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MSU BSU Priority
Priority: a weekly service at the Mississippi State Baptist Student Union, helping students to know God and make him known. Tuesdays at 6:15 on the campus of Mississippi State University. Join us as we live life together, continually growing in our relationship with God. Hear speakers from across the country give insight into various aspects of the Christian walk.
Ball State's Premiere Nerd News Organization, BYTE is going Audio. That's right baby we're a smorgasbord of audio. With great podcasts on everything from: anime, eSports, video games, film & TV, and so much more!
MSU BSU Podcasts
The latest messages from the Mississippi State University Baptist Student Union in Starkville, MS.
MSU BSU Noonday
Listen to your favorite sermons throughout the semester. Noonday, a lunchtime ministry of the Mississippi State Baptist Student Union, provides students with physical and spiritual growth. Come and enjoy friends, food, and fellowship. Join us weekly, wednesdays at noon at the Bsu located right off campus. The Mississippi State Baptist Student Union: helping students to know God and make him known.
Game Plan For Life
Game Plan For Life is hosted by Skip Hall and airs each Saturday at 10AM MST on 94.1 The Voice. Skip Hall is the former head football coach at Boise State University. During 30 years in coaching, his teams went to 12 bowl games, including 3 Rose Bowls and the Orange Bowl. Through interviews with coaches, players, business and ministry leaders, Skip seeks to show the importance of having a game plan in order to succeed in all areas of life.
#TellinSeasonThePodcast composed of childhood friends @Thats_Chubbs, @IGot2BeSteph and @CoolChrisSmith from the DMV area; (DC, Maryland, Virginia) come together to deliver entertaining thoughts with an enlightened perspective. Its time to TELL it how it is! Plus Cool Sounds, Comedic Vibes and Charismatic Conversation! PLUS: COOL SOUNDS, COMEDIC VIBES, AND CHARISMATIC CONVERSATION!
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This episode the guys get back in the studio after two eventful weeks. Discussing the aftermath of @Thats_Chubbs losing his phone on the yacht (Hilarious Video), Bad Luck Memories, Women Proposals? , White Supremacy March in DC and much more great content this week on #TellinSeasonThePodcast! Follow Us: @TellinSeasonThePodcast @CoolChrisSmith @ ...…
Skip Hall speaks with John Strain about the 9th Social Muscle.
Today Skip speaks with Sandy Jones, the publisher of Christian Living Magazine in Boise, Idaho.
Big Shoutout to @SlimGuwop 1/2 of Tha Come Up Podcast (@TheComeUpPod) for stopping by this week to discuss LeBron’s New School, Stand Your Ground Laws and much more this week on #TellinSeasonThePodcast ! Follow Us @TellinSeasonThePodcast @CoolChrisSmith @Thats_Chubbs @IGot2BeSteph The Dramatics - Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get The Notorious B.I.G - ...…
Skip Hall speaks with John Strain about the 8TH Social Muscle.
Skip Hall speaks with Kellen Moore – Dallas Cowboys new Quarterback Coach.
This Sports filled episode the guys cover topics ranging from MLB AllStar Weekend in hometown Washington DC to #WorldCup2018 News & NBA/WNBA opportunities. #TheShiggyChallenge and Keke have taken over pop culture! Plus a hilarious take on CVS Employee Calling Police over a Coupon! on this Episode Of #TellinSeasonThePodcast Follow Us @TellinSeas ...…
Avery William and Mark Thornton talk Football and Life with Skip Hall.
Today Skip talks to Jadyn Baumgartner and Gibson Berryhill who share their stories of life, faith and college athletics..
Today Skip talks to First Lieutenant Patrick Cleburne McClary, III, USMC, Retired, known to thousands as “Clebe McClary,” an American hero.
Today Skip and John discuss the 7th social muscle.
The crew cover the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup Championship Win and Parade! Guest @MarcusKingLive & @TheImpeccablejt_ talk suicide prevention while also sharing experiences of almost becoming victims of unknowingly being drugged.College and HS Graduation Tips, NBA Finals Results and more on this episode of #TellinSeasonThePodcast! Follow Th ...…
This week the guys cover Memorial Day weekend, wedding talk, Christian’s trip to Canada during HipHop's new brewing "beef".With an authentic reaction of the Pusha T response released during the topic on the podcast. Things seem to be heating up! Plus NBA Championship talk and more on #TellinSeasonThePodcast @TellinSeasonThePodcast @CoolChrisSmi ...…
Today Skip is talking to Joan Endicott.
Today Skip is talking to Joan Endicott.
Today Skip is talking to John Boyd with Mission Aviation Fellowship or MAF. John has been serving MAF for 25 years, their mission is to demonstrate the love of Jesus and proclaim the message. Listen as Skip and John discuss the past, present and what’s yet to come for MAF.
In this Podcast mashup w/ VOTP’s @_iamradiorome, the guys bring two budding podcasts shows together to discuss an array of topics on #TellinSeasonThePodcast @TellinSeasonThePodcast @IGot2BeSteph @CoolChrisSmith @Thats_Chubbs The Dramatics - Whatcha See Is Whatcha Get Quad City DJ’s - Space Jam 2 Live Crew - Hoochie Mama…
Today Skip is talking with Pastor Bruce Young, the Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church in downtown Boise, Idaho. Bruce tells his story and talks about the challenges of the Church in the 21st century.
In one of the best episodes yet the fellas recap hosting the Broccoli City Fest after party in conjunction with covering the opposing views and artistry from Kanye West and Childish Gambino. In adoration of the the recent amazing weather the guys cover a list of the World’s most Amazing Water Parks, plus Teacher Appreciation Day on #TellinSeaso ...…
Today Skip is talking with John Strain. John Strain discusses the 6th social muscle, common ground.
Today Skip is talking with Catherine L. Owen an author, public speaker, and executive director of The Alzheimer’s Greater Chapter of Idaho.
In this jam packed episode the fellas Promo upcoming Broccoli City Music Fest after party SwoopHouse3!! They cover #MediaDrip101 as well as talk J. Cole, Beyonce, HBCU’s and Waffle House incidents on #TellinSeasonThePodcast ! The Dramatics - Watcha See DMX - What They Really Want ft. Sisqo
Today Skip is talking to Robert Ash, a former BSU football player. Robert talks about life before and after football, ministry, and career goals.
Today Skip is talking to Lt. Cleb McClary. Listen as Mr. McClary tells his adventurous story of life as a marine and as a christian.
In this episode of #TellinSeasonThePodcast the fellas have an interesting discussion on the differences of culture vultures & culture appropriation, along with the ever-present issue of gun violence. @Quezel_ and @DjSteveMartin weigh in on the topics as well as share a few personal experiences. @TellinSeasonThePodcast @CoolChrisSmith @Thats_Chu ...…
Today Skip is talking with Wes and James Porter of Security Gold and Silver. They discuss the economy, inflation and diversification.
Back For Another Week of #TellinSeasonThePodcast ! @TellinSeasonThePodcast @CoolChrisSmith @Thats_Chubbs @IGot2BeSteph The Dramatics - Watcha See HoodCelebrityy - Walking Trophy
Today Skip is talking with Jon Strain, a social and spiritual coach, about the 10 social muscles that sculpt and shape an athlete’s life.
Rec Date: 3.21.18 @Pdotofficial and @DougTheSavage stop by the studio during a snow day on the first day of Spring. Covering an array of social and artistic topics; here they Tell it How it is on #TellinSeasonThePodcast ! @TellinSeasonThePodcast @Orelvskessell @CoolChrisSmith @IGot2BeSteph @Thats_Chubbs Mark Morrison - Return of The Mack The Dr ...…
Today Skip is talking with Jon Strain, a social and spiritual coach, about the 10 social muscles that sculpt and shape an athlete’s life.
Today Skip is talking with Jon Strain, a social and spiritual coach, about the 10 social muscles that sculpt and shape an athlete’s life.
The recent movie success of Black Panther, grossing over 1 Billion in ticket sales prompted the guys to speak on some cinematic events in today’s culture as well as a few jokes along the way. They also cover The essence of a Good Movie / Show Too many Reboots and Sequels? Do today’s Movies and Shows compare to the ones of the past? Also Upcomin ...…
Today Skip is talking to Eric Martin, a Kinesiologist and Sports Psychologist at Boise State University. They discuss the mind of the athlete and talk a good game plan for balance in the athlete’s life.
In this hilarious episode fellow HS friend of the guys and Penn State Alum @KellBoogie_ sits in the studio with #TellinSeasonThePodcast as they talk various subjects such as God’s Plan. Can Gods Plan be played in the strip club? What comes to mind when you hear Gods Plan? Comedy Specials, NoShave 2018, Arming Teachers ... Released by the Glock ...…
Today Skip is talking to Community Relations Coordinator, Jake Hardee, and intern at St. Luke’s Concussion Clinic, Thomas Sperbeck. They talk about the management of concussion in young athletes.
Today Skip is talking to Molly Tevis. Molly works for Albertsons as an In-Store Retail Dietitian. Skip asks Molly about how to get a good Game Plan in nutrition for daily life.
n light of Black History Month the #TellinSeasonThePodcast crew get into the History of Black History Month, Black Panther and All Star Weekend. Plus A discussion of historical events taken place this past weekend in NASCAR and more ... @TellinSeasonThePodcast @CoolChrisSmith @Thats_Chubbs @IGot2BeSteph Episodes Available Now!! The Dramatics - ...…
Today Skip is talking to Aaron Holsinger from T3 Sport. The mission of T3 Sport is to train, grow in basketball and in life, translate what you are learning and apply it to sports and to life, and it will transform how you live. Aaron Holsinger is the owner and founder of T3 Sport.
@TellinSeasonThePodcast @CoolChrisSmith @Thats_Chubbs @IGot2BeSteph Checkout #TellinSeasonThePodcast Episodes Available Today! -Super Bowl 52. -Dodge MLK Commercial -Den of Thieves and Black Panther The Dramatics - Watcha See Migos - Walk It Talk It Warren Instrumental
Today Skip is talking to the President of IFR, Beth Schafer, and the General Manager, David Schafer.
Newlyweds @TheGambits share marriage, memories and a few funny cosmetic stories on #TellinSeasonThePodcast! Be Sure to Checkout The Gambits on YouTube and Remember to Subscribe, Like & Share. @TellinSeasonThePodcast @IGot2BeSteph @CoolChrisSmith @Thats_Chubbs The Dramatics - Watcha See Plies - Rock Chris Brown - Tempo…
Janice Berryman is the Idaho Regional Manager and Team Trips Director with Destiny Rescue. Janice coordinates and launches team trips from the US to visit our work in Thailand and Cambodia. Destiny Rescue is an international, Christian-based, non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing and restoring children enslaved in the sex trade. You can ...…
World Traveler, Entrepreneur and Investor Akeem Washington @Keylector sits with #TellinSeasonThePodcast to share some of his experiences and aspirations; with a brief lesson in investments and crypto currency. @TellinSeasonThePodcast @CoolChrisSmith @IGot2BeSteph @Thats_Chubbs The Dramatics- Whatcha See The O’ Jays - For The Love Of Money Aaliy ...…
Today Skip is talking with three guests: Jon Strain of Search Boise, Pam Strain of Search Boise and LIFT, and Kirsten Holmberg of LIFT. You can find out more about LIFT at
Happy New Year! The fellas start 2018 off by discussing what/who should be left in 2017 and what should be bought into 2018. In this episode, the fellas weigh in on H&M’s clothing controversy, Oprah 2020, Aliens and UFO’s, while enjoying a funny moment with Thats_Chubbs. Remember to COMMENT, LIKE, & RATE! THANK YOU! FOLLOW US: @TellinSeasontheP ...…
Today Skip is in with Jim Stephens. Jim is the President and CEO of Sandler Training in Meridian. Jim is a dynamic conference presenter and national speaker who presents at numerous sales & industry functions. He combines a twenty five year background in entrepreneurial creation of small businesses, sales & company management with fifteen years ...…
In this episode, the fellas discuss the truth meaning of Christmas with longtime friend @Orelvskessell. On today's show the guys also discussed volunteering, twitter beef, holiday pet peeves, memorable holidays, and their most memorable gift. What does Christmas mean to you? Remember to COMMENT, LIKE, & RATE! THANK YOU! FOLLOW US: @TellinSeason ...…
Skip Hall is getting a lesson today from Mike Riddle. Mike is the founder and president of Creation Training Initiative. He is an international speaker and teacher on biblical creation, apologetics, and Christian education. He has been involved in creation apologetics for over 35 years. Mike has spoken at NASA, many secular and Christian univer ...…
In this captivating episode, the fellas shine light on Keaton Jones and Sexual Harassment.... While discussing Lamelo & Liangelo, bullying, suicide, sexual harassment cases, and overloading social media with provocative imagery. - The Lamelo and Liangelo Ball signing to Lithuania. - Bullying/Keaton Jones - Have you ever been bullied? What cause ...…
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