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World War II Chronicles is a weekly look back to 'This Week in World War II, 75 Years Ago.' Originally produced in coordination with the National Archives to mark the 50th anniversary of the war, World War II Chronicles features original newsreel reports and archival footage to tell the story as it happened, week by week. Hosted by famed World War II newsreel anchor Ed Herlihy, World War II Chronicles is produced by the American Veterans Center.
Helping companies understand the 7 forces affecting business and the 8 drivers of value.
Learn How To Detect Deception With The Deception Tips Podcast By Spencer Coffman
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In preparation for invasion, the first bombing raids attacked the Marianas Islands on June 11, 1944. As soon as the bombing began, the Japanese fleet decided to attack the US carrier force, which was protecting the invasion of Saipan. On June 19, Japanese air & naval forces began their attack; it failed miserably. The two-day battle of the Phil ...…
Deception Tip 76: When telling a lie, the liar may cover his or her mouth, usually with a hand or fingers, as if to unconsciously prevent the lie.By Spencer Coffman.
In June 1944, the next targets for attack in the US Central Pacific campaign were the Marianas Islands. They were to be a staging area for a future invasion of Japan. Capturing the island of Saipan was the first objective.By Radio America.
Deception Tip 75: Steepling fingers mean confidence. Liars may display this when they believe they have fooled the target.By Spencer Coffman.
As dawn broke on June 6, 1944, the Allied invasion force emerged from the mist along the coast of Normandy. Troops emerged along the mine-filled beaches of Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword. On Omaha, American casualties were especially heavy.By Radio America.
Deception Tip 74: Watch, and listen, for sighs, as they often come before heavy contemplation of an answer.By Spencer Coffman.
Since their breakout from the Anzio beaches in Italy, General Mark Clark's forces had been driving east. Instead of continuing in that direction, General Clark chose to move west on June 4, 1944, and enter Rome.By Radio America.
Deception Tip 73: Obviously when someone leans away they are resistant, or uninterested. When someone leans towards they are interested, or invested, in the situation.By Spencer Coffman.
In late April 1944, Gen. Henry "Hap" Arnold was commanding aircraft to make America's Air Force the mightiest in the world. The B-29 Superfortress was designed to be a global bomber, and around it was built an entire new Air Force. The 20th Air Force was enacted to carryout bombing operations specifically against Japan.…
Deception Tip 72: Be mindful of a person’s bodily axis. The direction in which they tilt can tell you how open they are to the current situation.By Spencer Coffman.
The war of attrition in Italy continued during early 1944. After failed frontal assaults, the Allied commanders accepted the wisdom of a flanking movement. North African troops of the French Corps fought their way through seemingly impassable mountains, and by May 17, seized ground near German positions on Monte Cassino. Allied forces staged a ...…
Deception Tip 71: When confronting someone, if they present their palms up as if offering something they may be feeling guilty. Almost like you caught them in their lie.By Spencer Coffman.
By the Spring of 1944, the number of Americans in uniform had severely strained the labor force. Millions of housewives, older children, and the elderly took on work, dropping unemployment to 1.2%. Yet there was a demand for even more workers.By Radio America.
Deception Tip 70: Symmetrical expressions are associated with telling the truth, as they are usually indicative of spontaneous emotional expressions.By Spencer Coffman.
The Soviet offensive on the Eastern Front gained moment during the early months of 1944. In March, a sweeping offensive began in the direction of the Odessa-Lviv Railroad. The assault moved so swiftly, that by the end of March the Red Army had invaded Romania. In mid-April, the Soviets had recaptured the port city of Odessa.…
Deception Tip 69: When the target becomes silent, the liar’s comfort level goes from bad to worse. Most of the time, the liar will continue to speak to fill the gap.By Spencer Coffman.
The Black Market was just as much a problem on the home front as it was in Europe during WWII. On the home front, it was the take of the Office of Price Administration (OPA) to stamp it out.By Radio America.
Deception Tip 68: Overly stressed liars may inhale regularly and then force their exhale, as if the lungs are being forcibly contracted.By Spencer Coffman.
During the Spring of 1944, the Japanese - occupying the Dutch East Indies - anticipated an American attack from the east. However, the Japanese had little air cover and little resistance -- but they would hold out until August. Long before then, General MacArthur would prepare for his return to the Philippines.…
Deception Tip 67: A liar’s jaw may often tremble, or slightly tremor, when they are struggling to keep up with their lie.By Spencer Coffman.
In early 1944, the sixteen major league baseball teams began spring training. By the time the season began in April, 60% of the starting players in 1941 were in the Armed Forces. With so many players drafted, the league began to fill their teams with teenagers and middle-aged men.By Radio America.
Deception Tip 66: Breathing regularly and periodically taking a deep breath followed by a long slow exhale is done to pacify liars.By Spencer Coffman.
The Japanese offensive on the Burma-India front had reached Kohima and Imphal on April 6, 1944. A quick assemblage of British and Indian troops held out against a Japanese force six times the size, in bitter hand-to-hand combat.By Radio America.
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Deception Tip 65: Liars prefer to conceal the truth rather than coming up with an entirely new story.By Spencer Coffman.
To maintain neutrality during WWII was to court the wrath of belligerents on both sides. Only six nations in Europe remained neutral, and it was constantly tested. In April 1944, the Swiss were outraged when US planes mistakingly bombed a Swiss town.By Radio America.
Deception Tip 64: In some cases, liars may rephrase the question and then answer it. This is done to give them more time to think about their lie.By Spencer Coffman.
During March of 1944, Allied Air Forces were engaged in massive dogfights over Axis territory. American pilots consciously attacked special targets to lure the Luftwaffe into battle.By Radio America.
Deception Tip 63: Liars may sometimes breathe in through the nose and out through extended lips like those of a chimpanzee.By Spencer Coffman.
Since American forces landed on the island of Bougainville in November 1943, they protected their newly won air fields which would enable air strikes. By early 1944, advances towards Rabaul became more intense and the Japanese realized they needed to relieve the pressure. They prepared to attack American positions during the first week in March.…
Deception Tip 62: Some liars often say their statements twice with their voice rising the second time around.By Spencer Coffman.
Until March 4, 1944, the lack of long-range fighter escort prohibited U.S. participation in bombing raids over Berlin. Over the next week, massive squadrons of bombers swarmed over the German capital. American bombing over Berlin would continue to cripple German forces.By Radio America.
Deception Tip 61: Liars will often hold their breath as the target guesses the possible answers. Then exhale the instant the target guesses correctly.By Spencer Coffman.
During February 1944, officers under General MacArthur's command were counseling him to launch a reconnaissance attack against the Admiralty Islands. Their occupation would complete the encirclement against the Japanese stronghold at Rabaul. MacArthur ordered an invasion for February 29, 1944.By Radio America.
Deception Tip 60: Confident people tend to dominate the space they occupy, whereas liars take up the least amount of space possible.By Spencer Coffman.
The Landing Ship Tank, known as the 'LST' served as the backbone of Allied landings in the Pacific and Italy throughout early 1944. The first LST was completed in December of 1942, and these vessels became critical ships in warfare over the next year. They could obtain a remarkable amount of damage and still survive.…
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Deception Tip 59: Some people tend to pick up their legs and sit with them on the chair when they are being deceptive.By Spencer Coffman.
The hard fought Italian campaign of 1943 made the town of Cassino a key objective. To crack the German line, the hill of Monte Cassino was ordered to to be taken by Bernard Freyberg and the New Zealand Corps.By Radio America.
Jeff Cone discusses forensic accounting which deals with investigating white collar alleged crimes.
Deception Tip 58: When detecting deception, watch the Adam’s apple. It may jump or move irregularly when someone is lying.By Spencer Coffman.
Truk in the Caroline islands was known as the "Gibraltar of the Pacific," and was dubbed the perfect island fortress of nature. For years, Truk's air fields were beyond the reach of U.S. planes, but an American air armada was sent on February 16, 1944.By Radio America.
Transformational leadership involves dealing with your own emotions and influencing people. You can apply the lessons in business and your personal life. If you are coaching a grade school athletic team, you can apply the principles of transformational leadership.
Deception Tip 57: Asymmetrical facial expressions are associated with deception and are usually indicative of non-spontaneous, or voluntary, emotional expression.By Spencer Coffman.
U.S. strategists realized the need for greater air support for their upcoming offensive in the Marshall Islands. American carriers began raiding the communications center of the islands in Kwajalein. On January 31, 1944, U.S. Marines attacked Kwajalein atoll.By Radio America.
Deception Tip 56: Lairs may lock their ankles together and tuck their feet back under the chair, combining the “X” with backing away.By Spencer Coffman.
Stalemate had prevailed in the China Burma India theater since the Spring of 1942. Both sides prepared to launch offensives in 1944. In Early 1944, a commando unit was formed to be led by the youngest General in the U.S. Armed Forces: Brigadier General Frank Merrill, age 39. His unit was dubbed "Merrill's Marauders."…
Deception Tip 55: Behaviors such as nail biting, cuticle picking, or other hand grooming gestures are indicative of tension and possibly deception.By Spencer Coffman.
In Italy during the Fall of 1943, Allied Forces under General Clark had slowly pushed back the German defenders. But by December the Allied advance had stalled. On January 22, 1944, Allied troops stormed ashore at Anzio. Ultimately, the Battle of Anzio would be a stalemate to last for months.By Radio America.
Deception Tip 54: People who attempt to conceal information often breathe more rapidly, taking a series of shallow breaths followed by a longer, deep, breath after telling the lie.By Spencer Coffman.
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