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CDS Stories
The mission of Covenant Day School is to assist the Christian family by providing an education marked by a biblical worldview, academic excellence, and affordability so that students are equipped to be salt and light for God’s glory.
CDS Podcast
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Mugambi Paul Cds
Welcome to Mugambi Paul Cds, where amazing things happen.
Check out my facebook page for more music andlive parties from all over Canada.FaceBook:
Dancehall, reggae and sound system culture interviews.
Free Subscription Service for DJ Bedz Promotional Mix CDs
Be prepared! House, Funky, UK Garage, RnB, HipHop, Bashment, Club Classics, Future Hits & Some Surprises! (Sorry no dubstep! Eugh!)
International Award Winning DJ Scottie B
Rockabilly DJ
The hottest in Rockabilly, Rhythm & Blues, Hillbilly and 1950s style Rock'n'Roll presented by The Rockabilly DJ, Bill Smoker. A weekly podcast available for free download in MP3 formatBroadcasting from the world-famous studio under the stairs in Croydon, south London. This show is also broadcast twice weekly on
Exploring the world of children's music.............seeking out extraordinary new songs & wondrous old school classics.
Too Many Records
Matt Kessler has Too Many Records… over 1500 to be more specific. In this podcast extension of the popular YouTube channel, Matt sits down with special guests to discuss a love of Vinyl and passion for music of all types. New Episodes every other Tuesday. #TooManyRecords Too Many Records is part of the Dragon Wagon Radio podcast network.
TUC Radio
Independent Radio on CDs, DVDs and the Internet
dj.garcia@hotmail.comBooking - TH Agency DJ Sets & Promo CDs iTunes podcast (subscribe)
Surfing the waves of popular culture with Michael Giltz
Awakenings is Your place for insight, tools and the 411 to track & navigate the Path of Awakening, Soul Expression, and living your life more fulfilled in all areas.Learn and share in living more awake, aware and conscious in your everyday life.Gain the insight and learn the tools to find your Soul purpose and Path to live your Soul Expression more happily and abundantlyAwakenings broadcasts live every Wed. 12pm -1:30 pm PT Call in for intuitive readings and with your questions and to share. ...
A monthly podcast and mixtape archive for Off Chances, a queer party in Chicago .
A 1-hour programme featuring this month's best reviewed CDs on
Jan Engels-Smith is a master of transformation. Through decades of experience as a master teacher and shamanic practitioner, she has captured the essence of change and well-being. Jan is an author, a Shamanic Practitioner (ShD), an Usui, Tibetan and Karuna Reiki Master, a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Chemical Dependency Specialist and a Hypnotherapist. Jan’s mission is to provide excellence in energy healing and education, and to support personal growth for well-being, adapting ancient ...
Jazz Northwest
Jazz Northwest focuses on the regional jazz scene from Portland to Vancouver. CDs by the best resident musicians from Seattle, Portland and Vancouver are featured, and the program also includes news about the best places to go for live jazz in the region. In addition, Jim goes "on location" to concerts, clubs and jazz festivals to record performances by resident and visiting artists for playback on Jazz Northwest. These one-of-a-kind recordings are available nowhere else! Jazz Northwest is p ...
Latest mix CDS from Fadda Warrior.
The mission of AIPIS is to properly educate real estate specialists and investors in the proven methods of income property investments as a road to building wealth. AIPIS Education Program Jason Hartman, internationally known investment property guru, had a vision. He wanted to share his 25+ years of real estate experience with a wider audience, so that they could benefit from everything he had learned. The idea for the Accredited Income Property Investment Specialist program grew out of Jas ...
They Might Be Giants Friday Night Video Podcast for Families is a weekly podcast. Subscribe here and every Friday night a new video podcast will be waiting for you to enjoy with your family. Each week the podcast features a different video or two from the DVD/CDs "Here Come the ABCs" and the brand new "Here Come the 123s" along with original songs from your hosts John and John.
RUF at Belmont
Weekly sermon by Kevin Twit from the RUF campus ministry group meetings at Belmont University. More info on RUF is available at If you are interested in supporting the ministry of RUF please visit are also the group behind the Indelible Grace cds of old hymns set to new music For more information on the ministry of RUF, including how you can support the work with your tax-deductible gifts, visit
Subscribe & Download the best free monthly Bassline CDs.
Datis Kharrazian, DHSc, DC, MS Author, Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms When My Lab Tests Are Normal? Dr. Kharrazian teaches more than 50 seminars nationally and internationally to health care practitioners. He has published numerous professional papers, several clinical manuals, and more than 30 educational CDs. He has pulled together extensive research and clinical experience to provide a revolutionary breakthrough in the support of low thyroid function. He has taught thousands of doct ...
Along with partners committed to changing the world, Dr. Michael Youssef is leading the way for people living in spiritual darkness to discover the light of Christ. By passionately proclaiming uncompromising Truth through print, web, television, and radio, this international team of experts is uniquely providing hope that is revolutionizing lives at home and around the world.What began as a small local radio ministry in 1988 has grown into an international ministry reaching millions for Chri ...
Luke 11:28
Monthly+ is a collection of audio sermon recordings by a traditional Catholic priest. This site is maintained by Catholic laity and shared with permission of the priest.The priest featured in these recordings is an active Catholic Priest in good standing with their local ordinaries and Rome, incardinated with normal faculties and jurisdiction, and serving in North America.Please comply with the following requests when sharing this audio:DO NOT share the name, location or image of this pr ...
Roy Eugene Davis was ordained by Paramahansa Yogananda in 1951 and was instructed by him at that time to initiate sincere truth seekers in the philosophy and practice of Kriya Yoga. For more than fifty years Mr. Davis has taught this clear, practical, effective approach to conscious living and soul awakening. This podcast series includes excerpts from Mr. Davis’ lectures during retreats at the Center for Spiritual Awareness headquarters in Lakemont, Georgia. For a free copy of Truth Journal ...
The Middle Chamber Books and Music podcast series supplements our Middle Chamber Book Store by featuring interviews with authors and creative professionals, and performances of their music. You can also buy their books and CDs or MP3 downloads through our store.
Behold Finders Keepers, a British record label, 40 years in the making, introducing fans of psychedelic / jazz / folk / funk / avant-garde and whacked-out movie musak to a lost world of undiscovered vinyl artifacts from the annals of alternative pop history.Catering to record collectors and DJ-producers alike with a huge emphasis on sample friendly soundscapes, rocksteady back-beats and primitive electronic experimentalism. Discerning purveyors of the bizarre and abnormal should expect the J ...
John Rosemond
John's radio show on parenting, "Because I Said So!" airs on American Family Radio networks on Saturdays from 6-7pm EST. Podcasts of the show will appear approximately one week after the show has aired.Got a question for the show? Call in at 404.419.6499 or email If you'd like more information on John, how to book him for an event, or to purchase books, Audio CDs or other materials, head over to John's membership website is at Keep in ...
Devotional yogic chanting with a Western influence. CDs and cassettes for sale, artist background, schedule of live appearances.
Audio Medica brings informally spoken comments from the world's most significant medical experts to the ears of practising doctors and medical professionals. Audio journalists attend leading medical conventions to interview doctors and medical scientists about their latest findings from important clinical trials. Their reports are available to subscribers on audio journal CDs and through internet podcast downloads.
These episodes come from annual meetings of the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA). It also includes talks given by members at other venues. For more information about specific annual meetings of the ASA go to DVDs of plenary lectures and CDs of sessions from recent ASA Annual Meetings are available for sale from Florian AudioVisual ( )
DTBM is a partnership of people from everywhere John Barnett has ministered (SC, CA, NY, MI, RI, OK, etc.) who help spread God's Word through taking the lessons already taught to a local church and making them available free of charge all over the USA and the World.John Barnett founded DTBM, as a non-profit 501c3 Oklahoma incorporated, outreach ministry. Currently DTBM is sending evangelistic and Bible teaching materials (books, study guides, CDs, radio shows, web based materials, etc) to ov ...
Guest Speakers
Calvary Albuquerque is regularly host to special guest speakers. This series includes messages from many great Bible teachers including; Pancho Juarez, Mike Finizio, Don McClure, Bill Welch and others. These messages can be purchased as CDs from our online store, or by calling 1-800-922-1888.
A "Words and Music" feature on Steve Oliver's "Radiant" CD. Steve's commentary on the songs and how they were created is woven into an audio tour of one of the years best smooth jazz/singer-songwriter CDs. Visit Steve Oliver's
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show series
In the final podcast episode of the year, we get to hear from Jackie Haynes! Jackie will be the new host of the CDS Stories podcast and we could not be more excited! Together, we talk about her love for stories, the Haynes' foster daughter, and some of her favorite CDS memories. Thank you, Jackie!
In this special double episode focused on last week’s Celebration of the Arts, we first hear about the worship team from students Luke Protasewich and Tori Winsky. Then we hear from students Georgia Kibler and Dylan Gentner about visual arts. Thank you guys!!
a story of believing in God's eyes we are all the same. enjoy.
In this episode, I get to talk to three of Mrs. Dennison's first graders! Ellie, Casey, and William tell me about their field trip to "Aw Shucks," their favorite meals, and of course, their favorite playground games! Thanks!
In this episode I sit down with Mr. Foltz (HS history) and Mrs. Foltz (LS music)! They share about what it's been like to watch CDS grow over nineteen years, the lessons they've learned while traveling, and how Mr. Foltz almost hit Mrs. Foltz with his moped. Thank you both so much!!
In this episode, I talk with Mr. Helmer (LS Principal) and his son, Matthew (5th grade at CDS). We talk about what Matthew's cochlear implants are like, the value Mr. Helmer sees in Christian education, and Matthew's DIY project, the "Ram-a-Jeep." Thank you both so much!
This week, I sit down with Mrs. Sharpe and Mr. Sharpe (who is a CDS HS Math teacher) to talk about their lives! Mrs. Sharpe shares her experience doing humanitarian work in the Middle East, Mr. Sharpe explains the meaning of his new title, “Trail Master,” and together, they sing a lovely duet! Thank you both!…
In this podcast episode, Mrs. Frances Ashley (AP Physics teacher) and I sit down for a chat! We talk about what it’s like to send kids to college, her experience as one of the first women in Clemson’s engineering program, and how she balances her career and motherhood. Thank you, Mrs. Ashley!
Scottie B - Dope and Clean Vol.2
In this podcast episode, Sophie Linder (CDS Senior) and I sit down for a chat! We talk about her competitive swimming journey, how the CDS community has supported her, and what she does for fun when she's not in the pool! Thanks, Sophie!
Ellie (11th) and Emery (9th) are our guests this week! They started their own nonprofit, KangarooKids to help families dealing with chronic disabilities stay organized throughout their hospital process. Together we talk about how the organization works, what it's like to be new to CDS this year, and some of their favorite KangarooKids stories.…
Officer George Ortiz is Covenant Day's Guard One officer who helps us with traffic flow, parking, campus safety, and everything in between! In this interview, Officer Ortiz and I talk about why he loves his job, what he does in his free time, and his 23 years serving in the U.S. Navy. Thank you, Officer George!…
Paul Wylie is a CDS parent of three kids (Hannah, Emma, and Caleb)and won a silver medal for figure skating in the 1992 Olympics. In this interview, he shares about the atmosphere of the Olympic Village, recovering from a serious health scare, and what advice he would give to aspiring young athletes. Thank you, Mr. Wylie!…
In this interview, I sit down with Coach O'Quinn, Anna Haynes, and Sarah Dahlberg to chat about our Cross Country season. We talk about the atmosphere at races, being seniors on the team, and winning the state championship!
What happened to Luke, and interview with Laura, and a mystery is afoot at CDS...
The epic conclusion to our mystery is finally revealed! Plus, interviews with Brumhilda and interesting facts about goats!
In this interview, I sit down with Hannah Wylie, Ben Collins, and Charlotte Kornegay, three actors in the middle school production of Lion King Junior! They talk me through the process of creating the show and share funny stories, comical stage mishaps, and what the Lion King story means to them. Thank you guys!…
Introducing Jasmine! by CDS Podcast
Hear about crazy music stories with Connor! Important note: There is a brief mention of fictional violence in this episode (starts @ 0:45), so please use your judgment before allowing young children to listen.
Carmen and Emmi share a modern take on a classic story!
Hear about upcoming Broadway shows and more!
Hear about the plays we saw on our trip to Ashland!
Darla Ellington is a CDS parent and the Food Services Manager at Convent Day. Together, we talk about a day in the life of her job, how her two sons transitioned into CDS, and why she calls CDS “the best kept secret in Charlotte.” Thank you, Mrs. Ellington!
The inaugural CDS Podcast! Follow our hosts as they review what they did in science class as well as interview a special guest. Enjoy!
Dr. Paul J. Maurer is the president of Montreat college and has decades of experience in research, speaking on numerous topics, and higher education leadership. Dr. Maurer is our keynote speaker for this year’s speaker symposium, titled, “The Power of Privilege.” Together, we discuss his powerful presentation the the student body, his journey t ...…
Scottie B - The Warm Up Pt.2
Hannah and Abby Olive attended CDS for four years and graduated in the class of 2016.In this interview, we talk about their life as twins, the transition from CDS to college, and how we processed being in London during terrorist attacks. Thank you, Abby and Hannah!
Jeff Dennsion(HS teacher) and Stephanie Dennison (1st grade teacher) have three kids at CDS and hosted CDS international student, Joyce Liu (also pictured), for 2 years. In this podcast, we talk about our appreciation for Mr. Tapp, the CDS community, and the very complex story of how the two met!
In this final podcast of the year, Sara Kate is our guest! Sara Kate is a rising senior and will be handling the podcast for the upcoming year! In this episode we discuss our love for stories and how the podcast came to fruition.
Baccalaureate Service 2017
to quote this week's podcast guest, "our interview was awesome!" Nate Davis was born with a cognitive disability, but despite this obstacle, Nate does not feel limited. Currently, he works part-time with operations at CDS and for Chik-fil-a. He also helps out the varsity baseball team during the spring season. In addition to these roles, we dis ...…
Kayla (Class of 2010) is getting married! In this Podcast, she discusses her love for sports as well as how she met her husband-to-be! Congratulations Kayla!!!
2017 All white Boat Cruise CD@bravadointhemix
Catherine, Mark and Haven are on the brink of their respective transition years! Catherine (12th grade) will be headed to Appalacian State next year. Mark (8th grade) will be looking forward to his freshmen year in the CDS high school. Haven (5th grade) will be anticipating the start of middle school! All three reflect, share favorite memories, ...…
00:00 TLC - Way Back (feat. Snoop Dogg) 00:49 DJ Khaled ft Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance The Rapper & Lil Wayne - Im The One (Dirty) 10:28am 42:38 DJ Khaled - Shining (feat. Beyoncé & JAY Z) 44:08 Chance The Rapper ft. Knox Fortune - All Night (Intro Dirty) 47:09 Nadia Rose - Tight Up (feat. Red Rat) 49:19 Drake - Passionfruit 51:25 The Weeknd - ...…
In this podcast Heather Mills discusses her love for history, an appreciation for her upbringing and what makes a "good college."
Sarah Mitchell (9th grade), Tanner McCammon (6th grade) and Ainsley Padgett (1st grade) are each nearing the end of their first year at each of their respective schools. Now that they are no longer rookies, I get their perspective on how things have gone, what they would have done differently, and what their favorite memories are.…
Will has been with Christ Covenant/ Covenant Day for 3 years, and his wife, Patty, recently joined the team as well. They work tirelessly to care for our facilities, and taking care of a school building is serious business. They are some of the highest quality and most kindhearted people that you will ever meet. Check out this podcast to hear W ...…
Seniors Kristen Seibert and Sarah Billiard discuss the balancing act required to be a student athlete, where they find their identity, their love for art, and the value of trying something new!
JD Brooks is a former collegiate soccer player for the Clemson Tigers, and he runs Iron Tribe Fitness in Charlotte. He and his wife, Brannon, have two children - Barrett and Graham. He is also a recovering alcoholic. In this chapel message JD shares his story of grace and redemption as the Lord used community to save him from addiction.…
Katie Spata, High School Art Teacher, has been at CDS for 5 years. In this podcast, she talks about how she met Brian, her husband, at "Taylathon," spent the first 7 years of her career in China, and even the age-old question - "What is beauty?"
Scott Schindler was a member of Covenant Day's first graduating class (2006)! He was recently promoted to the position of director of admissions at Covenant College. He discusses both his memories of being a senior at Covenant Day and the college decision process.
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