, Not just artists and writers but also artisans. Every one in a blue moon you meet all three in one. At the first Keene Comic Con I had the chance to meet Noah Whippie and we talked for a bit about his art, his knives, his cards and stuff. We ...…
Featuring Matt Anderson and Ben De Bono The listeners spoke, and they were heard! We present to you…Feedback 2018!
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