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Join Leah Mix and R.A. Martinez as they discuss the convergence of the prayer and missions movement in this generation. From theological discussions to practical leadership lessons, the MAPS Global podcast delivers engaging content for those interested in being involved in the modern missions movement in the Church today. Start listening and join the story!
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In this Episode R.A. Martinez and Leah Mix discuss the centrality of worship and singing in the completion of the Great Commission. Join them as they share from the bible and from their own experience of how worship, music and singing transforms nations.
Join Bethany Tombley and R.A. Martinez as they sit down with Kim Hager, an anointed and accomplished Singer/Songwriter and Worship Leader. In this episode Kim shares her journey into worship leading and shares tips on leading worship, songwriting and a life of ministering to the Lord.
Today we sit down with Rebecca! She grew up on the field as a child and returned years later to serve in N.Iraq. In this episode she shares her journey onto the field, as well as her heart and stories form living and working among the displaced, orphaned, and traumatized in a war zone.
In this episode we sit down with Chris Carter, VP of Care and Development here at MAPS Global. He shares his insights in how to grow in the areas of their lives that affect our health. We touch on our five areas of personal growth: physical, spiritual, financial, relational, with a special emphasis on Emotional Health. In our discussion we tack ...…
In this episode we once again sit down with Saliba, an indigenous believer who is leading a house of prayer in the Middle East. He shares his story of how he met Jesus and how the region is shifting through worship and prayer. Hear the incredible stories of what happens when prayer and missions marries together in some of the most unreached nat ...…
Join Leah Mix and R.A. Martinez in this episode as they sit down with the leader of one of MAPS' long term field teams. They will be discussing his journey to the Middle East and what he focused on in building his team.
We sit down with a dear friend and staff member that we first met on the field and later joined our school as a student moving from the largest unreached Muslim nation in the Earth. She shares with us her story and how the Lord took her from a Muslim family to now leading an indigenous worship and prayer movement in the Middle East.…
Thai Lam, National Director of The Luke18 Project, based in KCMO, sits down with R.A. Martinez to discuss what the Lord is doing on College Campuses and how they are building culture and language to touch hundreds of campuses across America.
In this episode, R.A. Martinez shares some of his insights on how one knows whether they are called to missions or not. This discussion revolves around the validity of that question and a few of the issues in the church that make it a difficult question to answer.By MAPS Global.
In this episode Leah sits down with Luke Jeffery, MAPS Global's VP of Finance to ask some follow up questions from listeners about missions, finances, and the conversation we had with him in episode 13.By MAPS Global.
In this episode R.A. Martinez and Leah Mix discuss why personality assessment is essential when it comes to building teams well. Under the banner we learned in previous episodes, "Healthy Things Grow”, we discuss personal experiences and how to build healthy individuals that in turn make up healthy teams.…
In this episode R.A. Martinez talks with Luke Jeffery, the VP of Finance and Operations here at MAPS Global about one of out five areas of growth: finances. He shares his insights, both biblical and experiential, on how to apply an understanding of finances in a healthy way. We discuss how crucial finances are when designing your lifestyle and ...…
R.A. Martinez and Leah Mix discuss the shift in MAPS Global over the past year and the focus on defining and building a healthy culture. They break down the organization's ”WHY’s , WHAT’s and HOW’s” as well as the “Big 3” for how to build culture. Hear from them how this has improved the environment and provided a safe place for their leaders, ...…
Patrick Currie, Partner of The Jajeh Group and long time friend of R.A. Martinez, shares his journey into launching his company as well as leadership lessons that he uses to empower those he coaches and consults. Beginning with a little levity about their 25 year friendship, this podcast dives deep into a journey of friendship, faith and what i ...…
Leah interviews Fabian, the leader of the House of Prayer in N. Iraq. Hear the story of how God called him and his team to the Middle East. A year and half after moving to N. Iraq, the Islamic State invaded and set up the Caliphate less than an hour away from the town they were working in. It was during that time that God orchestrated the amazi ...…
In this two part Podcast, R.A. Martinez and Mark Kazmier discuss the perils of racisim in the church and it's effect on global missions. In Part Two, we discuss how ethnocentrism finds its way into our modern expressions and the consequences on the modern frontier missions movement.By MAPS Global.
In this two part podcast, R.A. Martinez and Mark Kazmier discuss the perils of racism in the church and its effects on global missions. Part 1 covers the Churches battle with ethnocentrism from the beginning.By MAPS Global.
In this special episode, David Bradshaw, founder of Awaken the Dawn, and R.A. Martinez share the Story of Awaken the Dawn and Tent America. This conversation spans a ten year history of them running together for prayer, revival and missions.By MAPS Global.
In this podcast, R.A. Martinez responds to a recent survey from the Barna Group of church goers in America and the Great Commission. He offers his opinion on the causes and affect of the startling results and where we go from here.By MAPS Global.
R.A. Martinez discusses the converging destinies of these three realities as they come to fullness in one generation. Each, in the sovereignty of God are divinely woven together into a redemptive story line that will make Jesus famous in all the Earth.By MAPS Global.
Mark Kazmier and R.A. Martienz discuss the controversy in Acts 15 and its on going impact on global missions. The Tabernacle of David with its emphasis on 24/7 worship and prayer becomes a central theme to the Missions movement at the end of the age.By MAPS Global.
In this episode, we explore the life of Barnabas, one of the most central and beloved figures in the New Testament. From his introduction in Acts 4 to his split with the Apostle Paul, Barnabas is the catalyst for the first apostolic prayer and missions movement. God is raising up modern day Barnabas' who will serve as fathers and mothers to the ...…
A discussion concerning world urbanization trends, global cities and their strategic importance in finishing the Great Commission with R.A. Martinez and one of our field workers.By MAPS Global.
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