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“Chatting with Chuck” will focus on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) division of Advantech which is consistently listed as one of the top 50 global automation suppliers. Podcasts will discuss Advantech’s IIoT products including intelligent HMI platforms, wireless communication, automation controllers, distributed IO modules, & embedded automation computers..just to name a few! Industry trends and applications like machine monitoring and programmable real-time machine control will als ...
The cousins discuss all things Houston,family,relationships, our lives, sports, currents events, music,and the positive note. We are starting a movement of positive black people and we are here to make a difference as well as entertain you. So lend us your ear and enjoy!
Chatting Balls
2 United fans and 1 City fan talking about the weekend's football, interspersed with bits of music.
Chatting With
Hello I'm Andrew Hales and welcome to another edition of Chatting With!
Brothers by chance, friends by choice. Join the brothers Grimm in tall tales and funny stories. We cover current events, Morrisons salad bars, questionable words and general low brow nonsense.
Welcome to Sitting n Chatting. Presented by Liam Whyte and Jamie Allan. School friends with who don’t do much apart from sitting and chatting (no pun intended), who watch football and drink. Just your typical 19 year olds. we speak about loads of different subjects, so if you want to leave suggestions about what to speak about in a future episode I am sure we will do. Or even if you want to give recommendations. Just put them in the comments below. We hope this will one day become a big thin ...
Chatting with Liz
Welcome to the Chatting with Liz podcast, where we will talk about life situations, anxiety and mental health, and diving through spirituality and what I am learning about it.
Podcast by Verge Magazine
Just chatting about things on my brain, a whatever comes up, comes out kinda place lol
The podcast that cares.™(About sports. And comedy.)Hosted by Bryan Hatt & produced by Matt Burke.
Interviews with authors, politicians, and personalities
Chatting With Ron
Interviews with leaders from business, organizations and government.
Daily convos with everyday people
7th anniversary of award winning author's Sherri Rabinowitz's show Chatting With Sherri! Join Sherri as she chats with writers, actors and other artists about their work. A fun relaxing chat with all kinds of amazing exciting creative people. We also have a series shows under the umbrella of Sherri's Playhouse; where playwrights and actors get a chance to strut their stuff! The home of The Chatty Award for most live listens and downloads!
Welcome to the Chatting with Chester podcast, where amazing things happen.
Chatting with Casey
Sometimes words just aren't enough. Chatting with Casey takes the storytelling style many have come to love from Casey Palmer, Canadian Dad and brings it to the next level with solid monologues, killer conversations, and an energy that just won't quit no matter HOW hard you try! We chat family, food, travel, tech, fashion and faith—come check us out every Monday!
Hosted by Tyler Basu, the Chatting With Champions Podcast features in-depth interviews with successful entrepreneurs who reveal the principles and strategies that have made them successful. By asking very specific questions, Tyler’s interviews are designed to shed light not just on the results of his guests, but on the process behind those results. Each interview begins with a focus on how the guest got started in business, followed by an overview of their journey as an entrepreneur, challen ...
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
Chatting about running.
The Living Room
Chatting with musicians from the greater-LA area. This is a series of conversations and acoustic performances by bands you love & bands you don't know you love yet. Join us on the couch as we reminisce, swap music recs, laugh a lot, and try to figure out what it means to be a creative in a city where everyone is, or tries to
Group of friends chatting about chatting
Two friends chatting about their love of food, adult beverages, and all things paranormal/supernatural. Hilarity doth ensue.
Two ladies from the OC, chatting up topics like relationships, gossip, fitness and beauty.
Chats For Change
Two Christchurch girls chatting about ethical living, self-development and social justice.
We regret that, since the devastation of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, our studio and related technology have been down. Our intentions were to keep you posted on our status. That, unfortunately, has not occurred until now, Sept. 5, 2018. During the recovery process, I have been functioning as a Crisis Counselor, in a local nonprofit agency, funded by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Most recently yours truly was promoted to Crisis Counselor Lead. This pod ...
Loonacy Podcast
Three guys talking MNUFC, MLS, soccer in general, and mixing in beer, and other things of life. These are observations and opinions of a normal kind, while enjoying chatting about other things that may come up.
Cumulative Upkeep
It's Cumulative Upkeep! Two friends chatting about the game we love - Magic: the Gathering.Hear MTG news, spoilers, stories and points of view from a couple of casually obsessed players.
Pete & Steve
Pete & Steve is an all in one podcast. We discuss things that impact you and the world around you especially focusing on how to improve your quality of life. Featuring guest interviews on relevant topics with a dash of humor to create a blend of fun and substance. Chatting about our stuff, your stuff, the world's stuff, and the intersection of it all.
All In Your Mind podcast features hosts Director Rick Rohan and Production Manager Duane Beeman as well as several of our in-house Directors chatting in round table style about every day GraphicAudio happenings -- new series, current series and productions they are working on.
Vegan Beanz
Chatting about unapologetic veganism, animal rights activism and animal liberation.
We are two Southern sisters re-watching "The Hills" and chatting about it weekly for your entertainment.
Aleena and Hanya just chatting it up for about a half and hour at a time. Listen, maybe. Enjoy.
'Dreaming and doing with Nicky Raby' discusses success, but not in the traditional sense. The online world can still be a little mysterious, so I am going to be chatting to business owners and personal brands all about their version of success. How he/she did it, what the dream vs the reality looks like, how to make significant money whilst remaining creative and flexible (also HOW they do this) and the power of the portfolio career. I also want to give you business and mindset tools to acce ...
Remote Ruby
Two software developers chatting about Ruby and Ruby on Rails.
The All About 365 podcast, with Steve Goodman and Jason Wynn chatting over a coffee about Microsoft 365, including Teams, Skype, Exchange and much more...
Welcome To WTAF - A THIS COUNTRY Podcast! The Top 5 Itunes Podcast about the BAFTA winning BBC comedy series 'This Country'.We celebrate one of the best new comedies to hit UK screens for years. We will be chatting about the episodes in depth, interviewing the stars, creators and fans of the show.Follow us on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter@wtafthiscountryEmail©️Pancast PODuctions 2018
A weekly podcast specializing in exploring and expanding Human Horizons. This is your one stop shop for chatting about pop culture, politics, history and a nice pair of slacks at a reasonable price. Each show is an exciting, free-flowing exchange of ideas, full of interesting people saying interesting things. Plug in your headphones, pull up a chair and join our never-ending quest. FREE YOUR MIND!!Please Subscribe on iTunes and Google and Follow us on Twitter @popcastnc
Brondos' Back Deck
Chatting with interesting people about music, life, Wilkes Co, NC etc. etc. from my back deck on W Kerr Scott Reservoir
Just Us; Chatting; About Justice
Girls Chat
Its just regular girls chatting about normal stuff. Cashpigs subscribe to or have your miserable, beta male existence cancelled.
A podcast of 3 friends chatting about things we like (or don't) about pop culture, fandom & just life in general. Follow along as we figure this out!
Are you a Geek? Maybe a Nerd? Well, have no fear! We've got you covered here at Nerks of the Hub! Tune in to see which of your favorite celebrities we're chatting with, and what they have to say! A podcast for passionate fandoms, we are fans asking the questions you want to know! Follow us on Twitter @nerksofthehub, we love to hear from our listeners!
Emily Manning chats with kids, parents, and teachers about the best in children's literature for ages 4 through 11. Discussions include reading tips and fun activities to do with children before, during, and after reading.
Join Sky Sports WWE Editor Jefferson Lake and the team as they delve into the world of Sports Entertainment. The Lock Up crew will be breaking down Raw and SmackDown plus all the latest news and topics from the world of WWE. We'll be chatting with the current crop of Superstars as well as stars from the past! So don't forget to rate, review and subscribe to Sky Sports Lock Up on iTunes.
Shaun and his guests chat about the glue that binds it all
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show series
Anthony reviews classic releases by System of a Down, Burial, Cannibal Ox, Sleater-Kinney, and The Postal Service.
Anthony reviews classic releases by System of a Down, Burial, Cannibal Ox, Sleater-Kinney, and The Postal Service.
Jefferson, Faz & TJ look at this week’s hot topics. The trio are joined by Anton for all things Raw, mainly discussing whether John Cena is helping Universal Contender Finn Balor or himself and decide if Bobby Lashley is the right man for the IC Title. Then Emma tags herself in to look back to the first ever NXT UK Takeover and delivers her exc ...…
Meet Max Nibler, a 19 year old college student who -- like all of us at that age -- is finding his way through life. There's a unique catch when it comes to Max, though: He's asexual. As in, he's not sexually attracted to anyone, and sex doesn't interest him at all. We sat down for a discussion about how he found his way to asexuality, what it ...…
Wulf Moon is a Pacific Northwest writer. Moon wrote his first science fiction story when he was fifteen. It won the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards--the same contest that first discovered Stephen King, Truman Capote, Joyce Carol Oates and many other iconic names in the arts. This story became his first professional sale when it sold to Science ...…
Playoffs are over... how are all you fans fairing??
Dave and CP discuss smash bros! T Ferg > everybody Abdel Nader Mid Season Recap And much more!!
Chatting With Sherri welcomes back the amazing Gary Williams and Vicky Knerly ! I am so very happy to chat with the best selling team, they are always fun to talk to and we will chat about all their new adventures! Blood Legacy: Chinese-American physicist, Dr. Sing Liao, is abducted after making an astonishing, yet terrifying, scientific breakt ...…
In this bumper 15th episode Justin Beanz and Catherine Kelaherb take an in depth look into companion animals. Is it ever really vegan to 'own' animals? Kelaherb talks about some of her failings with companion animals from her days as a carnist child and Beanz shows you how not to run a vegan dog food co-op. Beanz is pretty sure that everyone ju ...…
Perennial Libertarian party primary contender and software man John McAfee talks to us about life, light, love, sex, God, and wildlife. Our brains are completely scrambled by the experience and so his campaign's Director of Youth Engagement, Yung Zoe, has to join the call in order to provide us loving and affirming aftercare.…
In this special edition of the Lock Up Podcast, we're coming to you from the heart of the new WWE UK Performance Center in London! We speak to Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Finn Balor about the new facilities and this weekend's NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool.
Chatting With Sherri is delighted to welcome back multi-talented; Steven L Sears! I am so excited to get to chat with Steven L Sears, he is always fun to chat with he was one of my first guests and I always look forward to our chats. This time we will be talking about his new book; STALAG-X and he is also putting together a new book of short st ...…
New Year, Same You...? In our first ep back in the new year we chat goals and resolutions, habits and the Golden Globes! Mitzie went and found her own Idris rival in a sincere attempt at getting over Idris and of course we've got the Pophorn (Winter Holiday Watching scary as shit edition) as well as an unfortunately grimy Ghetto Action News™.Ea ...…
A possum terrorizes the city of Pawnee and we meet two of the best bit characters from the show. Sean goes skiing with disastrous results, we share our ridiculous AIM screen names, and there's outrage over the misuse of "possum" during this entire episode. Episode: S2, E18: "The Possum" Episode Drinks: Joey: Karbach Brewing - Yule Shoot Your Ey ...…
Preview of Subscriber-only episode available on Http:// guys named Mitch who are tripping on acid (@mitchysuch and @lynyrdsremmurd on Twitter) have difficulty communicating with one another about a dick pic that Mitch received from @nephew_time for like an hour until eventually Mitch starts to have a bad trip and has to ...…
Nerks Uber and Heaven chat with the incomparable Thom Allison. Thom dishes on playing the super sassy Pree from Killjoys, singing in Cabaret, and being fully glamorous. Thom makes us swoon with his message to fans and rounds off with a blessing to our ears (yes he SANG!).
Jefferson, Anton and TJ look back to an eventful Raw and SmackDown whilst beginning to look more in depth at Royal Rumble. Fan favourite 'Mean' Gene Okerland sadly passed away and his legacy is discussed, as is his tribute from Hulk Hogan. The return of John Cena and his relevance is questioned, and the guys look ahead to Royal Rumble. We now k ...…
Right before Christmas, I went back east to visit my family, and I brought my recording equipment with me. One podcast I knew I had to record was with my mom, and I wanted to ask her something specific: How does it feel to watch and listen to your son online? More than that, though, how does it feel to read, watch, and see all the negative stuf ...…
Ah, here we are again ... let us continue down ol'astrology lane. In part three, of the Astrology NOW! Series, we meet our moon sign. Who is she and what does she do? Unlike the Rising and Sun Sign, your Moon Sign is, considered to be, one of the more intimate pieces of your natal chart. Listen on, as your hosts go over the importance of this c ...…
Claudia Cragg, @KGNUClaudia, speaks with Randy Shaw (@beyondchron) about the lack of affordable housing for low- and middle-income people where homeownership is often, even in 2019, limited by race and class lines. Shaw will be making an appearance to talk about the book at the Boulder Bookstore on Tues. 12th March at 7:30 pm, and at Denver's T ...…
Claudia Cragg, @KGNUClaudia, speaks with Randy Shaw (@beyondchron) about the lack of affordable housing for low- and middle-income people where homeownership is often, even in 2019, limited by race and class lines. Shaw will be making an appearance to talk about the book at the Boulder Bookstore on Tues. 12th March at 7:30 pm, and at Denver's T ...…
"I would go vegan but Guide Dogs tho..." Beanz and Kelaherb dive headfirst into controversy this episode as they chat about service animals from a vegan perspective and ask the question, 'Are they service animals or slave animals?' From therapy chickens to guide dogs and everyone in between. Do these animals have an equal and loving relationshi ...…
Zach, Dave, CP and Steve chat about the Thunder's 2-1 week! Abdel vs. HamiJames Harden the Goat? Relocating teams? Playoff positions?? And much More!!
Told you my hubby and I were on opposite sides of football but fans of the sport nonetheless.
Claudia Cragg (@KGNUClaudia) speaks here with Linda Gartz about her new memoir. Linda Gartz (@LindaGartz) is a six-time Emmy-award-honored television producer, blogger, essay writer, and author. Set against the backdrop of the Civil Rights Movement, Redlined exposes the racist lending rules that refuse mortgages to anyone in areas with even one ...…
Claudia Cragg (@KGNUClaudia) speaks here with Linda Gartz about her new memoir. Linda Gartz (@LindaGartz) is a six-time Emmy-award-honored television producer, blogger, essay writer, and author. Set against the backdrop of the Civil Rights Movement, Redlined exposes the racist lending rules that refuse mortgages to anyone in areas with even one ...…
Hosts Kelsey and Alex chat with Patrick Gilmore, the lovable and hilarious star of Netflix's Travelers about his career, flying airplanes and meeting Harrison Ford. Learn about his time on Stargate Universe and what would make a host ask him to lie to them!
Lucy Aphramor on disrupting narratives, how relationships with food can serve as a vehicle for deeper work, & redefining the default for "good Dietitian." What interrupts our access to our body story – what is permissible and accessible?How can we provide a space where “I am OK” is available?Relational ways of connecting using a variety of fram ...…
Happy New Year! Buzzsprout Microphone Website: Squarespace Membership/Online Course/Digital Product Platforms: Payhip Get 28 days free access to Kajabi Check out future events coming up here Subscribe to my weekly magazine here You are welcome to use my $20 referral link, if you are thinking about starting a podcast : ...…
I don't know if you've noticed, but I really like talking religion here on Fireside Chats, and today's guest is incredibly well equipped to do just that. Michael Steinmetz is pursuing his PhD in theology, and has a ton of insight into Christianity, and all that entails. Our conversation delves deep into the life and times of Jesus Christ, and r ...…
Happy New Year, listeners! It's 2019 and your hosts are back and better than ever. Like, literally; some time off does the mind & body good, but DANG were you all missed! In this week's catch up, Britt and Sam share some stories from their holiday breaks; we got travel fiascos and an experience with a real life Uber Driver/ New Years angel. Als ...…
HAPPY NEW YEAR The team gives out New Year's resolutions for Thunder players! James Harden vs. Serge Ibaka Shooting More Shooting More Shooting More Shooting And More Shooting!!
Losing the spark to your motivation sucks but when it's back IT'S AMAZING!
Join Anton, Bridgey, Jazz, TJ and Faz as the gang look back at 2018 with the end of year awards! Who picked up the Superstar of the year award? Which member of the roster had a disappointing ? And which moment from 2018 did the Lock Up crew pick as their favourite?
Thanks for listening to Words Unspoken: The Hills Podcast. Today we will be discussing Season Three Episode Four “Meet the Parents.” We are so excited to welcome back our special guest, Seth Thomas to talk all about Speidi's visit to Crested Butte and Brody Jenner's bro-bq. You can find Seth Thomas on Twitter at @usanegro. Please rate and revie ...…
Getting a reality check in a comical way. And what outlet is best for being social, communicating and throwing music in the mix.
With 2018 coming to an end, we're taking a look back at the podcast this year! There's Wakanda Forever, Idris, Keto, the rule of Exes, Idris, travel, another season of Insecure, Idris and his rivals, amazing guests, a slight origin story and more. Thank you to Jules, Bella, Shan, Cynthia and Woody for joining us this year!See you in 2019!Earwor ...…
Happy New Year Listener! This episode Beanz and Kelaherb talk about their hopes and dreams for 2019. The Economist has dubbed 2019, 'The Year of the Vegan' and so your trusty co-hosts have set their sights high. Then in a mammoth news week the Herby Beanz explain why there can never be such a thing as 'no kill eggs', talk about cunts that hunt ...…
Welcome to Sitting 'n' Chatting. Presented by Liam Whyte and Jamie Allan. School friends with who don’t do much apart from sitting and chatting (no pun intended), who watch football and drink. Just your typical 19 year olds. we speak about loads of different subjects, so if you want to leave suggestions about what to speak about in a future epi ...…
Gender Acceleration - the proposition that technocapital is force feminizing its subjects to the point of an eventual Bimbo Singularity - is described by its main proponent, Nyx Land, as a kind of descent into Hell and the Left Hand Path. Our musical guest, outspoken incel and singer-songwriter, School Shooter, weighs with the Incel Perspective ...…
Just wondering how y'all do it to handle your daily lives. Work... family time... fitness.... second job...
Today, Dr. Greg Jackson -- professor of history at Utah Valley University and host of the wonderful podcast History That Doesn't Suck -- makes his valiant return to the show. I'm excited to have him here, because I wanted to pick his brain about one thing in particular: National division. The political rhetoric and behavior on display in contem ...…
Join Anton, Jazz, TJ and Faz in this special edition of the Lock Up podcast as the gang take YOUR votes for best match from WWE's Sky Sports Box Office events in 2018 and try to come up with a top five! Will it be Charlotte Flair v Becky Lynch? Ronda Rousey's debut at WrestleMania? Or could we see a surprise entrant? Tune in now!…
Christmas Day Games Car Pod Whataburger Christmas day slate Russ for Giannis Klay Thompson on the Thunder Much More on the Quarterly Pod!
My opinions and stand on THE WALL ISSUE as well as talking about my small business.
On the 12th day of xmas the vegans gave to me… this 12th Vegan Beanz episode. And guess what?... The elusive Justin Beanz is finally back and full of Christmas cheer. Kelaherb and Beanz have truly embraced the silly part of 'silly season' and will bring you a (ridiculous in places) festive wrap up of notable and positive vegan activism that hap ...…
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