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Steve Gibson, the man who coined the term spyware and created the first anti-spyware program, creator of Spinrite and ShieldsUP, discusses the hot topics in security today with Leo Laporte.Records live every Tuesday at 4:30pm Eastern / 1:30pm Pacific / 20:30 UTC.
Risky Business
Risky Business is a weekly information security podcast featuring news and in-depth interviews with industry luminaries. Launched in February 2007, Risky Business is a must-listen digest for information security pros. With a running time of approximately 50-60 minutes, Risky Business is pacy; a security podcast without the waffle.
Defensive Security is a weekly information security podcast which reviews recent high profile cyber security breaches, data breaches, malware infections and intrusions to identify lessons that we can learn and apply to the organizations we protect.
This is the audio podcast version of Troy Hunt's weekly update video published here:
For the latest in computer security news, hacking, and research! We sit around, drink cocktails, and talk security.
More signal, less noise—we distill the day’s critical cyber security news into a concise daily briefing.
Security. Some assembly required. Security is HARD, and 'real security' is a compromise between usability and security while knowing you're still accepting risk. This podcast alternates between interesting interviews and news analysis every other week - tune in, subscribe and join the conversation on REAL security issues relevant to your enterprise. Follow us on Twitter: @DtSR_Podcast Check out Rafal's SecurityWeek column:
Audio of Bruce Schneier's Monthly Crypto-Gram Security Newsletter
Join Andy Willingham, Martin Fisher,Steve Ragan, Yvette Johnson, and Joseph Sokoly as they discuss information security, news, and interview interesting people. Get in the discussion at
Off The Hook is a weekly show on WBAI radio, New York, produced by 2600 Magazine. This feed offers a high-bitrate (128k) MP3 version of the show.
A podcast all about the world of Security, Privacy, Compliance, and Regulatory issues that arise in today's workplace. Co-hosts Bryan Brake, Brian Boettcher, and Amanda Berlin teach concepts that aspiring Information Security Professionals need to know, or refresh the memories of the seasoned veterans.
Cyber Security Interviews is the weekly podcast dedicated to digging into the minds of the influencers, thought leaders, and individuals who shape the cyber security industry.
Smashing Security
Join computer security industry veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault as they chat about cybercrime, hacking and online privacy.Follow the podcast on Twitter at @SmashinSecurity. New episodes released every Thursday. Bonus "splinter" episodes when we feel like it...
The CyberJungle
The CyberJungle is the nation's first news talk show on security, privacy and the law. Featuring digital forensics and infosec specialist Ira Victor and award-winning journalist Samantha Stone. The show is fast-paced and includes hard hitting news analysis. Formerly The Data Security Podcast.
The Liquidmatrix Security Digest Podcast. Learn more at
Exclusive, insightful audio interviews by our staff with info risk/security leading practitioners and thought-leaders
Security Insider is your resource for information on the latest developments in data security, regulatory compliance issues, technology, and trends affecting the industry.
Sophos Podcasts
Podcast by SophosLabs
Our weekly rants about the issues that impact your privacy and digital security.
Threatpost writers Mike Mimoso and Chris Brook discuss security threats, attacks, vulnerability research and trends with a variety of industry executives, researchers and experts.
Darknet Diaries
Explore the dark side of the Internet with host Jack Rhysider as he takes you on a journey through the chilling world of privacy hacks, data breaches, and cyber crime. The masterful criminal hackers who dwell on the dark side show us just how vulnerable we all are.
Computer security from the ground up.
The Cisco TAC Security Podcast Series is created by Cisco TAC engineers. Each episode provides an in-depth technical discussion of Cisco product security features, with emphasis on troubleshooting.
Information about Tenable's unified security monitoring products, including Nessus and Security Center. A review of the latest news and vulnerabilities and interviews with some of the industries finest!
Catch-up on the latest information security news with our Weekly Podcast. Also, keep an eye out for our 'Author Interviews' where we speak with industry experts, covering; InfoSec, Cyber Security, IT, project management, PCI DSS and more.
For the latest in computer security news, hacking, and research! We sit around, drink beer, and talk security. Note: This is only Paul's Security Weekly, recording once per week and typically 2 hour shows.
Web Security Warriors
Each week we explore an aspect of web security.
7 Minute Security
A podcast where I audibly regurgitate what I'm learning about information security - in 7-minute chunks!
Security Management Highlights brings the security professional expert interviews and information on the most critical industry topics. Join Host Holly Gilbert Stowell as she interviews thought leaders and industry professionals, as well as editors from the magazine.
SecuraBit Before It Bytes!
Red Hat's security podcast presented and broadcast by Richard Morrell
Infosec news and views featuring interviews with expert faculty from the Institute for Applied Network Security (IANS) hosted each week by IANS Director of Technology Research Chris Gonsalves.
A closer look at the notable stories inside Information Security and why they matter. Brought to you by Cisco.
Where you can listen to commentary on the state of information security
Eurotrash Security Podcast is a European focused information security podcast designed as a counterpoint to the myriad of North American infoSec podcasts present in the industry. Eurotrash is a technical podcast with a casual atmosphere (and often a tint of the NSFW). ** Several episodes are missing from the listing here due to copyright reasons. These can be access using the "Old Skool Eurotrash Episodes" link
Security Nation
Rapid7 podcast series discussing all things security. Join us as we discuss information security with thought leaders in the space.
The Virtualization Security Round Table Podcast provides an open forum to discuss all things related to Virtualization, Virtual Environment, and Cloud Computing Security. The podcast is hosted by Talkshoe, with the after podcast write-ups and notes are hosted on The Virtualization Practice ( Podcast was created using
PVC Security
Passion, Vision, Communication (& Execution) in Leadership & Security Podcast, &t.
SAHAsays is an Information Security related commentary program that pulls from recent headlines around the web. We offer four distinct voices from the Computer Security community: applied business, a software reverse engineer, a doctoral seeking, practicing academic, and the journeyman getting in the front door in the industry. These "voices" may represent our general perspectives, but we're all friends who meet at the San Antonio Hacker's Association (SAHA) on the 6th of every month at the ...
The Secure Sessions podcast discusses trending online security, digital rights, and encryption legislation with digital security experts, cryptographers, political activists and media professionals.Hosted by IPVanish CTO Josh Gagliardi, Secure Sessions breaks down what's important in the digital security space and makes it relatable for everyday internet users. Security Sessions is brought to you by IPVanish VPN, the only Top Tier, No Log VPN worldwide.
Bringing you the leading voices in the field of Internet safety, privacy, and security.
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This week, we interview Adrian Sanabria, Co-Founder and Research Director of Savage Security! In the Topic Segment, Penetration Testing Is Dead; Long Live Penetration Testing! In the news, we have updates from Drupal, Facebook, NSA, Microsoft, and more on this episode of Paul's Security Weekly! Full Show Notes: ...…
Report from Bsides Nash - Ms. Berlin New Job Keynote at Bsides Springfield, MO Mr. Boettcher talks about Sigma Malware infection. **new website upcoming** Registration is coming and will be updated on next show (hopefully) DBIR - ...…
This week, Anonyome Labs CEO Steve Shillingford co-hosts to discuss all things related to MySudo.
In today's podcast, we take look back at RSA as the big security conference wraps up. Tension between Russia and the West continues to manifest itself in apparent staging attacks and information operations. ISIS in its diaspora returns to recruiting and inspiration. A business email compromise campaign afflicts the maritime shipping sector. Atl ...…
Threatpost's Tom Spring talks to Roman Unuchek, senior malware analyst at Kaspersky Lab. Unuchek released his discovery at the RSA Conference this week that millions of apps leak personal identifiable information such as name, age, income and possibly even phone numbers and email addresses.By (Mike Mimoso, Chris Brook).
This week, we discuss an alert from the NCSC, US DHS and FBI, a £120,000 fine for the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, and a data breach at IKEA's TaskRabbit marketplace.
Thread Hijacking is Spam, New Pluralsight Course, Is Enumeration Hacking, Terbium Labs Sponsoring
XSS Issue in CKFinder image2 Plugin Affects Drupal Oracle Quarterly Critical Path Update LinkedIn Autofill Clickjacking Vulnerability WebEx Flash Vulnerability ...…
In today's podcast we have some RSA notes: an industry-led cyber Geneva Convention, threats and deterrence, and addressing a labor shortage. New Zealand joins Australia, the UK, and the US in warning that someone's exploiting vulnerable routers. Moscow demands to see the evidence that this someone is Russia. Trustjacking afflicts iOS users. Str ...…
This week’s extract is taken from Graham Day’s book: Security in the Digital World. This must-have guide features simple explanations, examples and advice to help you become security-aware in a developing digital world. Find out more:…digital-world
We've dug into some pretty technical topics the last few weeks so we're gonna take it easy today. Below are some FAQs and updates I'll cover on today's show: FAQs What security certs should a sales person get? What lav mic should I get for podcasting? How do I know if I'm ready to take the OSCP? When are you gonna do some more YouTube videos? W ...…
Top 5 Threats New Webshell Trustjacking Third Party Access to "Login With Facebook" Data ...…
By (Emmanuel Goldstein
Crime forums on Facebook, fraudsters pose as anti-fraud hotlines, and how big advertising companies are in bed with the rampant data collection of internet giants. All this and much much more is discussed in the latest edition of the "Smashing Security" podcast by computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, joined this week b ...…
Reconnaissance and staging in cyberspace, with Five Eye warnings to Russia. Privacy class action suit complains of Facebook facial recognition. Australia joins the ranks of ZTE sceptics. Cyberwarfare discussed at RSA: retaliation, deterrence, renunciation, and a private sector push for international norms. Attention tax procrastinators: the IRS ...…
This week, Michael Santarcangelo is joined by Shawn Tuma, Cybersec & Data Privacy Attorney at Scheef & Stone, LLP! Shawn sticks around to sort the good advice from the misinformation surrounding attorney-client privilege! In the news, we have updates from Carbon Black, Bomgar, Palo Alto, SpyCloud, and more, on this episode of Business Security ...…
Guildwars Monitors Processes IRS Extends Tax Filing Deadline Due to Outages XiaoBa Ransomware Turns to (broken ...…
This week we discuss AMD's release of their long-awaited Spectre variant 2 microcode patches, the end of Telegram messenger in Russia, the on-time arrival of Drupalgeddon2, Firefox and TLS v1.3, the new and widespread UPnProxy attacks, Microsoft's reversal on no longer providing Windows security updates without A/V installed, Google Chrome's de ...…
We’re still running in a trimmed down format this week, sorry about that. Regular listeners would know we’ve been dealing with some unexpected stuff over here in the house of Business, but the good news is things have settled down and we’re actually back home after more than three weeks away. Things are looking good for a return to a full forma ...…
Charlotte Williams from the award-winning computer security website Naked Security talks to Sophos experts Matt Boddy and Paul Ducklin about old-school malware, how to judge Patch Tuesday, and what to do about Facebook. (Music: and
In today's podcast we hear that Western governments attribute a large-scale campaign against poorly secured connected devices to Russia. Battlespace preparation is suspected. No new US sanctions against Russia, yet, but the matter remains under consideration. ZTE falls under the same cloud as Huawei. Desert Scorpion spyware ejected from Google ...…
This week, Paul and Keith discuss Github's 10th Anniversary and talk about Open Source Software! In the news, we have updates from Rapid7, a new MacOS backdoor, your Windows PC can be hacked by just visiting a site, and more on this episode of Application Security Weekly! Full Show Notes: Visit http ...…
State Actor Attacks Against Network Equipment Google Testing "Self Destruct" E-Mails Telegram vs. Russia Blocking ...…
This week, James is back and he and Raf sit down for a discussion on navigating the big industry conferences, as RSA Conference kicks off in San Francisco. We add just the right bit of snark to your day, and provide some much-needed commentary on the industry, conferences, and survival. Highlights from this week's show include... A quick overvi ...…
The 2018 RSA Conference kicks off this week in San Francisco. The massive security conference draws more than 50,000 attendees from around the world eager to learn more about the latest threats, vulnerabilities, and security products and tools. This year's conference has more than 650 exhibitors and 550 sessions covering everything from cryptoc ...…
In today's podcast, we note that RSA has opened with ten rising stars in its annual Innovation Sandbox. US, British, and French coordinated strikes against Syrian chemical warfare targets prompt Russian information ops and warnings from Britain that the UK will retaliate against any cyberattacks against infrastructure. Charges are filed against ...…
To stay ahead of evolving cyber threats, healthcare entities need to deploy a defense-in-depth strategy that includes tapping more advanced tools, including deception technology, says security expert Elie Nasrallah of HITRUST.
What's the difference between artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and neural networks? Don't trust vendors' marketing materials to help you find a workable, accurate definition, says Kris Lovejoy, CEO of the security firm BluVector.
Drupal Update Android Patch Gap Intel Fixes SPI Flash Flaws ...…
Researchers at Cylance recently uncovered the malicious use of a core router in a campaign aimed at critical infrastructure around the world. Kevin Levelli is Director of Threat Intelligence at Cylance, and he takes us through what they've discovered. The CyberWire's Research Saturday is presented by the Hewlett Foundation Cyber Initiative. Tha ...…
This week, Ron Gula of Gula Tech Adventures joins us for an interview! Our very own Joff Thyer delivers the Technical Segment entitled: Got Privs? Extract and Crack the Creds! In the news, RTF bug finally gets patched, so many ways to bridge an air gap, attacking accountants, spoofing all the ports and Trollcave, and more on this episode of Pau ...…
This week, Ron Gula of Gula Tech Adventures joins us for an interview! Our very own Joff Thyer delivers the Technical Segment entitled: Got Privs? Extract and Crack the Creds! In the news, RTF bug finally gets patched, so many ways to bridge an air gap, attacking accountants, spoofing all the ports and Trollcave, and more on this episode of Pau ...…
In this in-depth interview, Daniel Cohen of RSA discusses how open banking, also known as banking as a service, will affect the fight against fraud and offers insights on the security steps banks should be taking.
Twitter Thread Hijacking, 1Password Meeting, Password Extortion, T-Mobile Austria, Regional Director Renewal, Raygun Sponsoring
In today's podcast, we hear that, while the operators behind Operation Parliament pretend to be nothing but a bunch of skids, they're anything but. EITest gets taken down. Facebook this week faced questions about privacy and ideological bias. Most observers think these questions were largely ducked. Estonia's Annual Report on security is worth ...…
This week we sit down with the EFF to discuss secure messaging considerations.
Verizon's latest Data Breach Investigations Report shows that half of data breaches in 2017 worldwide were orchestrated by organized cybercriminal groups, says Verizon's Ashish Thapar, who offers an in-depth analysis of the findings.
This week’s extract is taken from Graham Day’s book: Security in the Digital World. This must-have guide features simple explanations, examples and advice to help you become security-aware in a developing digital world. Find out more:…digital-world
Leading the latest edition of the ISMG Security Report: A preview of our extensive coverage of the 2018 RSA Conference, which will include dozens of video interviews with thought leaders.
Drupal RCE Exploit Released Broken Macro in Malspam Campaign New Random Number Generator Using Entagled Photons ...… ...…
Today is part two of evaluating endpoint solutions, where I primarily focus on Caldera which is an adversary simulation system that's really awesome! You can essentially setup a virtual attacker and cut it loose on some test machines, which is what I did as part of an endpoint protection evaluation project. The attacks simulated are from Advers ...…
In today's podcast we hear that Facebook's CEO Mark Zuckerberg has finished testifying on Capitol Hill, denying that Facebook sells data or that it knew what those people at Cambridge were up to with the data they obtained. Supply chain cyber threats to satellites. North Korean destructive malware may be back. Early bird code injection. GCHQ ta ...…
Deception technology has been gaining traction as a way for organizations to get a view on how attackers are targeting their assets. Rik Turner, principal analyst at the consultancy Ovum, says he expects MSSPs to incorporate deception technology, making it more accessible to smaller organizations.
This week, John Strand and I interview Senior Solutions Architect at ObserveIT, Kevin Donovan! In the news this week, Product announcements from Infoblox, Infocyte, ObserveIT, ThreatQuotient, Cisco and Tufin. Symantec could be in hot water, and CA and Palo Alto both made a recent acquisition. All that and more, on this episode of Enterprise Sec ...…
UAdmin Phishing Backend Insecure SecureRandom WebAuthn for Post Password Authentication…
By (Emmanuel Goldstein
Politician admits to hacking a rival's website, T-Mobile Austria ends up in a Twitter security storm, and siren systems are hit by a Rick Astley attack. All this and much much more is discussed in the latest edition of the "Smashing Security" podcast by computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, joined this week by special g ...…
Today we're following all things Facebook—it's four o'clock: do you know where your data are? We're betting no. Neither side of the aisle seems content with the answers Mr. Zuckerberg gave to the Senate panel. He's speaking before a House panel today. Patch Tuesday notes. Cyber tensions continue to rise as kinetic and chemical tensions rise bet ...…
A new version of the FIDO authentication standard is designed to enable the elimination of passwords for a broader range of devices, says Phil Dunkelberger, CEO of Nok Nok Labs, who describes the latest developments.
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