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Remote Emissions
Ogni settimana
Rinsing it proper since 1997, Remote Emissions is Calgary's longest running drum n' bass radio show. Whether it's rowdy mix sessions with top dnb/dubstep talent, to introspective unplanned journeys, The Lotus Queen, Lady Bee and other special guests will provide the choicest bass selections for your Friday night soundtrack.
Enticing, sometimes challenging, music from the vast underground for thirsty ears and enquiring minds: post-punk, instrumental, math rock, avant, jazz, electronic, indie, funk and global grooves. Kerry has been mashing up independent, non-commercial sounds that cross disciplines and decades since 1987.
Val takes you from the hip hop heavy Shaolin Sundays to our Sunday night chillout block in style. It's a mix of music, chats, and fun times.Sponsored by the CJSW Friends Card
Fossil Records
Each week Peter your musical archeologist unearths a CJSW chart from the past as featured in the annals of Vox magazine. Listen to how these building blocks of indie rock echo down through the music of today.Sponsored by the CJSW Friends Card
Dirty Needles
DirtyNeedles is Calgary’s premier weekly hip-hop mixshow on Calgary’s finest community radio station CJSW. Founded in 2001, DJ’s WyzeWon & Tanner of The TrackBastards Crew have been providing trueschool rap, soul, funk, disco, R&B, electro and general freshness over Calgary’s airwaves for over a decade.
Glass Ceiling
Educate your ears with this intersectional feminist program, celebrating female identifying and non-binary artists in male-dominated genres! 2 hours of weirdo punk, metal and noisy goodness ready to break with the status quo.Sponsored by the CJSW Friends Card
Improvisation, free jazz, contemporary composition, spoken word, mash-ups, plunderphonics, ambient, electronics, avant, post rock, extreme, outer limits are some descriptors.
Carnival Mix
This upbeat program focuses on Soca/Calypso music, showcasing artists, interviews, and news from the Caribbean.
A mix-up and mash-up of the best of CJSW late-night tunes. It's gothic. It's dark. It's the perfect soundtrack for the late night of the weekend.
Eritrean Radio
Music and happenings from Eritrea and the Eritrean community in Calgary.
Sponsored by Freq Magazine
The main objective of Hrvatski Radio is to provide information for the Croatian community in Calgary and the surrounding area. On a regular basis, there are community announcements, news from Croatia, and music � Croatian of course.
Puny humans beware! Radio Free Transylvania is a high-octane, white-knuckle thrill ride through the wild and weird world of Planet Stupid hosted by everyone’s favourite trans-dimensional Transylvanian tyrant turned radio host, Baron Mark Von Frankenstine XIII. It doesn’t matter if you’re a wastoid, a lobotomite or just a garden variety jerkazoid, Radio Free Transylvania is guaranteed to provide your feeble mortal brain with the chilling thrills that kill!
The Good Medicine Show is here to bring you good medicine through music. Host Curtis Lefthand is your guide to music that is nostalgic and refreshing. Rediscover music. Reclaim music. Listen to the beats that take you back.Sponsored by the CJSW Friends Card
The Nocturntable
A veritable local legend, The Nocturntable that has been entertaining CJSW listeners with its signature madcap brand of “variety-core” for over twenty years.Join DJedi Christine each week for two-hours of psych-rock radio that’ll introduce you to that fine line between Saturday night and Sunday morning.Groove, garage, punk, rock, prog, industrial, metal – just put your hands on the speaker and think real hard. *Psychic request line is in effect.Sponsored by Twinbat Sticker Co.
Katharsis/Processed is a weekly journey to the polar regions of contemporary music. These unfamiliar musical frontiers are scoured for adventurous new sounds still grounded in harmony, melody and beauty. Selections range from the sublimely quiet and reverent to overwhelming aural overload, but more often than not sustain a tranquil and soothing mood appropriate for later on a Sunday evening.
Rage Cage
The most dangerous metal show on Earth.
Mixed music & arts programming + interviews and local happenings, since 2008.An array of the sweetest of sweets, squash, conserve, sanctuary, marmalade, in your toes, on your toast, strawberry, salsa, blueberry, all the berries, self-contained, plums, applesauce, collections, jelly, shove, sticky with it, nonny-nonny, sugar and tart, sassy, fruit, quandary - lullabySponsored by Hexagon Board Game Cafe
Deep Trouble
The latest tracks from the fringes of dance & electronic music
Alternative To What?
Enticing, sometimes challenging, music from the vast underground for thirsty ears and enquiring minds: post-punk, instrumental, math rock, avant, jazz, electronic, indie, funk and global grooves. Kerry has been mashing up independent, non-commercial sounds that cross disciplines and decades since 1987.
Road Pops
Bringing you music and opinion since 1984, featuring the best in dub, 4:20 reggae, afrobeat, latin, electronica, breakbeat, soul and funk.
The Blues Witness
Welcome to the Blues Witness, featuring the best in blues from across Canada and beyond.
Mental Illness
Part two of Shaolin Sundays, DJ Cosm brings the beats.Sponsored by PK Sound
Yeah, What She Said is a feminist podcast airing on CJSW on the third Monday of each month. Our hosts, contributors, and guests discuss topics ranging from local activism to popular culture. As feminists we know that the personal is political and that the political is personal. We aim to highlight gender perspectives in passionate and compassionate discussion. Listen in and join the conversation on Facebook and Instagram.
Rock Bottom
Every metal fan has that gateway band or album which opened their mind to heavier, harder, more aggressive music.Each week, Wally and Lauz craft two hours of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, grouping music from both genres that play nice together. Just when you are grooving to a rock song, we TURN IT UP TO 11 bringing you the best in Melodic, Death, Groove, Progressive, Djent, Metalcore, Black, and Symphonic Metal just to name a few...
Wooly Bully
Tim takes you on a rip roaring rock n' roll journey through the recess of 60's garage to the heights of post punk, sprinkled with hip music from today's ace players. Always the most modern music of its time.Sponsored by the Dandy Brewing Company
A journey within, around, and all over the expansive folk genre. Les and Bruce each bring a different side of the folk narrative. Tune in for music old and new, and for stories along the way.Sponsored by Blindman Brewing
Phono Synthesis
High energy Synth Tunes from the outskirts of the webisphere. Plug into the mainframe and tune in for some righteous tracks.Sponsored by the McHugh House
Join host Laura Reid for three hours of eclectic sounds: from JS Bach to Jackie Shane, Hildegard von Bingen to Alice Coltrane. Focused around a unifying theme acting as a thread to weave together multiple genres, Unprocessed presents a morning mixture of music and talk for curious listeners. Proud winner of the 2018 NCRA award for Best Classical Programming, but aiming to expand the genre box or maybe ignore it altogether.
Union Jacked
Jack in your headphones and take a trip through genre, time, and place. Explore the Commonwealth with the pioneers of the music industry and discover new influenced by these innovators.Sponsored by the Ship & Anchor Pub
Bunte Welle
English:Every Saturday morning we are on air for our local and international listeners with our German radio show “Bunte Welle”. We are focused on the most beautiful German hits of all times, and entertain a wide range of people with our music selection, information about the artists, current affairs and local events. We are part of the multicultural program.Responsible for radio “Bunte Welle” are Hilli and Fritz Schmitt, whereby Hilli leads you through the show as a moderator and Fritz acts ...
Electric Company
Exploration into music with a pulse, meaning, and soul. A melding of the past, present and future, dedicated to launch you into the weekend with a curated-kinetic sense of timely and timeless. A beat-oriented musical joyride whose focus is on the journey, not the destination.Sponsored by Confluence Distilling
EnglishThe original Pilipino radio program in Calgary, Radyo Pilipino broadcasts every Sunday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM on CJSW 90.9 FM. Focusing on Filipino music, culture, news from the old country around the globe and here in Calgary, local events, and happenings of both our 1st and 2nd generation Filipino Canadians. Our dedication line is open so we can celebrate birthdays, weddings, and more with listeners. With the current increase of immigrants from the Philippines, we also have speci ...
Level The Vibes
Playing ska, reggae, and lovers rock from the 60s onwards
Radio Party
It's a party and you're invited. Bring a casserole to the party.
Artslink is a half-hour monthly program about the arts in Calgary. We will bring to listeners interviews on theatre, dance, visual arts and film that happen mostly in Calgary while being mindful of a larger audience. Hear from dancers, theatre artistic directors, filmmakers, performers and many more artists.
The live concert experience in a snapshot, taped live and not in studio, no overdubs warts and all included. Sometimes a little far sometimes a little near, but hopefully something we can all enjoy. We bring you blues, rock, jazz, fusion, folk, reggae, world, in fact a nice eclectic mix. Drop by and check it out.
The A.M.
Starting the week isn’t easy. Ease into it with hazy, reverb-soaked tunes, spacey epics and jangle-pop wake-up calls.Sponsored by Beatroute
Off The Map
A mix of tunes for your Sunday afternoon!Sponsored by Dote Magazine & Thoughtwell Creative Co.
MAPL Syrup
Discover the musicians, artists, performers and lyrics that make Canada great. Marta explores every corner of our country to celebrate the music of our home and native land.Sponsored by Video Game Trader
Mosaic Talk
A monthly podcast focused on having real conversations about Race Relations in Canada. Show features Canadian Cultural Mosaic Foundation's members, special guests, along with Canadian music.
In a downtown alley, late at night, you find the well-hidden door you're looking for. You knock, speak the password, and descend the stairs, following the sound of snaps and poetry. In Speakeasy words and music share the stage. You take a seat.
Speaking in Tongues is currently CJSW’s only generalist world music show.For two hours every week Speaking in Tongues features the widest possible range of traditional and popular sounds from around the planet, from obscure reissues to the newest of new releases being highlighted on the global stage.Sponsored by Gravity Espresso & Wine Bar
This program is dedicated to the education and exploration of disabled life, giving voice to the life and experience of people with disabilities. We cover a wide array of issues and disabilities. We are people who discuss issues we are passionate about and topics we are interested in. We show how disability is in the mind of the beholder.
Silent Disco
Dance music is infinitely important to those of us who call it home. Silent Disco is a weekly mix that focuses on showcasing art from DJs and producers that represents the diversity of creators within our culture.You'll hear sounds from in and outside the box - mostly geared toward the dance floor, but sometimes veering more experimental.Hosts Alex (soundcloud.com/mo-ther-mary) and Shannon (soundcloud.com/djshannonhart) play a healthy helping of tracks made by women, LGBTQ2S+ producers, and ...
Attention Surplus Disorder
One of modern modern music’s most enduring genres, progressive rock has flourished since the late sixties when radio switched to FM and music became adventurous and more artistic outside of the comfort zones of Pop. Progressive rock also branched into sub-genres; progressive folk, progressive metal, RIO — rock in opposition, avant-garde & experimental, progressive electronic, Psychedelic space rock, progressive Italiano, post-rock, krautrock, canterbury, jazz fusion, and many others. Unlike ...
A show for curious Calgarians who want more than the daily news grind. Hosted by Jeremy Klaszus. A collaboration between CJSW 90.9 FM and The Sprawl.
Knotted Roots
Knotted Roots: a show dedicated to playing music from the essence of its prime. Mixing the roots of soul, reggae, to the incorporation of hip hop from the past and present.Sponsored by PK Sound
une bonne louche of Louisiana music traditional and contemporary and spices it up with music from Acadiana. Gumbo draws from more than 20 different genres. You'll hear jazz from 1917 to 2011, Cajun, Zydeco, blues, C&W, Rockabilly, R&B from the 1950s glory days to today's rockin' Atomic Pilot and Santeria, soul, funk, neo-soul, neofunk, hip-hop, brass bands from 1945 to today's brass-hop Soul Rebels, ska-punk, reggae, and more.
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show series
les -new stuff - musings on canada by some canadians and some others as we contemplate an election and of course some melodic death metal Playlist: Matt Andersen - the bed i made Jeremy Ivey - diamonds back to coal Dave Gunning - wish i was wrong Dirty Dishes - upside of down shannon quinn - across the great divide Whitehorse - baby want you wa ...…
EPISODE #95: HONOURABLE MENTIONS 2019 P.2 Playlist: Super Paradise - 6:30 KOKOKO! - Kitoko Crack Cloud - Philosopher's Calling black midi - Talking Heads Kero Kero Bonito - Battle Lines Squid - Match Bet Pottery - Smooth Operator Dry Cleaning - Viking Hair BRASS - Constant Gardener FEET - Axe Man Catholic Action - One of Us Dumb - Beef Hits LIF ...…
Playlist: little axe - ride on kalahari surfers - we will now call out the names loka - my life is in these bottles algiers - blood arto lindsay - illuminated barzin - queen jane Tara Kannangara - touched Spectral Tambours - pattern_06 Plumes - de france Gordon Grdina Quartet - night sweats damien jurado - newspaper gown Jean-Michel Blais - igl ...…
Playlist: little axe - ride on kalahari surfers - we will now call out the names loka - my life is in these bottles algiers - blood arto lindsay - illuminated barzin - queen jane Tara Kannangara - touched Spectral Tambours - pattern_06 Plumes - de france Gordon Grdina Quartet - night sweats damien jurado - newspaper gown Jean-Michel Blais - igl ...…
Playlist: Wolf Alice - Fluffy Badge Epoque Ensemble - Milk Spilt on an Eternity Soccer Mommy - Lucy Little Big League - Dark Matter Kevin Devine - Cotton Crush The Front Bottoms - Bathtub Manchester Orchestra - I Can Barely Breathe Dead Soft - I Believe You Nothing - I Hate The Flowers Marissa Nadler & Stephen Brodsky - For The Sun Chelsea Wolf ...…
Playlist: Kloves - Freaks Clouds - T12 Tzusing & TSVI - 24hr AQXDM - The Good Days Are Tomorrow AIR LQD - In Front Of You Giant Swan - Pandæmonium E-Saggila - One Last Midnight (ft. Oil Thief) Isabassi - There Is No Empty Space rRoxymore - PPS21 Aïsha Devi - I'm Not Always Where My Body Is (Varg Remix) Essaie Pas - Corps Étranger Nathan Micay - ...…
Playlist: Dead Soft - I Believe You Aruba - Leave it in the Summer Time The Foul English - Beer 2 Go BA Johnston - We're All Going to Jail Outlaws Of Ravenhurst - Muckle John Yamantaka // Sonic Titan - One Thomas Thomas - Dreamy Deary Ghost Woman - What's On Your Mind Radiation Flowers - Sunfire Drug Haus Jom Comyn - Change Your Mind Miesha & T ...…
Playlist: LAPS - Who Me? Easter - Muscle Essaie Pas - Earth Sassy 009 - Maybe In The Summer CCFX - The One To Wait Cosmetics - Sleepwalking Sevdaliza - That Other Girl Light Asylum - A Certain Person John Cale - Dying On The Vine The Modern Lovers - Hospital Bored Decor - Love Cuffs Roxy Music - In Every Dream Home A Heatache Hyperculte - Homme ...…
TWINK & Gentle Friends Barnaby Bennett & Patrick Whitten Playlist: Oscar Peterson - If I Had You Orchestre Symphonique de Québec & Yoav Talmi - 6 ÉPIGRAPHES ANTIQUES, L. 131 (Arr. E. Answermet for Orchestra): No. 1, Pour invoquer Pan, dieu du vent d'été Ensemble d'Ondes de Montréal - Feuillets Inedits: No. 1, Presque lent et berceur Ensemble d' ...…
Episode #130: HYPERIA!!! One of the most exciting young bands in Calgary's metal scene join Wally and give a sneak peak of their new album!! Playlist: Little V - Reach for the Heavens (ROCK BOTTOM Theme) Riot City - Burn The Night Skull Fist - I Am a Slave Traveler - Up to You Hyperia - Dystopia Hyperia - Mad Trance Hyperia - Fish Creek Frenzy ...…
Prepare to Join the Jet Generation, Jerkazoids! Playlist: J.G. Thirlwell - No Vacancy Guitar Wolf - Jet Generation The Heatscores - Cool As A Corpse Pussy Monster - Smokeshow Sham 69 - Money Neighborhood Brats - Night Shift Juice Normaali - Ma Tulin Mun Mutsin Vitusta Platinum Blonde - No Regrets Raised By Wolves - Cave Man Stomp Soggy - Waitin ...…
Playlist: Roch Voisine - Poeme de chair Tommy Ridgley - I want some Money Diamond Joe - Gossip, Gossip The Wells - Quiet Town Roy Carrier - Don't Do That Bunk Johnson, featuring Sidney Bechet - Sister Kate Galactic - Domino Louisiana Playboys - Wagon Wheel Special Roberto López - Sofrito Irma Thomas - No Use Talking James Booker II - Classified ...…
Hour Two: Charles Spearin explores happiness and neighbourly love. Caribou's back and it feels like home. Plus dreamy pop from Bodywash, Falconhawk and many more. It's the long weekend! But the sun still rises on a holiday Monday, & the AM's still here to ease you into the your week. Playlist: Lapalux - Earth Nathan Surreal - A Feeling of Ikiga ...…
(Kevin) Playlist: Chris Reimer, Chris Reimer - French Death Rhys Chatham - A Crimson Grail Pt. 1 KruseR - Lone Wolf Boduf Songs - Unseen Forces and How to Use Them Ulaan Khol - Oppican Aidan Baker & Karen Willems - Digging Through Time Glenn Branca, Glenn Branca - The Smoke (Guitar Concerto for Arad Evans) Abul Mogard - Flooding Tide Bill Orcut ...…
Playlist: The Avett Brothers - Tell the Truth Brittany Howard - 13th Century Metal Thompson Egbo-Egbo - Diakite Eric Mingus, Langston Hughes - The Dream Keeper PJ Perry - In My Life Janet Marie Rogers - Move a Mountain/Thanks Giving Address Carmen Braden - Raven Conspiracy II: Waltz of Wing and Claw Mike Vass - Sea Moss HK Guitar Duo - Duo for ...…
Playlist: Ivan Ave - Young Eye Bird, featuring Littlebrother, Notes to Self - Still Shine Panthurr - Woof Pt. 1 Atmosphere - Sugar Kid Koala - 8 Bit Blues Chicago to LA to New York The Family Daptone - Hey Brother (Do Unto Others) Tanika Charles - Soul Run Jackie Shane - Comin' Down Kylie Auldist - No Use Little Denise - Check Me Out Zamali - N ...…
Playlist: Funding Drive Next Week! - Funding Drive Next Week Pre pledge: www.fundingdrive.ca - Pre pledge: www.fundingdrive.ca
Playlist: Glass Animals - Toes Jennifer Robin - Black Light Jennifer Robin - Castle in the Sky Paper Kites - Bloom Human Highway - The Sound Yukon Blonde - Rather Be With You Gary Clark Jr - Come Together Jennnifer Robin - Burn Skee-lo - I Wish (San Holo Remix)
Playlist: robel Michael - robel Michael Interview with tesfay Demzu and Azmara Mamo about election canada - Interview with tesfay Demzu and Azmara Mamo about election canada interview about election canada with eritrean , selam, Yosief, Daniel and Biniam - interview about election canada with eritrean , selam, Yosief, Daniel and Biniam Temesgen ...…
Playlist: juan karlos - buwan yeng constantino - ikaw fred panopio - halik halik halik ronnie lang - ngiti aalon band - pusong bato inigo pascual - dahil sa yo sam mangubat - mahal ko o mahal ako mary kate aquino - sayang
Playlist: Kvartet Gubec - Pozdrav svijetu Lidija Percan - Jesen u vrtu mom Naidia Catic - Da sam sjajna mjesecina Miroslac Skoro - Kupila cura mala NK Patrioti - Navijacka Vera Svoboda - Za tvoj mili rodjendan Zumberacki Sinovi - Zumberacke Vile GS Gorbonuk - Rijeka Mura tiho sumila Zapresic Boys - Moja Krunoslav Kico Slabinac - Dojdite mi…
This week's edition of Into The Vault features Ghost Dance! Playlist: Snackland - Winona Kælan Mikla - Næturblóm Weeknight - Outside The Pale Sauna - Levitate Chrysta Bell - Do You Think You Could Love Me? Ghost Dance - Celebrate Ghost Dance - Fools Gold Ghost Dance - Down To The Wire Lost Under Heaven - Black Sun Rising Future Womb - Cool Drea ...…
Playlist: Scott Macleod - Straight Ahead Pink Floyd - Pigs on a Wing 1/Dogs Raw Material - Sun God Dreaming Madmen - Behind My Wall Buddha Trixie - Spirit Bomb Psychotropic Swamp - Glass Dome/Going Down The Nice - America Akritas - Side A Focus - Hocus Pocus Drifting Sun - Everlasting Creed Black Mountain - FD72 Cirkus - Blind Parade…
Tunes for a Hunter's Moon Playlist: Starfish - Kill For Dave Future Womb - Holograms Salt Horse - Carbon Black Thomas Thomas - If I Was a Ghost Décima Vícitma - Voces Figaces Hanni El Khatib - Fuck It, You Win Bethlehem Steel - Govt Cheese The Baseborn Band - The Anchor Black Mastiff - A Tangle Gone Cosmic - Turbulent Traffic Sound - Chicana Wa ...…
January 1999 Playlist: Afghan Whigs - Uptown Again Bettie Serveert - What Goes On Lambchop - Give Me Your Love (Love Song) The Von Zippers - Twist Off Thrush Hermit - The Day We Hit The Coast Bonaduces - A Separate Lid Behind Closed Eyes South Pacific - Life Illusion Beck - Tropicalia King Missile III - Monks Fear Of Pop - In Love Bretton Lee J ...…
Playlist: Franz Lambert - Does Your Mama Know The Who - Sparks Sparks - Eaten By The Monsters of Love Arthur Prysock - I Need Your Love Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - I See a Darkness Little Joe - Stop And Say Hello The Sugarcubes - Fucking in the Rhythm & Sorrow Bad Channels - Sugurcubes R.V.Raucaus - Shot Down New Order - Ceremony Sad Lovers & Giant ...…
Pre Funding Drive fun, elections and Thrush Hermit--Thanks for listening!!! Playlist: Michele Mercure - Ghosts Before Breakfast Maya Malkin - Making Moves Jayda G - Unifying the Center (Abstract) Le1f - Wut Brittany Howard - Tomorrow Angel Olsen - New Love Cassette Deerhunter - No One's Sleeping Damien Jurado - Newspaper Gown New Pornographers ...…
Playlist: Kaleta & Super Yamba Band - Gogo Rock Nihiloxica - Baksimba Quantic - La Reflexión Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos - Baile Baile Baile Tinariwen - Anina Modou Toure & Ramon Goose - Dune Blues The Dead South - Heaven in a Wheelbarrow Shone Rae and the Bona Fides - Tossed in a Tempest The HU - The Great Chinggis Khaan Land of Kush - D ...…
Playlist: Roger Whittaker - Erinnerungen Vicky Leandros - Die Souvenirs von damals Wolfgang Hermann - Denkst du noch an früher Illusion - Ich denk an Dich my Love Die Flippers - Als hätte ich vorher nie gelebt Andy Borg - Als sie noch Anna hieß Wolfgang Petry - Der Sommer von damals Simon und Charly Brunner - Ich denk noch an Dich Chris Doerk - ...…
New tracks from Next Chapter plus Canadian content from Reflektor, Rolodex and Sureshock and an oldie from Vintage Swing Revue Playlist: Tim Reaper - Screenplay Next Chapter - 40 Guns Next Chapter - Sine Roller Sust - Guide Me T-Kay - Anything Test Break, featuring MC GQ - Whispers In My Ear Dima Pulsar, DJ MS - Bass To Your Face (Original Mix) ...…
Playlist: De La Soul - Stakes Is High The Notorious B.I.G. - Unbelievable Craig Mack - Flava In Ya Ear Blahzay Blahzay - Danger Big L - MVP Channel Live - Sex For The Sport Nas, featuring AZ - Life's A Bitch Large Professor - IJUSTWANNACHILL The Roots, featuring Roy Ayers - Proceed II Ras Kass - Anything Goes Smoothe Da Hustla - Hustler's Theme ...…
Playlist: Stardust - Music Sounds better with you (Rafael Carvahlo & Alternative Kasual remix) Felguk, VINNE - Move Side by side (Daniel Hernandez mashup) Benny Benassi, Kiko Franco - Love is gonna save us made (Bad Monkey and Ruby Link Mashup) Illusionize - I believe kunk (Daniel Hernandez mashup) R.E.M. - Losing my religion (Evokings remix) S ...…
Playlist: Idris Muhomed - Super Bad Soulstice Jaffa - LOve Cliche Martine Girault - Revival Macro Paraneggi - Paparazzi Lee Dorsey - Give It Up Honeydrippers - Impeach The President Urbz and Chaos - Anybwoy Beatphreak - Gospel Heights
Playlist: Bryony Jarman-Pinto - As I've Heard Hannah Williams & the Affirmations - Please be good to me Begonia - Two Beers In San Fermin - The Hunger Katchafire - Addicted Lee 'Scratch' Perry - You Know What to Do Blue Soul Ten - Give in To Me Dubmatix, featuring Guive & Taiwan MC - Dangerous Kali Uchis - Your Teeth in my Neck The Brooklyn Fun ...…
Playlist: Neil Diamond - Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon Klaus Schulze - Moogetique Suzanne Ciani - Flowers of Evil Black Sabbath - Who Are You? Bremen - Too Cold For Your Eyes Will Sergeant - Scene IV Magick Markers - Taste Spyder D - Smerphie's Dance The Time - Ice Cream Castles Strafe - Set It Off Cassandra Complex - I Believe In Everything (Cha ...…
Playlist: Broadcast - Goodbye Girls Stereolab - Transporte Sans Bouger YEP - REM Bridal Party - Nectarine DRINKS - Real Outside U.S. Girls - Damn That Valley Crystal Eyes - Say Something Pram - Dorothy Mary Ocher - This World-Live Snackland - This Land Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - Cuckoo at the World Klaus Nomi - Cre Spoda Massicot - Cabl ...…
2 more weeks til our FUNding DRRRRrrrrriiiiiive show! \m/ Playlist: Impending Doom - Rip, Tear, and Burn Nuclear Hammer - Shotgun Justice (Razor cover) Razor - Brass Knuckles Begrime Exemious - Rat Amongst the Herd Begrime Exemious - Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath cover) Black Sabbath - War Pigs The Black Sorcery - Angry Spit of the Witches Pi ...…
Bruce. Selected new releases. Songs from artists coming to town. Songs celebrating Indigenous Peoples Day and Thanksgiving. Playlist: Dori Freeman - 2 Step Lucid Diversity - Speed Of The Sound Of Loneliness John Prine, Iris DeMent - We're Not The Jet Set Sierra Hull - Smashville Hot Rize - Won't You Come And Sing For Me Sean Poluk - Lord's Pray ...…
EPISODE #94: HONORABLE MENTIONS OF 2019 PART 1 Playlist: King Nun - Bug Personal Trainer - The Lazer Ugly - The Last Supper at the Regal Wetherspoon Walt Disco - Dancing Shoes Sports Team - Ski Lifts Kero Kero Bonito - Battle Lines Penelope Isles - Leipzig Catholic Action - One of Us Marika Hackman - Conventional Ride Necking - Spare Me Cheap T ...…
Playlist: Savage Family - Way of the Drum Fire Keepers - Revolution T.R.I.T - Nobody Knows Me Mato Wayuhi - Grapefruit ASCXNSION - Hometown DKD Dancers - Raven Strut A Tribe Called Red - Ba Na Na TCHUTCHU - Falling out of Love Carsen Grey - 5am Crook the Kid - Summer Days Cody Coyote - Manidoo Dewe'igan Xiuhtezcatl - S.W.Y.M Joey Stylez - Save ...…
Playlist: softcoresoft - Overstatement (Space Edit) Ciel - Cyber Script '93 Oil Thief - Illustrated Tourniquet EMOHATER - two Autumns - Hilarious Chin filmmaker - Bot Cells Galaxian - Coming Up For Air Pelada - Habla Tu Verdad Tribe of Colin - Self / Distance CIty Dance Corporation - Public Freakout
Playlist: Fuzzy Rankins - Medication Laurie Morvan - My Moderation Myles Goodwyn - Like A Dog Ain't Had Its Day Arsen Shomakhov - Full Time Lover Ghost Town Blues Band - Running Out Of Time Debra Power - Side On Sue Arsen Shomakhov - Boogaloo Biscuit Miller & the Mix - Chicken Grease Janiva Magness - Bad Moon Rising Precious Bryant - Fool Me Go ...…
Playlist: Andrew Stephen - Horizon Alaskan Tapes - On Deer Island You'll Never Get to Heaven - Drowning Out Tambour - Cassiopee High Plains - Blood that Ran the Rapids Jean-Michel Blais - Roses (Kid Koala remix) Teen Daze - Near (r beny remix) Majical Cloudz - This is Magic Benjamin Munoz - Nina, Dai Suki Dark Time - Raven Astral Swans - Blow A ...…
Playlist: Women - Heat Distraction The Normal - Warm Leatherette Das Kabinette - The Cabinet Velvet Condom - Kalter Lippenstift Oppenheimer Analysis - Don't Be Seen With Me Medio Mutante - Vividor Bene Gesserit - Mickey, Please... Deux - Game & Performance Ohama - My Time John Maus - Dumpster Baby Dirty Beaches - Night Walk Beak> - Sex Music Jo ...…
EP 129 - THE ROCKTOBER EDITION! Rocktober enthusiast and good dude Seth Leon is Guest Programmer on tonight's episode! It's a party, pals! Playlist: Little V - Reach for the Heavens (Rock Bottom Theme) The Spits - Witch Hunt No Problem - Circling the Drain Government Warning - Shirked Obligations Brutal Knights - We Have a Website Outlaws Of Ra ...…
A frost and furrow morning Playlist: Aphex Twin - Avril 14th Jonathan Kawchuk, Nadia Sirota - That So Julia Kent - Frost and Furrow Carmen Braden - Songs of the Invisible Summer Stars: No. 1, Where Do the Stars Play? Peter Gregson - 6.4 Sarabande José González, The String Theory Collective - Cycling Trivialities- Live Colin Stetson, Sarah Neufe ...…
The Only Late-Night Radio Show That Shreds The Fabric of Reality on a Weekly Basis! Playlist: J.G. Thirlwell - No Vacancy Bad Sports - Washed Up The Riff Randells - Girls Like Me Huevos Rancheros - Come In Tokyo 10cc - Rubber Bullets The Kids - Money Is All I Need Allvaret - Gatflicka The Spy's - Underground Eddie And The Hot Rods - Teenage Dep ...…
Playlist: Ronald Bourgeois - Vive la rose Marcia Ball - Take a little Louisiana Guitar Ray - I Ain't never going to break his rules again Tarik Robinson - Bogata Nathan and the Zydeco Cha-Chas - Outside People Big Eye Louis Nelson DeLisle - Bunk's Blues Brenton Woods - Can you Dig It Beausoleil - Kolinda Dave Robbins Sextet - Ages Raful Neal, f ...…
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