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Echoes of Glory
An independent Tottenham Hotspur podcast, by the fans, for the fans. Email us on, tweet us at @_Echoesofglory, like us at and visit our website at
This is an interview-based podcast for problem solvers & action takers! Want to know what the current resources, programs, and services are for teens and adult with ASD? Then, this is the show for you! We highlight AUTISM INNOVATORS! Individuals who are making a difference in the field. - These innovators may be business owners, therapists, researchers, or family members who are improving quality of life for teenagers and adults diagnosed with Autism - and their caregivers! We highlight INSP ...
This show is for anyone who is raising a child with neurological differences. Raising a child with autism and epilepsy like my daughter Remy, I have learned quite a few lessons about the special needs world and the evolution of growth as a mom. In this show, we discuss all of it. Parenting, marriage, the autism world, epilepsy world and everything in between. Welcome, I am so glad you stopped by
Disorderly Blondes
Before our serendipitous meeting in school car line hell a decade ago, we ​South Florida rubias and accidental autism moms had no idea we were living parallel vidas locas. Together, we're kicking butt and taking names with a little help from sunshine, wine, and #framily time. Does our bleach weaken our wit? Over our tanned bodies!
Them Aspergers
Two people, one has been diagnosed for 6 plus years and the other is awaiting diagnosis. They talk about life on the spectrum and the things everyone with Aspergers deal with on a regular basis.
Talking Psych
This podcast, hosted by Dr. Geoffrey Peal, explores contemporary issues in psychology. Episodes feature other professionals speaking about issues specific to their own area of expertise, recent research or articles, and topics requested by listeners.
Mohamed Kullab
Welcome to Mohamed Kullab, where amazing things happen.
Manager Sahm
Everything in my life
Autism Warriors
A podcast where we talk about everything related to Autism. Each week, Ericka Charette and Pamela Mari will get together and talk about Autism including but not limited to Autism stories in the news, questions concerning behaviors, family dynamics, methodologies, and most importantly, share difficulties and triumphs while living within an Autism family.
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This weeks episode didn't go to plan. I recorded it, edited it and then just wasn't feelin it. I want to always make sure that you get the very best content so I decided not to publish something I didn't find the value in. So today's episode is all about the direction of the podcast. Heres a little secret, the next direction is up to you. For t ...…
This episode we talk about the things we do to escape from some of lifes pressures.
One of the first warning signals we may have that our kids have autism, is the fact that they may not be able to speak. We look at the parenting books and see our kiddos are behind. We worry that they may never catch up. What if they are "non-verbal" forever? I think a lot of times, we skip ahead. We worry that they may never talk but before an ...…
ASD joins Jack this week to figure out what is going on with Spurs?! An in depth review of Southampton, two quiz features, your questions answered, and much more!
This episode we talk about how therapy works for us.
Sadly, mainstream media "entertainment" has Americans TUNED OUT to the REAL WORLD of autism by creating shows like The Good Doctor. We want to see the TRUE story of individuals with autism, picked to live in 1 out 59 homes, who work hard as hell to "improve" at a cost of $2.3 million, and have their families' lives turned upside down; let's fin ...…
A mixed 10 days as a Spurs fan: defeat to Chelsea, draw against Woolwich, and victory in Germany! Jay joins Jack to discuss all the games, reminisce about dramatic moments as a Spurs fan, preview Southampton, and test knowledge in the we are Tottenham Hotspur quiz
The skill of taking turns is one of the foundational pieces to human interaction. In autism, taking turns doesnt come as naturally. In this episode, we talk about how to help your child learn the art of turn taking as well as be flexible in interactions with others.
This week is a dual topic based on questions asked by people who listen to the podcast.
This week Jack is joined by Mr L senior this week - If you had to build an all time Spurs team to take on the United treble winning team, what would it be? Reviews of Dortmund and Burnley, and previews of Chelsea and Woolwich, plus the we are Tottenham Hotspur quiz!
I remember when Remy was first diagnosed with autism. The first concern I had was that she wasn't able to communicate. If she couldn't communicate, she would never function in a way that could get her through life. But what I didn't realize is that communication and speaking weren't exactly the same thing. There are plenty of people who can spe ...…
For this episode we look into our delayed reactions to events in life.
Meet Valerie Herskowitz, owner of The Chocolate Spectrum Café and Academy in Jupiter, FL. Her sweet contributions to the special needs community have provided a rich assortment of flavorful foundations and textured trainings, sprinkling hope for young adults on the autism spectrum. Listen in as only Valerie could concoct this Master Class on ju ...…
Burnley fan Jon joins Jack this week to preview Saturday's game, look back at recent clashes between Spurs and Burnley, discuss players who have played for both sides, and figure out the truth behind why anyone would want to be a Burnley fan! Plus the we are Tottenham Hotspur quiz, your questions answered, and more!…
Kids learn the most from watching others. They learn facial expressions, tones, sounds, speech, emotion etc. Our kiddos with autism have a harder time paying attention to all the details from people. This makes it harder for them to learn from others. A child with autism can become fascinated with an object or toy and miss out on essential lear ...…
This week there isnt a set topic we just talk about some of the reason for and against diagnosis with a few extra thoughts.
Autism has become a very big topic of conversation in our society. I never really cared about the conversation to be honest, until I wondered about my daughter. The thought of autism is scary. We as a society fear it because we don't understand it. I know I didn't. With Remy having seizures due to a genetic disorder, I never could have imagined ...…
Jack is joined this week by Sam and Mr L Snr to discuss best/worst football pundits, review the victory over Leicester, preview the BIG champions league first leg against Dortmund, battle it out in the we are Tottenham Hotspur quiz, answer your questions, and more!
This week is about the a some of the contrasts between Nicki & Scarlett's version of Aspergers.
What Would the Disorderly Blondes Do, you ask? They’d pour an adult beverage (duh) then turn their show over to their #disorderlytribe via IG! Tune in for answers to burning questions like How do the blondes navigate this special needs life with such exceptional poise? and Who dares refer to autism as a gift in… Read More…
Cannabis There's so much talk about cannabis with our kiddos seizure disorders. It's also a big topic for kids with autism too. Since our daughter Remy started having seizures, the number one topic people bring up is "Have you tried cannabis?" The reason is that medical marijuana has been successful at treating some of the worst types of epilep ...…
Jack is joined this week by Abbas, and the long awaited return of Gareth! Best two footed players we've seen live, review of Newcastle, preview of Leicester, the we are Tottenham Hotspur quiz, and what life was like as a suffering fan in the 90's!
We continue last weeks episode talking about some of the possible extras that come with Autism.
Today I had a hard day. Do you ever have those days where you just feel like everything you do is wrong? You don't have anything figured out? The laundry is piled up, You haven't read your kid a bedtime story in forever, you haven't showered in 2 days, motherhood isn't quite fulfilling your sense of worthiness, you are questioning if you are do ...…
Latest podcast with Jack, ASD and Abbas. We take it back to basics this week, what are your priorities as a Spurs fan? Plus reviews of the painful defeats to Chelsea and Palace, previews of Watford and Newcastle, and the we are Tottenham Hotspur quiz
We are doing a few episodes on the additional conditions that can come with Autism. This week we talk about EFD.
Everything is A-OK at this autism corral! The Disorderly Blondes are shooting first and asking questions later as their very first guest enters, guns a-blazin’! High caliber advocate Ysela aims to please as she discusses her role as an educational consultant. Her mission (if you choose to accept it) is to keep special needs families… Read More…
Having a daughter (she's 5) who has such severe seizures, our medication protocol is essential to be the very best. But I have to be honest, drugs scare me. There are so many side effects. I wish I could have the magic pill. The one that would cure Remy (my daughter) with zero side effects and we could just live happily ever after. So today we ...…
He's one of our own, Harry Winks, he's one of our own! Jack is joined by ASD and Abbas this week to discuss the best last minute Spurs winners, review the last gasp win at Fulham, preview two HUGE cup ties against Chelsea and Palace, the we are Tottenham Hotspur quiz, your questions answered, and more!…
This week we talk about what its like being in a relationship with someone who has ASD based on our own experience.
Acceptance sounds like a poetic and silly thing to talk about. Especially when we are talking about a child we haven't lost. Sure, we all know that you should accept your child. But what if they have a disease or neurological condition and you just can't see how its fair or how to get over it. You might be thinking, sure I accept my child no ma ...…
Jack is joined by Jay and Don from the "Thing I love most show" - Best individual performances, reviews of Chelsea and United, preview of Fulham, injury worries, the we are Tottenham Hotspur quiz, and much more!
This week we talk about some of the big changes happening to us and why our ASD doesn't handle it all that well.
It’s the most wonderful(ly) stressful time of the year! Did your 2018 holiday season bite the big one, compliments of autism? Well if so have we got an ego boost for you! Listen in on the unique challenges the South Florida Disorderly Blondes unwrapped, and the number of bottles they uncorked in order to cope.… Read More…
Depression is the peak of grieving and almost guaranteed at some point in the journey of special needs parenting. Depression affects all of us, and the reason why it's important to talk about it is that there are ways out of it. We don’t have to be depressed forever even though sometimes it feels like we will. What I have learned about depressi ...…
An away day special this week with Jack, ASD and Jay. Best memories following Spurs on the road, reviews of Cardiff and Tranmere, previews of Chelsea and United, the we are Tottenham Hotspur quiz, your questions answered, and more!
This week we try and scratch the surface on what it is like beint AS in an NT world?
Jack is joined by Mr L Senior in a 2018 wrap up podcast! Best goals, best/worst moments of being a Spurs fan in 2018. There are also reviews of Arsenal, Everton, Bournemouth and Wolves. Plus the we are Tottenham Hotspur quiz, your questions answered, and more!
Have you ever thought to yourself that you would give ANYTHING to cure your special needs child? Would you do anything to take their suffering away? Do you ever regret certain choices you have made or thought you have obviously done something wrong to deserve a child who is sick? In this episode, I talk about bargaining and grief. When you barg ...…
When you are grieving for a child you THOUGHT you were going to have, Anger is a big part of that grief. For me, watching my daughter Remy suffer through multiple hospital stays, seizure after seizure and seeing the apparent intellectual disabilities unfold, I have seen my fair share of anger. But the anger comes out in subtle ways. Snappiness, ...…
Do you feel anger, jealousy, and resentment because your child isn't who you dreamed of when you thought about being a parent? Do you feel way over your head and that you and your child have been short-changed due to a medical diagnosis? Grieving over a life you prepared for and fantasized about is totally normal and actually very healthy. Us m ...…
The topic of getting a second opinion isn't the most glamorous, I totally get it, but there is a reason I am starting here. When Remy first started having seizures, we assumed that the neurologist at the hospital (who sees thousands of epilepsy cases a year) would be able to guide us and show us the way. She was supposed to know everything ther ...…
All About the Show - Starting From the Beginning When I first started on the road of being a mom of a child with autism and epilepsy, I was a fish out of water. I had no preparation or warning and not a clue of how to be the mom I needed to be for my daughter who obviously needed so much care. Out of desperation, I turned to every single place ...…
This week we talk about anger and Aspergers, as requested by a listener
Today we interview Dr. Nasrin Erfanian, a licensed psychologist who works with children and families and specializing in developmental disorders. She explains how to work through common difficulties that come up during the holidays for children with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and how to see the brighter side and enjoy the break.…
Motherhood. South Florida. Autism. Will it be desserts? D-Cups? Deny Terrio? Don't despair! This episode doesn't disappoint as we disorderly dames date ourselves, dig deep, and dish on our desperate, dreaded days of autism. Dom will be served. Damn us if we delay in dutiful dialogue! We'll deliver you dope doctrine in defining your OWN dynamic ...…
Jack is joined by Sam and Mr L senior this week. What is the best Spurs team you've seen live but with a twist. Plus reviews of that brilliant night in Barcelona, crashing back down to earth against Burnley, the quiz, and the Spurs shirt competition winner is announced
We talk about the possibilities of why ASD changes with age.
Its the Christmas episode, we talk about whats its like this time of yeah for us on the spectrum.
Statto and Jay join Jack this week to discuss our dreadful derby day! Plus previews of Southampton and Leicester, the Spurs shirt competition update, the we are Tottenham Hotspur quiz, and much more. Remember to subscribe to us on our new home, AudioBoom
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