Best Bagz podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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We are a Podcast that Picks a Random Letter and Builds Each Episode around that Letter. It's Funny, Annoying, Confusing, Brilliant, Lame and Everything in between. Every Episode is Different and We Hope you Enjoy.
Gogo Craig 40 Bagz
40 second quick explanations about CrankHall, jungle, gogo music, dancehall and more.
TTYL! LMAO! BRB! WWJD? WTF?! WTFWJD?LLRR! Local Live Rock and Roll. Every Friday on KRCL 90.9FM produced by the tragically glamorous and transiently agoraphobic sex god, Connery, and hosted by vegan activist and polyamorous pit master spinning the sweet wax when the set ain't live, the spy who loved me- Circus Brown.
The Mind Grind
Convo’s about everything and anything with friends and special guest hosted by Matty & TK
Welcome, mortals! Welcome to Please Don't Feed the Introvert. I'm @war_wellington, joined each week by my buddies (also roommates), the beautiful dancing man @soultaco5 and the handsome ladykiller @kyle_bagz. Here in the totally air-conditioned house we inhabit, we brainstorm ideas and topics we think you, the listener, will enjoy. Then we record a podcast about those topics. Then I upload it to the internet. Then you listen. Boom. Shakalaka.
The Alski Show interviews different NYC Graffiti writers every week. Tune in and learn some history about these writers. Follow me on instagram @alskiotcking@otcity_only_the_crazy
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The guys leap into a podcast that is trying to get you to quit listening to it. Enjoy!
Dr. Guess Who leaves the D-Bagz alone on the VHS Tape and they record a 13 hour podcast. Enjoy!!!
The D-Bagz leap into a Podcast that is designed to help the listeners fall asleep. Enjoy!
Tony B and Bradley D leap back into their own podcast, but the lighting strike caused them to switch bodies. They Leap into their own episode from season 1 , C is for Crunch with their old pal Brent.
The D-Bagz get another assignment from Dr. Guess Who. They Leap into a Podcast where one of them gets into a car and the other gives directions. Where do they end up??? No one knows. Watch our for the Lightning!
Welcome to the grand finale, ladies and gentlemen! Join the lads as they say goodbye to Please Don't Feed the Introvert, and don't forget to follow @pdfti on instagram for news on a new show coming out in the next couple of weeks. They aren't going away for long. As always, thanks for tuning in. Good night, and good luck.…
Half Narwal and half Orca check out 2-Headed Whales Black Friday performance on KRCL!
I really, really, REALLY like Lord Vox check out these fine tunes played live in Utah's #1 radio station!
As the year's final month approaches, let's dive into a talk on growth, and see how much we've changed and developed. Follow all the lads: @war_wellington @kyle_bagz @jjerom.wash Big news coming soon, so stay tuned!
In honor of kyle_bagz and his love for conspiracy theories, we present to you, conspiracy theories. Enjoy. Also please don't alert the authorities, we can't afford that kind of trouble. Follow the rest of us on the good ol' ig: @war_wellington and @jjerom.wash
The D-Bagz Leap into a wholesome folksy podcast with sketches and musical guests. So listen at home on the prairie with a companion. This week has a real life musical performance from the Group. The Fremonts. Click on their name to read more about them.
The D-Bagz leap into a show that talks about popular movies and sometimes about the Actor Kevin Kline.
You were warned! The boyz take a stroll down memory lane and recall some of their past sexcapades, in a much needed break from trying to come up with serious topics. Feel free to lolol out loud.
Group session this time around, as the lads are joined by friends Reese (@rs.darko) and Stephanie (@teffypuff). Also someone comes up with the phrase "Sexual Patronus." You're welcome.
Happy Halloween, homies! This week, in honor of the spirit world colliding with our own during the greatest holiday of the year, @war_wellington takes center stage in a long overdue segment and gives his thoughts on what it means to be an empath. Then, @soultaco5 and @kyle_bagz relive a few of their very own haunting experiences, complete with ...…
These guys are so choice! Also Playing Live October 26th at 1102 West 440 North in SLC check them out!
The D-Bagz leap into a show that countdowns a top 4 list on everything pop culture. This episode they countdown their top 4 letters of the alphabet. ( This Episode it is a love letter to our good friends at Tom and Jim's Top 5 Check out all their great episodes.)
@pdfti is go for launch! Fresh off of a lovely weekend photo shoot, this week's episode tackles a couple of interesting subjects: free will and the age old question "Are we living in a simulation?" Join us and have some laughs, some cringes, some thinks. You know the deal. Tuesday funday! Special thanks to the lovely @teffypuff for being our to ...…
The D-Bagz leap into a Podcast about two Jewish Guys who eat Jello and Answer phone calls by saying, JELLO!
The boyz are back for another fun Tuesday. Today we're covering an interesting one... augmentation. There's a prosthetic arm named after Master Skywalker, a Japanese skeleton named HAL, and once again War makes everyone groan in protest by talking about that one thing he always talks about. Not eating a**, the other one. You're welcome.…
The D-Bagz leap into a call in show where a Nun, Sister George helps solve bad habits. Can she help solve their bad habits. Find out in this "Nun"sense episode. Enjoy!
A super chill day after a long hike, the lads discuss a few pieces of technology that have made headlines. Find us on IG: @kyle_bagz, @soultaco5, @war_wellington. Shoot us a message, question, wild story, or an opinion of your own if you think we missed something: @pdfti.
In the season 3 premiere, Bradley D and Tony B find themselves leaping through different podcasts. They find themselves trapped inside a late night conspiracy and sci-fi podcast talking about Aliens, Arizona, and Hey Dude. Enjoy!
Welcome back peeps, join us at the square-round table for another episode. Today the lads cover the tip-of-the-iceberg of a very sensitive topic: sexual harassment/assault, and share some experiences of their own. We urge you to report things that happen to you, or that you know have happened to a person you know/care about. It's a tough thing ...…
Special two-hour guest episode, with the handsome @soultaco5 and the gorgeous Reese Darko. Find her at @rs.darko, and if you live here in fabulous Las Vegas, check out her open mic on the second Saturday each month (@saturdaysnapslv). This woman's poetry is on fire, easily one of the most talented artists out there. Welcome to the show, Reese!…
Yo yo yo yo yo peeps, how's your week going? Glad you could make it, take a seat and join us for another round of the squared table discussion. We got Plenty of Fish and some alien conspiracy talk for you today, paired with a sweet Nike controversy that's sure to make you want to go out and buy a pair. Maybe not, that shit's expensive. Hit us u ...…
@war_wellington, @soultaco5, and @kyle_bagz talk about science and life beyond the grave. Also the usual weekly 'The 100 CW' mention, and some butt stuff. It might get weird. Hit us up with any questions, comments, concerns, gripes, or just to tell us a crazy story of your otherworldly experiences:…
@war_wellington and @soultaco5 welcome home the third and final member of Please Don't Feed the Introvert, @kyle_bagz! The lads give an R.I.P. to the (far too young) Mac Miller, and discuss their musical/artistry inspirations. Then someone mentions girls and all hell breaks loose. Join us for another exciting episode of PDFTI! (Also, War manage ...…
The boys of @pdfti are back at it again, this time with an actually somewhat serious discussion about the dangers of underage drinking. Also @war_wellington goes on yet another unstoppable rant about The 100. He seriously needs an intervention. Follow us: @soultaco5, @war_wellington, @pdfti Email us:…
@war_wellington, @soultaco5, and a drunk conversation we had earlier this month. Figured we'd break open the vault and show some of our early work. New episodes every Tuesday evening! Also email us with any questions you're too lazy to google yourself, or any wild stories (like shitting your pants or setting fire to large objects), and I'll rea ...…
It's finally here, the Epic Season Finale. Join the D-Bagz and see if they finally escape the Planet of the Rolling Skating Bees. Enjoy!
@war_wellington and @soultaco5 deep dick dive into relationships, cheating, and online dating. Had to take a break from the funnies to give you something more meaningful. Dick jokes are back next week! Enjoy. Don't forget to follow us on social media (Instagram, twitter); @war_wellington, @soultaco5, @pdfti, and email us questions or wild stori ...…
You guessed it! War goes full fangirl on The 100, CW's post-apocalyptic saga (which is his favorite, clearly). Taco... sits there and gets a bunch of scenes spoiled for him. Also SPOILER ALERT!
The D-Bagz finally make it to O'Malley's and pause to remember how they got there and what to do next in their quest to escape the Planet of the Roller Skating Bees.
War and Taco are at it again! Flatulence, some mandatory gushing about CW's The 100, and some really "good" singing. Enjoy.
Join @soultaco5 and @war_wellington in the official inaugural episode of Please Don't Feed the Introvert. Been making some last minute changes and ironing out some kinks, hope you peeps enjoy this one! Follow us on just about every social media thingy @pdfti. War is lazy and hates typing so he just used an acronym.…
Lord Zoot tells his life story, while the D-Bagz slowly drug his wine. Enjoy!
The D-Bagz must retrieve something from the Kissyfur Pet. The only was to call it over is by making kissy noises. Enjoy!
Tony B and Bradley D are sick of listening to the same song over and over. So they try to trick Lord Zoot by perfoming some Spoken Word "Poetry" Enjoy!
Damn, these guys are so choice! Check out Lube!
These young gentlemen are so young! The Dream Tapes!
This band is so choice, check out Swantourage!
Maybe the greatest band name ever Balls Capone!
Together Forever is wow, so hard. Get this Podcast!
Join the D-Bagz as they are forced by Lord Zoot to play a couple rounds of the Match Game. Loser get shot into space toward the sun. ENJOY!! Follow These Podcasts
The D-Bagz listen to the season 1 episode , Z is for Zipper and give their own commentary. It's a fun time by all. Enjoy!
Lord Zoot's paper shredder breaks and he makes Tony B and Bradley D rip up his paper. Enjoy!
Lord Zoot shows the D-Bagz what really happened on the last episode with their friend Brent. Enjoy!!!
Brent is back on the program and this time Tony B and Bradley D pretend to have diffuculties recording the episodes. They interrupt Brent throughtout the recording, but he catches on very quickly. OR DOES HE? Enjoy!
Tony B talks to himself durning this episode. Well not so much himself but another Tony with the same name. Listen, as the two Anthonys laugh and share stories. It's a Very Special episode of ABC D-Bagz. Enjoy!
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