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I have depression. I decided to start talking about it, both as a way of sharing my own experiences, and as a way to try to help others. I offer information, tips and tricks that therapists have given me to cope, mixed with my own advice.
Taproot Church
At the center of Taproot Church is the Bible. We believe God communicates with His people through these sacred scriptures. Each Sunday gifted and qualified Elders teach and preach from the pages of this book. We pray that as you listen God will use these messages to transform your heart, mind, and soul for the glory of Jesus
Rich Tu is an artist and designer living and working in Brooklyn, NYC. First Generation Burden is a series of conversations with immigrants and the children of immigrants.Available on iTunes.
Weary & Burdened
A Podcast on Grief & Loss that tells a story and provides information and education by interviewing mental health professionals and those who have experienced grief and loss.
Michael Burian is the most successful DJ and producer in Czech Republic. Enjoy his official iTunes Podcast - Boombox.
A couple of Chicago-based nerds who are married to each other discuss birding in cities, alcohol, music, and whatever else comes to mind.
Tobey Burden
Tobey Burden
Burden Of Proof
Colin and Rhys present their weekly Brighton Radio Reverb show with chat, music and general nonsense.
We discuss culture and current events in the light of God's Word of Truth.
Mixes of songs I've got on the top of my crate.
FBC Van Buren
Sermons from First Baptist Church Van Buren, Arkansas
Welcome to the Intelligence-Burden or Blessing podcast, where amazing things happen.
International Journal of Stroke discusses the burden of stroke in Sri Lanka with Padma Gunaratne
Dr. Joseph Egger from the Duke Global Health Institute joins directors of SECURED, a student-led non-profit organization, to discuss the mosquito-borne peril of dengue fever. The conversation includes insights into the specific means of dengue transmission, how researchers are working to combat this growing issue, and how students can contribute to the cause. This segment is an introduction to a comprehensive video series on dengue prevention, diagnosis, and treatment launched by SECURED. Le ...
Cinematic Sound Radio is a film, TV and video game music radio show that has been on the air and streaming on the internet for 20 years. Since being picked up by WROCK Radio in California, the show is now a weekly 2-hour program featuring a wide variety of great film music for you to enjoy. Updated weekly (sometimes a little bit later). Host and producer Erik Woods. Recorded in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. ‘Cinematic Sound Radio Fanfare and Theme’ composed by David Coscina.
Join writer/director Jared Moshé and actors David Call and Barlow Jacobs for a moderated discussion with Brian Brooks about their new film, "Dead Man’s Burden." Set in the aftermath of the Civil War, the film tells the story of Martha (Clare Bowen) and her husband Heck (David Call), whose struggle to make ends meet on their New Mexico homestead is complicated by the return of Martha’s brother Wade (Barlow Jacobs), believed lost in the war.
This activity has been designed to meet the educational needs of physicians and registered nurses involved in the care of patients with Clostridium difficile infection (CDI).
Highline Christian Church Sermon Series by Senior Pastor Tim Knight. Highline Christian Church is located in Burien, Washington with service times at 9:00 and 10:40 am.
Welcome to the sermon hub for Gathering Place Foursquare Church in Burien, Washington. We post sermons on Tuesdays following the date the message was given. Our website's sermon page is
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