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No Match For A Blaster is a Star Wars RPG Podcast! Using the Edge of the Empire / Age of Rebellion / Force and Destiny books by Fantasy Flight Games and Lucas Books, we follow Remi Drobash and Camiya and Kasi Ceryss on their quest to save their small moon of Hoban from being caught in the crossfire of the war with the First Order. Will our heroes save their nerf-herding home? Only time will tell! No Match For A Blaster is a podcast by Morality Plays.
☆КРЕАТИВНЫЙ, СТИЛЬНЫЙ И ЯРКИЙ ДИ-ДЖЕЙ РОССИИ! ОТЛИЧНО СОЧЕТАЕТ ЭФФЕКТНЫЙ ВНЕШНИЙ ВИД И МУЗЫКУ, СОЗДАВАЯ АТМОСФЕРУ НЕ ЗАБЫВАЕМОГО НАСЛАЖДЕНИЯ И ВЕЧНОГО ЗАРЯДА БОДРОСТИ!☆ Владелец Лейбла "MOUSE-P" RECORDS - Резидент Российско-Eвропейского лейбла FASHION MUSIC RECORDS Резидент Eвропейских лейблов Fashion Deep Favorite Music Fashion Recovery Revenge Music Delivery House House Connection Fabrique Recordings G&S House Music Milano Records Tiger Music Deep ...
Home of the Lauter, Rinse, Repeat Podcast featuring Dereck "Blaster Brewmaster" Bearsong, Tony Ferlotti of Raleigh Brewing Company, and Ricky Phillips of Atlantic Brew Supply! In association with Raleigh Brewing Company and Atlantic Brew Supply
My Fellow Americans, Life is actually just a microscopic, deluded moment in time, so let's cut to the freakin' chase.One look at American Idol or the MTV Music Awards can solidify my case.It has been my contention since birth, that the answer to every difficulty we encounter on this sacred yet demented Stone, can be revealed with ultimate clarity through the ultra neurotic engagements of Music, Art, Literature, Film, Poetry and a good Pastrami sandwich.Why would any sane human spend so must ...
Inside the Closet
You won't believe what NYC comedians Emma Willmann and Matteo Lane talk about Inside the Closet. Join comics Emma and Matteo as they share their experiences of being gay comics in mainstream culture.
What’s Happened to the Headmasters is an exploration of Headmasters, Masterforce, and Victory through the lens of the Omni Productions dubs. If you want to know more about Japanese Transformers fiction, and you don’t mind that Blaster is called Billy, or that Blurr is called Wally, then this is the podcast for you. Hosted by Brian Kilby, creator of the world’s first Transformers podcast, Radio Free Cybertron–first broadcasting to the internet in 1999.
PreRecorded Live
Each Week Matt, Joe, and Becky goof off and geek out on various topics in this ad-lib podcast. |Email: |Twitter: @PreRecLive |Facebook: |
Bit Citizen
Pack your bags and dive into a digital city of bits with Michael and Zach. Fill your ear tunnels with PSVR/PS4 news, banter and geek outs.
A weekly video game podcast from the co-writers of
Building the Game
Join Rob Couch and Jason Slingerland as they take the journey to become first time game designers. On each episode we talk about games we play, game mechanics that we love and pitch our own game ideas to one another. Sometimes we even bring in other game designers to talk about their endeavors and experiences in getting their first games published. The Building the Game Podcast is a co-production of Imminent Entertainment and Poorlydesigned Studios and is published every week.
A video game music podcast exploring 8-bit and beyond
Damn Rats
A podcast for the people, by some of those people. Hosted by New Hampshire natives and all-around swell folks Patrick O'Donnell, Parker Bradley, Mark Rogalus, Mac Fullerton, and Stephane Aube.
show notes page is at
The RFC Mini-cast
Your snack-size Transformers podcast every week. Get in-depth reviews, commentary and more in 30 minutes or less!
60 Cycle Hum is a guitar podcast that covers the used market of Craigslist, Ebay and, Each week hosts Ryan and Steve tackle ads sent in by listeners and discuss topics relevant to the guitar gear industry. If you listen to Guitar Nerds, Chasing tone, or any other popular guitar podcast 60 Cycle Hum should be familiar to you.
16 Bit Assassins
We are your weekly dose of the ridiculous. Classic and current gaming news, and industry lunacy brought you live, unfiltered and unchecked, and possibly not sober, Wednesdays at 8pm
A podcast with cocktail recipes, histories and reviews.
A weekly podcast that focuses on classic games and gaming - NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, Saturn, PSX and arcade.
The setup thingy is asking me for a podcast description. This is a podcast. It's about homebrews on the Atari 7800. What more d'ya need?
Entertainer at LaBare Dallas
We're 2 dudes and a NES. We record game by game podcasts about the Nintendo Entertainment System. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Anything and everything about Junk Era sportscards, you know, when collecting was fun, and a little bit more.
RVG Podcast
A retro gaming podcast covering the last 35 years, join the guy's as they explore retro nostalgia.
The Vookcast is Australia's Nintendo Podcast. Join the team for the latest Nintendo news, both local and international. We've got the latest impressions and thoughts on the Nintendo Switch, Wii U, Nintendo 3DS, DS and everything on the eShop. Whether it's Super Mario, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Fire Emblem or Kirby we've got it covered. Expect commentary on all big Nintendo issues as well as general gaming chit chat. You might even laugh once or twice, although we don't promise it.
Hello Ranger fans, I'm Robbie and this is my page for my Podcast, "Legacy of Power" my Power Rangers episodic podcast.
Love City DJs Radio
Love City DJs brings you a monthly mix of the world's best electronic music. Artists like Skrillex, Avicii, Tiesto, Diplo, Major Lazer, A-Trak, Chuckie, Afrojack, Partysquad, Crookers, Zedd, Flux Pavilion, Doctor P, Brown & Gammon, Figure, RUN DMT, 501, Bare, Urban Assault, Martin Solveig, Dillion Francis, Codes, Eric Prydz, Nadia Ali, Swedish House Mafia, Axwell, Alesso, David Guetta, and many many more.
Молодой, талантливый ди-джей пробивает стиль Electro House. Драйв музыки просто взрывает танцполы и слушателей. В отличии от других ди-джеев и проектов у меня выработан стиль своего написания треков и ремиксов. При появлении первых треков меня уже заметили многие люди которых завлекло моё написание и мой стиль.. Каждый ди-джей смотрит на танцпол и музыку своей точкой зрения, некоторые просто играют, некоторые играют с чувством ритма,...
My new music page here at F3music. I created these songs only for fun but to my surprise they became very popular and were even featured on the SpikeTV network.
Caustic's Detox
Interviews, rants, and other general douchebaggery from industrial punk upstart Matt Fanale, better known as Caustic
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show series
So this week on #InsideTheCloset we don't have microphones, BUT we do have stories about uncomfortable wrestling, swashbuckling adventures on the high seas, and killer grocery store advice. Plus, Matteo has some very exciting news, and Emma's becoming a video wiz (for proof just check out our instagram @Insidetheclosetpodcast.) Learn more about ...…
This episode was brought to you by: Sinasoid - Custom Shop D'Addario XL StringsChase Bliss AudioGunstreet Wiring Shop Black 35 You think they would stop by now. This week's song sent by Grant Stewart from Slum Summer and is called "Trampoline"
This episode was brought to you by Sinasoid - Solderless cables It ain't heavy, it's my Tele
Time is a flat circle and in this timeline, we're playing Resident Evil 2... again. As of today, we'll also be playing Final Fantasy 9 again, which is great because it gives us a JRPG to play while we wait for Final Fantasy 7 - the game that came out before FF9 but whose remake will come out first and may or may not be a significant departure f ...…
This episode was brought to you by Chase Bliss Audio It's a Big Muff
Last week the RFC crew started a fight with the Azlanti Star Empire … and might have met their match. But one way or another this starship combat is going to end this week, and it’s not looking good for the RFC crew. Also, we’re giving away a free trip to PaizoCon 2019! Listen to the episode for full details on the contest and how to enter! Als ...…
This episode was brought to you by Gunstreet Wiring Shop It's a Jazz bass. You can tell because it says it's a Jazz bass
Making up fast food promo items.
A research lab filled with bodies, a distant voice, and an apparently empty barracks... No Match For A Blaster is a podcast by Morality Plays.If you have a comment for the show, find us on Facebook or Twitter, @NoMatchPodcast. Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny are made by Fantasy Flight Games and Lucas Books ...…
This episode was brought to you by D'Addario XL Strings Ryan and Steve kick off Ad Week with this fishy amp.
Michael sits down to talk about Into the Breach, a game he should have talked about a long time ago. Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by AnchorBy (Michael and Justin).
This week in Your Parents Basement, we are saving vermin from the spells of a witch! From 1990, we’re playing Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse by Sega for the Genesis. You can manually download this week’s podcast here or subscribe to the show via the iTunes store. To manually subscribe, use this link in […]…
BTG on iTunes Intro and Welcome: South Carolina Feature of the Week: Sucking Riddles Practicing the Pitch: That is all.
Falling blocks discussed by these falling blockheads: what could possibly be more fitting? In this landmark 2019 comeback, join Sean and Jim as they talk about not Ferg. That’s right, Ferg will not be mentioned in this episode. Listen to find out why! AdvertisementsBy pacmaniax.
This week #InsideTheCloset is talking about S-E-X. And electrocuting balls, penis holders, and furries. We click around a lot. We also talk about Emma's mom, the international weaver, and Patti's big appearance on Drag Race! Plus, we review another dating profile! Be sure to rate and subscribe! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone. ...…
Sometimes, you just accidentally stumble backwards into a podcast theme. What do Anthem, Travis Touchdown, and apologetic Nintendo execs all have in common? They're cool dudes in cool suits of course! Listen in for some impressions on Anthem, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, and some Metroid Prime 4 news.…
ATTENTION NEW LISTENERS: We here at Roll For Combat recognize that jumping into an existing podcast can be a daunting task, especially one like this that involves an unfolding story. To help newer listeners out, we’ve prepared a brief synopsis at the start of this episode that will catch you up on the story so far. Give it a listen, and you’ll ...…
The Dudes are joined by the guys from Power Trip Gaming to talk about Gargoyle's Quest II. Can Paul finally bring a quality game to the table for discussion? Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by AnchorBy (Michael and Justin).
Back in the saddle in the new year, Damn Rats returns for season two as a bi-weekly podcast. We start off the new year talking bonsai tree, cryptids, and even have some time to chat about the national treasure that is Weezer. Also, Mark is sorry for his audio being a bit muddy. Recorded January 20, 2019…
Interpretive Dance about Baldness, Gaming Experiences Becky will not be able to enjoy, and we're all tired.
In episode One Hundred and Thirty Four, I talk Ranger news, pre-watch episode thoughts, "A Few Bad Seeds" discussion, my fav Bulk & Skull moment, first appearences and power ranking! Patreon - Facebook - Email -…
Our heroes have skipped the dungeon to jump all the way down to the bottom floor… will they be ready for what they find there? No Match For A Blaster is a podcast by Morality Plays.If you have a comment for the show, find us on Facebook or Twitter, @NoMatchPodcast. Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny are made ...…
This episode was brought to you by: Sinasoid - Custom Shop D'Addario XL StringsChase Bliss AudioGunstreet Wiring Shop Ryan and Steve reflect on 5 years of podcasting, then talk about the best, worst and most interesting things they took away from NAMM. This week's song was sent in by Joe Hansen.
This week in Your Parents Basement, we follow up your Super Bowl party with the coolest one possible on the Nintendo 64! From 1999, we’re playing Mario Party by Hudson Soft. We’re joined by Friend of the Show Amanda, fresh off of her capturing the freshest treasure from the oldest tombs! (Note: We did have […]…
BTG on iTunes Intro and Welcome: I love Feature of the Week: the Lukemans Practicing the Pitch: They are the best.
Steven and Chris have a chat about Australian developed multiplayer shooter Screencheat, 80's inspired racer Horizon Chase Turbo, the Flip Grip and how dang good it is with Downwell and Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. Review links: Screencheat Unplugged Horizon Chase Turbo Downwell Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story + Bowser Jr's Journe ...…
What happens when your SD card fails? Tune in to find out! Become a supporter of this podcast: This podcast is sponsored by AnchorBy (Michael and Justin).
#InsideTheCloset is dealing with some struggles. Matteo had the holiday from hell, and Emma at garbage pizza in Chicago. Mix that with their nearly peed-in-pants experiences and we've got a pretty gnarly episode for us. Let us know about your skin issues, and pee horror stories on our Instagram, @Insidetheclosetpodcat. Bet we're the first podca ...…
This week on the EXP Podcast, we debrief the artfully crafted Gris, one of our top contenders for prettiest game of 2018. The first game from Nomada Studios, Gris brings a ton of inspiration from Journey, drawing not just themes, but almost entire sequences - so you can imagine why Scott and I would be so interested in this game. Check out the ...…
Welcome to the bar... Dr Wilko has a special gift from Metaxa along with some cocktail recipes to try. Ingredients Orange Summit - a double measure of Metaxa 12 stars - a double measure of orange juice - 20ml measure of fresh lime juice - 3 dashes of chocolate bitters - 15ml of sugar syrup Greek Sazerac - a double measure of Metaxa 12 Stars - 2 ...…
One of my good friends and yet another content creator Suave the Dream is on the show this week, giving us some insight to how he started dancing as well as the business he is starting up!
As the RFC crew prepare for a near-certain suicide mission, they must make some tough decisions as they level up to 7th level and shop for perhaps the very last time in civilized space. Also this week, Stephen discusses if you should give PCs slight spoilers to upcoming events in order to enhance their enjoyment. And don’t forget to become a su ...…
Join the lads by the campfire as they hurl insults at you, drop jokes and banter through the lense of PS4/PS VR gaming. January 2019Beat Saber - New SongShadow Legends (Skyrim-like PSVR game)Guest Citizen - Andrew (He's a Jokey Bastard)Improv Game - Pitching the Sh^ttiest PSVR Game Ideas to a Board of Investors. Artwork by…
It's freezing out and we're going whole ass.
This episode was brought to you by: Sinasoid - Techflex cables D'Addario XL Strings Chase Bliss Audio Ryan and Steve sit down with The Gear Slum. We recap the events of NAMM. We recorded at midnight on the last night of the show. It was pretty rough. ENJOY! Here's the back half of the episode hosted by the Gear Slum: https://thegearslum.podbean ...…
Naladus is locked down, so the crew of the Atheon will have to think out of the box to find a way in. No Match For A Blaster is a podcast by Morality Plays.If you have a comment for the show, find us on Facebook or Twitter, @NoMatchPodcast. Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny are made by Fantasy Flight Games a ...…
This week in Your Parents Basement, we are slinking through the jungles, hunting dangerous alien beasts. From 1989, we’re playing Predator by Pack-In-Video for the NES. We’re joined by Friend of the Show Backsack, out from his desk at the CIA. And as you’d expect, today’s show features some adult language. You can manually download […]…
BTG on iTunes Intro and Welcome: At least Feature of the Week: the name Practicing the Pitch: is accurate.
#InsideTheCloset does not advise listening to this episode on your lunch break, because we're starting off with our favorite pimple popping videos. Emma finds out she's not an ideal bachelorette contestant, and Matteo Chers a story about his latest Broadway adventure (still better than Cats.) Plus, we answer Closeteer questions from our Instagr ...…
We've finally reached the end of the long, dusty trail partners. But what did we find at the end of our journey? A dead end? Redemption? A nice pre-fabricated house? This week, we do a full debrief on Red Dead Redemption 2. We cover everything from the UI to spoiler-filled character arcs, so saddle up!…
Last we left our heroes, half of the RFC crew dropped and the “big bad boss” just rose from the dead. Will they live? Will they die? Will they throw a party? Find out in the stunning conclusion in this week’s episode! Also this week, Stephen discusses why you should allow your bad guys surrender to the PCs and the opportunities it generates. An ...…
We got snowed in, so its an all Matt, all Becky episode!
After a hiatus, Legacy of Power is BACK! Continuing with Zeo with episode One Hundred and Thirty Three I talk Ranger news, pre-watch episode thoughts, "Graduation Blues" discussion, my fav Bulk & Skull moment, first appearences and power ranking! Patreon - Facebook - ...…
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