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Assorted Topics
Assorted Topics
Sacred Knowledge podcasts consist of authentic traditional Islamic knowledge from qualified teachers. Our podcasts range from audio and video lectures to classical Islamic songs. Visit for more material.
Assorted-Lecture-Takmeel-By Dr Farhat Hashmi
Fahm Al-Quran 2002
Although the best way to learn Quran is through a detailed explanation but for those of us who have a busy schedule, the following series of lectures is a wonderful way to go through the entire Quran in just thirty lessons! Beautifully explained by Dr Farhat Hashmi.
The beautiful Arabic language is the one chosen by Allah for carrying His message to us. In the following lessons, Dr Idrees Zubair takes you through a most delightful journey of knowledge where you will learn the basic patterns and structures of Arabic grammar, making the study of Quran and Hadith most interesting and beneficial.
Islamic Parenting
Islamic Parenting by Dr Farhat Hashmi
Taleem-Al-Quran-2005(Complete) By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Ramadan by Dr Farhat Hashmi
Sahih-Bukhari-03-Ilm By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Sadaqah-o-Khairaat By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Tafseer-Surah-Al-Baqarah-2 By Taimiyyah Zubair
Tafseer-Surah-Al-Waqi'ah-56 By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
A beautiful guide on the practical application of Quran and Hadith in our lives; Minhajul Qasidin by Imam Ibnul jawzi is an amazing book which unravels the mysteries of the “self” and offers practical solutions towards character development and personal growth. Taught by Dr Farhat Hashmi
Tafseer-Surah-Al-Jinn-72 By Taimiyyah Zubair
Tafseer-Surah-Ad-Dukhan-44 By Taimiyyah Zubair
Assorted-Lecuture-Quran By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Taleem Al-Quran 2010-Para-29 By Taimiyyah Zubair
Rabbi-Zidni-Ilma By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Assorted-Lecuture-Depression By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Sahih-Bukhari-04-Wudu-Tayyammum By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Tajweed-2005-Al-Qalam-68 By Asma Huda
Tafseer-Surah-Ale-Imran-3 By Taimiyyah Zubair
Tafseer-Surah-Al-Isra'-17 By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Assorted-Lecuture-Quran-In-My-Life By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Assorted-Lecuture-Dawah By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Tajweed-2005-Al-Baqara-2-by Asma Huda
Tajweed Para-30
Tajweed Para-30 By Dr. Idrees Zubair
Tafseer-Surah-Maryam-19 By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Tafseer-Surah-At-Taubah-9 By Taimiyyah Zubair
Assorted-Lecuture-Marriage By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Tafseer-Surah-Al-An'am-6 By Taimiyyah Zubair
Sahih-Bukhari-12-jihad By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Uswa-e-Hasanah By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Assorted-Lecture-Shaadi-By Dr Farhat Hashmi
Tafseer-Surah-Al-'Imran-3 By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Tafseer-Surah-An-Nur-24 By Taimiyyah Zubair
Tafseer-Surah-Al-Fatihah-1 By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Sahih-Bukhari-07-Manasik By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Sahih-Bukhari-05-Salat-Janaiz By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Tafseer-Surah-Muddaththir-74 By Taimiyyah Zubair
Tafseer-Surah-An-Najm-53 By Taimiyyah Zubair
Tafseer-Surah-Al-Muzzammil-73 By Taimiyyah Zubair
Assorted-Lecuture-IslamicMonths By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Taleem Al-Quraan 2005-Para-4-By Dr.Farhat Hashmi
Taleem Al-Quran 2002-Para-02 By Dr. Farhat Hashmi
Dum-Audios By Miscellaneous Qaris
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سورۃ الغاشية 06-10-2018 Canada
سورۃ الحآقة 22-09-2018 Canada
سورۃ الحآقة 15-07-2018 Canada
After Completion of Tadabbur Course 23-06-2018, Canada
Jeddah Branch Students and Staff 16-06-2018, Jeddah
اللہ کی تسبیح Dr. Farhat Hashmi 05-03-2018, Multan
اللہ کی پناہ کے مسنون کلمات Dr. Farhat Hashmi 16-01-2018, Qatar
تسبیح اور ان کی فضیلت Dr. Farhat Hashmi 01-01-2018, Sargodha
اظہار زینت کس لئے؟ Dr. Farhat Hashmi 28-04-2018 Islamabad
اچھا انسان Dr. Farhat Hashmi 25-01-2018, Karachi
آسان نیکیاں Dr. Farhat Hashmi 02-02-2018, Rahim Yar Khan
وراثت کا قانون - حصہ اول Ahsan Zafar 26-03-2018 Islamabad
وراثت کا قانون - حصہ دوم Ahsan Zafar 26-03-2018 Islamabad
مشکل میں آسانی تلاش کیجئے 2018 Karachi
ذو القعدۃ کی فضیلت 31-07-2017, Islamabad
خوشگوار ازدواجی زندگی - سوال و جواب 25-12-2017 Islamabad
سب سے مفلس کون؟ 18-01-2018 Qatar
اچھے تعلقات کی بنیاد تقوی ہے 21-01-2018 Karachi
مجبتوں کو ختم کرنے والے اعمال 15-02-2018, Lahore
صلہ رحمی - رشتوں کو جوڑنا 12-02-2018, Lahore
رشتہ داروں سے حسن سلوک 28-01-2018, Tando Adam
اللہ کے خاص بندے اور ان کی صفات 06-03-2018, Multan
عباد الرحمن کی صفات 26-02-2018, Islamabad
خوشخبری ہے صبر والوں کے لئے 03-02-2018, Rahim Yar Khan
نظر اور اس کے اثرات 14-04-2018 Peshawar
برکت ہی برکت 16 Dec 2012, Islamabad
حکمت کیا ہوتی ہے؟ 17th September 2011, Islamabad
مچھرکیسے کام کرتا ہے؟ 2 Feb 2002, Islamabad
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