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Bodega Boys
Desus Nice (@Desusnice) and The Kid Mero (@thekidmero) are the Bodega Boys
Hang out with Ricky, Julian and Bubbles in Ricky's kitchen, smoking, drinking and talking about whatever the hell pops up in their f***ed-up brains! Watch the video version at
The LOST Boys
A podcast dedicated to rewatching LOST - one person for the first time, the other for the eighthHosted by Jack Shepherd & Jacob Stolworthy
The Moment
Boy meets girl. Boy loses girl. Girl marries girl. Boy gets girl back, but then her family can’t stand him. Wondery’s new series is all about love, relationships, and the sometimes bumpy road to commitment. Host Ingrid Haas (Chelsea Lately, Key and Peele) recently got engaged herself, and she will explore stories from real couples to learn what went wrong, and how they finally got it right. She’ll recount surprise engagements featuring pop stars and tense wedding ceremonies. And she’ll look ...
Get more of Big Boy with your favorite artists and celebrities. All of the interview with zero interruptions.
Big Boy On Demand
Never miss a show again with Big Boy on Demand. Listen to our show Big Boy's Neighborhood on your schedule.
Boy Town Podcast
Podcast by Boy Town Podcast
Nowhere Child
William Tyrrell was a three year old boy who disappeared from the village of Kendall, on the mid-north-coast of New South Wales.Key facts were kept from the public, from day one. A lot of what was reported, especially early on, was false.In the new podcast, Nowhere Child, The Australian’s Caroline Overington delves into a case where notions of class and privilege; opportunity and poverty came crashing together, to create a nightmare for William Tyrrell.Music used in this podcast:Daniel Birch ...
Big Boy Uncut
When the show ends, Big Boy's Neighborhood gets raw and uncut with the things they couldn't say on the air. Real conversations about everything from sex to home life. Check it out everyday after Big Boy's Neighborhood.
Best Coast Boys Pod
The “Best Coast Boys” podcast is a Cowboys-centric podcast that will delve into many other topics. Whether it is the NFL, Cowboys, movies, music, comics, food, Mixed Martial Arts or simply opining on how awesome California is, nothing is off limits on the “Best Coast Boys” podcast.
The official home for audio programming from Blogging the Boys, SB Nation's community for fans of the Dallas Cowboys.
ON BOYS Podcast
Real Talk about Parenting, Teaching, and Reaching Tomorrow’s Men
Boys In The Cave
Reviving Islamic Discourse. A Muslim Podcast Facilitating Intellectual Discourse & Dialogue with Academics, Activists, Shaykhs & Influencers from all around the world.
Manchester United News, Opinions, Analysis and Discussion
Boys Trip
Boys just want to have fun. Have fun with the crew every Tuesday. ig: @boystrippodcast email:
Culture differences, Polítics, music, art, issues within society, comedy, sports, life motivation, health, communities, conspiracies, holidays and more
Nerdy Boys Reviews
A Nerd-Cast where Nerdy Boy Scott and Nerdy Boy Kristian go over everything that is happening in comics, news, movies and tv
Exploring the Trials of Growing Up Before the Internet
Sad Boys Club
This is literally me a 19-year-old weenie just talking about life and giving an opinion that literally knows one cares about 🤣😂.
The Boy, Oh Boi Podcast is run by two teenagers who have no life experience and feel self-important enough to share their lives and opinions through this show. Follow along as we talk about nothing of interest!
Marvel's Wolverine
Marvel’s “Wolverine: The Lost Trail” is an epic quest that takes place in the Louisiana bayou. Following the events of Marvel’s “Wolverine: The Long Night,” Logan (Richard Armitage) returns to New Orleans in search of redemption, only to discover that his ex-lover, Maureen is nowhere to be found. And she's not the only one. Dozens of humans and mutants have gone missing, including the mother of a teenage boy, Marcus Baptiste. With Weapon X in close pursuit, Logan and Marcus must team up and ...
Podcast by Table For One Dumb Boy
Join Nate Newton, Shannon Gross, and Kurt Daniels for insider access of America's Team.
Unrequited love. Tradition. Sacrifice. Doing a choreographed dance in the rain wearing mesh shirts. All the ingredients for an epic romance that will stand the test of time. Join comedians Saagar Shaikh and Shaan Baig as they celebrate, roast, reminisce, laugh, and cry watching classic Bollywood movies. Come… Fall in love!@bwoodboyz@notoriousBAIG@sawgrrr
New York City history is America's history. It's the hometown of the world, and most people know the city's familiar landmarks, buildings and streets. Why not look a little closer and have fun while doing it?
Just boys talking bout boy things
Your boys Wabbles and Ska have some mint tea as they discuss life, the universe, and nothing much really.
2 Good Boys
I'm a good boy. I'm a good boy.
2 Good Boys
I'm a good boy. I'm a good boy.
Swoony Boys Podcast discusses swoony boys from your favorite young adult books.
This is Game Boy
This is Game Boy is a podcast covering interesting, obscure, or just lesser known Game Boy Titles. Hosted by Moelleuh and BelthicGaming, with appearances from the rest of the Monochrome City team! Find us at select gas stations, or by mail order!
Boys Will Be Boys
Foodie Techie Boy
A Food and Tech gadgets Review Podcast
Paper Boys
Each week, two PhD students read the research papers behind headline science news and give you the details you can't get in the stories.
Elvis Duran Show members Skeery Jones and David Brody have been friends and part of radio's nationally syndicated Elvis Duran & the Morning Show for more than 20 years. They grew up in the same Brooklyn neighborhood but didn't know it at the time. Now these two idiots have plenty to say about WTF pops into their heads. You don't have to be from Brooklyn to enjoy their stupidity. #BBWTF #BrodyandSkeery #ListenInOrder #Slices TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM @SkeeryJones @DavidBrody PODCAST TWITTER - @Th ...
The podcast where two guys look back the show that shaped their lives, Boy Meets World.
Hey, what's happenin'? Mike Schmidt here, hoping you'll click that "Subscribe" button and join me every week for "The 40 Year Old Boy", a brutally funny stream-of-consciousness monologue about my life. It's been called, "the funniest answering message you'll ever receive", and I agree ... unless, of course, Paul F. Tompkins has ever called you. That guy is hilarious.
My newborn son Nathan and I review my favorite game, Street Fighter 2 for the Game Boy. We also cover a lot of topics as well including random conversations about gaming, being a new parent, and figuring out what Nathan is saying!
Pre-Dead Boys
You're gonna rot - but that doesn't have to be a bummer! Prepare for the inevitable with Max and Dorian as they explore the history and culture of death and decomposition.Twitter & Insta: @predeadboys
Two Nice Jewish Boys is a weekly Israeli podcast in English. Naor and Eytan offer you a glimpse of Israel and some of the interesting people here.
An actual-play Dungeons and Dragons comedy adventure. Four unlikely heroes embark on what will surely be the greatest story ever told. New episodes release on Fridays.
Fast and brash basketball coverage for the old school and analytics crowd.
The Bench Boys
Because we didn't get playing time. Covering Sun Belt sports, weird sports... just sports, like no one else.Season 1 Theme song "Actionable" courtesy of Support this podcast:
Nice Boys
Join hosts Shane Insco and Austin Jones as they talk about whatever they want on this dang podcast. Mostly wrestling and scooby-doo.Checkout our amazing theme song from our friends DogCops here: Support this podcast:
A weekly discussion of comics and pop culture
Wahaala Boys
Two West Africans stuck in London mumbling and moaning about life abroad and back home. If you want to hear relevant and irrelevant conversations about life from the perspective of these two weirdos then subscribe.
A comedy podcast about ghost n' ghoul history starring two idiots who don't know anything but are very good friends.The show is produced by David Freeman and Conner Russell. Theme music courtesy of The Zombie Dandies.
Join Jody, Bayo, and Claire each fortnight as they discuss athletics' hot topics, cover live events, and host stars of the sport in longer interview specials. Hit 'subscribe', give us a rating, and join in the conversation on Twitter: @BackstraightB and @Claire_GThomas.
Named “Best Podcast of 2018” by The New York Times, Dissect examines a single album per season, forensically dissecting the music, lyrics, and meaning of one song per episode.*Currently dissecting Kendrick Lamar's DAMN. (Season 5).*Past seasons include Flower Boy by Tyler, the Creator (S4), Blonde by Frank Ocean (S3), My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West (S2), To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar (S1), and Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (MS1).
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show series
Erin tells us why she chose For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfreund. We discuss how we felt about the book and its similarities to Persuasion by Jane Austen. We talked about our favorite characters in the book and the choices Elliot made in the past. We discussed the relationship between the Luddites, the Reduced, and the Posts. We ta ...…
Nate Newton, Kurt Daniels, Jesse Holley and Shannon Gross discuss is Sunday night's game vs the Philadelphia Eagles is a "must win" game.
#102: The boys recap their meat mania adventures; Brody walked in on a handicapped woman on the toilet; Third String candy bars; Unhelpful customer service people; the boys call to complain about the way a cashier spoke to customers; Listener Email Learn more about your ad-choices at…
The Dallas Cowboys are going to play the biggest game of their season on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles. Check out the latest episode of Talkin' The Star as the crew discusses what to expect. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit SB Nation.
October 15, 2019 -- We've got your Phonetaps courtesy of Mr Luther Luffeigh! First, "Priest King" and then, "Richard's Bad Crab". First, Luther calls to confirm the open house for a residence and that he’ll be by to do the inspection. Then, Big Boy calls his friend Richard who works at a grocery store, to tell him that the crab meat he bought f ...…
The Bench Boys are on the road in Troy... but the game of the week is in Boone! Hear from Nick White and Adam Witten about the matchup of division leaders! We've also got a special guest making a repeat appearance... we'll talk about the Mountaineers' ranking... and find out why last week's Game of the Week didn't go as expected! --- Support th ...…
Endurance athletes are used to pushing themselves; most people would give up if they attempted similar feats. Does this constant push towards finishing difficult physical goals carry a mental burden as well though? Join us this week as Charlie and James take on a new paper about the mental tax of training on athletes’ brains. Check out the pape ...…
It’s not easy to talk to boys about anxiety, depression and mental health. And yet, in a world in which 1 in 8 kids has an anxiety disorder and 2-3% of children ages 6-12 have serious depression and suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for young people ages 15-24, not talking about these topics is irresponsible. You wouldn’t skip the sex t ...…
Mickey and Dave talk babies, shitting, gigs, drinking, superheroes ... and a little bit of the bubbly!By Boy Town Podcast.
(We apologise for the technical issues you might hear during the recording)Today’s guest is no less than extraordinary. There is no way we can do justice to his life history in this short intro, in this single episode, or even if we dedicated this entire podcast to it, for that matter. No joke. But just to give you an idea: After witnessing the ...…
The boys are back for a few October Episodes kicking off with the Cottingley Fairies, a series a photographs that appeared to capture small creature in the English Countryside after two young girls stole their sad dads camera. Intro Song Higher by Vivien VeeBy The Most Haunted Boys in School.
Learn more about your ad-choices at iHeartRadio.
The WeAreTheBusbyBoys podcast returns for episode 53. Tyler Dunne considers the various issues at Manchester United at the present time.By We Are The Busby Boys Podcast.
This week on Boys Trip - Papi, David, and Oriola discuss dating apps, stand up comedy, cancel culture, Dame vs Shaq, NBA vs China, and the greatness of Spotify.By Papi, David, and Goose.
[Ramone shows up while Flo is talking, having yellow paint and a bit of purple and his orange and yellow flame on his sides.] Ramone: Yellow, baby. [chuckles] Flo: Mm! You smoking hot! Sheriff: [noticing McQueen and come towards them] There he is! Lightning McQueen: Oh My Gosh! Did you know Doc is a famous race-car?! Folks: [All of the resident ...…
Tune in as the nerdy boys dive into the latest Comic Book Movie offering from Warner Brothers: Joker. We discussed what worked for each of us, what didn't, and where this movie falls as a comic book movie and as a film in general. Share your thoughts! Facebook: @nerdyboysreviewsTwitter: @NerdyBoysReviewYo ...…
Two centuries ago, on vacation in Geneva, a young novelist with a lifelong morbid curiosity conceived one of the most enduring and fascinating stories of all time. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is known for being the first science fiction novel and an early achievement in horror, but it is also a critique of the terrifying scientific exploits of ...…
The Brand is Strong! The Bronx's very own Desus Nice & THE KID MERO aka the Bodega Boys are giving you their irreverent yet hilarious takes on all things pop culture. Live from the Milk Studios Jamroom!This week: baseball, pino talk, rap, resumes, libraries and more!By Desus Nice & THE KID MERO.
On today's BAKED episode: Bubbles' singing gopher, how to tickle a star, lesbian koalas, and how to make the Egyptian pyramids more awesomer. And guess which school supplies item Julian once get stuck up his p**shole!!
Political approaches, The Left-Right Spectrum, Systems of Oppression, Jordan Peterson, Social Sciences, Hamza Yusuf's Politics, Islam In Modernity & Secularisation of Religion. We unpack all these crucial topics on our HD Video Episode with Uthman Badar. Uthman Badar is a writer, activist, student of Arabic, Islamic sciences, and Continental Ph ...…
The BBC in conjunction with Private Eye released a documentary about sex for grades in two of the most prestigious universities in West Africa namely University of Ghana (UG), Legon in Ghana and University of Lagos (UNILAG) in Nigeria. The claim Universities in Nigeria and Ghana have been plagued by stories of sexual harassment by lecturers and ...…
Ninety-ninth episode of The Boy, Oh Boi podcast, where we talk aimlessly about exam updates, family members visiting, degree plans, and whatever else!Follow us elsewhere!Twitter:…503797307/about/…
On our 173rd episode, we sit down with comedian Mark Normand before his set at The Paramount Room in Oklahoma City. We talk love & marriage, mopeds, cancel culture, Mark’s recent Joe Rogan appearance, and much more! Thank you to The Paramount Room for the recording space for this remote show. Be sure to check out boyspodca ...…
Book One, Chapter Thirteen. Alazne and the boys decide what is best for Pen. Special guest Markeia McCarty. Music by Erik DeLong New episodes drop Fridays my Quest Babies! ig & twitter: @magicquestboysBy The Quest Boys.
In the latest episode of the “Best Coast Boys” podcast, hosts Landon McCool and the Dallas Morning News’ John Owning review the Dallas Cowboys in their losing effort to the Green Bay Packers. The “Best Coast Boys” podcast is a Cowboys-centric podcast that will delve into many other topics. Whether it is the NFL, Cowboys, movies, music, comics, ...…
Today, me and a guest talk about the best music of the decade and about how to find true happiness.
And we back! After a long hiatus the Bollywood Boys are back with a fresh review of the 1999 banger "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam". What would YOU do if Ajay Devgan stole your girl? Is Salman Khan a good actor or is his chest doing the heavy lifting? Is Aishwariya Rai a lanky icon? These and more burning questions are answered in this brand spankin n ...…
Hey Handsomites! Eric and Robbie are discussing Raina Telgemeier’s new book this week! They talk about the astounding maturity of the book, how they wish they had it as kids, and Telgemeier’s incredible storytelling. They also review SFSX #1 and Harleen #1! Floppies Fortnightly Everything #2 The White Trees #2 Strange Skies Over East Berlin #1 ...…
The Blog Boys return ahead of the regular season to discuss things they noticed from media day (2:00), Jimmy Butler's strange workout in Miami (13:49) and finish off your remaining mailbag questions (18:00). Note: About 20 minutes of audio from the middle of this episode was corrupted (when the transition music plays around the 16-minute mark), ...…
Where do we begin..? With the empty seats? The fainting marathon runners? Alberto Salazar's ban? With the DQs that were and weren't? Or the fact that we missed experiencing Mihambo's 7.30m live because it was necessary to watch (another) Mo Farah montage? OR - how about we talk about the world records? The African fans roaring on their athletes ...…
The LOST Boys answer your question... and announce a season 4 release date... #NumberWatchBy Jack & Jacob.
this week I'm joined by Robbie Goodwin from New York City. we have a great conversation but I goofed and knocked something loose with my mic and as a result mine shorts out every now and then. but I thought the conversation was just too damn good to not put out. my apologies but I think that you will enjoy it nonetheless. and while you're at it ...…
MILKA LEO chocolate wafer bar REVIEW VIDEOCanadian trying European snacks : MILKA LEO chocolate wafer bar#canadiantrying #foodvideos #asmrBy dgtronic.
Andrew Haswell Green helped build Central Park and much of upper Manhattan, oversaw the formation of the New York Public Library, helped found great institutions such as the American Museum of Natural History and the Bronx Zoo, and even organized the city's first significant historical preservation group, saving New York City Hall from demoliti ...…
It's the one year anniversary special and Wabbles is feeling ill, but the show must go on! Time to talk about video games, space crime, and killer robots. Twitter - Discord - YouTube - Patreon Show Notes: ~ The MBHQ ~ Craig Space Crime Boston Dynamics Boston Dynamics Video Ratchet & Clank Spyro the Dragon Insomniac Games Naughty Dog Crash Bandi ...…
On this episode of This Is Game Boy, the rest of the Spidey games!Host playthroughs:Moelle - Spider-Man 3: - Spider-Man/X-Men: in touch with the hosts and producer through:Website: tigbpodcast@gma ...…
The boys break down the Dallas Cowboys covering the largest spread in NFL history and preview the showdown with the New Orleans SaintsBy Boys Will Be Boys.
Cory is trying to ask Topanga out but someone else beats him to it, Joey and Frankie help Eric try to sell a Clint Eastwood musical to the school, we meet Turner's best friend Eli, Feeny is on fire and our first celebrity guest star of season three is here. All that plus a lot of laughs as the show is back with the season three season premiere, ...…
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