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CMDA Chapels
Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, the staff of the Christian Medical & Dental Associations gather for a time of worship, prayer and a challenging message. The following are messages of encouragement from our staff and guest speakers. The opinions expressed by guests in Chapel are not necessarily endorsed by the Christian Medical & Dental Associations. CMDA is a non-partisan organization that does not endorse political parties or candidates for public office.
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Ron Brown shares from Matt. 14 about weathering the storms of life by seeing Who is in your boat during times of trouble.
Alan Waldecker shares from Galatians 1 about feeling the duty to obey & how that sucks the joy from our Spiritual lives.
Mike Chupp, MD shares about our search to make it better by seeking wisdom from God.
Steve Davis shares from 1Kings 17 about Elijah and the example of following God's directions to be in the right place @ the right time.
Jim Powell shares from Psalm 126 about our Return On Investment from the tears we shed in this life and the laughter we'll reap in heaven.
David Stevens, MD shares about the importance of spending time with our attending, The Great Physician.
Stan Anderson shares from 1Samuel about our unchangeable God that we can count on when we are in the storms of life.
Mike Chupp, MD shares about the things we can't see in our lives that are hindering our relationship with God.
Gene Rudd, MD shares about the role of the Physician in the Culture of Death we find ourselves today.
Phil Whitaker shares about remembering that God is bigger than anything we face and will always be with us!
Wayne Sheridan shares from Ephesians 2:10 about the joy of discovering what God has made you for.
Allen Roberts shares from Mark 4:35-41 about dealing with the storms of life and Jesus being the Master of the Seas.
Kayla Freeman shares from Matt. 5 about how we should deal with the people in our lives that hurt or disappoint us.
James Smith, MD shares about ways to integrate your faith into your workplace and all of your life.
Bill Houck shares a word of encouragement from Psalm 22 and an example of a small act of kindness that can change lives.
Mike Chupp, MD shares about looking back to see how God has made it better.
Gene Rudd, MD shares about the destructive power of grumbling and what the Bible has to say about it!
Phil Whitaker shares from Psalm 107 about praising our Lord & King!
Jeff Anderson shares about how the Declaration of Independence continues to inspire our faith.
John Pierce, MD shares from Joshua about trusting in God and finding the right balance of courage.
Michael Booker shares from Acts 28 about not allowing attacks on the flesh to keep us from the works of God.
Robert Russell shares John 15 about being connected to Christ and dying to self to bear fruit for the Kingdom.
Bill Reichart shares from Jeremiah 51:1-5 about God's plan to use hardship to correct His people & ultimately punish the wicked.
Scott Thompson shares from Ephesians 5 about how we are to be a reflection of Jesus to the world around us.
Bryan Hall shares about overcoming the troubles in our lives thru God so we become better not bitter.
Corey Whittaker shares from Ephesians 2:1-10 about how to explain the Good News with these 10 verses.
Andy Moehn shares about our need to recognize the need for and to take advantage of our need for rest.
Mike Chupp, MD shares lessons he has learned about the importance of listening, to others & to God.
Chris Ralston share from his story about living in this world with visible disabilities and the life lessons God has taught him.
Allen Davis shares about the different type of promises from God and how we can depend on them.
Michael Booker shares Mark 11:12-14 about bearing fruit for the Kingdom no matter what season you find yourself in.
Trish Burgess, MD shares from John 4 and how the Lord brought that passage to life for her.
David Stevens, MD share about the Biblical approach to resolving conflicts.
Jim Powell shares from 1Samuel about our outward countenance as we face difficulties & what that says about our faith to the world.
Bill Reichart shares about the difference between worldly sorrow and Godly sorrow.
Larry Stamm shares about Passover and the many parts of the celebration that actually point the Jesus as the Lamb of God.
Hettie Brittz shares about The Magnificent Defeat, the death of Christ when Satan & the World thought they had won. But Easter was coming.
Scott Boyles shares from Luke 19.28-40 about the meaning & significance of Palm Sunday and Jesus' Jerusalem arrival.
Gene Rudd, MD shares about the ways our minds work & are shaped by the world with the challenge of retraining them to the thoughts of God.
Omari Hodge, MD shares about finding the middle of the road between resting in God's abundance & doing it all yourself.
Aaron Bartmess shares from Ephesians 1:3-10 about how we need to cherish the gifts from God & put them to use for the Kingdom.
Lisle Whitman, MD share about the true nature of who God is.
Gene Rudd, MD shares from Hebrews 11 about our walk with God and the results of our faith that the world sees.
Scott Boyles shares from Daniel 9: 1-19 about our reasons to pray and the correct attitude to have while praying.
Bill Reichart shares about the idol of perfectionism and how to combat it.
Lisle Whitman, MD shares about always doing your work for the Glory of God alone.
Stephen Adams shares about keeping faith during the worst of times & having more of Christ in your life after hardships.
Dave McAuley shares from Romans 8:18-25 about our struggles in this life as we groan for the next.
David Mizell shares from 1Kings 17 about the story of how God moved Elijah to a place of usefulness & and can do the same to us.
Allen Roberts shares from Psalm 142 about David calling on the Lord in his difficult times.
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