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Ashtrays & Action Figures is a radio show hosted by Twiztid's Jamie Madrox & Monoxide. You never know what The Demented Duo will be talking about each episode, topics span from: movies, music, toys, wrestling, horror, cannabis culture, celebrity interviews and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Give it a listen and you'll be sure to laugh your ass off!To keep up with our live broadcasts visit
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Fresh off the Vans Warped Tour and Attack of the Ninjas, Twiztid returns to recap both! Other topics include Stan Lee leaving the convention circuit, some Funko news, and some horror movie reviews!
On the 41st installment of Ashtrays and Action Figures, Twiztid discuss how much plumbers crack is acceptable before security needs to get called, the possibility of Kevin Bacon portraying Freddy Krueger, the very real possibility of pet cloning, and whether the first moon landing was a hoax! All this and more! Don't miss it!…
The demented duo are back! On this episode or Ashtrays and Action Figures, Twiztid talk about the new Infinity War movie, and are joined by the one and only Kevin Lyman of the Vans Warped Tour!
Episode 39! On the latest episode of Ashtrays, Monoxide talks about some crazy stuff that went down when he was young. Also, the demented duo discuss the closing of Toys R Us and the upcoming Roseanne reboot.
Episode 38! Twiztid discuss their appearance on the upcoming Warped Tour, some of their worst drive-thru experiences, and Jamies undying love for the McRib! They also play "Craigslist Price-Is-Right!" with callers!
On this episode of Ashtrays, Twiztid discusses the insane pot holes problem plaguing Michigan roads, the latest and greatest from the world of Funko, the Black Panther movie, and whether a Cheech and Chong reboot is something the world needs to see!
The demented duo TWIZTID return with episode 36! This episodes topics include Best Buy and Target removing CD's from shelves, and the 1st ever Astronomicon! Ming Chen from AMC's Comic Book Men joins them live IN STUDIO! This is an episode you don't want to miss!
On this episode of Ashtrays, the demented duo talk about the upcoming Astronomicon convention in depth. They also discuss the new french fries available at Taco Bell, Nintendos new cardboard peripheral for Switch called Labo, and the Funko documentary!
Twiztid is back with another episode of Ashtrays and Action Figures! On this episode, Jamie tells us about nearly bleeding to death, Monoxide asks a caller about helping procure a kangaroo, and the boys discuss a plethora of other topics!
On the latest installment of Ashtrays and Action Figures, Mike and Dustin join the conversation and Jamie shares his thoughts on several new movies in a segment called "Hit or Miss." The group also recap the #yearofthesword!
On the latest installment of Ashtrays and Action Figures, Twiztid discuss The Mostasteless Tour, the upcoming FIRST EVER Astronomicon, and the brand new Year of the Sword album!
Twiztid returns with a brand new episode of Ashtrays and Action Figures before heading out to Attack of the Ninjas and the Mostasteless tour! Moonshine Bandits calls in for an interview!
On the 30th episode, Twiztid discuss the large amount of new Funko Pops! exclusives, and the relatively low salary that Gal Gadot got for playing Wonder Woman.
Fresh off the Psychomania tour, the demented duo have much to discuss! Young Wicked stops by the radio room to talk about his new album the Prodigal Son!
On this episode Twiztid discuss social media, whether or not fans should video tape live events, and Monoxide tells us about his brush with death. They also play Name 5 with callers!
The demented duo discuss recent current events such as the man being dragged off a United flight and play "Name 5" with callers!
On this installment of Ashtrays and Action Figures, Twiztid discuss the repercussions of naming your child something crazy like "Hitler", and put a prank call into Boondox.
In the latest episode the demented duo talk about what stars are worth seeking out at a Con, the new Snoop Dogg video, and special guests Gorilla Voltage call in!
Fresh off the Eat Your Heart Out Tour, the demented duo discuss what they would give up for lent. Also, film maker Adam Green best known for the Hatchet movies calls in!
The demented duo recap their album release parties, discuss with callers what movies deserve a sequel, and special guest Bizarre from D12 calls in!
The demented duo return with all kinds of MNE news. Tyler Mane calls in for an interview and Twiztid plays a fun game with callers!
On their year end wrap up, Twiztid discuss when is appropriate to take down your Christmas Tree, some of their favorite things from 2016, and interview legendary scream queen Felissa Rose!
On Twiztid's Annual Ashtrays & Action Figures Christmas Special the demented duo let callers decide the best Christmas song, and Caroline Williams calls in! So break out the egg nog and get in the holiday spirit with Twiztid!
On this episode Twiztid discuss the hot Christmas gifts this season and have a must-hear interview with Diamond Dallas Page!
Fresh off their recent tour, the demented duo TWIZTID has a lot to talk about! Including the age old question: When is too early to start celebrating Christmas?!
On 2016's Annual Halloween Episode, the demented duo talk all things spooky, and interview the one and only Rob Van Dam!
On episode 16, the demented duo plays a new game with callers, interviews Jim Ross and has 5 Questions for Jelly Roll!
In this episode, our heroes discuss whether or not the Suicide Squad movie is worth seeing, and large relationship age gaps. The demented duo also interview Mac Lethal!
This week Twiztid talk about the 2016 Gathering & comic con. Also up this week is an exclusive interview with Majik Ninjas newest signee G-Mo Skee! Last but not least, Daeg Faerch best known for his role as little Michael Myers in Rob Zombies Halloween remake answers 5 Questions!
This week Twiztid talks about the Pokemon Go phenomenon! Mickey Avalon answers 5 Questions and the demented duo interview author Steve Miller about his new book: Juggalo!
In this episode, our heroes get a surprise call from Macho Man Randy Savage direct from heaven. They also speak with special guests Christian Coma of Black Veil Brides and Majik Ninjas own THE R.O.C.!
On this installment, our heroes discuss the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and the possible longevity of Funko Pops. They also ask Jarren Benton 5 Questions and interview Kung Fu Vampire!
Twiztid discusses the Motor City Comic Con as well as Kanye Wests obsession with anal porn and banana pudding. Also, Strange Music artists Krizz Kaliko and Rittz call in!
The demented duo returns to the air waves with 5 Questions for Davey Suicide, and an interview with underground emcee Whitney Peyton.
Twiztid discuss the new Ghostbusters movie. Also, horror icon Michael Berryman answers 5 Questions and legendary scream queen Linnea Quigley calls in!
The demented duo discuss whether or not Ben Affleck will make a good Batman. Sid Haig answers 5 Questions and guitar legend John 5 calls in!
The demented duo discuss Valentines Day and gifting Doritos Roses. Billy Danze of M.O.P. answers 5 Questions and porn legend Ron Jeremy calls in!
Twiztid hosts the 1st ever Super Bowl of Horror Movies! Also, rock icon Jay Gordon of Orgy answers 5 Questions and Strange Music artist Stevie Stone calls in!
On the first episode of 2016 The Hitchcock of Hip-hop Prozak calls in to answer 5 Questions and the boys interview legendary Detroit super producer Mike E. Clark!
On the 2015 Christmas special, our heroes interview Blaze Ya Dead Homie and Santa Claus himself calls in to answer 5 Questions!
The demented duo discuss a new improved name for Thanksgiving. Also, horror icon Bill Moseley answers 5 Questions and Lex The Hex Master calls in!
On the inaugural episode Blaze Ya Dead Homie and The R.O.C. stops by the studio and special guest Kane Hodder calls in to answer 5 Questions!
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