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with Dr. Peter Kapsner
Pinnacle Forum podcast featuring guests, interviews with Partners and more!
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Why have podcasts become so integral to communication in the digital age? Why is “adapt or die” even more true than it was in the past? And how do the answers to these questions empower us to be better servant-leaders? Steve Reiter's bio. Show Notes:…
The vast majority of American Christians today are operating within a framework that undermines their belief in their value to God, the calling He has given them, and the way they live out their faith. Joseph Mattera, who is a keynote speaker at our upcoming National Conference, gives us a glimpse into why this is and what we can do about it. Y ...…
Adam Holz digs into some recent media releases: Serenity, Miss Bala, Carmen Sandiego, and Watership Down. Then, Chris Martin talks about social media's pressure to be "in the know" and have your own formed opinion about everything.
Carmen LaBerge discusses new abortion laws and proposed bills as well as Planned Parenthood's prescription of hormones to gender-confused individuals. Then, Susie Larson joins us with some exciting news about what's next on Faith Radio!
Dr. Jim Beilby discusses why we need to go deep with God's Word and how we often view God. Then, Bill Arnold takes it back to where it all began with host Peter Kapsner in his last segment.
Rev. Ben Johnson talks about the policies of 2020 candidates for President and a bill that legalizes abortion up to birth. Then, Bruce Ashford discusses biblical roots of sin and being pro-life for all life.
Kati Beasley and Taylor Bongard join us for an entire hour to talk about their faith journeys, getting into ministry, and what they see for the future of ministry in America.
Drew Griffin discusses economic shifts in Venezuela and the Corruption Perception Index. Then, the Faith Radio Mornings team talks about the dangers of legal choices for gender-confused children.
Nicole J. Phillips shares stories of kindness: a boy and his peanut butter, upcoming books, and the creation of a ministry. Then, Becky Davidson discusses raising a child who has special needs and her book Common Man, Extraordinary Call.
Tommy Binion discusses the pause in the partial government shutdown and liberal war on Christian orthodoxy. Then, Dr. Rosemary Stein talks about kids learning a good work ethic through chores and the science behind vaccinations.
Pastor Craig Moore has intentionally stepped outside the walls of his church to engage his community, and especially leaders in his community. By doing so he has provided an example to the people in his congregations and a perspective for us on how our church leaders can think, act and lead differently in the marketplace than is so frequently t ...…
Karen Swallow Prior talks about social media, news, and echo chambers in life, as well as abortion in our culture. Then, Dr. David Aikman discusses news from Venezuela, the Davos Summit, Brexit, and China.
Brandon Showalter discusses the sexual revolution's consequences and churches looking like businesses. Then, Adam Carrington talks about the partial government shutdown, the temporary end to it, and the 2020 presidential race.
Adam Holz talks about The Kid Who Would Be King, Dragon Ball Super: Broly, Oscar Awards, and a series about Jesus. Then, Scott Sauls discusses his book Irresistible Faith: Becoming the Kind of Christian the World Can't Resist.
Carmen LaBerge discusses a Catholic prayer app, Bible classes for public schools, and Christians in foster care. Then, Dr. Gary Stratton talks about God's silence and times of transition in life.
Dr. Jim Beilby explains the merits of competition and answers questions related to eternal security. Then, Stacy Monson and Patty Crawford discuss dementia, alzheimer's, and care for people in adult day programming.
Rev. Ben Johnson discusses political rancor in Washington, D.C., Covington High School accusations, and Lady Gaga's statements on Christianity. Then, Kim Ketola talks about recent abortion laws in New York and Iowa and the long-term effects of abortion.
Bill English talks about embracing the spiritual aspects of prayer and praise in our faith and businesses. Then, Bill and Pamela Ronzheimer discuss childhood sexual abuse and its impact on marriage and relationships.
Shaunti Feldhahn discusses gender and sexuality as well as a recent APA report about toxic masculinity. Then, Dr. Hunter Baker talks about the 2020 presidential race, use of social media in politics, and a Gillette ad on masculinity.
Dr. David Stevens discusses screen time and its addictive elements for kids, as well as abortion laws and safety. Then, Pastor Kevin Smith talks about approaching racial reconciliation biblically and with love.
Tommy Binion talks about the current impasse between Democrats and Republicans, the border wall discussion, and an inaccurate Buzzfeed story. Then, Karen Ellis discusses theology around the world and the difference between ethnicity and race.
A faulty misunderstanding of “the gospel” by a Christian leader will limit and even squash the influence of that leader. In this episode, John Stonestreet zeroes in on how the “the four chapter gospel” is often reduced to two chapters – and how this serious misunderstanding has had and has today enormous ramifications for Christian leadership a ...…
Dr. Linda Mintle talks about neighborly love and how to live in peace with people who may do things differently than us. Then, Dr. John Perkins gives a voice to the history and present possibilities of racial reconciliation.
Justin Giboney talks about Graceless Politics, politics today, and how Christians might break into the conversation. Then, Ruth Kramer discusses news around the world and the world watch list for persecuted Christians.
Adam Holz talks about Glass, Replicas, the discernment of what to watch, and storybook romance. Then, Chris Martin discusses young adults and youth leaving the church, and how we can encourage and equip youth with Bible reading.
Carmen LaBerge discusses Karen Pence working at a Christian school and a troubling story about homeschooling in Germany. Then, Dr. Gary Stratton talks about the dark night of the soul and periods of waiting in faith.
Dr. Jim Beilby talks about Bible literacy, family and church habits, and the theology of paying debts. Then, Pastor Tony Suarez discusses politics, the church, and immigration.
Rev. Ben Johnson discusses Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Pelosi's comments on government shutdown, and homeschooling regulations. Then, Dr. David Aikman explains news from around the world: Brexit updates and recent attacks in Syria and Kenya.
Bill English discusses wisdom from Ecclesiastes 5: refuse to love money and don't hoard it. Then, Wayne Pederson and Tim Tomlinson talk about international missions and the new Coptic Cathedral in Egypt.
Drew Griffin discusses Brexit updates, the European Union, and the attacks on Kenya that were claimed by al-Shabaab. Then, Hugh Whelchel brings insight to the partial government shutdown, the government's responsibilities, and spending.
Justin Giboney talks about Graceless Politics, politics today, and how Christians might break into the conversation. Then, Eric Johnson discusses how the church can better care for people with mental health concerns and personality disorders.
Tommy Binion discusses the partial government shutdown and the border wall, Supreme Court confirmations, and funding of abortion in America. Then, Dr. Rosemary Stein talks about marijuana use while driving and trends around self-harm.
In this short message, Pinnacle Forum President & CEO Guy Rodgers talks about the need for a significant course correction in how we live out Christianity here in America, and how this will positively impact our calling to advance the kingdom of God and influence the culture around us for Christ. Guy Rodger's bio. Show Notes: ...…
Jacob Shatzer explains transhumanism: how people are shaping this "next step" in human growth and how Christians can think about this. Then, Dr. David Aikman discusses news from the Middle East, Brexit, and globalization.
Brandon Showalter discusses hostility toward faith, religious liberty, and traditional vs. toxic masculinity. Then, Adam Carrington talks about the government shutdown, the border wall and security, and the 2020 presidential race.
Adam Holz talks about the Golden Globes awards, The Escape Room, On the Basis of Sex, and A Dog's Way Home. Then, Dr. Juli Slattery discusses sexuality: rethinking the subject and finding wholeness in God's Word.
Mike Kruger discusses de-conversion stories: the dogmatic concepts on the extreme of either side.Then, Dr. Gary Stratton talks about confessing sin, how we view God, and the challenge of balanced parenting.
Jim Beilby explains the concept of God numbering our days, God's providence, and discusses the meaning of worship. Then, Kim Ketola addresses Planned Parenthood, gender discussions, and the New York Time's pro-abortion series.
Rev. Ben Johnson discusses the border wall and politics around it, alarmism, and government-funded healthcare programs. Then, Carmen LaBerge talks about #shoutyourabortion, shifting disaster relief trends, and elective Bible courses for high schools.
Bill English addresses the Hebrew and Greek languages in the Bible and the challenge of terminating employees. Then, Kevin Smith discusses the acknowledgment of the sins of people who came before us, specifically addressing slavery.
Christina Fox discusses the challenge of not letting parenting become our central identity with her book Idols of a Mother's Heart. Then, Hunter Baker talks about President Trump's address to the nation and generational conversations about the environment.
Dr. David Stevens discusses the health of kids who have a religious upbringing and the best diets for 2019. Then, Bruce Ashford talks about troubling trends within countries - commonalities between communism and liberal democracy, and eschatology in politics.
Tommy Binion discusses Trump's upcoming announcement, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez' ideas, and the possibility of taking away the Electoral College. Then, Greg Jao talks about the Urbana Conference: the who, what, and why of global missions.
Pinnacle Forum Partner Chuck Stetson heard and followed God’s call for his life, and as a result the “Bible as Literature” program he developed is in nearly 700 high schools in the U.S. and gaining traction in countries around the world. Listen as Chuck shares how God called him, what happened, and how hearing and knowing our calling, purpose a ...…
Dr. Linda Mintle discusses New Year's resolutions and psychology, and holidays after losing a loved one. Then, Dr. David Aikman explains recent Brexit news, the church in Ukraine, and troops pulling out of Syria.
Brandon Showalter discusses a puberty-blocking drug being given to gender-confused children in many hospitals and clinics. Then, Ruth Kramer talks about the persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt, travel to China, and churches in Pakistan.
Adam Holz dissects recent movie releases and discusses a few upcoming releases. Then, Chris Martin talks about Fortnite - what it is, why it's so popular, and how we can understand and come alongside our teens who are playing.
Carmen LaBerge discusses religious representation in Congress, separation of church and state, and abuse in the church. Then, Dr. Gary Stratton talks about looking back at 2018, looking forward to 2019, and planning on hope.
Jim Beilby talks New Year's resolutions and how much of a role God plays in us keeping our commitments. Then, Justin Whitmel Earley discusses the habits that fuel our lives...and our anxieties.
Ben Johnson talks about epiphany, Trump's wall, the 2020 elections, and Elizabeth Warren. Then, Hugh Whelchel discusses the stock market, why we invest, biblical ideas about wealth creation, and socialism vs. capitalism.
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