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THC is an interview-based show that seeks to explore topics of conspiracy, the paranormal, the psychedelic, & the esoteric with the best researchers and authors in the game.
SoulFeed is a podcast for you to transform, take charge of, and master your career, relationships, and life. When you need inspiration, a spiritual workout, or a shift in perspective, life coaches Shannon Algeo and Alex Kip give you what you need. Each episode brings you a motivational interview with a powerful leader -OR- an inspiring life coaching session with someone ready to step into a world of endless possibilities. Get ready to Join our community of Soul Warriors!
CLS: Fireside Chats is an eclectic interview podcast that endeavors to expose the world to a litany of unique and interesting people. Each Tuesday, a new episode goes live chatting with a different person about a different subject. If you want each episode a week early, please consider supporting the show on Patreon at
We sit down with developers to talk about the latest and greatest in web development. These conversations will take you deeper into the human side of coding web applications and deliver insight that you might not expect.
The show for people who love marketing. Come behind the scenes of real-life marketing experiments with your hosts Adam Franklin and Toby Jenkins. You'll hear that chat with guests as they all confess their failures and reveal the truth about what really works on the web. The show is brought to you by our book "Web Marketing That Works".
Selling Online Today is a podcast created for small business owners who sell online via their e-commerce website, Amazon and Ebay all at the same time. If you are looking for inspiration, tips, tricks, advice on how to become a better seller then look no further. Each episode brings you a successful business owner talking about what he does, how he does it and what they recommend for those who are just thinking about or just beginning to sell online or who have begun and want to grow. Patric ...
Hosted in turn by Stuart Stubbs and Greg Cochrane from Loud And Quiet magazine, each episode of Midnight Chats is an intimate, late-night conversation with a musician willing to indulge in informal, back-from-the-pub waffle. New episodes will be posted online, fittingly, at the stroke of midnight.
Talking Theater podcast celebrates theater! Your host, Marc Smith, interviews theater makers for theater people who love theatre. Actors, directors, playwrights, designers, stage managers, musicians, and other professionals will share stories about their career, their craft, and their community. You will be introduced each week to artists who make a living in the performing arts. We’re not just talking – we’re talking theater!
A series of wee (short) interviews about high level mental performance with people who are highly successful (Brilliant) performers on the sports field, in a studio, on stage, on a movie set, behind a mic, in the board room, or in a top research lab. Wee Chats series focuses on how the performer is able to be Brilliant while being challenged by every day highs and lows in life and in performances. We will learn about any mental or physical preparation they do, how they cope with nerves, how ...
Daily Tech News Show (Video feed) - unofficial video w/ "behind-the-scenes" chats
Herbal Chats
A weekly podcast that will feature a new herbal medicine to talk about and share personal opinions on.
Swampside Chats
"The best goddamn communist podcast, period."—Tom O'Brien, From Alpha to OmegaSwampside Chats is the podcast where, every week, communists shoot the shit about current events, history, political economy, and theory."You are free not only to invite us, but to go yourselves wherever you will, even into the Swamp. In fact, we think that the Swamp is your proper place, and we are prepared to render you every assistance to get there. Only let go of our hands, don’t clutch at us and don’t besmirch ...
Analysis on the Seahawks, NFL, college football, and a little bit of everything else.
Founder Chats
Each week Baremetrics Founder, Josh Pigford, sits down with a different founder to talk shop. Get honest, insightful looks in to how other founders run their businesses.
Award winning personal finance expert Andy Webb from chats with money bloggers, writers and experts to help you save, make and manage money. Show notes at
Professor Game is a weekly podcast where we interview successful practitioners of games, gamification and game thinking that will bring us the best of their experiences to get ideas, insights and will inspire us in the process of getting students or trainees to learn what we teach.
Chai Chats Podcast
A weekly podcast, featuring three women living in Montreal who drink Chai and converse about various topics.
learn - share - scale
A podcast exploring Running culture in Melbourne, Australia, and speaking with the personalities within it. Hosted by local boys Peter James and Nathan Fenton, these guys aren't afraid of a good laugh as they talk all things running and chat to some great people within this great running community.
Expanding Times is known for initiating inspiring, conscious conversations devoted to personal transformation, radiant health, expanding spirituality, global awakening, the shift in consciousness & all things relating to an abundant, joyful lifestyle. for much more!
Charmed Chats
Charmed Chats is a podcast created by enthusiastic fans Kat and Kendra to discuss a beloved piece of their past, Charmed, and whatever tangents they follow while doing so. Be prepared to get familiar with Blue, and the Charmed Ones too!
Welcome to the Huia Come Home podcast! Tune in to hear discussions on Christian theology, a Māori worldview, and life on the ground in good-ol' Aotearoa, New Zealand.
Brass Chats
Brass Chats are interviews with the best brass players in the industry hosted by Tom, Joel and Chris - trumpet players with the United Stated Coast Guard Band and makers of the wildly popular valve oil - Monster Oil. In each episode we ask successful brass players about their "tips and tricks" for mastering their instrument and we learn stories about their life as a professional brass player.
When President Franklin D. Roosevelt took office in 1933, one in four Americans was out of work nationally, but in some cities and some industries unemployment was well over 50 percent. From the Banking crisis to until his last about War Bonds, FDR spoke
Scandalicious Chats
Entertainment reviews with a bit of attitude.
Horse Chats
Interviews with Equine Industry Experts. Listen to Olympians, World Cup and Nations Cup riders, World Champions as well as leading specialists in their field. Regular International guests give specific advice on tips, steps and ideas in their specialty area. A must listen to all horse lovers and those genuinely interested in safety and horse welfare.
Chats (for you)
In this podcast, James Walker talks to people for you, the public. These ‘people’ will be ‘people’ he is a fan of anyway, so you are really very welcome, people. Each episode is usually a combination of questions, and follow-up questions (just to keep it fresh). It’s fairly silly, and much more about having a chat with some daft questions for a while, rather than working out why acts do what they do, or how they do it. (Basically, James tries to talk to people he likes, and they sometimes le ...
The monthly Fireside Chat sessions with physicist and author Thomas Campbell have been published on Youtube for several years. Now they are also available as an audio podcast.
Snacks and Chats
Snacks and Chats, Season 1: But where are you really from?A serious podcast, with a silly name. Lani and Ben begin each episode by asking creative New Zealanders how they tackle that loaded question, “Where are you from?” and the stories go from there.
"Screw it, Just do it" is a weekly podcast where Alex Chisnall from chats with todays most successful entrepreneurs as well as the most exciting startups who are trying to emulate them. Ted Baker founder Ray Kelvin, Innocent founder Richard Reed, Social Chain's Steven Bartlett, plus John Lee Dumas, Pat Flynn, & Lewis Howes are just some of the those interviewed. "Screw it, Just do it" was created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Each episode features the stories from tw ...
The REACH OR MISS podcast is about the customer focused entrepreneur. Hayut Yogev chats with Guy Kawasaki, John Lee Dumas, Chris Brogan, Joe Pulizzi, Kate Erickson, Marcus Sheridan and more about their Customer Focus. The show is the first podcast that focuses on the difference in the way entrepreneurs approach customers and consumers that lead to a glorious failure or a grand success.
Drinks coffee and chats with remarkable people.
Stern Chats is an MBA student-run podcast founded by Sheri Holt and Frank Varrichio, and runs in affiliation with the Stern Opportunity, the graduate student newspaper at New York University Stern School of Business. Our Mission is to explore untold stories of students, almuni, administrators and faculty at NYU Stern. While NYU Stern is filled with impressive resumes, some of the best stories cannot be found on paper. Each episode features members of the Stern community and their personal st ...
Firewall Chats
A new podcast powered by Experian Partner Solutions. Join hosts Cody Gredler and Morgan Grevey as they speak with leading security experts and share their unique experiences and insights to keep listeners—and their identities—safe from cybersecurity threats.
Work Alchemy: The Impact Interviews is a weekly Business Podcast where Ursula Jorch has wide-ranging and deep conversations with highly successful entrepreneurs and leaders about what it takes to have impact. Seth Godin, Marianne Williamson, Prince Ea, Soledad O’Brien, and Martha Beck are just 5 of the over 100 interviews to date. Work Alchemy was created for you: entrepreneur, solopreneur, and small business owner, so you can have your own unique impact. If you want insights, inspiration, a ...
Business, Jesus and Sweet Tea is a weekly podcast produced and hosted by Heather Heuman and Sweet Tea Social Marketing. Heather is dedicated to helping Christian business owners and entrepreneurs grow businesses with social media marketing, branding and insight from leading influencers getting results in this ever-changing marketplace. Plus...encouraging you to use your gifts and talents you have been blessed with by God to shine a light for Jesus in today's world online as well as offline. ...
Krav Chats
Podcast by Krav Maga Systems
Illicit Chats
Illicit Chats Podcast - when Sex Educator, Glen meets Comedian, Laura (and Chris the Producer edits it to make it funny). We'll make you laugh. Cry. And hopefully think. Tackling the awkward subjects no one wants to talk about every week over a cup of tea. From abortion to xenophobia. Covering every taboo subject we can come up with. We delve into the uncomfortable and make ourselves at home in the search for understanding, human kindness (and maybe some biscuits to go with this goddamn tea) ...
Welcome to Cushing's Help and Support. Mary O'Connor (MaryO) is the founder of . This site provides information, support, RSS feedsnews, and education for people with Cushing's (aka Cushies) or other endocrine problems, their friends and families. Cushing's syndrome is a hormonal disorder caused by prolonged exposure of the body's tissues to high levels of cortisol. This website also deals with Thyroid Disorders, Addison's Disease, Adrenal Disorders, Cushing's Sy ...
Flat White Chats
Grab yourself a flat white... we're going in! Robin James AKA Man For Himself's musings on life, how we live it and what we do with it.
Friar Side Chats
A down-to-earth and chuckle-worthy conversation on everyday topics with a Franciscan friar from Duke University.
Bugcrowd Chats
Join us for our conversations and interviews with some of the best hackers and security teams in the world. This feed features our ongoing "Big Bugs" podcast, interviews from events like Black Hat & DEFCON, and other conversations we have throughout the year.
Hallway Chats
Sharing stories and building belonging
Tips, Advice and Stories About Sports Radio From The Most Recognizable and Informative Voices In The Industry
This show examines everyday concerns with a focus on women over 40. Relationships, responsibilities, personal safety, health and wellness, nutrition supplementation, exercise and fitness, skin care, retirement, and residual income streams are among the many topics that will be explored. Call in during the broadcast with your questions and comments (646) 716.8344. Or, you can leave a message at (650) 741.4137 and I will return your call.
History Chats
History Chats is a podcast series from Each Saturday we will post a different talk from our collection of world class historians. These will include conference sessions, public lectures, and roundtable discussions. So get your weekend started on a high note with History Chats.
Christian Science Sentinel Audio Chats Feed
Charmed Chats
Charmed Chats is a podcast created by enthusiastic fans Kat and Kendra to discuss a beloved piece of their past, Charmed, and whatever tangents they follow while doing so. Be prepared to get familiar with Blue, and the Charmed Ones too!
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The Gang responds to the grim findings of the UN Climate Report. Jake becomes a prepper, Lexi becomes a Sorelian, Donald doubles down on Leninism, Rosa rages against the dying of the light, and some of that rage ends up landing on Grant.
With a cigarette and a glass of wine in each hand, Josh T. Pearson, frontman with Lift To Experience, sits down with Greg Cochrane in front of an audience at End of the festival 2018 to talk about his new country comedy album, Texas construction jobs and being a rock 'n' roll outsider.
Reducing Injuries To Performance Horses Through Nutrition, Training and Management Time Stamps and Contact Details for this Episode are available on Music - Interviewed by Glenys Cox
Introducing Malcolm Peralty Malcolm has done a little of everything with WordPress and is currently the co-founder of PressTitan, a premium managed WordPress posting service. Show Notes Website | Press Titan Twitter | @findpurpose Episode Transcript Tara: This is Hallway Chats, where we meet people who use WordPress. Liam: We ask questions, and ...…
The Gang sits down to discuss the 1977 essay version of "The Alternative in Eastern Europe" by Rudolf Bahro.Help us turn the world upside down!
This week I'm sharing where I think the best places are to put cash savings.With two new savings accounts offering 1.5% (Marcus by Goldman Sachs & the RBS Savings Builder), I've looked at whether they're any good, or if you can get a better rate elsewhere (spoiler: you can). I also discuss why most of you don't need an ISA, particularly if you ...…
Mona Hecke is well known as the 'Aussie Health Girl' and as well as sharing her popular insights on healthy living, Mona is forging a path forward for the healing powers of medicinal marijuana. Mona's son has a form of epilepsy and he was adament he did not want the convential treatments as they were doing more harm to his body than good. This ...…
"Ten Tips When Working With Your Foal" Time Stamps and Contact Details for this Episode are available on Music - Interviewed by Glenys Cox
National managing director of The Deloitte Greenhouse Experience team, Kim Christfort helps executives tackle tough business challenges. In our conversation about impact, Kim and I delve into a practical tool for business relationships that Kim and her colleague Suzanne Vickberg developed called Business Chemistry, also the title of their new book.…
Laci Green is a popular YouTuber, sex educator, feminist, and author. She's also a personal friend of mine. I initially invited Laci to Santa Monica for a Fireside Chat about her new book (Sex Plus: Learning, Loving, and Enjoying Your Body), and intended on discussing sexuality, feminism, and all the rest. Instead, though, we had a wide-ranging ...…
Podcast Episode 097 - Frankincense Frankincense is more than just a gift brought by the wise men to baby Jesus in the Bible. To tell you the truth, I hadn't given frankincense a thought or in my mind, nor the respect it is totally worthy of. In fact, when I speak of Frankincense, I will capitalize its first letter "F" in its name, because that' ...…
"I find working, doing a startup, and trying to manage a family life and keep all the balls in the air extremely difficult - and I mess up all the time. My children are incredibly patient and understanding. I'm always the mother who's not at the football match at the school, or that I get the date wrong for the cake sale. Then I get really guil ...…
"10 Points to Help you Feed your Horse Better for Less" Time Stamps and Contact Details for this Episode are available on Music - Interviewed by Glenys Cox
There is nothing that lights Kara up like helping a Realtor understand the power of having a marketing plan that works! Whether it’s teaching an agent how to set up their social media accounts, helping them reach their ideal client effectively or coaching them on implementing an existing plan, it all boils down to more business for them. Throug ...…
Equine Lameness Veterinarian and Equine Spinal Manipulative Therapist Time Stamps and Contact Details for this Episode are available on Music - Interviewed by Glenys Cox
Jeremy Liddle: Entrepreneur for 16 years. Co-founder & Exec Director of CapitalPitch. President, G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA) Aus-tralia for 5 years. Represents Australia in youth employment and entre-preneurship at the United Nations. Published author on startups and TEDx speaker.“I've been an entrepreneur since before I knew what th ...…
JD Dillon is one of the most prolific authors and speakers in workplace learning today. With his practical approach, JD integrates science, technology, storytelling and pure common sense to enable employees, improve performance and drive business results. For 20 years, JD has executed strategies for global organizations, including The Walt Disn ...…
Episode 320 is here. We’re getting so close to the end of the season! It’s getting crazy!! Email: Twitter Facebook Instagram Tumblr Patreon Merch
Episode 320 is here. We’re getting so close to the end of the season! It’s getting crazy!! Email: Twitter Facebook Instagram Tumblr Patreon Merch
Using Exercise Physiology to Assist Horse Riders Maintain Strength and Fitness and Prevent Injury Time Stamps and Contact Details for this Episode are available on Music - Interviewed by Glenys Cox
Harley Cash is the president of social motorcycle club, Aces & Eights. He shares a behind the scenes look at what goes on in a motorcycle club, he gives his honest thoughts on the strict motorcycle club laws that were introduced in recent years. But maybe the most interesting part of Harley's story is his childhood. Harley was homeless at 12 an ...…
Everyday You Learn Something New Because Horses Are Your Teachers Time Stamps and Contact Details for this Episode are available on Music - Interviewed by Glenys Cox
In 2011, historical geographer Richard Harris presented a talk entitled “The Making of Dufferin-St. Clair: 1900-1929. Following his talk, a room full of community members shared their personal memories of the area’s social and physical development. Harris’s talk comes from research for his book, Unplanned Suburbs: Toronto’s American Tragedy, 19 ...…
Today's guest is Cory Daniel, the man behind The Phoenix Enigma, where he de-occults the rituals of the elite and educates the masses on the ancient esoteric undercurrent of the American Southwest.Want more from Cory Daniel? The Phoenix Enigma Cory on YouTubeDID YOU KNOW YOU'RE MISSING HALF THE SHOW?BECOME A PLUS MEMBER FOR $8 MONTHLY-GET THE F ...…
Andres Cabrera, NYU Stern alumni, joins us in the studio to share his experiences with mindfulness. In a story about understanding who you are and going beyond your biases, Andres shares a powerful story about the humanity we share with others and the importance of forgiveness.Hosts: Andrew Slotnick & Devna ShuklaProduced: Crystal DesaiTechnica ...…
We share chocolate mousse cake on Dona’s couch and Malek speaks about how to live a life as a single person, how to settle down into the present experience rather than live as if waiting for something else to happen. We speak about the struggles in doing things for oneself, and share our unique experiences in moving towards self-love/self-hood. ...…
10 Points to Remember When Training Your Horse Time Stamps and Contact Details for this Episode are available on Music - Interviewed by Glenys Cox
London singer Ray BLK came by our office to talk about university living, becoming friends with Stormzy, her previous life as a brand PR (she hated it) and being the first unsigned artist to win the BBC Sound Of poll.
10 Steps To A Wonderful Relationship With Your Horse Time Stamps and Contact Details for this Episode are available on Music - Interviewed by Glenys Cox
Introducing Michelle Coe & Brett Van Sprewenburg Michelle and Brett are informal partners in business and in life. Brett is an engineer, Michelle is a designer. Daily, they balance living and working together 24/7 while building their respective businesses. Show Notes Website | Blue Sky Phoenix Website | Perigee Labs Twitter | @bsp_design Episo ...…
In the latest installment of our "Not One Step Back!" reading series, we take a listener recommendation and look at the introduction to "Marx and the Earth: An Anti-Critique" by John Bellamy Foster and Paul Burkett.Make us read cool stuff at metaphorical gunpoint!
Often people think of mental health in relation to serious conditions such as bipolar or depression, but it's something we should all consider - not just for ourselves but for friends and family. Mental health is pretty much how you're feeling and functioning. It can be good, or ok.But all of us will have moments where it's bad - even if it's n ...…
Michael Bennett is an entertainer, a comedian and a stuntman. He has wowed audiences all over the world. But behind the big laughs is a man who has dealt with the sad reality that his fiance died of hyperthermia after going out for a walk in the Snowy Mountains with a friend and getting lost. After that day, Michael's new travelling partner was ...…
Integrated Veterinary Therapeutics for Horses Time Stamps and Contact Details for this Episode are available on Music - Interviewed by Glenys Cox
As a writer and feminist marketing consultant, Kelly Diels is a social critic who helps feminist entrepreneurs sell without selling out. The interview gets off to a fast start as we explore the implications of feminism in marketing and business.
It's only in recent years that the gaming industry has become louder, more vocal, and more visible. But in quieter times, David Jaffe led the charge when it came to what we today term "being a personality." Jaffe is most famous for being the driving force behind Twisted Metal (pardon the pun), and was the director and creative visionary behind ...…
Podcast Episode 096 - Kava Kava is one of the newest trends sweeping the nation, so I decided to look into it. There is a little bit of everything inside this plant... A lil good... A lil bad... and some ugly!! Only way to find out what I mean, is by listening to day's podcast sharing some information about it. Listen up below!! Please remember ...…
We have a delicious breakfast together and speak about the important of speaking from our own experience, our own truths and how challenging it is to not centre other people in our narratives. How to navigate relationships with integrity? How do we participate in hurting each other and ourselves by not standing in our truth? We speak about our ...…
The Natural Art Of Healing With Herbs Time Stamps and Contact Details for this Episode are available on Music - Interviewed by Glenys Cox
The Seahawks lost to the Rams 33-31, but there are positives to take away, say Rob Staton and Kenneth Arthur. Plus Rob, an England native, gives tips and tricks on traveling to see the Hawks in Wembley.
Heather Heuman is the CEO of Sweet Tea Social Marketing, host of the 'Business, Jesus and Sweet Tea' podcast and founder of Social Thrive Business Academy. She is a social media speaker, strategist and consultant that specializes in helping business owners discover how to grow in today’s noisy social marketplace with solid social media strategy ...…
"The initial feedback we got from people was that it was worth us exploring. So we got started, and I guess at each stage there were sufficiently encouraging signs that it was worth carrying on. So we quit our jobs, put in our savings and went out to try and raise money to enable us to start marketing and to start building a team. And it went f ...…
Non-player characters (NPCs) - How can we recognize them?, parallel processing, what is intelligence and talent?,electronic voice phenomena - are these voice from deceased loved ones?, making the right choices the meaning of researchBy (Oliver).
Eliminating limiting beliefs, are all beliefs limiting, meeting people from lucid dreams in real life, touch life experience and how to make sense of them, experience extreme fear for short periods of time, Tom's view on modern dental careBy (Oliver).
How do synchronicities work?, why does the LCS create them for me? Lucid dreams and OBE connection, have we consciously decided to incarnate here, Can a learning lab like our PMR exhaust its possibities for growth?, Is consciousness actually informationBy (Oliver).
Equitana Down Under Time Stamps and Contact Details for this Episode are available on Music - Interviewed by Glenys Cox
Justin is a co-founder of Blocknauts, a blockchain growth advisory & me-dia group. Justin is a keynote speaker & advisor for over 12+ blockchain companies, tokens & Dapps. Prior to founding Blocknauts, Justin has been content creator in the growth marketing space. He has collaborated with the Wall St Journal, CES, NASA, NASDAQ & been sponsored ...…
Samantha is a game designer, developer and researcher of game-based learning and gamification applications at the Disruptive Media Learning Lab (DMLL), Coventry University, UK. She works with both internal and external learners, practitioners and stakeholders to develop all manner of quirky gamey things. She sometimes even writes about the quir ...…
Received the 'Armada Dish', Presented by Queen Elizabeth For Competing at Badminton CCI Four Star on 5 Consecutive Years on the Same Horse. Time Stamps and Contact Details for this Episode are available on Music - Interviewed by Glenys Cox
Amber Goldsmith has shared the stage with some of the country's biggest country artists including Troy Cassar Daley and Adam Harvey. But it's her personal life that is the really remarkable part of her journey. She joins Matt in the studio and the best part is she brings her guitar! Amber Goldsmith shares the ups and downs of her life and she s ...…
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