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4G Student Ministry Sermons
Messages from our Sunday morning boilingpoint Student Worship Gathering and other special events. 4G Student Ministry is a ministry of LifeSpring Church in Bellevue, NE.
4G, Wi-Fi, Mi-Fi and Sci-Fi - Who the heck cares? NetHeads, of course. Will Wilkins, prime NetHead, provides the operation manual for your sci-tech life with his trusty sidekick Trent Hunsaker. Break the shackles of techno-servitude. Download some dignity. NetHeads is here to give you the info you need to achieve mega-nerd status. This is the tech podcast you'd expect to find on Kevin Smith's SModcast Network.
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Mac Mania
Mac Mania gives you your weekly dose of Apple News. The show is hosted by Mark Knight from the MrMarkuk1 youtube channel at and also hosted by the footy and tech fanatic Jacob Bevis from Bevtv and
Verizon Business – Connected Social Media
The most innovative companies want to tell you something
Apptastic Reviewers - - The Tech Jives Network
Apptastic Reviewers is an iOS news and review podcast hosted by Sara Verkaik and Julie Kuehl. Each week, we select a category or genre of apps to compare and review such as apps for learning new languages or drawing games. We also discuss news and interesting articles we discover related to Apple devices and the iOS platform. In some special episodes, we also include interviews with app developers or prominent members of the Apple community, getting a chance to find out more about what they ...
Qualcomm Podcast
Qualcomm's technologies powered the smartphone revolution and connected billions of people. We pioneered 3G and 4G – and now we are leading the way to 5G and a new era of intelligent, connected devices. Our products are revolutionizing industries, including automotive, computing, IoT, healthcare and data center, and are allowing millions of devices to connect with each other in ways never before imagined.
The Computeractive team takes an irreverant look at the world of technology. Can 4G work on a rollercoaster? Do chickens taste better bought from the internet? Which 7 inch tablet is best?All this and more at
Good Morning Zompoc - Season 2
Hello! And welcome to Good Morning Apocalypse! Your weekly podcast helping you survive the zombie apocalypse that has gripped Britain and, indeed, the world! I'm Bex and I'm joined, as always by Marc. We think there must be other survivors because we are still getting a one bar wifi signal, although that could be because we're close to a mast, maybe 'the cloud' is a separate entity. We're not entirely sure how it's working! Don't get us wrong, it's no 4G, but at least we can upload a podcast ...
TheBIT.TV (small)
A weekly tech video blog on the latest in technology and how it affects you as a consumer. iPhones. iTunes. Apple. Social media. 3G. 4G. Netflix. Roku. Microsoft. Google. Start-ups. Beta. CES. Angry Birds. SoundHound. Yelp. Life made practical - version 1.0. Just to name a few of the tech trends, topics, and teasers we’ll be covering during our regular video chats on TheBIT.TV. Please visit our website at www.TheBIT.TV for more info.
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A high-tech revolution is underway in Rwanda. Some 80% of its territory is already reached by 4G mobile coverage, high-speed internet lines have been laid across the country, and drones are used to deliver blood bags to hospitals. Meanwhile, on the outskirts of the capital Kigali, a new "Innovation City" is being built. Our correspondent report ...…
Ecstasy, agony, joy, anger… the BoP panel are fiery on jumper clashes, match review panels, and much much more, including some insipid singing… enjoy this bumper Grand Final edition of... Sports talk for sports lovers.
The Livin' La Vida Low-Carb Show With Jimmy Moore
Author, podcaster, and LLVLC team member Hank Garner is our interview guest today in Episode 1313 of “The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show.” Back in 2011 Hank Garner shared his success story of his incredible 130-pound weight loss success story, top-ranked interview-based iTunes health podcast called “My Low-Carb Journey” (named by Jimmy as one of ...…
Pastor Neal Brown Reflecting on our experience with Hurricane Irma and how we can grown from it. >>click here to listen or right-click to download<
Garden Ridge Church of Christ - Sunday Morning Worship
By (Garden Ridge Church of Christ). Ruth meets award winning photojournalist Charles McQuillan. Stringer for Getty Images. In this episode Charles talks to us about his gear and how you need to be reactive and flexible when you want to get the best shot. Related Products: Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II Mirrorless Camera Body, Silver ...…
High Tech Forum Podcast
Shane Tews dropped by the High Tech Forum podcasting studio for an episode of “Ask the Engineer”. We talked about the key points raised in the webinar with Tom Evslin, Barry Shein, and John Day and then went into the issues in the 5G deployment. Webinar The webinar highlighted the key differences between the Internet the old telephone network. ...…
GloucesterCast 241 With Nichole Schrafft, Kim Smith, Jeff Zinn, Heidi Dallin and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 9/10/17 When you subscribe you need to verify your email address so they know we’re not sending you spam and that you want to receive the podcast. So once you ...…
Welcome back to CSPN’s Know the Score ! This week, Don, Tyler, & Jessy recap the women’s U.S. Open tournament ascension of unlikely finalists Sloane Stephens & Madison Keys, recap the first week and preview the second week matchups in College Football, and preview the kick-off of NFL‘s season, featuring an unexpected rout of the... Read More…
SLR IS AVAILABLE DAILY VIA:•• iTunes, Google Play Music, Stitcher Radio (New weekly episodes available every Monday)• HOT 810 radio flint mich (Daily 6PM EST)• HIS HOP RADIO Network (Tue 11PM EST)• Christlike Radio Remix (Wed 10AM/PM EST)• HOT 316 Radio (Thur 1PM EST *Re-airs Fri/Sat)• Effect Radio (Thu 9PM EST) - 58 FM s ...…
پۆدکاستی چاوگ - زنجیرەی بیستوحەوت 27١. پرسیاری گوێگران (تاکو 00:37:00 خولەک) • هۆکار چییە مۆبایلی سۆنی وەکو سامسۆنگ و ئەپڵ تەشەنەی نەکردووە، بەمەرجێک سۆنی لەو بوارەدا زۆر پێشینەی هەیە و تەکنیکی مەزنی هەیە (کارا پیری) • فێربوونی زمانی ئینگلیزی زۆر ئاستەمە بۆم، هەمان کات زۆر حەزم لە کۆدنوسینە و لە سەرەتاییەوە خۆم فێری GWbasic کردووە. ئەوەی ساردم ...…
Sermon by pastor Galen Nordin. This is the finale of our 4 part series titled “Worship.” We also had the pleasure of Kaylee Hewitt singing “Still” for our special music.
Your Daily Development – VIP MARKETING & ADVERTISING Podcast In this Episode: Your Daily Development is back after a short leave of absence as Eric & Family welcomed a new addition to the VIP & Craft Family. Which also meant dealing with doctors and specialists. A LOT of doctors and specialists, which leads us to todays topic… The health of you ...…
On this episode of "MMA Evolution" TJ De Santis and Caleb Quinn chat with American Top Team coach Din Thomas. They also have a chat with Nik Ingersoll who discusses his product Barnana.
Sermon: The 4G's of Gospel-Centered Peacemaking: Get the Log Out of Your Own Eye Speaker: Pastor Tom Wilson Series: Fighting Fair: Finding Peace in Everyday Conflict Text: Matthew 7:1-5 Date: July 30, 2017By (The Hills Church - SA).
A short Apple World Today News Update podcast for you today: Not only is the 3rd-generation Apple Watch expected this fall with an LTE chip inside, but now rumors are flying that it will sport a new design as well Some DirecTV Now users are getting invitations to beta-test a new DVR capability, with the function being available on iPhone, iPad ...…
Chaos Computer Club - recent audio-only feed
All consumer electronics have integrated digital radios. Many with standardized specifications like WiFi, 3G/4G modems, but closed source radio base-bands with a mix of dedicated, power-efficient hardware-and software. Proprietary extensions can be implemented, patented and used to prevent others from gaining market share. Some examples will be ...…
This week, Marcy Jarreau joins Alex and Sarah for a very special Men Tell All episode. They break down the psyches of all the men on Rachel’s season (even some that have never been on the Bachelor franchise), and discuss Rachel’s awful taste in men #AnthonyForNextBachelor. They also try to answer those hard hitting questions like, will Lee lear ...…
Have a favorite small or home business phone system tip? I'm looking for help! BeBizzy Break Podcast : Episode 48 - Can You Hear Me Now? I am currently having a problem with my phone. A few weeks ago, my mobile phone connection has significantly dropped off in my home office. I'm in a basement with only a small window directly above my head to ...…
Be More George – The Podcast of photography AWESOMENESS – Be More George
Interview with Anthony Gould-Davies, otherwise known as AGD or that funny photographer that wears two pairs of glasses on his head that was on Come Dine With Me. In this weeks episode of the Be More George podcast, I chat with said awesome AGD. We talk through everything from his chance meeting with a “good looking guy” in a pub that helped pro ...…
BMW puts meetings in the car, Google’s stunning AI imagery, Vodafone expands $5 roaming, unlimited 4G LTE data in NZ, Slingshot Power vs TrustPower vs Flick, US border patrol vs cloud data, Twitter user who posted Ryanair terror threat fined $386,000 www.paulspain.comBy (Paul Spain).
Nothing demonstrates our dependence on mobile connectivity quite like the long summer vacation from school. How else are parents going to entertain angsty kids on the long trip to grandma’s house? U.S. consumers and business users are spending many hours on our mobile phones each day, with that number poised to grow even more. 5G promises step ...…
2017-07-16 Morning Sermon
Chick and the crew sit down for the last episode before Chick leaves to see Bob Schneider in Austin Texas. Vibbs talks about his trip to West Virginia, and Kaitlyn and Jess discuss the most recent entertainment updates.By (Chick McGee).
Chick and the crew sit down for the last episode before Chick leaves to see Bob Schneider in Austin Texas. Vibbs talks about his trip to West Virginia, and Kaitlyn and Jess discuss the most recent entertainment updates.By (Chick McGee).
Stage and screen star Anthony Rapp is joining us to discuss his new film, "Do You Take This Man." We also chat about the legacy of the iconic musical "Rent" and his work in the upcoming "Star Trek: Discovery" television series.By (Fan Theory).
I need thee every hour Verse 1G I need Thee every hour, C GMost gracious Lord; D GNo tender voice like Thine D A7 DCan peace afford.Chorus G D I need Thee, oh, I need Thee;D7 GEvery hour I need Thee;C GOh, bless me now, my Savior!C G D7 GI come to Thee.Verse 2 G I need Thee every hour,C GStay Thou near by; D GTemptations lose their power D A7 D ...…
The Jason & Scot Show - E-Commerce And Retail News
EP093 - Amazon Prime Day Hot Take
Bluetooth, the Apple iPhone, Facebook, and 4G (the fourth generation of mobile telecommunications), are undoubtedly some of the most important inventions of the 21st century. Colossal ideas of the future that required some serious innovation processes to reach each of their respective launches. This is where end-to-end process comes in, accordi ...…
Our Boulder Startup Week episode streak continues. Today, we’ve got Ed Johnson, CTO of Goally on the show. Ed and his co-founders at Goally are on a mission to help parents build their children’s independence and self-confidence, while giving those parents a break from emotionally-draining and endless reminders. All while freeing kids from alwa ...…
Subscribe to The Self Help Podcast in iTunes What’s Coming This Episode? Films and television have been around a while. Games, not so much. Do either have an impact on how we act in real life? Sean and Ed take a look at the evidence in this weeks episode… Enjoy the show and take care, it’s The Self Help Podcast! Show Notes and Links Sean wrote ...…
O bagui vo-ua, jow! E ainda rola um clubão ner-vo-zu! #Tôferplexo Faça parte do Clube 4G: é o canal OFICIAL do humorista MARCO LUQUE!!! INSCREVAM-SE, sérumaninhos lindos!Se curtiu dá um like, se inscreve e favorita o canal aeeeeee jow! Toda SEGUNDA e QUARTA o bicho pega por aqui!---------------------------------- ...…
View the shownotes here at Heath and Alyssa. Today on the podcast, I am interviewing Marc and Julie from RV Love, which is their Youtube channel and blog. They are also the founders of RV Success School, an online educational platform to help you start RVing. They have been traveling around the country for the past three years and visited 49 st ...…
Hippojuice Highlights 6/28/17: – Cheetahs Are So Shy That Zoos Give Them Their Own Emotional Support Dogs – Is Better Call Saul better than Breaking Bad? – Aaron McAvoy plays White Trash rock songs with his washing machine and a guy writes every Ed Sheeran song – Do you just sit on the toilet or do you hover to avoid herpes? – We solve a bunch ...…
In this episode we have lots of gaming updates including SNES Classic Mini, Arms update, Zelda DLC, Rockstar’s Open IV modding controversy, Sega Forever, and Sony PlayStation 5 rumours. Games editor Rishi Alwani and friend of the podcast Mikhail Madnani join host Pranay Parab. SNES Classic Mini Why Nintendo is going retro Price Never-before rel ...…
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