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battlerap talk, life talk, music and opinoins on deck that means keep the comments coming
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talking about a little of everything
ya done slipped and fell and bump ya heads
negative energy and road blocks in life.
my opinions love it or hate it lol
comment rate & subscribe now my dudes and ladies
listen you might hear about something you ain't see let me guide you to cool content comment rate subscribe now!
mayweather is to fast and defensive and conor strategy will not work what do you guy and gals think
rap legend left to be with the gods sad day in hiphop and for his family and friends. what we should eat and things we shouldnt?
good battle enjoyable to watch tell me what you think?
cool stuff i watch that you guys should check out!
go watch the battle if you havent and even if you have go watch it again and comment let me know whats you science on it
dope battles check it out dont be late to the party...
what going on here this is some fire shit about to go down comment tell me what you think?
smoking on that loud let you know what you might wanna watch
review clips battle vs s.d.k and reviewing pres. trump speech hood analyzer breaks in down in hood terms
this dude needs to stop taking so many battles god damn!! calm that shit down bro!!
what i think about the card + more
reviews of battle's opinions on situations hot topics on the internet shout outs and etc.check it out comment rate subscribe F.O.H.GANG my nigga's shout out to all the Ladies as well thank you's all
my thoughts on the topic tell me what you think? is jakk boy just hating on john john?
thank for following and listen jc vs chef trez is a fire battle go check it out on URL Battle league
my outlook on battle rap topics talked about today
Why does it seems like people won't let URL know about themselves, Bloggers, IM TALKING TO YOU TOO! I need URL to work as a business but move like a family that cares about BATTLE RAP. FACTS!!!!!
k shine energy is on 1000. pgs can learn somethings from the vets. is smack for the culture.
this dude lost his mind.i had to go in on him bad. he looks corny and like a little kid.
going in on sponsors/youtube.1 for penalizing everyone for videos they don't want their ads on and 2 for youtube for not standing up for us the people and saying it shouldn't affect everyone!!
Wheres battlerap going? what we shouldn't do as people elevating to becpme better human being.Is BIGFOOT real??
Watch what you like and promote that. Young rapper do your thing get $$$$
watch things ou like.Ignore what you dont like. people words dont hurt or kill. young rappers do you and get that $$$$. Verse tracker is dope GO join now!! comment rate subscribe now!!
battle rap need to go back to what made it great. as they say don't let it go to your head! what do you think am I buggin? comment! rate! subscribe!
Too much complaining going on in the world today. Can we find a solution instead of crying
See this is where things are F#$K up ya aint psychics just predictions dont let it get to Ya Big ass Heads are ya dumb ya aint battlers so stop with the I think he's going to rap about this just blog about what happened that it im out. #F#$KOUTTAHERE!!
battle was dope shout out to battlers and crowd was dope reviewing the footage exciting battle go check it out on Shrug Life Network shout out John John
I might sound like a hater, I just like dope barz and creativity. Danny was better to me.what you think? Are they hating on danny? like*rate*comment*
Im confused theses reviews after the live battles are you's really listen Steams I dont know know what they see. Danny showing he is trying to work. What do you think?
Battles like this hurt battle rap cause there bias,Danny first seem to have good content and structure.Steams seem to just be smoke but no Fire.What you think? like*rate*comment
bull pen battle talk about Loso vs Bad News and other stuff too.
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