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Sticky Notes is a classical music podcast for everyone, whether you are just getting interested in classical music for the first time, or if you've been listening to it and loving it all your life. Interviews with great artists, in depth looks at pieces in the repertoire, and both basic and deep dives into every era of music. Classical music is absolutely for everyone, so let's start listening!
Host Julie Amacher provides an in-depth exploration of a new classical music release each week.
BBC Music Magazine
Welcome to the BBC Music Magazine podcast. Join us once a month for the latest classical music news, the top stories in the new issue of BBC Music Magazine, a guide to the magazine’s cover CD, plus a round-up of our favourite new recordings.
Classics For Kids
Introduce children to classical music in a fun and entertaining way.
The Naxos Blog
Updates from the world's leading classical music label
Podcasts from the San Francisco Symphony and Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas.
Classical music can be intimidating to newcomers and frequent concertgoers alike. Attention to Detail introduces practical techniques for finding meaning, enjoyment, and confidence in the process of listening to classical music that everyone can use, regardless of background.
Lynn, idea for a podcast: four idiots discuss their love of all things Partridge in this unofficial podcast – including their favourite Alan moments, his cultural legacy and lots more, one episode at a time. A-ha! presents tales of the strange and bizarre, the weird and the wicked. Stories not necessarily of the supernatural, but of the unnatural. Join us for Strange Tales, featuring radio drama at its most mysterious and unusual. Abnormal old time radio!
Every week on Performance Today™, Bruce Adolphe re-writes a familiar tune in the style of a classical composer. We get one of our listeners on the phone, and our caller listens to Bruce play his Piano Puzzler™. They then try to do two things: name the hidden tune, and name the composer whose style Bruce is mimicking. From American Public Media.
Experience Radio's Golden Age!
Crime stories from the golden age. Old Time Radio is filled with cops, robbers, and private investigators...Lets reopen the cases and hear these great stories again!
Horror, Sci-fi, Crime, Mystery, old time radio from 30's 40's and 50's "Listen To Dead People"
Relic Radio Science Fiction brings you old time radio stories from sci-fi's greatest writers, as well as original stories for shows like Dimension X, X Minus 1, 2000 Plus, Beyond Tomorrow, and much more! Travel through space and time as they saw it all those years ago.
Podcast by Somers/Herron
A father and son watch old classic movies and then review them. Sometimes we even sound like we know what we're talking about.
Saxophonist Jess Gillam is joined by a musical guest every week to swap tracks and share the music they love.
Presenting the best detectives from the Golden Age of Radio. Each week, we'll bring you an episode starring one of Old Time Radio's greatest detectives and the story behind the show. Join us for adventures of Philip Marlowe, Sam Spade, Johnny Dollar, and many more.
A weekly podcast about photography with manual focus lenses
The best Old Time Radio adventures in crime, mystery, espionage and suspense! Relic Radio Thrillers delivers the ticking time bombs, mysterious crime scenes, and the cloak and dagger action that today's armchair adventurer demands!
Experience Radio's Golden Age!
A classical music podcast. Join the National Arts Centre Orchestra's Marjolaine Fournier and one Canada's foremost music journalists, Jean-Jacques van Vlasselaer, as they explore the symphonic form from Haydn to Shostakovich.
Virtual Vinny presents classic old-time radio programs from crime fighters to comedians. We travel to the Golden Age of Radio and present many well-known, and lesser-known classic radio programs. Support this podcast:
Nightshade Diary
Podcast and video versions of classic ghost stories, urban myths, folklore and more.
Classical Fix
Our podcast has moved! To subscribe to our new feed, search for “Classical Fix” and click on the pic of Clemmie’s face.
Welcome to Those Old Radio Shows. Travel back in time and listen to great radio mysteries, dramas and comedies from yesteryear like Gunsmoke, Amos & Andy and Dimension X.
live in every Fridays at 9:00 pm
Classic Camera Revival is a twice a month podcast all about film! We discuss cameras, lenses, film, chemistry, and using film in the 21st century.
Weekly radio show in which Will Hagle and Lee Robinson connect two classic albums together using tangential references, Kevin Bacon-style.
Host Julie Amacher provides an in-depth exploration of a new classical music release each week.
Best Of Friends is a weekly podcast in which Erin Mallory Long and Jamie Woodham hilariously guide you through every episode of Friends from beginning to end.
A podcast about “The Andy Griffith Show” and all things Mayberry. Episodes contain interviews, listeners feedback, and loads of Mayberry fun. The Two Chairs No Waiting is hosted by Allan Newsome. Allan is the webmaster for and has been very active in The Andy Griffith Show (TAGS) community since 1992 running the daily e-mail newsletter called the “Who’s Been Messin’ Up the Bulletin Board” Digest along with multiple Mayberry related websites.
Classic Reviews
Classic Reviews is a series of reviews going through new discoveries, re-discoveries and a journey of nostalgia for Classic TV Shows, Video Games And Films on
From the Top
NPR's From the Top showcases the music, stories, and unique humor of America's best young classical musicians.
People of Note with Richard Cock on Classic 1027.
Weekly sermons from Pastor Lee Mason and other special guest speakers.
Square Roots is like a book club, but for classic RPGs! Each episode John, Matthew, Jim and Vanessa play through a chunkerino of one of your favorite RPGs, from Final Fantasy through Chrono Trigger. Are they experts? No. Are they qualified? Absolutely not. Are they good at RPGs? Probably not. But they're the fun kind of dumb, and that's what counts.
Caution: Contents may be historical, but they're still hot! We're serving the classics!
Join the host archaeologist John for classic movies reviews with his own special spin. Using his archaeological background, he connects historic, cinematic, genealogical, and current facts to add a dimension to his reviews that will increase your enjoyment of these classic movies. John tells all for movies over 25 years old. He also presents his world-famous short summaries of each classic movies reviewed.
Join the host archaeologist John for classic movies reviews with his own special spin. Using his archaeological background, he connects historic, cinematic, genealogical, and current facts to add a dimension to his reviews that will increase your enjoyment of these classic movies. John tells all for movies over 25 years old. He also presents his world-famous short summaries of each classic movies reviewed.
A podcast that educates, informs and gossips about the highly anticipated World of Warcraft: Classic.
We are convinced that lovers of classical music include people who are always looking for (1) music that they have not heard before that might attract them, and (2) the best performance of music that they are familiar with and already enjoy.This website was created to help these music lovers achieve both goals. We are uniquely able to fulfill this mission because we bring together two exceptional resources that are not available on any other classical music website: (1) a classical music rec ...
Two guys discuss Classic pinball with an emphasis on pre 1994 pinball machines.
The Gruesome Magazine podcast about classic horror and sci-fi films from 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s
Bite-sized podcasts about classic movies we all need to know about -- from radio personality Lara Scott and Oscar-winning filmmaker James Moll.
The Classic Casual
The Classic Casual is a podcast about the upcoming release of Blizzard's Classic World of Warcraft.Hosts Allen and Anthony explore all aspects of the game while planning the fate of their characters. The hosts don't pretend to know everything about the game, but their laser focus, research and willingness to learn from, and with, the community will surely provide a valuable resource for almost any aspiring Classic WoW player.
Listen to the Classic Car show with Steve Rinaldo and Jim Weber every week. If you're into classic cars, cars with running boards, then you'll love this show. Every Saturday with your first cup of coffee!
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Perry's back from his punishment break to Okinawa with the biggest international news story from Hong Kong. If that's not enough, he's got GAS real bad and it's contagious... Plus the usual discussions about Petri lenses, clip on viewfinders, the death of Spectra film, Kodak Medalist, Olympus XA, Contax T, Developing Kodachrome, Fuji X-100, Ric ...…
Our new banner image. Hello! This is Matt coming to you from North Bend, where the weather is cold and the trees are a changing quickly to their Fall colors. As we head into our 126th episode of Classic Movie Reviews, we’ve been thinking a lot about how we want to evolve the show over the next few years. We want to build on what we’ve done so f ...…
3 Ninjas kick back and join our party in this patricidal chunk of the Konami JRPG Suikoden. Join Kun To and all the other sluts for justice as we duel McDohl’s father, we recruit Alan Greenspan, abandon children, get the requisite sarcastic sword, get on a James Bond tangent, and finally, finally kill a vampire. This week: We kill Neclord and r ...…
Jess Gillam is joined by composer and poet Alexia Sloane to swap music including John Luther Adams immersive Become Ocean, the sublime vocal harmonies of Kraja, Steve Reich's Music for 18 musicians, Smetana and a soul classic by Aretha Franklin.Here's the music we played today...Bedrich Smetana - Ma vlast, Vltava [Moldau]Kraja- Polska Till RutF ...…
live every Fridays at 9:00 pm in, send us your feedback to
Igor Stravinsky based his ballet The Firebird on a Russian folk tale about an evil demon named Kashchei, who has thirteen princesses under his spell. A prince who wanders into Kashchei and apos;s garden to hunt the Firebird winds up defeating Kashchei and freeing the princesses -- with the help of the Firebird and apos;s magic feather.…
We're back with our final episode on the nuts and bolts of music, and this time we're talking about rhythm! We discuss what rhythm actually is, why we all know exactly when our favorite DJ is going to drop the beat, and how music is unique in the way it unfolds over time. For a list of techniques, playlists of what we listen to on the pod, and ...…
On episode 41 we connect This Heat's 'Deceit' to Titus Andronicus's 'The Monitor' with 6 songs of separation, Kevin Bacon style. The theme is war.By connectingtheclassics.
You knew it would come but the gang finally tackles Instant Photography, from Polaroid to Instax to Polaroid Originals!
Due to family reasons, Sticky Notes is off this week, but don't worry, we'll be back next week! In the meantime, enjoy this look back at Stravinsky's magical Firebird, the piece that rocketed Stravinsky to celebrity and is still a favorite of audiences around the world today. We talk about all of the myths behind the story of the Firebird, incl ...…
News is upon us as Blizzard lets us know that the first content drop post launch is coming a little sooner than planned as things are being shaken up a bit for the phases of WoW Classic. Listen in as we discuss getting Dire Maul, the implications of the news, and crackpot theories about what it might mean moving forward. After that, the show ki ...…
This week on New Classical Tracks, violinst Colin Jacobsen of Brooklyn Rider discusses the group's collaboration with Irish fiddle virtuoso Martin Hayes on the album 'The Butterfly.'
This coffee break begins the discussion on how artists support themselves as they pursue their passion. To explore this subject, at least pertaining to Western Culture, Mr. Somers goes back 1,000 years to see how artistry and the Church were intertwined, when secular music evolved and who supported that evolution. We listen to music spanning at ...…
With Lew Smoley jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $('#wp_mep_1').mediaelementplayer({ m:1 ,features: ['playpause','current','progress','duration','volume','tracks','fullscreen'] ,audioWidth:230,audioHeight:30 }); });By
Classic 1027 — People of Note with Richard Cock on Classic 1027.By Richard Cock.
2 Samuel 6:1-8, Luke 15:11-24By Classic City Church - October 6th, 2019.
Join hosts Steve Rinaldo and David Moxley as they talk to their guest Steve Moskowitz, director of the Antique Automobile Club of America, about the upcoming anual Hershey Event.By Steve Rinaldo and David Moxley.
A lack of good native composers had been the phantom menace to the English people until Sir Edward Elgar came on the scene! He brought about the return of "good" English music and provided a new hope for the composers who came after him! Be sure to subscribe and share with a friend! Music: ...…
A great werewolf film from the early-80s. This film set the bar for werewolf transformation in An American Werewolf in London (1981) SPREAD THE WORD! If you enjoyed this episode head on over to iTunes and kindly leave us a rating, a review, and subscribe! We would love to get your feedback! Email Click here to subscribe ...…
The guys take a road trip to deliver a 1984 Bally Eight Ball Deluxe to one of Dave’s new customers. We use the time to talk about the game and a bunch of other pinball and non pinball topics. George talks about his upcoming trip to the Houston Arcade Expo in November.
Based on the 1890s novel by HG Wells, this 1953 Technicolor sci-fi classic depicts a devastating Martian attack on Los Angeles. The film received the Academy Award for Special Effects and went on to influence generations of filmmakers. Lara and James welcome two guests: Craig Barron, an Oscar-winning visual effects artist; and Andrea Kalas, the ...…
Travel back in time with Thomas Hyland - connoisseur of crime, student of violence, and teller of murders - in Crime Classics. One of the all-time great radio dramas, Crime Classics was the brainchild of actor, producer, and director Elliott Lewis, and it colorfully dramatized some of history's most notorious murders. Each week, Hyland (played ...…
By Matthew Nemeth Classic Reviews is finished for season 2, here are my rankings for the season just like I did with season 1, I will be back in December for season 3! For the ad-free version of our podcasts check our patreon page, There’s also rewards on there that you can redeem. Ad-Free Podcast. Click here for the ad-free podcast Check below ...…
This week The Casuals recap their third week in Classic WoW! The fellas discuss their journey to level 40 and beyond as well as their first milestone in Classic WoW, getting them mounts! Also, come join our guilds on the Pagle server: Anthony's Horde Guild: Parliament Allen's Alliance Guild: Funkadelic *This episode may contain tangential conve ...…
Guys, our podcast feed is moving! Here's how to find and subscribe to Classical Fix from now on, wherever you are in the world.By BBC Radio 3.
“I summon the vampires! I summon the werewolves!… I summon Viy!” You’d think spending three nights with a witch’s corpse would be enough of a trial. Join this episode’s Grue Crew – Chad Hunt, Whitney Collazo, and Jeff Mohr along with special guest Doc Rotten – for a trip to Ukraine to take in Viy […]…
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