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Adnan Virk gives his takes on the newest films and much more.
Literate Cinephiles
Three guys who love books and movies, talking about... books and movies.
Cinephile's Digest
A bi-weekly movie podcast with reviews, news, games, and other shenanigans.
A bi-weekly podcast discussing the best films from around the world.
We're a movie podcast with episodes and cinebites (mini-episodes) released every Monday, hosted by Anika P. (a cat cenobite), and Mox and Ono (supposedly cinephiles). Full episodes consists of 6 segments: Slashtag Configuration (review of a newly released film), Kicking and Streaming (movie/show recommendation currently on a popular streaming provider), Secular Insanity (film review), The Shortest Straw (short-film review), Schrody's Ladder (wild card segment, anything goes), Ceno6 (Top 6 Li ...
Welcome to the channel for CINEPHILES : THE BEST OF GROUP 35MMI recommend ... :]• • Check out 30 albums in this group :Andrei, Talks &, Lessons & Videos & ...
He's seen way too many movies. She hasn't seen anywhere near enough. Together, this hilarious married couple tackle a mile long list of movies, and review it from two perspectives - cinephile and cinenewbie.
American Cinephile
Podcast by Brendan
Join The Stevil Dead and Matty Dub on Convicted Cinephiles. In each episode movies are chosen, reviewed and rated to find out who brought the most relevant pick. Tweet us with your two-cents and movie suggestions, @ConvictedCinema
The Accidental Cinephile: A podcast about filling the gaps (in Cori's movie knowledge)
Cinephiles Podcast
Welcome to the Cinephiles Podcast. We love movies, and love to talk about them.
Cinephile Delinquents is a weekly show in which two debt-ridden, movie-obsessed undergrads yammer about the magic of the silver screen. It is the official podcast of Filmic Magazine, a student run publication out of Ithaca College.
"Filmmaking combines everything" -Akira Kurosawa. Gentlemen Prefer Cinephiles is a podcast about filmmaking, film analysis, and film news. Hosted by filmmakers and content creators Erynn Mitchell and Charlie Moore, this podcast shares insight on the state of film as an art form and film in the industry. New episodes are released every Wednesday and Saturday.
Nathaniel R and guests discuss actresses, directors, the Oscars, current cinema and old favorites
Flixwise Podcast
We're going one by one through the Sight and Sound list of Greatest Movies of All Time. Listen up and find out if we agree with the critical consensus of cinema history.
Voices Film & Television is a Podcast & Blog devoted to celebrating the art of visual storytelling. Long and Short form. TV Series & Movies, Directors & Cinematographers. Actresses & Actors. Our passion for cinema, Television, Cable TV series…all things cinematic. By Cinephiles, For Cinephiles. Talk Hard…Leave Your Mark.
A weekly aural manifestation of fiery and righteous indignation on behalf of cinephiles and film fans everywhere.
Wrong Reel
Wrong Reel is a podcast for hardcore cinephiles where we tackle everything from Jean-Luc Godard to Jean-Luc Picard. Hosted by James Hancock and Mikhail Karadimov.
The Cinephiliacs
The Cinephiliacs is a podcast exploring the past and future of cinephelia. Film critic Peter Labuza has interviewed critics, programmers, academics, filmmakers, and more about their relationship to film and film culture. Additionally, each guest will bring in a particular favorite film and discuss it with Labuza. Indiewire declares, "If you want to hear film critics talk at length about their craft, there are few better places on the Internet" and Keyframe Daily has called it "Exhibit A" for ...
This feed features everything that we produce, podcast-wise, at
Popcorn Poops
The best married couple movie podcast/commentary track hybrid audio program on the internet!
Two cinephiles talk about a director, actor, subject or whatever else pops into their heads. High art, trash, and everything in between. Subscribe to the Patreon for new premium episode every week.
Make it Better!
The podcast where three cinephiles find infamously bad movies, breaks them down scene - for- scene and analyzes what made them bad. Afterwards they then try to put the pieces back together and make a better movie out of it.
This is the official podcast of Cineflect, brought to you by two film lovers and writers who have joined forces to share movie trailers, spin industry news and analyze the films they watch.
Two guys who happen to be related talk about movies, the good and the bad.
A podcast dedicated to going through and beyond the greatest depths of Italian Horror Cinema
Box Office Pulp hosts discussions and analysis of film, directors, genres, and movie pop culture. We love Batman, Jaws, and arguing if Schwarzenegger could beat Robocop in a dance off.
No Coast Cinema with Tom Hush and Conor Cornelius on WGN Plus from WGN Radio in Chicago.
Let's Get Stuck Into... is a podcast dedicated to making limited series about your favourite movies and your future favourite movies. Listen in as we get stuck into actors, directors, movie studios and genres. We'll be delving deeply into every aspect of their careers: their classic movies, their forgotten movies, their misunderstood movies and everything in-between. So Let's Get Stuck Into...
Listen to film reviews and from a couple of guys who are just film fans.
A podcast of mostly laughing and a little filmic discussion.
Mazan Movie Club
Let's be honest... a Movie Club is way more fun than a book club (except for credits & subtitles NO READING!). Join in as we discuss, dissect & debate the IMDB Top Rated movies. We are counting them down from #101. Check out the list of films and chime in on social media--we will include your critique or comments in the show. It's a club! For cinephiles and regular movie lovers alike. We want your opinions on the movies and their place on the IMDB list. Hosted by Emmy-Winning Writer & Comedi ...
This is the Official Page for "Hilliard Guess' SCREENWRITER'S RANT ROOM!" Our host is Hilliard Guess, a WGAW award-winning writer, a director and a very busy producer. Hilliard and his amazing team drop industry knowledge in this unfiltered, hilarious podcast series that delivers nothin’ but REAL TALK… from real working writers… while at the same time… puttin’ you on game! With co-hosts: award-winning Sci-fi/Horror “Fan Girl” writer and author, Lisa Bolekaja and Cinephile - Chris Derrick of ...
The Reel Guys
THE REEL GUYS is the brainchild of Evan Ferrante and Jordan Bielsky, who wanted to build a community of cinephiles and pie lovers by starting a podcast to dissect the movies they love and those they wish were never made over a slice of pie.
Planet Celluloid
Victor Jurado and Eduardo Victoria discuss the latest film news and analyze motion pictures across all genres and types.
Plato's Cave is a weekly film criticism show by Melbourne independent radio station Triple R (3RRR 102.7FM). Presented by film critics Thomas Caldwell, Josh Nelson, Cerise Howard and Alexandra Heller-Nicholas, and broadcast live on Triple R from 7pm to 8pm every Monday night. Informed, passionate, accessible and fun; Plato’s Cave is a must for all cinephiles.
You Hate Movies
The podcast where casual movie goers, film lovers, and cinephiles argue about movies. Our full catalog of episodes is available to stream and download at
The Great Debasers
Ever rewatched a movie you thought you remembered well? Discussing this strange and lovely experience is our call to arms. We are Will and Jeremy.
A monthly discussion of the releases from The Criterion Collection
Film review by two cinephiles.
Cinema Shame
Cinema Shame is a safe space, a support group for penitent moviewatchers and cinephiles who want to right the oversights in their cinematic frame of reference. Classic or contemporary film -- confess your shame and join the penitent.
Cinema D'Amore
cinema d’amore /ˈsinəmə dəˈmōrē/ n. 1. Four cinephiles exploring all that film and television have to offer.
Cinema Red Pill is a film podcast by Uganda based cinephiles Sharon Rwakatungu (@sharonrwaky), Timothy Niwamanya (@Sir_Tesh) and Joel Tugaineyo (@jntugaineyo). Listen for movie reviews and commentary every week. We talk about classic and contemporary films from Africa and everywhere else.Email:
Cinema D'Amore
cinema d’amore /ˈsinəmə dəˈmōrē/ n. 1. Four cinephiles exploring all that film and television have to offer.
Cinema Faith
The days of counting swear words are over. Welcome to a fresh voice in film and faith. Join Cinema Faith founder Jonathan Butrin and cinephile Tim Nelson as they discuss film through a Christian lens.
Intrepid cinephiles Trent and Kallan try to understand the motivations of women in movies.
Reel Fanatics
REEL FANATICS is the podcast for movies, drinks and jive! The weekly show for cinephiles who like their film talk unpretentious, irreverent and uncensored. Three filmmaker friends bat around everything from Michael Haneke to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Michelangelo Antonioni's "The Passenger" to Mike Judge's "Beavis and Butt-head". If you're a movie geek, you'll feel right at home with REEL FANATICS!
The Prestige
A podcast for cinephiles of all stripes. Join Rob & Sam, two life-long friends, one a veteran of the film industry, the other a Cambridge-educated writer on books, movies and graphic novels. Each week they talk about a film and some of the ideas it throws up.
Are You Movie Mad? Is the podcast that asks the most difficult question one man has ever faced. Cinephile Andrew Jones is perpetually flabbergasted that Johnny Ellis uses the online moniker 'Movie_Mad' yet at any given moment seems not to understand any movie references. Join Andrew as he journeys through a collection of films to educate Johnny and ask if Johnny is Mad about the movie he watched or remains Movie Mad.
A group of teenage cinephiles get together to discuss their favorite films and filmmakers, what they mean to them, and how they've impacted their life.
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Welcome to Gentlemen Prefer Cinephiles hosted by Erynn Mitchell and Charlie Moore. We created this podcast to discuss films and cinema topics. These topics include new films, acting, film theory, mainstream films, and of course Hollywood. You can contact us at
Cinephile Dana Buckler is the host of the How is this Movie? podcast, where he writes, edits, and narrates episodes exploring the history of many of the greatest and most beloved films of all time. As they discover, Colin and Dana have a lot in common, not just their love of movies and history, but the fact that they've lived a long time in the ...…
In this episode of show, host Seed and co-host Josh B discuss Solo: A Star Wars Story, debate The Complete Star Wars Experience, best lightsaber battles, and more!Check out Marcel & The Truth on iTunes: City Cinephiles is the home:…
Welcome to the SoTex Cinephiles Podcast! This week we do our review of Deadpool 2 as well as talk about the movies we are extremely excited about this next year. Deadpool 2 (Spoiler free review) 0-6:25 Deadpool 2 (Spoilers) 6:25-37:00 Anticipated movies of the year 37-end We really hope you enjoy this weeks Podcast! Please Like, subscribe and s ...…
Welcome to Gentlemen Prefer Cinephiles hosted by Erynn Mitchell and Charlie Moore. We created this podcast to discuss films and cinema topics. These topics include new films, acting, film theory, mainstream films, and of course Hollywood. You can contact us at
Welcome to the second episode of the SoTex Cinephiles Podcast!! This week we discuss our review of Deadpool and our hopes and predictions of the Deadpool 2 coming out May 18th! Thank you so much for listening, please feel free to like, subscribe and share this Podcast with all Cinephiles out there!
It's finally here. HE's finally here. Yes, Thanos has arrived and is wielding obscene amounts of power, thus threatening the existence of life throughout the universe and simultaneously causing comic book geeks and cinephiles alike to gleefully jiggle with joy. Hear Matt's thoughts on Avengers Infinity War!…
In this episode of the show, host Seed discusses the possible remake of THE KILLER, CinemaCon, AMC Visionaries, a SPOILER FREE review of Infinity War, and more!Marcell & The Truth on iTunes: hosted by the Queen City Cinephiles:…
Adnan reviews Judd Apatow's new HBO documentary about Gary Shandling (3:24) and talks to Academy Award winner Helen Hunt (21:56) and Emmy winner Michael Imperioli (31:22).
KUAM's cinephile Ken San Nicolas leads a lively discussion with Jason Salas and Chris Barnett about who the greatest action heroes are to grace the silver screen. Topics include whether there was ever a movie in which Jean-Claude Van Damme DIDN'T do his signature splits, if you can be considered a proper action star if your IMDb profile lists o ...…
Andrew once again brings out an underrated animated gem, Disney's first animated theatrical sequel: The Rescuers Down Under (1990)You Missed it? - Episode 18: Andrew's choiceFacebook: @youmisseditpodcastiTunes:…-it/id1300461379You Missed i ...…
Ready? FIGHT! One of Ben's all time favorite video game/martial arts movies is in review this week, and Megan has to ask herself if she is ready to test her might. From pleated pants, to running up walls, to 4 armed monsters, this movie has it all. Listen in as we review this 90's classic!
What is the role of an audience in a film?
Sommaire de l'émission avec Rebecca Makonnen - Entrevue avec Manon Massé, la cinéphile - Le pouvoir de Dolly Parton avec Sébastien Potvin - La p'tite vite de Rebecca: La nouvelle chanson de Sade - La peur comme moteur de création avec Jérémie McEwen.By (ICI Radio-Canada).
Adnan and Dan recap their experience at The Oscars, Ben's conversation with Oscar winner Bryan Fogel (36:29), and the debut of a new segment called In Defense Of.
The week of March 5 to March 10. I can feel spring coming! Special Oscar segment for the cinephiles who are listening.
On Sunday night after the Oscars, Adnan, Ben Lyons and Dan Stanczyk break down the best moments of the night. Plus, one of the guys gets to ask Oscar winner Kobe Bryant a question and much more.
Oscars Week. Better late than never, Erynn and Charlie discuss the 2018 Oscars.
Oscars Week. Phantom Thread.
Oscars Week. Taking a trip down memory lane.
Oscars Week. The Shape of Water.
Oscar Week. Join us as we discuss the cinematography nominees of the 2018 Oscars.
Two guests (one new and one returning) join the show to discuss two of the year’s most anticipated releases: “Annihilation” and Marvel’s “Black Panther”. We’ve got a lively one here due in no small part to our unofficial sponsor, which our listeners should be familiar with by this point. Dive in to experience almost three full hours of unadulte ...…
The Oscars are Sunday night. Andy and noted cinephile Uncle Nick talk about the movies and actors up for awards and play a round of What Year It Be: Oscar Winners Edition! That and more on this edition of BULL with Andy Carlson. A Carlson Digital Joint Check out the home of Minnesota's 87th Best Daily Podcast: FOLLOW BUL ...…
Erynn and Charlie discuss the films that have made them into the filmmakers they are today. What films do you try and emulate?
Erynn and Charlie are joined by Brent Wilkerson to discuss Disney's place in the film and entertainment industry.
Join Erynn and Charlie as they discuss the interworkings, pros, and cons of a cinematic universe. What do you think about them?
Welcome to the podcast! Join Erynn and Charlie as they discuss the best and worst films they saw in 2017. What were some of your best and worst picks of 2017? Let us know in the comments!
EPISODE 26 - Lights, Camera, PodcastFollow our Instagram: to Adnan Virk's Cinephile: subscribe, unsubscribe and resubscribe on iTunes and give us a 5 STAR review/rating!0:00 - Baby Groot is Old Groot's son!?5:01 - ...…
There's nothing bigger in Hollywood these days than "Black Panther", "Avengers: Infinity War" and the countless TV and big-screen blockbusters that Marvel has produced over the past decade. This week, we welcome Public House Media's resident cinephile Sam Kirby to chat about the past, present and future of the MCU.…
A cinephile is someone who is passionate about the art of filmmaking leading him or her to accumulate a lot of knowledge in film theory and film criticism over the years. After 1990, film directors have been known for referencing other films and historical film styles within their narrative structure. These references influence and complicates ...…
And we’re back! Again! With the thrilling conclusion to our Upcoming films of 2018! Last time on the Nerd Chronic: Nerdcast, our heroes navigated through the labyrinth of films, only to find that there was simply not enough time to get all the precious cargo of films to you, our listeners. Any statement could ensnare us in an endless era of err ...…
And we’re back! Again! With the thrilling conclusion to our Upcoming films of 2018! Last time on the Nerd Chronic: Nerdcast, our heroes navigated through the labyrinth of films, only to find that there was simply not enough time to get all the precious cargo of films to you, our listeners. Any statement could ensnare us in an endless era of err ...…
THIS WEEK: Audy is back with two of his good friends and cinephiles Warren James, and Sean Lindenmuth. First, Audy and Warren review the Ridley Scott biopic/thriller All the Money in the World starring Christopher Plummer, Michelle Williams and Mark Wahlberg. Warren thought Christopher Plummer did a great job as Kevin Spacey's replacement as Jo ...…
On this episode, Mox and Ono review the remake of the original George A. Romero film, Day of the Dead, this one titled, Day of the Dead: Bloodline. It's directed by Hector Hernandez Vicens. Mox had some choice words with his critique while Ono wasn't as harsh. eeek. SOCIAL MEDIA Website: Twitter: ...…
Movie Podcast Network presents… Considering the Cinema — A Podcast About Movies and Film Criticism. I’m your host, Jason Pyles, podcasting from Salt Lake City. This is a free, short-form solocast for cinephiles and anyone with an interest in movie news, film theory, movie trivia, cinema history and film criticism. My topic for this episode is T ...…
Welcome to the first episode of 2018! Slashtag Configuration: Insidious: The Last Key (2018) [2:57 to 17:58] Kicking and Streaming: Jean-Claude Van Johnson (2017, Amazon Prime) [19:29 to 27:00] Secular Insanity: The Blackcoat's Daughter (2015) [28:43 to 31:10] The Shortest Straw: The Optimist (2015) [33:22 to 34:31] Schrody's Ladder: 2018 Resol ...…
This is a new segment titled, Movies with Friends! We are joined on the show with our friend, Noe, to watch along and comment on Aliens (1986) directed by James Cameron. Be sure to prep your copy of the film and to sync it so you can watch and listen along with us! SOCIAL MEDIA Website: Twitter: ...…
On this episode, we present another commentary track on the 1997 film, Alien: Resurrection. The film turns 20-years old year, and to celebrate, Mox and Ono do a viewing. Mox can't handle certain scenes and Ono tries to break the film down by pointing out goofs. They also talk about other films while dogs are barking in the background. It's was ...…
Adnan reviews Three Billboards (6:21), Coco (12:27), and Ladybird (15:33), chats with Margot Robbie (24:44) and John Ridley (42:13), and ranks Danny DeVito's Top 5 roles.
Happy holidays to all casual movie goers, film lovers, and cinephiles! For the third year in a row, You Hate Movies is bringing a grand tradition from out of our homes and into your yuletide movie room: The 33 Days of Christmas Movies!
On this cinebite, Mox and Ono are joined by Elizabeta and Kathryn of Almost Normal Productions to talk about their Indiegogo campaign. It is to support their full-length horror feature, Severed Silence. They also talk about all things filmmaking, challenges they encounter in the industry and the independent approach in movies. It was a good tim ...…
Resources: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Criterion Collection Hunter S. Thompson, The Art of Journalism No. 1 The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved, by Hunter S. Thompson Remembering the Turbulent Life of a 'Gonzo' Writer Listen Queue
Resources: Matthew 7:15 The Night of the Hunter, Criterion Collection Murderpedia: Harry Powers
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