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1UP Radio Team
Podcast de videojuegos en el que con humor, sátira y un punto gamberrete te mantenemos al día de la actualidad del sector. Ademas te regalamos cosas!!!
The Sound Test is a biweekly exploration of the finest game music new and old, hosted by 1UP's Ray Barnholt.
Years ago, John Davison and Garnett Lee were half of the lineup of the popular 1UP Yours podcast. Now, they live hundreds of miles apart - but still get together to talk about videogames whenever possible.John lives in the Bay Area while Garnett lives in Los Angeles, and has his own weekly podcast called Garnett on Games. Every Wednesday they get together for a live Google Hangout to chat about games, and then they post the audio as a podcast the following day. Each show they talk about gami ...
Shane and Adam from the YouTube channel Rerez discuss the hot gaming news of the day. Check out Rerez and Hot Take on Patreon at
The Geekbox
Are you a geek? Do you like geeky stuff? Do you like listening to other geeks talk about geeky stuff? Join professional nerds Ryan Scott, Adam Fitch, Justin Haywald, Ryan Higgins, and Alice Liang as they sound off on the latest happenings in the worlds of gaming, film, television, and comics. Head over to for the latest -- new episode every Tuesday night!
TechnoRetro Dads
Join shazbazzar and JediShua each week as they share the fun and fandom of their youth with their families. Topics range from the 70s and 80s to today's pop culture. From science fiction and fantasy films to TV & games, Shua and shaz reminisce, relive, revisit, and review their favorites at the beginning of each week.
Three old friends talk all things Nintendo. We talk current generation, retro games, Amiibo addiction, and Nintendo Switch!
Magical Boys
The Magical Boys, formerly known as The Joystick Jockeys, are made up by one gay black man, D.J. and one bisexual Cuban man, Rueben. Tune in to their bi-weekly podcasts where they break down the latest and greatest in the media you love.
Drive Talk
A podcast about music, video games, technology, news and life.
The ultimate Podcast for startup and business stories and Marketing Insight. We give you growth hacks, Marketing and PR Tips, startup stories, blockchain interviews, tools from exceptional influencers in a variety of industries, and so much more.
Give her 3 minutes, she'll give you 5 Hot Apps! Laura gives you her selections for the weeks hottest apps for Windows Phone 7.
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Far Cry 5's sequel Far Cry New Dawn. Play or pass?
Does Nintendo have a Virtual Reality headset based on the Switch video game console arriving soon?
A data miner discovered unreleased game modes in Tetris 99! Is this good news for Nintendo Switch Online?
We played the new Tetris battle royale style game, Tetris 99. Play or Pass?
Crackdown 3 is finally here! Does it live up to the hype?
This week on NintenDomain Podcast, Trey, Jon and Jereme unpack the greatness that was the Nintendo Direct. Trey also tells the tale of his first trip to Nintendo New York! Music: Tetris 99: Main Theme Daemon X Machina: Field Theme 4 Persona Q: Light the Fire Up in the Night -Dual Mix- Other Topics: Wargroove Diablo 3 ...…
We watched Nintendo's first Nintendo Switch Direct presentation since September! Did they hit a home run or fall on their face?
12:05 - habla con Xavi, 27:03 - Mesa de actualidad 1:00:30 - crítica Kingdom Hearts 3 Hoy 1UPradioteam hace POR FIN la crítica de uno de los juegos más esperados...Kingdom Hearts 3! Habrán valido la pena los 13 años de espera? Y en la mesa de actualidad, el fenómeno Apex Legens y el efecto que puede tener en Fortnite, y el temible fin del E3 . ...…
Wherein we discuss Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, early video game sequels, Apex Legends, Windows Solitaire: The RPG, the future of E3, Mister Miracle, Heroes in Crisis, Suicide Squad, Marvel's The Offenders, Aladdin, MacGyvering stuff, and the games that disappointed us. Starring Ryan Scott and Ryan Higgins.…
George Lucas pushed to capitalize on cuteness after Return of the Jedi left theaters with two made-for-television Ewok features and two seasons of animated Endorians in Nelvana’s Ewoks. Both shazbazzar and JediShua love every incarnation of the little furry guys and share their appreciation for the tribe from Bright Tree Village before taking a ...…
Rumours are flying that a Nintendo Direct will be dropping next week. Also there is a list of titles rumoured to be announced!
That came out of nowhere
This week on NintenDomain Podcast, Justin Vega returns to talk Wargroove with Trey, Jereme, and Jon. Also they talk the Nintendo News for the week! Now your listening with power! Music: Wargroove: Fledgling Queen Ancient Blood Bounding Joy Composed by Phonetic Hero Other Topics: Super Mar ...…
We’re back after our little impromptu break with a brand new episode! This week we’re talking about the beautiful mess that is Kingdom Hearts 3 very briefly, Genesis 6, the problem with Sister Krone in Promised Neverland and much more! Official Magical Boys Website: Official Magical Boys Twitter @TheMagicalBoys D.J. K ...…
19:30 - habla con Xavi, 41:30 - Mesa de actualidad 1:02:30 - crítica Resident Evil 2 Hoy 1UPradioteam vuelve con uno de los mejores remakes del mundo gamer, Resident Evil 2. Además, el regreso de otro zombie y rey del hype, fortnite contra el fútbol y el nuevo proyecto de Tequila Works. Todo esto con seriedad y humor a partes iguales. Como siempre.…
Apex Legends is a free to play battle royale game that no one heard of before it was released on Monday. Is it worth a play?
Wherein we discuss The Suicide Squad, Kingdom Hearts 3, Steam games without controller support, Wargroove, Metroid Prime 4, Splatoon 2, Dr. Mario World, creativity vs. bean-counting, Nintendo's 2018 numbers, the deaths of Machinima and Screw Attack, the tepid mediocrity of CBR, the things we got into because of the podcast, physical media, and ...…
Info leaked that at GDC 2019 Microsoft plans to announce Xbox Live is going cross platform including Nintendo Switch!
Whether it’s the Rams vs the Patriots or the Cowboys vs the Steelers, Extreme asks the pertinent question: “Do You Want to Play?” The results are finally in, and the final score was 35 -31 — Pittsburgh wins Super Bowl XIII. We know (and you know) who won Super Bowl LIII, so we thought you should know who won forty years ago. After last night’s ...…
PlayStation fans have discovered a patent filed by Sony that points to the upcoming PS5 having epic backwards compatibility!
A new specialty console has arrived on the market and it's turning heads.
This week on NintenDomain Podcast, Ross Hersemann guest to talk about Video Game Law. Trey, Jon, and Jereme also talk Metroid Prime 4, Piranha Plant, and WiiShop no more! Music: Wii Shop Music Phantasy Star: Palma Phoenix Wright: Objection! Detective ...…
Sources close to Nintendo say there will be a smaller, less expensive Switch in our future! What could be instore?
Steve Bucuvalas, Founder/CEO/Inventor, discusses the story behind Phase Change's revolutionary technology. Coding and development of software will never be the same. Solving problems with workforce, legacy code such as COBOL, finding bugs in code, and much more. Visit for more information.Subscribe to InfluenceNow VIP list at Inf ...…
Descripción de 1UPRadioTeam 9x1S_ombra - #Pole1UP y #XaviNominees son los hastag que tenéis que bombardear, es un Habla Con Xavi Hackeado, poned a prueba a Xavi... A LA CARGA 1UPEROS Y 1UPERAS!!! 300 Programas
As of today the Nintendo Wii Shop Channel is closed for business leaving behind a number of exclusive games. Can this be fixed?
Sorry for the audio quality
Wherein we discuss babby, social media, Pro Hearthstone Strategies with Adam Fitch, adventures in the Magic Kingdom (and Epcot Center), Monster Hunter World, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Red Dead Redemption II, Dead Cells, Tetris Effect, Resident Evil 2, the worst Steven Spielberg classic, the Geekbox Awards, Avengers: Infinity War, Spider-Man: ...…
Sources say that Apple is working on a video game streaming service. Is this something gamers will want?
Messing around with the arcade
After you titillate your taste buds with a Cuppa Joe or some bubble-gum with a Bazooka Joe comic this morning, treat your ear buds with memories of G.I. Joe with Retro Joe Tavano on TechnoRetro Dads as shazbazzar and JediShua dig into the toys and cartoons of the ‘80s that made fighting Cobra fashionable. In the NEWS Ghostbusters III teaser tra ...…
Metroid Prime 4 in its current form has been cancelled and Nintendo is starting over with Retro Studios on board. Good news?
Don't steal from me
This week on NintenDomain Podcast, Scott Clark of The Gaming Outsider Podcast stops by to talk to Jereme and Trey about the indie showcase, Travis Strikes Again Impressions, and Mortal Kombat 11. Also When Ski Lifts Go Wrong isn't bad. Jereme's tv was just messed up. Music: No More Heroes 2: ...…
Sales numbers of Nintendo Switch were way up in 2018! Is now the time to discuss a new model of the Switch?
Contenidos 18:30 - habla con Xavi, 35:00 - Mesa de actualidad (42:00 - streaming videojeugos y 59:00 preview MK11, 1:07:30 - crítica Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Hoy 1UPradioteam sigue intentando sobrevivir al mes con menos noticias del año: Hoy, la preview de Mortal kombat 11 en la comunidad española y la llegada de los servicios strea ...…
Wherein we discuss the 2019 Australian Open, Mario Tennis Aces, Mario Kart 8, the Fyre Festival, Young Justice, Doom Patrol, Metal Men, the next DC and Marvel movies, Spider-Man: Far from Home, Kieron Gillen, Kingdom Hearts 3, combat systems in games, the open-world glut, and Detective Comics #1000. Starring Ryan Scott and Ryan Higgins.…
Life is strange 2, surviving r Kelly, 8bitdo and bitboy
When you want to make Monday mornings great again, you get some pretty strange looks and people start to ask questions like, “When were Monday mornings ever great?” While we may not be qualified to give documented histories about great Monday mornings, we do know where to get the answers to the tough questions. We call Chris Luby (the Specialis ...…
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