Best Algebra podcasts we could find (Updated November 2018)
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Mary Everest Boole (1832-1916) was born Mary Everest in England and spent her early years in France. She married mathematician George Boole. She was the author of several works on teaching and teaching mathematics in particular. This short book, Philosophy and Fun of Algebra, is meant to be read by children and introduces algebra and logic. She uses the word “algebra” broadly, defining it as a “method of solving problems by honest confession of one’s ignorance”. Using this definition, Boole ...
Podcasts of lessons from Mr. Thompson's algebra 2 class at King's High School in Seattle, WA.
Weekly sermons by our co-pastors Revs. Jason and Estee Valendy.
A Heart-centered Approach to Awakening
Let's begin to learn about how to begin exploring virtual algebra tiles to determine solutions to equations.
Having spent most their lives pursuing the 'musical dream', Dan and Tara Fritz explore the stories of others who have done the same. Currently based in Springfield, MO, this married couple dives into the lives and stories of their local music scene in hopes to gain knowledge, inspiration and connection to their fans, by giving them the platform that they deserve. Having fame and fortune is not the only reason we dream. It's not the destination of everyone's purpose. However... the struggles, ...
Finish Well
Join the Finish Well Team the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m. ET as they talk about real issues that teens face each day. We want to grow in Christ together, prepare for life after graduation, and live lives that glorify Jesus. Pastor Mike & Meredith
Murder and the paranormal finally meet! Grab your wine and milkshakes and join us every Sunday for some chilling ghost stories and downright terrifying true crime stories. The world's a scary place. And that's why we drink!
Alexito Pro
Principal of Vestal High School Vestal, NY
Interviews with Mathematicians about their New Books
In the world of virtual reality, anything can happen. Watch The Math Dude, the new MCPS video series that helps middle and high school students improve their Algebra skills.
The Dj Robb-O Show
Tune in to hear DJ Robb-O mixing today's hits with the classics from the golden era in hip hop. Masterfully blending the new and old reggae tunes, RnB club hits featuring your favorite New York 12 inch records. You will hear artist like Loose Ends, Nas, Tribe, J Dilla, Ludacris, Def Squad, Meek, Drake, Morris Day, Jill Scott, Dom Kennedy, Salsoul Orchestra, Algebra Blessett, NYC Peech Boys, Evelyn King, Anderson Paak, Kashif Hip Hop Reggae Soca R&B Soulful Deep House Club Music I DJ, Produce ...
The Exascale Computing Project (ECP) is accelerating delivery of a capable exascale computing ecosystem to provide breakthrough solutions that will address America's most critical challenges in scientific discovery, energy assurance, economic competitiveness, and national security. Let’s Talk Exascale explores Application Development, Software Technology, and Hardware and Integration—focus areas of the ECP.
Part of the Voyages Extraordinaires series by French novelist Jules Verne, and also a sequel to his classic science fiction novel From the Earth to the Moon, Round the Moon presents the continuation of the gripping tale which ended with a cliffhanger and left readers to ponder over endless possibilities. Published in 1870, the novel presents an unprecedented journey into space, while focusing on space navigation, scientific calculations, unforeseen circumstances and dangerous encounters, whi ...
These podcasts are to help the sixth grade class study for their math tests.
Mr. Polizzi
6th Grade Middle School Math Video Podcasts
This is a podcast created by middle school students to help others with difficult topics in algebra.
AII Ch 4
"I LEARNED IT ON A PODCAST" -- This podcast is for anyone interested in learning about podcasting and the latest eLearning technologies.- Rodney B. Murray, PhD, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
Words for Granted
Words for Granted is a podcast that looks at how words change over time. Host Ray Belli uses language--more specifically, individual words--as a way of making connections among history, culture, religion, and society.
Jo and Simon hear listeners' shameful secrets, including ones that were too shocking for radio! Plus more from the Parish Notice Board and another Confessions From The Crypt.
exclusive interviews with independent creatives from around the world. exploring their creative journey, new sounds, current events, original samples + more.
The Ray Donovan After Show breaks down episodes of Showtime's Ray Donovan.Show Summary: Ray Donovan is a "fixer" for Hollywood's elite. He is the go-to guy that the city's celebrities, athletes and business moguls call to make their problems disappear. It's a much more lucrative job than his previous work as a ruthless South Boston thug, vaulting him within reach of the truly wealthy and powerful. But no amount of money or the expensive things it can buy can completely mask Ray's past, a pas ...
Documentaries from across the Al Jazeera Network.
My Fierce Wings Radio is an internet radio network supporting all aspects of music and entertainment. With My Fierce Wings Radio, we discuss many topics from entertainment, music, relationships, to the world of business. Our brand spotlights great people bringing their own style and flair to the entertainment arena or who have managed to make a name for themselves by pursuing a dream and living it. We have interviewed several of today's hugest-stars such as: Anthony Hamilton, Ashanti, Avant, ...
Rodney Perry Live
Rodney Perry Live is a show consisting of all arts and entertainment. Everything from comedy and politics to music and acting. Rodney covers it all with a comedic slant.
The accompanying podcast to the channel Fancy Ramen. The Fancy Ramen Podcast encompasses a group of friends talking about new titles, old titles, gaming news, and other forms of entertainment like movies, TV, comics, and anime.
A simple explanation of math from an algebra and geometry teacher at Chaminade Middle School in Chatsworth California.
An electronic music podcast brought to you by Digital Distortions, Limetree and Horror Brawl. Featuring DJ's and producers from a whole range of electronic genres. It's not only about the sounds of now, it's also about influences; old and new.
Join the gang as they discuss everything and nothing at the same time. If you give us your ears for an hour, I promise you might regret it.
Rocky & Lissa
Rocky & Lissa
View our libary of Maths textbooks in iBooks and on
Math PapaPodcasts
Videopodcasts based on various Math Concepts such as: Quadratic Functions - Parabolas and Completing the Square - Polynomials - Expanding, Simplifying Exponent Rules - Algebra II
The Hamilton Institute is a multi-disciplinary research centre established at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth in November 2001. The Institute seeks to provide a bridge between mathematics and its applications in ICT and biology.In this podcast feed, we make accessible some of the best seminars held by members of the Hamilton Institute, visitors or guest speakers.Futhermore, it will also contain the lectures give as part of the 'Network Mathematics Graduate Programme'.The video f ...
The following podcasts were created in Mr. Williams's math class in Chatsworth, California.
Integers Topic 5
I'm a High School math teacher, and huge math nerd. I'm creating this podcast to share math that I find interesting, as well as create a space where I can help people with the mathematics they learn in High School; Geometry, Algebra II/Trig, and Calculus. If you have a question, send me an email- and I'll try to put up a video for you. If you enjoy the podcast please subscribe, and look for me on Youtube at: Twitter @MikeAndrejkovic I also write and perfor ...
Daily Mail
Hosted by Kevin "KFC" Clancy from Barstool Sports, Daily Mail brings the best and craziest news stories of the day along with Kevin's unique spin on what it all means. The bite-sized episodes, each under 20 minutes, are perfect for listeners on the go without a ton of time to commit. New episodes are released three times per week.
College Savvy Radio
Sia Knight helps busy families make sense of the college admissions process by sharing timely and relevant information.
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Erika Edwards and Rachel Goodman discuss Season 6 Episode 4 "Pudge" where Mickey kidnaps movie star Jay White and Ray has to get $3 million from Sam Winslow to get Jay back in one piece; Mickey and Bunchy plot a future for themselves; Terry steps into the ring for the first time in 20 years.ABOUT RAY DONOVAN:Set in the sprawling mecca of the ri ...…
Ebb - Wild Wood [Fox & Hound] Maru - Paranoia [Trekkie Trax] Metafloor - Fish Fruit [Aufect Recordings] Biome - Yoof [Kaizen] Doctor Jeep - Katz Dub [Doctor Jeep] Thelem - We Ain't the Same (Feat. T-Man) [Artikal Music] Havelock & Deft - Chimes [20-20 LDN] Throwing Snow - Subtitles [Houndstooth] Koehler - Subliminal Cut [Skudge White] Anybody A ...…
Buckle up, everyone! We've got an extra dark episode for you this week. Em covers the horrific events that happened during the operation of the Byberry Mental Hospital in Philadelphia and the paranormal occurrences it's created, while Christine serves up (it's a pun, you'll see) the story of German cannibal (too much?) Armin Meiwes. We also rec ...…
Today's episode kicks off a new series on "toponymy," or the study of place names. In this general overview, we take a look at some of the historical and etymological trends that most often impact place names, such as colonialism and the commemoration of important individuals.
Will you forgive Tony’s toasty tale? Plus a fantastic Confession from the Crypt!
2 shows in one week?? It's a bonus show! Short, sweet, and to the point; this is our breakdown of Overlord. It's World War II with a sprinkling of zombies. Have you seen it yet? Did you love it? Did you hate it? Let us know! It's The Last Call Podcast!
Letting go is always scary, until it’s bliss. At some point, as more is revealed to you in this opening of presence, what emerges through your whole being is profound trust. You will start to traverse that fear/bliss movement, and it’s scary, but intuitively you find your balance. You can’t push it, it’s a natural movement that we learn to allo ...…
Well as they say, another one bites the dust! It's time for the Last Call Crew to sit down and discuss Bohemian Rhapsody! Have you seen it yet? Let us know what you thought! It's The Last Call Podcast!
Take a listen to a few MORE songs we perform in our duo, Boot. These were recorded live in the studio, and we wanted to get this mini-episode out to help promote our upcoming show at Shuffle, on Thursday Nov 15, 2018 at 8:30! Yeah... that's in TWO DAYS! Enjoy!!!!!…
TOPICS: // 0:00:00 – Preamble: 3D Printing, Magic the Gathering, KPop, Anime, Gundam // 0:14:56 – Read Dead Redemption 2 // 0:38:00 – Burly Men at Sea // 0:41:52 – Deracine // 0:47:00 – Cross Code // 0:50:18 – Call of Duty – Black Ops 4…
Get to know Ken Norton from Graces Downfall!
On this episode, we have Ivy Schulte, or as we like to call her: Ivy. If you're interested in getting comfortable in your own skin, then let Ivy help you with that. She's an amazing drummer and performer; find her drumming for The Mixtapes, LUX and Chappell Roan, to name a few. A truly beautiful soul, but don't even THINK of getting between her ...…
Take a listen to a few of the songs we perform in our duo, Boot. These were recorded live in the studio, and Dan was way under the weather, but we wanted to get this mini-episode out to help promote our upcoming show at Shuffle, on Thursday Nov 15, 2018 at 8:30! Enjoy!!!!!…
Erika Edwards and Rachel Goodman break down season 6 episode 3 of Ray Donovan "He Be Tight, He Be Mean"ABOUT RAY DONOVAN:Set in the sprawling mecca of the rich and famous, RAY DONOVAN does the dirty work for LA's top power players. The one-hour drama series stars Liev Schreiber as the go-to guy who makes the problems of the city's celebrities, ...…
An hour long mix of deep house with a kiss of soul Featuring tracks by Mike City, Joi Cardwell and BKT The Dj Robb-O Show airs on - Sundays at 5pm NY / 2pm LA / 10pm UK / 11pm LG / 6am HKT Visit to register for new music and merch from Dj Robb-O !
An hour long mix of deep house with a kiss of soul Featuring tracks by Mike City, Joi Cardwell and BKT The Dj Robb-O Show airs on - Sundays at 5pm NY / 2pm LA / 10pm UK / 11pm LG / 6am HKT Visit to register for new music and merch from Dj Robb-O !
To download this episode you must join the ** Dj Robb-O Squad ** @ Click the **'Subscribe to premium content now' ** link under the episode you would like to download, click the link and it will list all the premium plans to unlock the premium content. For DJ Booking, Syndication or Business Inquiries: CONTACT teamROBB-O by emai ...…
Welcome back to the ghost story and murder situation show! It's Friendiversary time, folks! And this year Em got Christine a new fly fishing rod from Dicks! Just kidding but celebrations did ensue and we've got that Instagram-worthy story here. Em also brings the creeps with the tale of Rose Hall Manor in Montego Bay, Jamaica and Christine cove ...…
Episode Notes: A research effort called Datalib: Data Libraries and Services Enabling Exascale Science helps scientists by enabling them to access and share data across platforms, by providing information for troubleshooting, and by building new specialized data services.
Also in this week's podcast,a fancy dress vicar gets a late night fright and in our X-Rated section, a desperate motorist is waylaid on the way to the Ladies...
Andrew C. A. Elliott‘s Is That a Big Number? (Oxford University Press, 2018) is a book that those of us who feast on numbers will absolutely adore, but will also tease the palates of those for whom numbers have previously been somewhat distasteful. This book helps us not only to realize...
Lissa's Local Live Music Podcast: Kali Ma & The Garland Of Arms!
Savvy J - "How I Really Feel" Paul Thomlinson - "Wyatt's Heartbeat" Jason Gaylor - "Never Alone" Random Strangers - "Stingin' Heart" Yowl - "I Got Friends" Bob "Bobo" Davidson - "Forever" Pretty Tied Up - "Nothin' To Hide" Michelle McBride - "Broken" Matt Long - "Guilty Conscience" Load Point Pull! - "Sentimental Genocide" Johnny Q Public - "King"…
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