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Talks from Sunday Services at Aylesbury Vineyard Church
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Surveys showing declining church attendance have led to the media projecting the death of the Church in this country within the next 50 years, if not well before that. In the first talk of our latest ‘Big Questions’ series, Steve Burnhope explores whether the surveys are right. And if so, what the Church can do about it.Watch at https://vimeo.c ...…
Guest Speaker Matt Hyam, the Senior Pastor of Southampton Vineyard, looks more deeply into what Jesus said in that famous verse John 3:16, and explains how what Christians typically assume it to be saying may actually be missing the point ...Watch at
Lyn Burnhope continues from last week’s passage, Jeremiah 29, and explores what it looks like to live faithfully to God’s design for human life in the key areas of money, sex and power.
Many Christians assume that God does indeed have a detailed, individual plan for their lives — the only problem is, finding out what it is! Steve Burnhope looks at the famous verse of Jeremiah 29:11 together with some of the other things the Bible has to say about this important question!Watch at…
Assistant Pastor and Head of Storehouse James Tweats encourages us in ‘pursuing God’ in this New Year of 2019 — starting with how the conversation went, when they discussed his pursuing of God in 2018 …
Steve Burnhope talks about what it means to be the ekklesia (the New Testament Greek word for ‘the Church’) — a group of people who are both ‘called out’ and ‘gathered together.’Watch at
At our Christmas Guest Services 2018, Steve Burnhope borrows from a Paris Hilton tweet earlier in this year and challenges our over-familiarity with the Christmas story. What we expect in the story, now, is very different to what the original first-century audience would have expected, then.
Steve Burnhope’s 10-minute talk from this year’s Christmas Carol Services: ‘Christmas Essentials’ …Sunday 16 December 2018
At our all-age Thanksgiving Services, Lyn Burnhope encourages us to be thankful for the things God has already given us.Watch at
In this season of Remembrance and Thanksgiving, Young Adults Pastor Rachel Martin looks at the story in Joshua 6 of how by listening to God, obeying what he says, and having faith that he can make the impossible possible, the Israelites overcame the city of Jericho that was standing in the way of what God had promised them.Watch at https://vime ...…
Guest speaker, Sus March, from St Luke’s Church in Kentish Town, London (, reflects on Psalm 139 and what it reveals about the God who knows us intimately.Watch at
In the lead-up to our annual Thanksgiving Services, Steve Burnhope talks about money and giving. He starts with why it’s his ‘least-favourite talk of the year’ and then answers three questions: Why, as Christians, should we give at all? What does everyone’s giving go on, at Aylesbury Vineyard? And last but not least, what exciting things can we ...…
Steve Burnhope talks about the Kingdom of God and explains the puzzle of how Jesus could say that the Kingdom had come already in his life and ministry, but, that it was still to come as well!Watch at
On the day we welcomed our friend Marc James as guest worship leader, Steve Burnhope spoke about … worship! Including, answering a question he’d been asked earlier that same week: “Does God have a bit of an ego problem? Why does he demand people worship him? Does he have some kind of deep-rooted insecurity, looking for praise and affirmation al ...…
Continuing our series of updates during Aylesbury Vineyard’s Birthday Month (21 year anniversary of the church, 5 years since Steve and Lyn Burnhope became the Senior Pastors), Steve interviews Mim and Margaret about ‘Make Lunch,’ ‘Tuesday Teas’ and ‘Link Lunch.’
Jesus’ famous ‘Great Commission’ in the closing words of Matthew’s Gospel (chapter 28) challenges us to ‘go and make disciples.’ Aylesbury Vineyard’s Head of Youth Ministry, Amelia Godden, looks at what Jesus meant and how he himself went about it — focusing on the four invitations he gave his first disciples on their own relational journey.…
During the Church’s Birthday Month (21 year anniversary of the church, 5 years since Steve and Lyn Burnhope took over as Senior Pastors), Steve shows some statistics about the Church’s average weekly Sunday attendance, James Tweats (head of compassion ministries) shares about the growth of Storehouse, and Liz Machell (head of children’s ministr ...…
Guest Speaker at our Birthday Services, Chris Lane (founding Senior Pastor of St Albans Vineyard,, talks about Jesus’ parable of the mustard seed and how it speaks to us about the nature of our calling to be his Church.
Going into the Church’s 21st birthday month (and the 5th anniversary of Steve and Lyn becoming the Senior Pastors), Lyn Burnhope offers some reflections on the past five years, on what ‘success’ looks like, and some encouragements for the next five years.
In the last of our current series on ‘Big Questions,’ Steve Burnhope looks at why — if God loves us and wants the best for us — we still face hardships in life. If ‘having faith’ is the key to health and prosperity (as some would say) then where are we going wrong? Steve looks at the life of the Apostle Paul for some clues ...…
In the second of our latest Big Questions series, Steve Burnhope looks at the Bible. What’s it for? What’s the point of us having it? People sometimes say that it’s ‘God’s Instruction Manual’, but if so, which instructions? What makes a 2,000-plus year-old text relevant to today?
In the first of our latest series of ‘Big Questions’ about Christianity, faith and the Bible, Steve Burnhope looks at the Church. Jesus said, “I will build my Church” — but what sort of Church did he have in mind? How closely does that resemble what we see today? Is there a kind of Church that’s worth believing in…?…
We welcome guest speaker and comedian Andy Kind to Aylesbury Vineyard.Sunday 2 September 2018
It’s interesting that neither Jesus nor the Apostle Paul used the term ‘Christian’ (or, ‘Christianity’) — and it only appears in three New Testament verses. By far the most common word is not ‘believer’ or ‘follower’ — rather, it’s ‘disciple’. But that’s an unfamiliar word today — so what does it mean? Steve Burnhope suggests five characteristi ...…
Steve Burnhope interviews Tanya Malpass about her experience of being diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour (with a prognosis of a twelve-month life-expectancy), how she found God in what happened, and how four years later she is alive and well and flourishing.
Leading up to our summer Baptisms Service, Steve Burnhope explains the reasons why we do this strange and embarrassing thing called ‘baptism’, in front of all these people!
Lyn Burnhope shares some thoughts about Aylesbury Vineyard’s ‘mission statement’ based around Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4 – with an important added dimension, of “being known by him” as well.
Guest Speaker Emily Smith, Senior Pastor of the new Gloucester Vineyard (, shares some thoughts about what ‘obedience’ to Jesus looks like. It’s not the opposite of what we want, it’s the very best for us — enabling us to live life to the full and know him more intimately.…
Young Adults’ Pastor, Luke Martin, explores some thoughts on what God’s kind of leadership looks like — whether it’s at work, school, family, home, community, or church — encouraging us to lead with patience, love, transparency, confidence and a willingness to step up, step out and not be afraid of making mistakes, to learn from along the way.…
James Tweats shares about the times in his life where he's asked himself that same question (as many of us have) and looks at two Bible characters who also felt disqualified because of who they were and what they’d done: Moses, in the Old Testament, and Jesus’ disciple Peter, in the New.
Both Paul and Peter talk about the church being ‘the Temple’ (1 Corinthians 3:16; 1 Peter 2:4–5) — Steve Burnhope looks at how the Temple features and functions in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, and the exciting implications for what that means for us as the church today.
At our ‘Kids Takeover’ Service, children’s leader Laura Michel talks about how we can honour each other, across the generations, as part of the church family
Guest speaker from St Albans Vineyard (, Mark Helvadjian, looks at what success in life looks like, and the kind of ‘works’ and ‘working’ that God does and doesn’t intend for us.
Liz Machell explores how we can be ‘sold out’ for Jesus and serve him without becoming ‘burnt out’.Sunday 17 June 2018
In the third and last of our most-recent series on some 'Big Questions' about the Bible and Christianity, Steve Burnhope looks at the options for how we think about the place of other religions in our multi-cultural postmodern society.
In the second of our latest ‘Big Questions’ series, Steve Burnhope talks about how we can understand the Bible as one overarching story from cover to cover — the story of God and us — and the big questions about life and God that that ‘big story’ is asking and answering.
This is talk one (of three) of our latest series of ‘Big Questions’.
On the second Sunday of his visit, Guest Speaker Luke Geraty explains why we need a ‘both-and’ (not ‘either-or’) understanding of what it means to be and do ‘church’. He encourages us not just to think about receiving, to be blessed ourselves on Sundays, but also to serve on teams to bless others, so that they too can be welcomed in and encount ...…
Luke Geraty, our Guest Speaker from Red Bluff Vineyard in California (, explores how the Holy Spirit brings unity to a Church community and how, surprisingly, he works in and through ‘conflict’ in achieving his goals.
Georgia Gasson looks at the exciting challenge of loving and serving others in the way we live our lives. Jesus modelled that for us — “The Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve others and give his life as a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:28) — but it’s still such an alien way of thinking!
Lyn Burnhope looks at the meaning of Jesus having “learned obedience through the things that He suffered” (Hebrews 5:8), and what maturing in our own faith looks like, asking the questions ‘Who am I, who do I want to become, how am I going to get there?’
Steve Burnhope looks at the biblical accounts of the Israelites about to enter the Promised Land, and of David’s encounter with Goliath, and asks whether we too have a ‘giant’ in our life that’s standing in the way of all that God has for us — the abundance, the fruitfulness and the joy and peace of our own ‘promised land’ in him. Just as David ...…
Was Jesus religious? Do you have to become religious to be a follower of Jesus? And if so, what does he want the religion that bears his name to look like? In a postmodern world where increasing numbers of people would call themselves ‘spiritual, but not religious’, Steve Burnhope looks to answer those questions from Jesus’ encounter with the w ...…
Lyn Burnhope explains why we prioritize giving time to engage with God in intimate worship, seeking his presence. She talks about the ‘Why?’ and the ‘How?’ of worship and encourages us to become intentional and passionate worshippers, in mind, body and spirit.
The biggest question that Jesus asked his disciples was “Who do you say I am…?” He’s still asking each of us the same question today — so how will we go about answering it? Steve Burnhope shares some of his own journey of discovering Jesus and what it means to ‘become’ a Christian.
It’s relatively easy to picture in our minds God the Father, and Jesus the Son, but what does the Holy Spirit look like? He seems to be the mysterious one of the Trinity, especially since the Bible often speaks of him in impersonal terms like wind and breath. Steve Burnhope puts a biblical ‘face’ on the Holy Spirit and explains that actually, w ...…
Becky Stevens explores our spiritual hunger and thirst for God, looking at John’s Gospel.
Lyn Burnhope talks about the significance of prayer in our Christian lives — as ‘individual’ prayer, prayer ‘triplets’ and ‘corporate’ prayer (praying together) — in the lead up to our 24/7 Prayer Week which will be happening in the final week of Lent.
Steve Burnhope continues our series on the ‘Big Questions’ by explaining more about the contemporary worldview and how we can be most effective in introducing postmodern people to Jesus.
Steve Burnhope explores some of the reasons why, in our postmodern world, increasing numbers of Christians are separating the idea of relationship with Jesus from relationship with his Church.
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