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Best Brucespringsteen podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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Jesse explores Bruce Springsteen fandom with various guests in this weekly show all about The Boss.
A podcast that combines timeless pop culture discussions with hilarious banter between comedian Josh Accardo and actress Maureen Van Zandt (The Sopranos). The podcast dives DEEP into American pop culture in America and where we're going wrong. From "millennials" to news and politics. Music to the archetype of celebrity: no topic is off limits. #GenGapNation
The Pox and Puss Podcast is a not-so-serious exploration of the Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker experience. We interview hikers and adventurers from all walks of life.
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In today’s episode, Jesse is joined by writer, educator and passionate Springsteen fan Ruth Badley. Ruth discusses her Springsteen journey and her new book Where are the grown-ups?By Southgate Media.
Josh is back from Germany and Poland with stories to share... Maureen went to The Irishman premiere.. and a cow looks just like Gene Simmons, and even when your phone is stashed away it still has power of you.By Generation Gap with Josh Accardo & Maureen Van Zandt.
Mark Cunningham has a different perspective as a Springsteen fan. In this episode Mark shares some behind the scenes stories of working for the Springsteen team.By Southgate Media.
Jesse is joined by Jeff Calaway and they discuss Ken Burn's brilliant PBS Documentary Country Music. They had so much fun, we ended up having to divide the talk into two parts. Here is Part 2.By Southgate Media.
Jesse is joined by Jeff Calaway and they discuss Ken Burn's brilliant PBS Documentary Country Music. They had so much fun, we ended up having to divide the talk into two parts. Here is Part 1.By Southgate Media.
What would you do if you were listing to Bruce Springsteen and suddenly you heard him say your father’s name? Bryan and his brother David had that experience. Listen to his story and how his family has a special connection to The Wall.By southgate media.
Jesse is joined by Catherine McGowan who attended the Toronto Film Festival. She shares stories from the film and the Q&A.By Southgate Media Group.
This week Josh Accardo & Maureen Van Zandt are back from their Summer travels. Josh talks some LA stories. Meeting with the legend Mike Scully. Maureen talks being in the UK. Also, this week we discuss dopey twin take over, cancel culture, and a host of other entertaining things. Don't miss out!By Generation Gap with Josh Accardo & Maureen Van Zandt.
Jesse is looking to do series of feedback episodes, where you share your thoughts about music, the show and of course Bruce.
Since January 2016, Rob Carmack and JB Clark have been giving us the basic facts about every Bruce Springsteen song in alphabetical order. This week they got to Zero and Blind Terry. What comes next? JB and Rob sit down with Jesse to review the past and share the future.By Southgate Media Group.
In this episode we talk with Dan Koeppel about his article "The Legend of Baltimore Jack" in Outside Magazine. Dan was searching for an article to write for Outside when it was suggested that he look into a hiker who had recently passed away named Baltimore Jack. But little did Dan know that Baltimore Jack was Adam Tarlin, a student who had wri ...…
Today is Bruce Springsteen’s 70th Birthday. What do you get a man that has given us so much? How about a collection of Springsteen fans from around the world telling him how much they love him and sharing how much his music has meant to each of them? Sounds perfect, much better than a tie. Happy Bruce Birthday to each of you. Please share this ...…
Jesse is joined by Tim and Devin as they remember two rock legends, the great Eddie Money and Ric Ocasek. They will be missed.By Southgate Media.
Gabriel Bergmoser returns to the podcast to talk about Western Stars, Broadway and his new novel. Gabriel Twitter @gobergmoser www.gabrielbergmoser.comBy Southgate media.
A quick episode thanking all the people who support the podcast via Patron. Jesse also lists the way that listeners can help the show grow besides becoming a Patron. Southgate Media.
In today’s episode Jesse is joined by writer, Pulitzer prize finalist and super Springsteen fan Joyce Millman. They discuss her Springsteen journey, her writings, her first "beatle album" and why Western Stars wasn’t the album she wanted from Bruce at this time. It’s a great discussion filled with funny stories and meaningful insight. Please ch ...…
To help remember 9/11 on this anniversary, here is Jeannie Fino and Jesse going through each track on The Rising ranking their least favorite to their favorite.By Southgate Media.
Four years ago, in the 2nd ever episode of the podcast Colleen McNamara joined Jesse to talk 9/11 and Springsteen's The Rising. Here is that episode in memory of 9/11.By Southgate Media.
This week Josh Accardo & Maureen Van Zandt Josh finally going to see the stones after talking about it for weeks. Also, someone rips a fart so bad in a assembly meeting that everyone has to clear the room.By Generation Gap with Josh Accardo & Maureen Van Zandt.
Thanks to Ed Rakowski, Jesse had the change to talk to legendary Songwriter Mark Barkan. He write Lesley Gore’s hit She’s a fool, The Tra La La Song from the TV show The Banana Splits Adventure Hour (as well as being musical director for the show) and the Manfred Mann hit “Pretty Flamingo” a song often covered by Bruce especially early in his c ...…
In today’s episode Jesse is joined by Stephen Maiullo. They discuss Steve’s Springsteen journey, growing up in Boston, they break down several of Bruce’s songs and discuss our thoughts on what was going on with Bruce’s thoughts when writing Brilliant Disguise, Independence Day and other songs. Steve can be reached via email at Stephen.maiullo@g ...…
In today’s episode of the Podcast, Bob Zimmerman joins Jesse to share his Springsteen journey. He shares his love of Nebraska and how it shaped his political thoughts. He also shares the story of attending the rehearsal for the reunion tour and how hearing Land of Hope and Dreams made the show for him. Bob’s Twitter @club_cadillac Jesse’s Twitt ...…
Dan and Jesse had so much fun talking last episode, they scheduled more time to talk about favorite songs, stories about shows and other Springsteen stuff. If you want to be on the podcast, please send an email to setlustingbruce@gmail.comBy Southgate Media.
Jesse is joined by Dan Cooper and they discuss passing along sports team loyalty to your children, finding Bruce and how Western Stars reminds him of Nebraska. Please go check out the show's new Web Site and our Patreon Page - Dan's twitter - @DJGCoops Jesse's Twitter - @JesseJacks ...…
My quick thoughts about the movie and the DFW meet up before.By Southgate Media.
Here is your Springsteen thought for the day.By Southgate Media.
Kevin Long from the Kevin Long show joins Jesse to catch up and to share his thoughts on Springsteen on Broadway via Netflix. Kevin's Twitter - @TheKevinLongSh1 Jesse's Twitter @jessejacksondfw www.setlustingbruce.comBy Southgate Media.
Jesse is joined by Catherine for a return visit. They catch up and talk about Western Stars and Springsteen on Broadway. Catherine - @faithsreward Jesse @JesseJacksonDFWBy Southgate Media.
Caroline Madden joins Jesse to talk about her Springsteen journey and to discuss her upcoming book Springsteen as Soundtrack Southgate Media.
Author, Philanthropist, and graphic artist Gary Lippman joins Josh and Maureen for GenGap 20?s. Gary wrote a fictional novel called "Set the controls for the heart of Sharon Tate". It follows a young man obsessed with Sharon Tate after her untimely death and another party who is obsessed with Charles Manson. We learn about the inspiration for t ...…
A short episode where Jesse thanks his Patron supporters and shares what is coming up in August.By Southgate Media Group.
Ken Rosen returns to talk about his E Street Shuffle blog, Western Stars and other fun Springsteen stuff. Ken's Twitter @krosen Jesse's Twitter @jessejacksondfwBy Southgate Media.
This week Josh Accardo & Maureen Van Zandt talk what life would be like if they opened their own Selfie Factory like the one in London. Also, the absurdity of people getting mad at a joke and threatening a performers life over it.By Generation Gap with Josh Accardo & Maureen Van Zandt.
This week Josh Accardo & Maureen Van Zandt talk the Dali Lama being convinced that any woman taking over his job has to be hot and the internet is so bored that people's new thing is asking celebs on social media to kill them. It's amazing.By Generation Gap with Josh Accardo & Maureen Van Zandt.
Bruce is turning 70, can we get 70 different fans sharing what his music means to them and wishing Bruce a Happy Birthday. We are sure going to try. Please share.By Southgate Media.
Today, Lis joins Jesse to share her Springsteen journey, her multiple meet ups with Bruce and her family's love of John Hiatt. News Report Lis dancing with Bruce - Liselotte's Twitter - Lschuren Jesse's Twitter - JesseJacksonDFW…
In our final Music Talks episode for the week, we go back to Bella Pori joining Jesse and Terry to share her musical choices.By Southgate Media.
Kevin Clement @dacajunmusicman joins Terry Smith @musictalkspod and Jesse Jackson @jessejacksondfw in this rewind of the classic Tea Time with Terry discussion. Terry’s website Email – Twitter -@musictalkspod Jesse’s Twitter @jessejacksonDFW Please check out our Patreon Page https:/ ...…
Here is Rob Southgate @smgpods joining @musictalkspod and @jessejacksonDFW to share his choice on songs from each decade he's been alive. Terry’s website Email – Twitter -@musictalkspod Jesse’s Twitter @jessejacksonDFW Please check out our Patreon Page ...…
Here is the 2nd half of Terry Smith and Jesse Jackson's discussion with Southgate Media co-founder Martha Southgate. Terry’s website Email – Twitter -@musictalkspod Jesse’s Twitter @jessejacksonDFW Please check out our Patreon Page…
Today's episode is a unpublished episode of Set Lusting Bruce. Co-founder of Southgate Media Group, Martha Southgate joined Terry Smith and Jesse Jackson to discuss her choices for Tea Time with Terry. A song for every decade she's been alive. Her choices were insightful and full of emotion. Here is part 1. Terry’s website http://musictalkspod. ...…
In today's episode, we go back to the first episode of what would turn into Music Talks. Back then we called it Tea Time for Terry. Jesse and Terry share a song from each decade the have been alive. Terry’s website Email – Twitter -@musictalkspod Jesse’s Twitter @jessejacksonDFW Ple ...…
Friend of the show, Terry Smith joins Jesse to catch up, discuss Western Stars and to talk about his new Podcast Music Talks Terry’s website Email – Twitter -@musictalkspod Jesse’s Twitter @jessejacksonDFW Please check out our Patreon Page…
This week is Music Talks week on Set Lusting Bruce. Friend of the podcast Terry Smith has started his own podcast called Music Talks. In a small way this is a spin off of SLB and to celebrate the new podcast, we are dedicating a week to what we used to call Tea Time with Terry. Terry’s website Email – musict ...…
In this episode, Jesse announces his new Patreon page for the Podcast. Don't worry the podcast will always be free but the page gives you the opportunity, if you are so inclined to help support the podcast. Please go check it out and please share it on your social media.…
Here is your Springsteen thought of the DayBy Southgate Media.
To get ready for the release of Western Stars, Collin Murr counted down his 250 favorite Bruce Springsteen songs on his blog. Today he joins Jesse to talk about his blog, his Springsteen journey and of course Western Stars. Southgate Media.
This week Josh and Maureen discuss the new culture trend of the "Vacuum Challenge" You'll have to listen to find out the specifics of this absurd game.By Generation Gap with Josh Accardo & Maureen Van Zandt.
Sam Lisker is part of the Rockin' the Suburbs team. He checked out Darkness becaue of my appearing on their podcast. He's now dived deep into Bruce's catalog and he is back on the podcast to share how his Springsteen journey is going. Sam's Twitter - @slisker Jesse's Twitter - @jessejacksonDFW Show's Twitter - @setlustingbruce Rockin the Suburb ...…
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