Best Adhd podcasts we could find (Updated December 2018)
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The leading site for self-help Internet radio shows focusing on ADHD and ADD including managing symptoms of attention deficit disorder, adults with ADD, or adults who have children with ADHD. Our weekly Internet radio podcasts provide support for ADHD and ADD. Attention Talk Radio, hosted by Jeff Copper, attention and ADHD coach, is topical with an emphasis on paying attention to what is being paid attention to and what isn't being focused on (paid attention to). The point is to put a spotli ...
See in ADHD
See in ADHD talk radio is a podcast created for you, the person with ADHD and the people who live with and love you. If you're trying to understand ADHD, what it is, what it isn't, or looking for strategies to help improve your life, ADHD Coaches Jennie Friedman and Brett Thornhill, deliver each week. Each episode explores some aspect of ADHD. Whether you embrace it as a gift or mainly struggle with executive function challenges, you will learn through guests' personal stories, ah-ha moments ...
This ADHD Life is a podcast for people seeking to understand ADHD better, its weaknesses AND strengths, and how to improve their ADHD life. The host shares his experiences as both a recently diagnosed person with ADHD as well as his entry into the world of ADHD coaching.
See in ADHD
See in ADHD talk radio is a podcast created for you, the person with ADHD and the people who live with and love you. If you're trying to understand ADHD, what it is, what it isn't, or looking for strategies to help improve your life, ADHD Coaches Jennie Friedman and Brett Thornhill, deliver each week. Each episode explores some aspect of ADHD. Whether you embrace it as a gift or mainly struggle with executive function challenges, you will learn through guests' personal stories, ah-ha moments ...
ADHD Grown Up
Welcome to ADHD Grown Up, an in-depth and lighthearted look at Adult ADHD. This show aims to create discussion about living with Adult ADHD and have a good time doing it. Visit for more information.I will personally thank new supporters on the show. Become a supporter of this podcast:
See in ADHD
See in ADHD talk radio is a podcast created for you, the person with ADHD and the people who live with and love you. If you're trying to understand ADHD, what it is, what it isn't, or looking for strategies to help improve your life, ADHD Coaches Jennie Friedman and Brett Thornhill, deliver each week. Each episode explores some aspect of ADHD. Whether you embrace it as a gift or mainly struggle with executive function challenges, you will learn through guests' personal stories, ah-ha moments ...
Great content...Something you must listen to,be entertained and at the same time get well informed content.Something you should enjoy,get used to and pass on to a friend.
A single X-Gen ADD ADHD Diabetic OCD Depressed DAD with 2 Autistic kids in a family that is 420 friendly. A Motocrosser, Mechanic, Fisherman, Boater, Cook and high tech guru that is obsessed with information everything. Many topics will be discussed from the past to future. Emotional stories to educational topics. No Rules, No Boundaries, just raw honest podcasting and attempts to structure the chaotic information.
Struggling with distractions in this amped up world? Renowned ADHD expert Dr. Ned Hallowell guides us through stories, guests, tips, calls, and lots of surprises too. If you’re pulled and prodded all day from many directions or tied to your smartphone and apps, this insightful and entertaining journey will help you regain control of your life in a fun and novel way. Give it a listen and … wait, did you see that bird?
ADHD Sanity Break
Sanity Break is brought to you by ADHD Life Coaches Liz Devine Hewson and Mark Lund, MD from Twin Lights Coaching.
Empowering Moms struggling to raise sons 7-11 with ADHD, go from Victim to their child Advocate. SelfCare 1st
harry.barandes uses Narro to create a podcast of articles transcribed to audio.
A show that bridges the gap between natural and traditional medicine with Dr. Len Brancewicz, RPh, Board Certified CCN, NMD with 30 years experience.
The Dad Podcast
Comedian Justin Worsham (Showtime, KFIAM640 and Blue Collar Radio) is a husband and father. He gets down and dirty and sometimes pathetic about parenting.
Psychiatric Times
Learn the connection between what you eat and how you feel. Licensed nutritionists and dietitians explain how food affects your energy, focus, moods and overall health.
"Speaking of Psychology" is an audio podcast series highlighting some of the latest, most important and relevant psychological research being conducted today. Produced by the American Psychological Association, these podcasts will help listeners apply the science of psychology to their everyday lives.
Christian Rivera speaks, sometimes with guests, about mental health, mindset, and support for Creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs. We tackle difficult topics like depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD and share personal stories of how we apply grow a business and serve clients despite those challenges. You're not alone. You are seen and you are heard. Disclaimer: I, and none of my guests (unless stated) are mental health professionals, we are people sharing our stories. If you're suffering ...
Tune in with your brother in the Kingdom of YAHUAH (YHUH), the AbadYahu (Humble Servant of YAHUAH) Thursdays through Sundays from 10AM EST until 12PM Noon EST as we explore the Set Apart Scriptures and discuss the true lifestyle of being manifested in YAHUSHA Ha'Mashyakh.(the Anointed One). We talk, teach, and testify real life situations and fellowship with the presence of the Ruakh Ha'kudash (Set Apart Spirit) as well. Please feel free and be led by the Ruakh (Spirit) of YAHUAH to join in ...
Trusted evidence. Informed decisions. Better health.
On Wellness For Life Radio, Dr. Susanne Bennett shares her expertise in all-natural therapies and remedies that can help you feel better! Listen every Friday from 1 - 2 p.m. ET on RadioMD.
Talking Brains
A podcast about therapy and what makes your brain happy. Hosted by best-selling author and therapist Stephanie Moulton Sarkis
All in the Mind
Programme exploring the limits and potential of the human mind
From the day-to-day of battling an illness to parenting a child with severe medical complications. We’re committed to bringing you inspiring stories of everyday fighters. Created & hosted by Jamie Grace, singer-songwriter living with Tourette Syndrome, OCD, ADHD & Anxiety.
A weekly hour-long conversation between host Paul Gilmartin and a guest (often a fellow artist) about their mental and emotional struggles, large and small. Listeners describe it as " entertaining, comforting, honest, helpful and funny".
Beyond the Headlines, an in-depth, one on one conversation on the issues shaping our future.
The A11y Rules Sound bites is a series of short shows where individual with disabilities discuss what their impairment is, and what barriers they encounter on the web.
Dan Harris is a fidgety, skeptical ABC newsman who had a panic attack live on Good Morning America, which led him to something he always thought was ridiculous: meditation. He wrote the bestselling book, "10% Happier," started an app -- "10% Happier: Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics" -- and now, in this podcast, Dan talks with smart people about whether there's anything beyond 10%. Basically, here's what this podcast is obsessed with: Can you be an ambitious person and still strive for enligh ...
NPR's daily top stories that you can't miss. Exceptional, moving, offbeat, or just plain funny. Subscribe to the Story of the Day podcast.
Where ATL meets NPR
Radio Times
Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane is an intelligent talk show dealing with issues of the Delaware Valley, as well as issues of national and global concern. Radio Times is produced by WHYY in Philadelphia.
Dear Hank & John
Hosts John and Hank Green (authors and YouTubers) offer both humorous and heartfelt advice about life’s big and small questions. They bring their personal passions to each episode by sharing the week’s news from Mars (the planet) and AFC Wimbledon (the third-tier English football club). WNYC Studios is a listener-supported producer of other leading podcasts including On the Media, Snap Judgment, Death, Sex & Money, Nancy and Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin. © WNYC Studios
Inside Health
Dr Mark Porter demystifies health issues, separating fact from fiction and bringing clarity to conflicting health advice, with the help of regular contributor GP Margaret McCartney
Point of Inquiry
Launched in 2005, Point of Inquiry is the premier podcast of the Center for Inquiry. Point of Inquiry critically examines topics in science, religion, philosophy, and politics. Each episode takes on a specific issue and features lively discussion with leading scientists, researchers and writers. Point of Inquiry is produced at the Center for Inquiry in Amherst, N.Y.
Education Bookcast
Education Bookcast is a podcast in which we talk about one education-related book or article per episode.
Vintage Voorhees
Scott Voorhees talks with news-makers, makes waves, and sometimes makes things up weekdays from 9-11 a.m. CT on NewsRadio 1110 KFAB.
Welcome to the Let’s keep it real single moms podcast, where we can discuss and voice our opinions unfiltered! I became a mother just turning 20. Now I have a beautiful son and daughter whom I love dearly! But let’s be honest moms not everything is rainbows and sunshine. Some nights there is no sleep, you might forget to shower before dropping the kids off and going to work, and sometimes pizza is dinner...all week lol But hey this is a supportive judgement free place where we as mothers can ...
Tune in to MemorialCare's Weekly Dose of Wellness!. Each 10-minute, weekly segment will offer listeners practical, useful advice for a lifetime of good health. From managing weight to keeping your heart beating strong, you'll find valuable health information on our station, presented by knowledgeable physicians and health experts.
Healthy Kids Zone
Keep your kids healthy and happy with the help of pediatrician Dr. Cindy Gellner.
Radio Rounds
Radio Rounds is a free podcast series for healthcare professionals featuring Washington University pediatric specialists. Each 10-minute podcast focuses on topics relevant to pediatricians and health care providers caring for children.
(Order of stories changed to match how they originally aired each day, with stories from previous 6 programs included afterwards. See for details.)Hosted by Terry Gross, Fresh Air from WHYY is the Peabody Award-winning weekday magazine of contemporary arts and issues. One of public radio's most popular programs, Fresh Air features intimate conversations with today's biggest luminaries.
​The healYOUnaturally Wellness Podcast is a series covering topics ranging from the integrative approach to healing, holistic health, functional nutrition, real food and healthiFIED recipes-- (think of delicious and nutritious minus the guilt or fake ingredients) all wholesome! I will be addressing stress, sleep disorders, mental health, fitness, hormonal imbalances, detoxing with herbs, and the right supplements/foods. All about natural living and healthy lifestyle, holistic parenting, DIY, ...
Creative Pep Talk
Creative Pep Talk helps you build a thriving creative career.Andy J. Pizza is here to help you find your creative gift, develop it and connect it to the audience that needs it most.Creative Pep Talk will put the pep in your step that you need to keep going and find your creative career breakthrough. Through talks filled with bizarre analogies and Fraggle Rock references, and interviews with top creative professionals, Dr. Pizza is ready to PEP YOU UP!
The alycia Marie show is all about pop culture, it's about how to be the best parent and includes sketches like father knows it all and silly aunt sissy and adhd girl Become a supporter of this podcast:
The Parents' Show was launched in October 2010 by local parents from St Albans with the aim of providing parents or anyone who cares for kids with up-to-date information and resources on the issues that matter to them.The show is broadcast live every Thursday evening from 8-9pm. Each week, we select a theme, as suggested by one of our listeners, and each week we get a top expert in the studio responding to listener questions and concerns. We also discuss local resources available to parents. ...
Naturally Savvy
Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Andrea Donsky, and health expert Lisa Davis discuss their passion for living a natural, healthy lifestyle. As ambassadors of all things natural, their mission is to share with others ways to become healthier by exploring better nutrition, safer products and greener options... and to help you live your life so you too can become Naturally Savvy!
Curiosity Daily
Get smarter in just a few minutes every day. With a timely blend of cultural trends, life hacks, and developments in science and technology, you'll learn about your mind and body, outer space and the depths of the sea, how history shaped the world into what it is today, and more. From the largest galaxies to your smallest brain cells, hosts Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer from will help you understand the world better.
Welcome to the Parenting In The Thick Of It show - the place where you will feel heard, supported and guided through YOUR parenting challenges. If you are tired, stressed, frustrated & struggle with kids not listening/being disrespectful, difficult behaviours, social media, or have a son with ADHD, tune in! By taking inspired action steps, I can help you re-align & create the life you deserve as a parent: to be the parent you know you can be and the parent your child needs you to be. You can ...
Komando On Demand
Ever wonder how technology has transformed your life? Get ready to be entertained and informed with Kim Komando as she provides insight on the ever-changing tech topics that are relevant to you. Kim conducts interviews with experts in their field to give you the full picture every time.
Small Talk
Questions, laughter, deep thought, connecting with one another. Contact info: Instagram/Twitter: small_talkpod Email: Become a supporter of this podcast:
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Coming from an anxious family, coupled with not fitting in, being bullied by her ballet teacher (and having red hair), then as a young teen, developing vaginismus, Becky spent her 20s resigned to never dating or having a partner. Surgery, talk therapy, physical therapy and giving dating another try has proved to be more helpful than she expecte ...…
Learn about 12 science-based tips for better meetings; common dinosaur myths you should stop believing; and what happened when 17-year-old Randy Gardner stayed awake for 11 days, for science. In this podcast, Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer discuss the following stories from to help you get smarter and learn something new in just a fe ...…
Misalignment of the jaw can stimulate other physical and neurological conditions.Many head and jaw symptoms can stem from temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD). These medical problems may have a dental root. The trigeminal nerve is a major player in TMD. This nerve accounts for forty percent of the brain’s processing. If anything is out of ali ...…
This slideshow provides information about the compounds, clinically relevant attributes, approximate dose, and data under study.By Michael P. Bogenschutz, MD.
The Apple Watch was built with the intention of being a health and fitness gadget. Most wearable devices can take our pulse and measure our blood pressure. Apple took this to the next level when it introduced a new feature this year. In this episode of Komando on Demand, Kim takes a look at the new Apple Watch Series 4 and its new ability to ta ...…
Author Alex Elle wrote, "I'm thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn't have stumbled across my strength." This week Dr. Hallowell responds to an email we received from a listener who is struggling with her ADHD and executive function challenges, but desperately wants to be happy and make a difference in people's lives. If you have ...…
A local coffee shop is often a central part of a community’s activity. Whether it’s a place to get the day started, hang out with friends, check out local art and music, or just get a good latte – a coffeehouse is often seen as a communal space for a neighborhood. But, as Atlanta resident Tremayne Perry discovered, his community in southwest At ...…
The self-described "lifelong character actor" plays an alcoholic sidekick in the film Can You Ever Forgive Me? Through Grant is allergic to alcohol, he grew up in Swaziland with an alcoholic father.
All of the stupid things we protest in this country/world, and this isn't one of them?
The number of immigrant children being held in government custody has reached almost 15,000, putting a network of federally contracted shelters across the country near capacity. The national network of more than 100 shelters are 92 percent full, according to the Department of Health and Human Services. The situation is forcing the government to ...…
Up to 70 million people worldwide have epilepsy and there are many Cochrane Reviews of ways to treat it. These include reviews that work with the original researchers to gather data on everyone who was in their studies, to perform individual participant data meta-analyses. In June 2018, Sarah Nevitt and colleagues from the University of Liverpo ...…
Guests: Tamara Keith, Trevor Potter, Dana Milbank We’re going to be covering some of the top stories of the week in this hour of Radio Times. First, we’ll talk about the looming government shut down over funding for the border wall that led to a highly contentious meeting among President Trump, Sen. Minority Leader Schumer, and Speaker Pelosi o ...…
For a preview of the weekend concert lineup in Atlanta, music contributor Mara Davis joins Steve Goss with “Mara’s Music Mix.” Marcus King Band at Variety Playhouse: Thursday and Friday, Dec. 13 and 14 9th Annual Christmas Extravaganza at Eddie’s Attic: Thursday and Friday, Dec. 13 and 14 Teen Top at Center Stage: Friday, Dec. 14 PJ Morton at V ...…
Have you ever given much thought as to what your children think might when they hear you saying that you want them to be "happy" and "successful"? Despite us having the best of intentions, it can put an incredible amount of pressure on our children to feel that they have to be successful and happy, happy, happy! What do you mean by success? Hav ...…
Learn about a new discovery into how the pyramids were built; why spouses who are also best friends see the most health and happiness benefits; and why we don’t just make more sand, with some help from a special guest, author Vince Beiser. In this podcast, Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer discuss the following stories from — and learn ...…
No matter where you go, Santa will find you. Not only does that seem true regarding Christmas music, but it’s certainly the case in Chely Wright’s household. The singer-songwriter has released an EP of holiday songs, and rather than trying her hand at the old standards, she’s written original tunes for the season. You may remember Chely from th ...…
Those with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are constantly searching for the trick, the solution, the strategy. A strategy or a solution directs your attention based on a presumed mindset. What if the way your mind is set up to think (mindset) has you paying attention to the wrong thing? In this episode of Attention Talk Radio, ADHD coa ...…
Getting help for mental health shouldn't leave a person thinking that others will treat them differently, or that their job is at risk. That's part of the reason Kristin Walker founded the Mental Health News Radio Network, which is currently home to over 40 podcasts on a variety of mental health topics. She talks to Ned about her personal story ...…
Keri Blakinger spent nearly two years locked up on narcotics charges before becoming a journalist. "I've been so privileged in so many ways to end up with hope and second chances," she says.
For both Crowell and the Monkees, Christmas is a time to draw up a gratitude list and put the year in perspective. The results aren't always jolly, but they're certainly sincere and passionate.
The onetime fixer for Trump has admitted that not only did he commit financial crimes but also that Trump directed him to arrange hush-money payments to two women. Cohen also says he lied to Congress.
Guests: David Wagner, Thor Hanson Populations of insects are plummeting around the globe. Bugs are in such steep decline that some scientists have called it an insect Armageddon. Today we will discuss what’s behind the worldwide die-offs of bees, butterflies, moths, beetles, and many other species and what impact the losses will have on ecosyst ...…
Updated at 5:33 p.m. ET Theresa May is keeping her job after all. The British prime minister survived a no-confidence vote called by members of her own Conservative Party, scoring a critical victory Wednesday in the bruising political battles over Brexit. May will retain leadership of the Tories, and under party rules, she will not face another ...…
I don't know about you but I am at the stage where I don't want any more stuff. And I don't want my kids to get more stuff - we all have more than enough stuff! I don't want to see or buy another meaningless toy for the sake of filling a stocking. But what can you do? I came across this brilliant blog post by Kelly Homes, the owner of Happy You ...…
Golden globes, radio theatre , recovery ,alon, and sillyaunt sissy Become a supporter of this podcast:
Learn why compliments are so embarrassing, and how you can take them better; how you can help astronomers design a new Arecibo Message to send to extraterrestrials; and how you can learn anything in four steps with the Feynman Technique. In this podcast, Cody Gough and Ashley Hamer discuss the following stories from to help you ge ...…
In every conversation we have, from mundane to serious, our personal motivations drive what we say. But most of the time we are not aware of what our personal motivations are and we can end up mindlessly saying something that causes conflict with someone else. Oren Sofer has spent years studying this and has written a how-to guide to help peopl ...…
Today on the show we're talking about fulfillment in your work and how I continue to assess that moving forward. I think about the internet constantly, how I'm presenting myself and how I'm selling. Every once in a while I feel like I get into a place where I'm going backwards, feeling pressure to post and fill my head with all sorts of "should ...…
Lawyers for former national security adviser Michael Flynn are asking a judge to spare him prison time, citing his acceptance of responsibility and extensive cooperation with authorities, which spanned more than 62 hours and included turning over “sweeping categories” of documents and electronic devices. The attorneys are requesting that Flynn ...…
Our ancestors traversed the wild frontier with nothing more than prayer and intestinal fortitude. Now, we can't fly from Omaha to Orlando without our comfort kittens sitting on our laps?!?
Trouble sleeping? Anxious? Depressed? You’re not alone. What if the relief you needed was right at your fingertips? Mobile meditation apps have been popping up and many are turning to them for relief. But are they really worthwhile and effective? In this Komando On Demand podcast, Kim will share some valuable insight to decide whether these app ...…
A year ago a community organisation in Tyne and Wear called Citizens UK brought together people from schools, mosques, churches, politicians and the NHS to address mental health issues in their area. Claudia Hammond revisits the scheme a year on, to examine how a wide variety of local improvements now appear imminent. It follows months of heari ...…
McPherson never thought he'd make a Christmas album. Then, he says, "I got a bug in my ear." He and his band perform live in studio from Socks, and McPherson talks about growing up on a cattle farm.
Annie Liebovitz has photographed just about every famous celebrity in the last 50 years. Her career began as a commercial photographer for Rolling Stone magazine in the 1970s. She also contributed much of her work to Vanity Fair and Vogue. One of her most famous photographs was the Rolling Stone cover of John Lennon and Yoko Ono laying down tog ...…
The Trump administration wants to substantially limit which waterways are protected under the Clean Water Act. Farmers and developers have long lobbied against the current rule as too expansive.
Guests: Inga Saffron, Mark Kuhn, Brendan Boyle, Mark Mazzetti Say goodbye to 30th Street Station’s iconic flip board sign. According to Amtrak, the clickity-clacking display board that advises travelers as to arrivals and departures, has become obsolete and a new easier-to-read digital screen will better meet the requirements of the Americans w ...…
As the international climate summit in southern Poland enters its second and final week, most countries agree on the basic scientific facts: greenhouse gasses are causing climate change, and every country is feeling its effects. But the United States, under the leadership of President Trump, has taken a different view. The administration questi ...…
THIS MAY BE THE MOST EXCITING EPISODE I'VE EVER SHARED WITH YOU!!!If you've listened to 25 seconds of this podcast you've probably heard me mention his name: Seth Godin.Who is he? He is a world changer going around calling himself a 'marketer'. This man has had a bigger impact on the way I do business and marketing than anyone else and I owe hi ...…
Can you imagine how your child would feel to know that you could not love them any more than you do, nor any less? That no matter what they do or might do, you will love them the same. Do you think they actually realize this or do you think they might think that you only love them if...... they are happy, successful, get the A, make the top spo ...…
Updated at 5:37 p.m. ET In a testy Oval Office exchange with the two top congressional Democrats, Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Chuck Schumer, President Trump made clear he would be “proud” to shut down the government in less than two weeks if he doesn’t get funding for his border wall. “I’ll be the one to shut it down. I will take the mantle. And ...…
Learn when you can catch the Geminid Meteor Shower this month, and why it’s unique; why jet lag is worse when you travel east; and research into how the Earth’s wandering poles may have caused our ice age. Please support our sponsors! Visit to start your free wedding website, and also get $50 off your registry on Zola. In thi ...…
As parents, we want to make sure our children are safe and healthy. We worry when they cough too much or eat too little. As The Healthy Kids Zone celebrates five years, Dr. Cindy Gellner breaks down the top five health concerns for children—according to parents—and not so surprisingly, coughs and stomach aches made the list.…
Conventional sunscreens contain dangerous chemical ingredients that can alter the body's systemic processes.Your skin is your body's largest organ, and it absorbs much of the topical items you apply to it. This includes sunscreens, which are an essential preventative measure to ward of skin cancer. Unfortunately, conventional sunscreens contain ...…
To protect a developing fetus from experimental drugs or treatments that might cause birth defects, pregnant women aren't included in many clinical trials. But that limits the safety evidence, too.
Autonomous vehicles could be the "most disruptive technology to hit society worldwide since the advent of the motor car," says former New York City traffic commissioner Sam Schwartz.
Fresh Air's book critic recommends her 10 favorite books of the year, including The Great Believers, Rebecca Makkai's sweeping story about the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s.
If the Oscars host and the Heisman winner are getting pilloried for things they said on Twitter YEARS ago, what about this local community organizer who told HBO she felt segregated in Omaha ... so she needed to come to a retreat with no white people around (????)?
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