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The Voice of the Apache Software Foundation
Features and interviews about innovation in learning, teaching and assessment(LTA) for staff at Sheffield Hallam University, UK.
NashDev Podcast
software engineering news in the nashville developer community
d.Construct 2006
d.Construct is an affordable, one-day conference aimed at those building the latest generation of web-based applications. The event discusses how new technology is transforming the web from a document delivery system into an application platform.The music used in this podcast is Sychophantastic by Brighton band, Tailspin.
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Introduction to Apache Hivemall v0.5.0: Machine Learning on Hive/Spark – Makoto Yui & Takeshi Yamamuro
How to Leverage the Apache Kafka Ecosystem to Productionize Machine Learning – Kai Wähner
Deep learning on YARN – Running distributed Tensorflow / MXNet / Caffe / XGBoost on Hadoop clusters – Wangda Tan
Distributed Inference using Apache MXNet and Apache Spark – Naveen Swamy
Apache Deep Learning 101 – Timothy Spann
It Aint’ Your Daddy’s Web Server – Jim Jagielski
Enciphering the ORC: Fine-Grained Column Level Encryption for your Hadoop Data Lakes – Owen O’Malley
Apache Unomi: a Customer Data Platform to replace very expensive and proprietary marketing technologies while implementing strong privacy (GDPR) management – Serge Huber
Cross Data Center Replication in Apache Solr – Amrit Sarkar & Rohit Singh
Another 10 Common Misconceptions about Apache CouchDB – Joan Touzet
This week Sophie Rapoport joins hosts Courey Elliot and Jason Orendorff.
In this episode hosts Courey Elliott and Jason Orendorff discuss accessibility.
In this episode hosts Courey Elliott, Jason Orendorff, Lisa French and William Golden discuss a variety of topics. Rust, Hiring, Interviewing practices and testing.
This episode Whit Morriss and Nathan Hubbard joined hosts Courey Elliott and Rodney Norris to discuss site reliability engineering.
This week Elonka Dunin joined hosts Lisa French and Courey Elliott live at BarCamp Nashville. They discussed Kryptos, Phreaknic and Dragoncon.Full show notes available at
This week Jessawynne Parker and Edwin Acevedo join hosts Lisa French and Courey Elliott to discuss the history and tenth anniversary of Bar Camp Nashville.
This week Jurnell Cockhren joins hosts William Golden and Courey Elliott to discuss his path to programming.
This week John Berryman joins hosts Jason Orendorff and Courey Elliott to discuss his new book Relevant Search.
This week hosts Jason Orendorff, William Golden and Rodney Norris discuss a variety of topics. IDEs, boilerplates, recruiters, how to ship features and nerves.
This week Evan Roane joins host Jason Orendorff in a conversation about philosophy and programming.
This week Nate West, Trey Piepmeier and Derik Pell join hosts Willaim Golden and Lisa French to discuss working remotely.
This week Jason Bynum and Scot Clausing discuss the nature of software development.
This week, Rodney, Lisa, Will, and Jason commiserate over the shortening lifespan of code.
Jason, Courey and Lisa talk with Scot Clausing and Rainu Ittycheriah about advice for people getting started, interviewing and mentoring junior developers.This episode is sponsored by Stratasan. Are you a talented front-end software engineer, proficient in React, Redux and Webpack? Stratasan is hiring a lead front-end developer. Learn more at h ...…
This week Rainu Ittycheriah and Justin Legget join hosts Courey Elliott and Lisa French to discuss attending Nashville Software School and getting started as Junior Developers.
This week we are joined by Sonny Scroggin and Tim Pote. Our hosts are Courey Elliot, Jason Orendorff, Rodney Norris, and William Golden. We revisit testing and it's ethical nature and also talk about preventing XSS.A Relationary Production, Produced / Edited by Clark Buckner.
This week we are joined by Courey Elliot, Sonny Scroggin, Jason Orendorff, and William Golden. We talk about community and startups. A Relationary Production, Produced / Edited by Clark Buckner.
To kick off the inaugural episode...William, Rodney, and Jason take questions from twitter. They discuss TDD, work-life balance, staying sharp & handling failure.This episode brought to you by Emma.
Will gives you a brief glimpse at our first episode. Stay tuned for Episode 001. We can't wait to bring it to you!
Episode 000: NashDev Podcast Welcome by William Golden
Andrew Middleton returns to reinstate the LTA Podcast. Check the Show Notes at
Andrew Middleton reports on the e-learning 2.0 conference at Brunel University, 6-7 July 2009. In doing so, he attempts to find a new manageable way of reporting on what happened and what was significant. With reference to notes made at the time, he attempts to create a 10 minute audio report - and fails abysmally! Nevertheless, this report hig ...…
Andrew Middleton shares outputs from the short paper presented at elearning 2.0, Brunel University, 6-7 July 2009. A pause from breath half way heralded a series of 3 minute activities that are introduced and reprooduced here. The term a-learning 2.0 is introduced, examined and quickly disposed of in the session! More information about the pres ...…
This recording comes from the discussion that followed the most recent Media Frenzy event. This is the point where I, and those taking part, have the opportunity to ask, "What does this mean for academic practice?" Check the Show Notes at
A product from a Media Frenzy. This is what it's all about!featuring the sample Ditto, Ditto by DoKashiteru, 2009 - Licensed under Creative Commons, Sampling Plus Check the Show Notes at
Andrew Middleton shares a couple of audio activities from the most recent Media Frenzy: Media Chairs and/or Pass the Parcel - who knows?! This demonstrates how audio devices can be used to promote and facilitate conversation and prime further learning activity. Check the Show Notes at…
Andrew Middleton reports on the Media Frenzy, a student digital creativity challenge event he organised at Sheffield Hallam University. Mathew Love, a lecturer in Art, Design, Communications and Media, discusses why this sort of event is useful to students, including his first years. Check the Show Notes at…
Claire Craig, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy in Sheffield Hallam's faculty of Health and Wellbeing, talks about e-Role play, one of her innovative approaches to teaching. Check the Show Notes at
This podcast episode presents a series of activities that invite you to participate in the writing of a book about innovative models for educational podcasting. The activities, which are introduced and accompanied by a downloadable work book, guide you through some simple techniques that will help you to generate about four ideas during a one h ...…
Recording of the session entitled Audio Feedback: timely media interventions from the Blended Learning Conference 2008, University of Hertfordshire, 19 June 2008Abstract: Audio feedback involves the use of distributed digital audio to provide formative messages to students helping them to develop knowledge and the way they learn. This paper pre ...…
In this episode Andrew Middleton creates a commentary on the use of technologies whilst attending a two day conference - remotely. He attempts to answer the question: how does virtual attendance compare to attending a conference in person? As well as using the Adobe Acrobat Connections webinar system and communicating through the back channel, ...…
Digital Storytelling is yet to make a large impact on Higher Education in the UK. This is about to change. A small, but growing network of academic innovators is emerging recognising the potential of DST as a way of sharing experience, of developing one's understanding through the process of making stories and thirdly by using digital technolog ...…
An exhibition of photographs to enhance learning.Students and staff are invited to submit photographs to an exhibition of photographs and stories to be held in Sheffield Hallam University in May 2008. There is also a photo competition to encourage students to submit work.A Picture is worth a thousand words - Prove it!Digital cameras in one form ...…
Luke Bennett, a Senior Lecturer in the Built Environment subject group, shares his experience of using cameras to liven up law teaching. He has taken two approaches: the creative integration of photographs in his own teaching materials, and secondly by setting photography-based student assignments to create an engaging platform for some of the ...…
Carol Pollard and Andrew Jackson talk to Andrew Middleton about how and why they are learning to develop digital video for the clinical skills development amongst . Check the Show Notes at
Natalie Turner, a Graphic Design lecturer at Sheffield Hallam University, discusses how Flickr, the Web 2.0 photo sharing website has been used to support a field trip based assignment. Check the Show Notes at
This recording captures a preliminary event for the Sheffield Hallam Change Academy Shared Futures initiative. It is being led from the Learning and Teaching Institute by Abbi Flint of the Educational Change team. I spoke to several of the groups and individuals participating in this institutional change initiative at this event which provided ...…
In this episode Andrew Middleton talks with Anne Nortcliffe about the use of Audio Feedback in supporting her Software Engineering students. She discusses the specific approach she has formulated in providing formative, timely and engaging feedback by recording and distributing lab conversations. This episode also includes the voice of a studen ...…
This is the third recording that has emanated from the ALT-C workshop that set out to evaluate the fit between Web 2.0 technologies and e-portfolios led by Susannah Diamond and Andrew Middleton from Sheffield Hallam University. Reflecting on the workshop, and the outcomes of the various user-participation activities, Andrew and Susannah realise ...…
Susannah Diamond and Andrew Middleton discuss the design and facilitation of a role play activity from a workshop they led at the ALT-C 2007 conference at Nottingham University. The role play was intended to reveal the perspectivities of various academic stakeholders with regard to the adoption og Web 2.0 technologies as e-portfolios. They disc ...…
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