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Hear from the heart of Jonathan David and Melissa Helser. Songs, videos and teachings gathered from their journey.
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"Burnout happens when our doing exceeds our being." In this message, Jonathan shares on the power of rest as a key for sustaining revival, and keeping our hearts and relationships healthy. This message was shared at Bethel Music Worship School in Redding, CA. For more information, go to To read the article Jonatha ...…
The Holy Spirit is the crescendo of the cross and the gift of the Father for our everyday life. In this message, Melissa shares personal stories about raising children and the value of leaning into the Holy Spirit and teaching them to do the same. This message was recorded at Bethel Music Worship School in Redding, CA. For more information, go ...…
“One of the greatest battles over our identities is actually just becoming ourselves. But when we fix our eyes on the Author, and open up the book of our hearts in surrender, He begins to write His story in us.” In this message Jonathan shares on positioning ourselves before the Father to write our stories, in our lives as it is in Heaven. For ...…
In this episode Justina, Art Director for The Cageless Birds, sat down with Melissa to ask her questions about working out healthy relationships with God and people, in light of the release of our fifth volume of Cultivate, “The Art of Connection.” To learn more about Cultivate, and to order our newest volume, go to, or w ...…
"The Art of Connection" is the fifth volume in the Cultivate devotional book series that was written with your most significant relationships in mind. Volume V is designed to encourage and empower you to pursue healthy and thriving relationships in marriage, parenting, dating and relating to your parents. It is full of prompts and practical too ...…
In this message shared at WorshipU, Jonathan gives a call to live and lead from our encounters with Jesus, and to measure success by how much love and family are produced. ... For more information about WorshipU, an annual gathering and online school of worship hosted by Bethel Music, go to For more information about our minis ...…
Creativity is our birthright as sons and daughters created in the image of God. It’s not just about the songs we write, or the art we create. It doesn’t only belong to artists. Being creative is about the everyday 98% of our lives we walk out in family, relationships, work, and rest. This message is an invitation to walk out our creative identi ...…
“There is a way to live above the storm — to stay connected to the Father, to the Person of Jesus, and to the beautiful friendship of the Holy Spirit. There’s a way to actually thrive in life, even when it’s crazy.” In this episode, Melissa shares a hope-filled message from her own story on the power of vulnerability and our need for connection ...…
Part 2 of Graham Cooke's recent message at our 18 Inch Journey school, "The Power of Instead", an Isaiah 61 invitation to live in the "Instead's" that God has for our lives.
It’s our pleasure in this episode to introduce a dear friend of ours, Graham Cooke, as he shares a powerful message at our school, the 18 Inch Journey! This is an Isaiah 61 invitation for us to receive God's "Instead's" for our lives. Check out or for more about Graham and his ministry. www.jona ...…
In this episode, Jonathan shares from his own story his thoughts on the power of generations carrying the presence of God together, and passing on the blessing. For more information about Bethel Music's "Heaven Come" conference, go to For more information on our ministry, resources, and scheduled dates go to ...…
In this episode we are sharing an extended live recording of Jonathan's song, "Abba" from a recent service at Bethel Church in Redding, CA. For more information on our ministry, resources, and scheduled dates, go to or find us on Facebook.
Leading worship is about loving God and loving the people. It's not either/or, it's both and more. In this message Jonathan shares from his journey on the privilege of leading worship.
Being rooted in what the Father thinks about us is as key element to living in delight. Melissa shares from her testimony and life experience on the Father's delight in this powerful message from WorshipU at Bethel Church in Redding, California.
"When we do our DOING out of the pleasure God has in our BEING, we will do much more than we could ever imagine." In this message, Jonathan shares about the importance of recognizing that the greatest gift we all possess is our hearts. For more information about our ministry, resources, and scheduled dates, go to, or find ...…
The more heaven comes to earth, the more the earth looks like family. In this message, Jonathan shares on discovering the Father heart of God for his Kingdom family.
God created and loves our humanity and emotions. In this message Melissa shares on the process of engaging hope during seasons of disappointment and grief. This message was recorded at WorshipU, an online school and annual gathering hosted by Bethel Music in Redding, CA. Go to to find out more.…
Jonathan shares powerful stories and revelation on the Father's presence bringing rest from pressure in our lives. ***Next month we will be switching to 1 Podcast episode per month, released every first Thursday*** For more information on our ministry, resources, and scheduled dates, go to…
Jonathan shares on the power of knowing, and living from your new name. Recorded in Dubai at the end of 2016. For more information on our ministry, music, and other resources, go to
Melissa shares on being rooted and grounded in life in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit For more information, go to
Melissa leads a spontaneous worship moment after her song "Catch the Wind" at the Carolina Theatre in Greensboro, NC.
Jonathan & Melissa share from their journey on what they have learned about staying centered in life, marriage, and ministry. For additional media and resources, go to
Jonathan shares on the power of rest and choosing to cultivate rhythms of Sabbath. For additional media and resources, go to
A powerful talk on “Sustainability” that Melissa originally shared at the 2016 Heaven Come Conference in Los Angeles, California. For more information go to
In this message, Jonathan Helser shares from his heart on the power of worship on the earth, songs of deliverance, and what it looks like to become a ‘Fearless Worshipper’. This message was originally shared at WorshipU : an online school and an annual gathering that is hosted by Bethel Music. Go to for more information. For ...…
Melissa shares from her heart about the beauty and joy of family.
Melissa's shares from her heart about her journey and her testimony of the Father's goodness in the wilderness and the promise land.
We are very excited to announce the debut project “Live at Home” from the Cageless Birds. Here is a behind the scenes look at the week long recording process.The album releases January 24 & 25 in Asheboro, NC.Visit for more.
Jonathan and Melissa share their hearts about enjoying marriage and ministry
This is a raw and unmixed take of a spontaneous moment during the tracking of "Abba." Molly Skaggs on Piano, Jake Stevens on baritone electric with a violin bow in hand, Luke Skaggs on lap steel guitar and background vocals during intro and Jonathan David Helser on main vocals.
A message from Jonathan captured at the 2012 Resound Conference in Boulder, Colorado.
"Endless Ocean, Bottomless Sea" - The Extended Versions of "On the Shores" by Jonathan David and Melissa Helser. Coming on March 2nd. For more information:
Jonathan sharing on Abba’s Furious Love during the "18 Inch Journey". This is part three of a three-part podcast.
Jonathan sharing on Abba’s Furious Love during the "18 Inch Journey". This is part two of a three-part podcast.
Jonathan reading an excerpt from "The Furious Longing ofGod" by Brennan Manning during the "18 Inch Journey". This is part one of a three-part podcast.
Here's a quick glimpse into the 2012 18 Inch Journey. Hear from the students' perspective as they share the story of their two month school. We hope this video gives you clarity into the 18 Inch Journey and A Place for the Heart.
Jonathan Helser and Molly Skaggs sing “You See” at the Heavy Rain Conference in Toronto, Canada. For more go to:
Jonathan & Melissa Helser share the heart of the 18 Inch Journey.
A new message from Jonathan David Helser
Jonathan David Helser on how to play his song “You’re Never Giving Up”.
A look inside the tracking of “Threshing Floor” by Jonathan David Helser at Threshing Floor studios in Lincolnton NC.
New Worship Albums from Jonathan David & Melissa Helser coming this winter!
In June 2011, Songs of Water came to A Place for the Heart to do a private House concert for the 18 Inch Journey. This is their song Bread & Circus.
Jonathan Helser speaks at Fire & Fragrance school in Kona Hawaii.
A Christmas song from Jonathan & Melissa Helser filmed in one take on their back porch.
Jonathan Helser teaches on prophetic worship.
Raw footage of a spontaneous moment in the tracking of "You're Never Giving Up" at "Threshing Floor Studios" in Lincolnton, North Carolina on Nov. 18, 2007.
One take in Dublin Ireland, with Luke Skaggs on the Fiddle
A moment of worship with Jonathan & Melissa in Winston-Salem NC
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