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Agile for Humans
Conversations about Agile Development and Delivery
Agile in 3 Minutes
The simplest podcast that could possibly work.
A roomful of engaged agilists sharing espresso shots of agile / lean wisdom
This is the Agile Uprising Podcast. Agile Uprising is a purpose-built network that focuses on the advancement of the agile mindset and global professional networking between leading agilists. We will remain agnostic of certifying bodies and focus purely on the advancement of the agile craft. Our network will evolve over time, and at the core our online community will remain free to join - forever. We will leverage both traditional and emerging communication and collaboration channels to expl ...
Podcast by Agile Alliance
A podcast about Agile and Project Management
Welcome to Lean Agile Management Podcast – a bi-weekly podcast for business leaders and managers who want to take the mystery out of successful Lean Agile transformation. In every episode of the LAMP, we ask industry thought leaders and top-tier management consultants to shine the light on the toughest issues in management. Learn how experts boost work efficiency, create a culture of high performance, reduce stress in the workplace, and help to build businesses that thrive. Lean Agile Manage ...
You're busy, but you want more out of life. More ideas, more clarity, more adventure, and more fun. That's what the Agile lifestyle is all about. Don't stay stuck in mediocrity a moment longer. Join the Agile Bettys for learning and laughs, as they explore the Agile lifestyle. Hear their stories of growth and adventure. The good, the bad, and the ugly. They don't take themselves too seriously, but they are serious about living an Agile life awesomeness.
Over the past decade, innovative companies, software industry thought leaders and lean/agile pioneers have discovered simpler, sturdier, more streamlined ways to be agile. These modern approaches share a focus on producing exceptional outcomes and growing an outstanding culture. Today, it makes far more sense to bypass antiquated agility in favor of modern approaches. Modern agile methods are defined by four guiding principles: Make People Awesome; Make Safety a Prerequisite; Experiment and ...
An agile show by agile folks for agile folks. Bob Galen and Josh Anderson share their years of experience coaching dozens of agile teams and transformations to you in this podcast. If our 100+ episodes don't have what you need, ask us a question and we'll help you out!
This Agile Life
A podcast devoted to agile and lean software development. is a trusted source of information for over 1, 500, 000 software developers worldwide. Over the last 10 years we have covered all the hottest topics from the industry, in early stages, to make sure that we fulfill our mission to drive innovation in professional software development. On top of news, articles, presentations and minibooks we’ve recently started this podcast series dedicated to software engineers. We’ve interviewed some of the top CTOs, engineers and technology directo ...
Interviews, essays, facts and tips about process improvement and measurement in the Information Technology arena!
Badass Agile
A place for elite leaders and teams.
Being Human
Being Human is for people who want go deep on what it means to be a human making a difference.We'll discover how to be better humans at work and in life. We’ll explore leadership, relationships and how to make changes in ourselves and our environments. Nothing will be off limits.Welcome.
Discussions of all aspects of applying lean and agile methods for effective software development: lean product development, agile analysis, design patterns, test-driven development. A series of podcasts by Net Objectives.
...and what you can do to prevent it
Scope of Success
The official podcast of PMI's Long Island Chapter bringing you business life lessons one episode at a time.
Lean Marketing thru the Funnel of Opportunity
The No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS) Software Symposium Tour has delivered over 400 events with over 65,000 attendees. NFJS speakers are well-known developers, authors, and project leaders from the software development community. Join us for news and discussion around software development. Current topics include: Java, JavaScript, Scala, Groovy, Clojure, Cloud, Docker, Software Architecture, HTML 5, CSS, NoSQL, Spring, and other development technologies.
The McKinsey Podcast, our new flagship podcast series, takes you inside our global firm, and features conversations with experts on issues that matter most in business and management. McKinsey & Company is a management-consulting firm that helps businesses, governments, and not-for-profit organizations realize their most important goals. Topics covered in this series include strategy, technology, leadership, marketing, operations, organization, and the role of business in society.
After working with over 30 software teams, I'm sharing the healthy ways I learned to develop software.#softwaredevelopment #softwaredeveloper #programming #programmer #developers #developer #projectmanagement #projectmanager #productmanagement #productmanager #softwareengineer #softwareengineering #computerscience #compsci #agile #modernagile #lean #scrum #kanban #devops #ux #continuousdelivery #theleanstartup #leanstartup #health #wellness #career #leadership #relationships #consulting #itc ...
A monthly podcast for people who want to find new ways to deliver high-quality software products. We talk to practitioners, authors, and interesting people who are trying to make a positive difference.Write to us! Tell us who we should interview, what topics you'd like covered or anything else at Please give us a thumbs up and subscribe so others can find us.
The BIGCast
Things are changing fast in the world of financial technology. The BIG Podcast explores the impact of financial technology innovations on the every day person. Top financial industry guests will give us exciting insights into technologies that will shape the way we manage and spend our money.
Welcome to the John Cutler - 3 Minute Rambles podcast, where I ramble on about something for 3 minutes each day.
PM Point of View
This podcast series gives you brief and insightful conversations with PM practitioners in a variety of disciplines. Host Kendall Lott draws on his experience as a PM, as CEO of M Powered Strategies and as former CEO of PMIWDC to explore how project managers create value in surprising places. Our guests discuss their unique perspectives on project management, its uses, its challenges, its changes, and its future.
The Product Owner Perspective interview series was created by me, Sjoerd Kranendonk (aka @sjoerdly), in an attempt to increase the amount of available stories, experience & knowledge for the Product Owner community. At irregular intervals I interview experienced practitioners to help share lessons and practices from the trenches.
Tech Time Podcast gives a rundown on a couple of interesting topics happening in tech, design, culture. We’ll meet creators, thinkers, and technologists, hearing their theories and becoming acquainted with their quirks, forming our ideas based on the truly weird minds. You can reach out to us via email techpodcast@aol.comSubscribe via Itunes -
Project Management for Beginners and Experts. Are you looking to improve your Project Management Skills? Then listen to The Project Management Podcast™, a weekly program that delivers best practices and new developments in the field of project management. The more companies understand the importance of sound Project Management, the more will your skills be in demand. Project Management is the means used by companies today to turn their vision and mission into reality. It is also the driver b ...
adamborries uses Narro to create a podcast of articles transcribed to audio.
We're better together
RVA Tech Talks
How do you put community at the heart of your business? How do you change your business culture? How do you support your business in becoming more agile, responsive and competitive?In this podcast collaboration expert Dan Thomas explores how to work together better with practical, actionable approaches and insights from industry experts for the very best advice. Each episode is a mini-masterclass, supporting you in taking action through step-by-step lessons from the front line. Are you a com ...
I'd Rather Be Writing features regular podcasts with experts in the field of technical communication.
Projectified with PMI is your guide to the future of project management. Created by Project Management Institute, this podcast is for people who lead strategic initiatives and collaborate on teams to deliver value to their organizations. It features dynamic thought leaders and practitioners who share their real-world experiences and expertise to inform, inspire and prepare you for success.
In this podcast, our team conducts an agile retrospective on a movie. In attempting to apply several traditional techniques with some collaborative technology, we see if we are able to retrospect as a distributed team.
Linear Digressions
Linear Digressions is a podcast about machine learning and data science. Machine learning is being used to solve a ton of interesting problems, and to accomplish goals that were out of reach even a few short years ago.
StateScoop Radio
StateScoop features the latest leaders and innovators, news and events in state and local government technology. StateScoop gathers top leaders from across government, academia and the tech industry to discuss ways technology can improve government, and to exchange best practices and identify ways to achieve common goals.
Separate the signal from the noise by listening to articles from the audio edition of the McKinsey Quarterly, which since 1964 has shed fresh light on the biggest management challenges facing global leaders.
Welcome to the conversation factory. I'm investigating how we create change through changing conversations. Each episode I'll talk to an amazing conversation designer to try to distill insights we can all bring into our work and lives.
Welcome to Manage This, the podcast by project managers for project managers. Every first and third Tuesday of the month we have a conversation about what matters to you as a professional project manager. Andy Crowe and Bill Yates, both well respected thought leaders in the project management industry, cover subjects such as project management certification and doing the job of project management, as well as get inside the brains of some of the leaders in the industry and also hear your stor ...
In this podcast, we shall discuss technology topics as small digestible chunks. Each episode is targeted to be under 30 mins and shall cover a small enough topic (or subtopic).This podcast focuses on the topics related to: 1. Java and JVM, 2. Node.js and JavaScript, 3. Software Development practices like Agile, CI-CD, Clean Code. 4. Software Architectures like microservices, lambdas/serverless architectures, cloud etc.About me:I love learning about new technology (demystifying the buzzwords) ...
Practising XP
Chirag and Akshay have over 26 years of experience in working with agile teams that practice Extreme Programming. In this podcast they discuss practical insights on building effective teams and delivering meaningful software
Join us each week as we discuss all things software development. Frequently joined by a far more intelligent guest on the show's topic, we by no means know everything, but love what we do. Topics range from daily developer life, PHP, frameworks, testing, good software design and our experiences using many other programming languages.
Videos of research and discussions taking place within the Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC), the Systems Engineering-focused U.S. Department of Defense University Affiliated Research Center (US DoD UARC). Visit the SERC website for more information: LinkedIn + Twitter +
Join Me for Coffee
News, technology and my recent thoughts
CHAOS Tuesday Podcast Feed
This is a series of interviews with thought leaders in DevOps with Donovan Brown. Donovan Brown is a Principal DevOps Manager with Microsoft. Follow @DonovanBrown
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Why do some emerging economies grow rapidly while others languish? New research highlights the role of public policy, effective government, and globally competitive companies. Read more > Listen to the podcast (duration: 27:58) >
> Sign Up For Our Newsletter: In this week's episode, we interview Nick Corston, Dad and co-founder of STEAM Co. On a canal boat moored in North London, we talk: - How losing his job and watching the world's most popular TED Talk changed his life - The festival experience that sparked his missio ...…
This week I get to sit with Jessica Kerr (aka jessitron) to discuss a topic developers love to hate – yak shaving. Jessica takes a different approach to Yak Shaving and sees it not as an inconvenience, but as an opportunity. Listen to learn more!
If you actually want to get more predictable results in projects/product development, you have to work towards ‘Done’. Find out why words like ‘workING’, ‘meetING’, ‘plannING’ and other ING words mask true progress and blockers, and what you can do to change how we talk about progress.
What does it takes to be an effective leader in a rapidly shifting business environment? Guests discuss in-demand leadership skills—and how to keep fast-moving projects on track. Barry Draskovich, PMP, vice president of program and contract management at Parker Aerospace in Irvine, California, USA, shares four skills project professionals shoul ...…
Glen reports from the AFP 2018 (Association for Financial Professionals) conference, speaking with Celent’s Bob Meara on that stubborn cash at the point of sale, Claire Greene on the Fed’s new Fraud Study, and Bill and Dan Carmody on blockchain and other promising fintech. Plus Glen tries to be less “interesting.”…
CHAOS Tuesday Show #115 is on decision acceptance. In this show we explore how to make decisions stick. The Standish Group research shows that 40% of decisions get reversed—and reversals cause large delays. Jim Johnson and Jim Crear have a casual conversation on the process of making quick decisions. The rest of the show is focused on the reaso ...…
Management practices focusing on “hard” incentives, rewards, and consequences, as well as on employees’ mind-sets and values, make workplaces safer. Read more > Listen to the podcast (duration: 10:40) >
In this podcast recorded after the JAFAC 2018 conference Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke Miki Szikszai and Sandy Mamoli about Snapper’s adoption of holacracy. Why listen to this podcast:• Clarity of purpose is key for an organisation looking to improve their ways of working• The sign of a good coach is when they realise t ...…
At many places, data scientists don’t work solo anymore—it’s a team sport. But data science teams aren’t simply teams of data scientists working together. Instead, they’re usually cross-functional teams with engineers, managers, data scientists, and sometimes others all working together to build tools and products around data science. This epis ...…
SPaMCAST 520 features our interview with Doc Norton. We talked about his new book Escape Velocity, measurement, and why velocity isn’t generally a good measure for teams. By the time teams get to a point where story point velocity is consistent and predictable, they will have better tools that have fewer negative side effects. Doc’s Bio Doc Nor ...…
Join hosts Troy Lightfoot and Colleen Johnson as they discuss the value of focusing on shipping over spending too much time planning. This is part 2 of our Advanced Product Ownership discussion with Kevin.
Play Now: Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam: PMP Exam training : Kim Wasson and Cornelius Fichtner It's hard to juggle everything on your project. And just a glance at your company's project management methodology can make you despair about getting it all done. But if we take a page from agile development, adding tools from behavioral ...…
In this episode, David discusses the role interconnection plays in strategy formation and what to do when your current strategy just isn’t cutting it.
Cold, dark autumn and enter upon you? We know, it can be really tough. Take heart! Living an agile life means you can try new things to push past the darkness and find your happy path to vernal equinox!
-People often ask "what's the best way?". -There is no best way. Your job as a leader is to help teams find their own way. -Creating doctrine is useless -create habits instead. -Figure out the habits that work for you and your team.-This is true of everything… Definition of done, definition of ready, story content and structure, how to incorpor ...…
> Sign Up For Our Newsletter: In this episode with theatre director-turned-executive development consultant Andy Harmon, we look at how ideas from the theatre world can apply at work, including: - How to be present with a group - The issue with 'pyschologically fleeing' situations - The importan ...…
What happens when you transition to agile practices at a big organisation? How can you do agile software development at scale? This month Sinead Shackley ( and Dave Anderson ( from Liberty IT and Paul Shepheard ( from Deutsche Bank share their storie ...…
The Scrum Alliance recently made a very significant change in how the organization is run. After years of running with a traditional leadership model, the Scrum Alliance, whose mission is “Change the World of Work” has decided to shift to a model with a Chief Product Owner and a Chief Scrum Master. As you’ll hear in this podcast, it is a model ...…
CEO of Tasktop Technologies Mik Kersten discusses his session "Project to Product: How Value Stream Networks Will Transform IT and Business" at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018. Connect with Mik and Bob on Twitter. Learn more about AgileToolkit Sponsor LitheSpeed at Transcript: Mik Kersten ‑ DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018 Bob Pa ...…
Digital technologies offer utilities an opportunity to deliver greater value as market and regulatory conditions shift. Read more > Listen to the podcast (duration: 3:46) >
The economics of EV charging stations are often hobbled by high charges for connections to the power grid; more powerful, lower-cost battery storage could provide relief. Read more > Listen to the podcast (duration: 2:39) >
Remote teams are everywhere. Agile is everywhere. Unfortunately, those two don't always mix well together. We are here to fix that! Thanks to our listener Ryan, from Virginia, for asking us to take on this topic. What tips & tricks do you use to maximize the effectiveness of remote agile teams? Let's discuss! Subscribe: iTunes, Google Play, Spo ...…
Powering the digital economy. As cheaper storage bends the electricity cost curve and gives a boost to electric-vehicle charging stations, utilities are raising their digital game. Read more > Listen to the podcast (duration: 2:55) >
On this episode of GIS Addressed, Arkansas' Geographic Information Officer explains how coordination on geospatial data can change the way government functions.
Jeffrey Davidson and Jo Avent join Bob to discuss their Agile2018 session Hunting for Diamonds: Hiring the Very Best for Your Agile Team. Connect with Jeffrey and Bob on Twitter.
This week I'm joined by Steve Pousty, author of Getting Started in OpenShift. In this episode he gives me some insight into what kubernetes is, why everyone is talking about it, and why we should give it a look even if we're outside of the traditional devops space.
Love the fight. I don't think it's true that all life is suffering, like to believe that almost the struggle. And if that's the case, the sooner you get used to combat, get used to constantly having to deal with new and difficult challenges, the happier you'll be. If you let the challenges overwhelm you, you start to see them as unfair. The mom ...…
On the third episode of StateScoop's Priorities Podcast, Jake sits down with Massachusetts' Holly St. Clair and Georgia's Nikhil Deshpande to discuss how government is changing its approach to digital services.
Our Money20/20 coverage continues with new measures of financial health from the Center for Financial Services Innovation, Startup Pitch finalist Vital 4, a recap of highlights from Trellance’s Lou Grilli, and a recurring Kanye theme.
Manage This, the podcast by project managers for project managers. Table of Contents 00:50 … Meet Tricia Molloy 01:59 … Our need for goals. 03:00 … How to identify goals? 05:04 … Obstacles/Distractions to goal setting. 09:30 … Stress – good or bad? 12:50 … Energy management. 15:15 … Vision Boards and RAS. 16:53 … Creating and using Vision Board ...…
CHAOS Tuesday Show #114 covers quick decisions. In this show we explore how to make and how to measure quick decisions. Jim Johnson and Jim Crear have a casual conversation on the process of making quick decisions. Delays in decisions cause project delays; the quicker the decisions are made, the faster the project gets done. Consider that proje ...…
Shane Hastie joins Bob to discuss his Agile2018 sessions: Being Agile in a Remote Team and The Foundations of Business Agility Shane is the Director of Agile Learning Programs at ICAgile, Chair of Agile Alliance New Zealand, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods & Podcast Host on Connect with Shane and Bob on Twitter.…
Many new CEOs reshuffle their top teams, but surprisingly few make them more diverse. Can we do better? Read more > Listen to the podcast (duration: 11:08) >
We hear the words Business Agility a lot now - to agilists it probably makes perfect sense but there seems to be a need for better understanding and education. I want to give you some information you can share with your teams and decision makers, and some real-world examples of how and when to apply Agile to Business. Remember that the Principl ...…
In this podcast Shane Hastie, Lead Editor for Culture & Methods, spoke to Jim Rose of Circle CI about building a great engineering culture in a distributed, remote team.Why listen to this podcast:• Hiring engineers is a difficult task• Working in a completely remote organisation takes a particular type of person • It’s crucial that the engineer ...…
SPaMCAST 519 features our essay on a code of ethics for agile coaches. A code of ethics is a compilation of ethical principles brought together into a framework. Most professions have a code of ethics that guide their behaviors, typically guided by an association that provides credentials. I think it is time to discuss a code of ethics for agil ...…
Last week’s episode, about methods for optimized web crawling logic, left off on a bit of a cliffhanger: the data scientists had found a solution to the problem, but it wasn’t something that the engineers (who own the search codebase, remember) liked very much. It was black-boxy, hard to parallelize, and introduced a lot of complexity to their ...…
Join our hosts Colleen Johnson and Jay Hrcsko as they sit discuss how to help remote agile teams with Molood Noori Alavijeh, host of the Remote Forever Summit. They start off by defining the difference between "remote" and "distributed" teams, and then dive into practices to make collaboration more effective, how tools play into a team's succes ...…
Play Now: Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam: PMP Exam prep : Marie Spark and Cornelius Fichtner Do you want to take your career as a project manager to the next level? Yes? We have a suggestion for you: project management education. This interview with Marie Spark (LinkedIn Profile) was recorded at the energizing Project Management In ...…
In this episode, David discusses the changing nature of automation, and why it is great deal for jobs. It’s all about the 4th technology wave, and how it is actually bringing human + machine back to the center, rather than machine alone.
Johanna Rothman joins the podcast at Agile2018 and discusses her sessions: You Have to Say More There: Effective Communication in a Distributed Agile Team and Agile and Lean Roadmapping: Incorporating Change at Every Level of Product Planning. Connect with Johanna and Bob on Twitter.
> Sign Up For Our Newsletter: In this chat with "coachultant" Philippe Guenet, we talk: - "Coachultants"; it's a thing - The importance of coaching the "system" over the individual - The meaning of "Kaizen" - The issue with corporate coaches - How the Agile industry is getting corrupted For more ...…
Esther Derby chatted with Bob at Agile2018 about her two sessions - Creating an Environment for Successful Agile Teams and Clarity, Conditions, Constraints: An Alternative to Top Down Control. Connect with Esther and Bob on Twitter.
Software giant SAP is helping its workforce keep pace with technological change and new strategic thrusts. Read more > Listen to the podcast (duration: 12:31) >
Last Spring, Martin Fowler gave a talk at Agile Australia called "The State of Agile Software in 2018." (A transcript of Fowler’s talk can be found using the link provided below.) During the talk, he mentions “post-agile.” It is a phrase I had previously heard mention of here and there by folks who tend to be pretty deep with agile and who are ...…
It's a special Halloween night episode! Bob and Josh wrap up their series on fear in the agile world with a deep dive into common sources of fear for leaders in the agile world. If you are an agile leader, don't be scared, listen to this episode! Help Spread The Word: Love our content? Help us out by sharing on social media, rating our podcast/ ...…
You will always have haters. Never seek approval. Never hate back. Most hatred comes from deep-seated fear. It's okay to show compassion and empathy and make bridges. Your skill and power as a leader comes from your ability to stay true to your vision, and never mind what other people think.. This skill takes practice, and the truth of this wis ...…
This week on the NFJS podcast I'm joined again by LLewellyn Falco where we discuss Mob Programming. Mob programming is a software development approach where the whole team works on the same thing, at the same time, in the same space, and at the same computer. This is similar to pair programming where two people sit at the same computer and coll ...…
The connectivity experience of drivers and passengers will soon be transformed, with the potential for significant value creation. Here is a framework to measure progress. Read more > Listen to the podcast (duration: 8:57) >
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