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Best Commando podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Commando podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Welcome to the "Speaking of Wealth" podcast showcasing profit strategies for speakers, publishers, authors, consultants, and info-marketers. Learn valuable skills to make your business more successful, more passive, more automated, and more scalable. Your host, Jason Hartman interviews top-tier guests, bestselling authors and experts including; Dan Poynter (The Self-Publishing Manual), Harvey Mackay (Swim With The Sharks & Get Your Foot in the Door), Dan Millman (Way of the Peaceful Warrior) ...
In The Serviced Accommodation Property Podcast you will learn how to Start, Systemise and scale a profitable Serviced Accommodation Business. Kevin served 24 years in the British Army, serving mostly in a Commando unit and retired at the rank of Regimental Sergeant Major, he left the Army in 2011 to became a full-time property investor. For most of his Army career, Kevin was investing in property and has been a successful property investor now for over 27 years which is why he is known as th ...
The Natural Commando (aka Damon Perry) dishes out his opinions on the state of the food supply, supplements, meds, and anything that is degrading the health of America. Microcasts on health topics and what you can do to make informed decisions for you and your family.
Burning River Recap
A recap show made by a fan, dedicated to the BURNING RIVER ROLLER DERBY in Cleveland, Ohio.
The Irish History Podcast brings you on a journey through Ireland's fascinating past. This podcast is not just dates but an enthralling account of Ireland's history, looking at daily life through the ages. The show is currently focused on the Great Irish Famine of the 1840s (see below), while the archive contains the stories of Ireland's ancient High Kings, Viking raiders and the Norman Invasion of the Middle Ages. The story of the Great Famine has proved the most popular to date,Between 184 ...
Hannes Represents
Hannes Monaghan is a social justice warrior like Arnie in Commando. Join him as he brings a new campaign to the people each week.
Listen in on our in-depth discussions on classic and current movies. Visit us at: www.apodcastandamovie.com Facebook & Twitter for show updates and listener feedback.
BarnCat Radio
OmniLogical and MultiTopical Parapsychological and cryptozoological and extraterrestrial. Local and vocal. Maybe even branch-off to music movies books and TV. Even kid stuff like comic books and video games. Spiritual stuff like religion and mythology. I try not to get too political but that may happen. Northwest Washington based, but also multi-dimensional given space and time. Your Commander-In-Mischief, BarnCat, seconds to all his most loyal Barnyard Commandos, give these shows a listen a ...
Historias is a Spanish history podcast. Each monthly episode is an interview with a historian on a particular topic in Spanish history.
Join hosts STEPHEN SCARLATA (producer, Jodorowsky's Dune) and JOSH MILLER (writer, Sonic The Hedgehog) as they explore the most legendary movies never made joined by filmmakers and critics.
Electro Dark Industrial & Coldwave Mixez ! Ces mixes sont réalisés live, au tempo (ou presque.. (-: ) avec des samples de films ou d'autres... Abonnez vous & accrochez vous !Electro Dark Industrial & Coldwave Mixez ! Ces mixes sont réalisés live, au tempo (ou presque.. (-: ) avec des samples de films ou d'autres... Abonnez vous & accrochez vous ! Theses Mixes were recorded during parties... made with movies samples and others... Register and get ready !!
A deep dive into the classic cult movies of all time. Relive the funny, powerful, and ridiculous moments of each of these films as we wrap up each discussion with a rating on whether you should see this movie.
Every Earthwise programme features a discussion on conservation, environment or peace with justice. The interview might be with a local Cantabrian, with someone in a different part of the country, or a distinguished person from overseas.Broadcast on the first and third Monday evening at 9pm repeated the following Wednesday at 9:30am.The choice of topics varies considerably. Earthwise hopes that people who are especially interested in conservation will also find peace with justice issues inte ...
Quality Time
Kim, Erik and his clinically ill brother Jeremy break down the greatest films in Horror, Action, and Pulp
Do you enjoy any and all action movies ranging from Commando to Taken? Is Die Hard your favorite Christmas movie? Does the idea of a pun-based one-liner right before the the hero of the movie defeats the bad guy thrill and excite you? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, this may be the podcast for you. Every week, you can listen to Josh and Seth discuss some great (and some not-so-great) action movies along with whatever delicious craft beer that they happen to be drinking ...
Two completely uneducated movie lovers, Barry and Jairo, try to find time to discuss films while yelling at each other.
Anupama Chopra is a film critic, television anchor and book author. She has been writing about Bollywood since 1993. Her work has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, Hindustan Times, The Los Angeles Times and Vogue (India). Here you can find all of her reviews for Hollywood and Bollywood movies.
Wrestling. Movies. Television shows. Endorsements. Public family struggles. Groundbreaking legal cases. Through it all, Hulk Hogan has been a household name for 3 decades. Clint and Jacob are here to find out why. Join them on a journey of exhaustive research as they fight for the rights of every man.
Fasten your seatbelts! This is a military podcast and news talk radio show hosted by Veterans. If it goes fast, is highly explosive or dangerous, we talk about it on our show. We cover all branches of the US Armed Forces including Special Forces and top news stories from around the world. Step up and subscribe now!
Funny interviews with real video game characters
Why settle for an average life when you can create a life full of even more happiness, success and fulfilment? In this podcast, we will share inspirational messages, proven methods, quick life hacks and interviews with expert guests so that you can do your life even better, both now and in the future. Your hosts, Dave Jorna, is among Australia'a most sought-after presenters for student leadership and personal development.
Comedians from Austin, TX breakdown the hilarious, upsetting, and unusual things about famous films. From masterpiece pictures that haven't aged well to terrible garbage cinema born trash, they'll review any feature and report on exactly what makes these classic movies weird, why, and whether or not it has always been that way. Hosted by Cody Dearing & Matthew Stoner
Brian and Dion read and dissect Marvel's classic World War II comic "Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos" issue-by-issue, with high spirits and historical insights
Politics, news and current events, all mixed in with music and random ways to have fun. KLRNRadio, where liberty and reason still reign.
Rebels Rebels, the podcast where we explore the Star Wars expanded universe through an episode by episode deep-dive through the animated series Star Wars Rebels.
Getting Drunk and Talking Over Movies
Commander's Horn is a weekly podcast hosted by Gwent Masters broadcaster Dane "McBeard". The podcast has been running since August, 2016, shortly after Gwent was announced, and has been a mainstay in the Gwent community. CH strives to showcase the best sides of Gwent, and has hosted exciting discussions with pro players, fans and developers for over two years. Thank you for your support through beta, midwinter, homecoming, and beyond, Commandos!
Pop culture enthusiasts, Brandon A. Lane shares views and insight on the making and lasting impact of films... some films are better than others.
Scar Tissue is a wandering of conversations with successful, high-achieving people from all walks of life; from the criminal underbelly of the mob to CEO’s of Fortune 500 companies and everything in-between The show is a vessel, a means to learn from the best, from their wins and losses, to in some way become better; in business and in life. Hosted by Fabian Di Marco, entrepreneur and business strategist.
Waiting on Diego
Home to our podcast dedicated to reviewing all the best movies and shows while we wait for Diego to join us.
The Maverick SEO show is a weekly podcast hosted by Anthony Hayes & Robert Phillips covering whats really working now in search engine optimization and web traffic today.Anthony Hayes is the owner of Commando SEO Software Ltd (UK) & MassMediaSEO Premium press release service and has been a full time SEO consultant since 2008 and has created over 40 SEO software tools in the past 2 years.Robert Phillips is a successful Internet marketer and traffic specialist and has created numerous traffic ...
Game Of Tones
www.tonetroy.comEmail: tonetroy@tonetroy.comBIO:From firefighting throughout Manhattan, to sharing a stage with some of the biggest electronic music acts in the world; Tone Troy has quickly surged up the ranks as one of New York's premier music selectors. Having become immersed in the ever changing House Music scene of New York City, his musical taste is shaped primarily by the surging presence of Brooklyn nightlife.As the sounds and the scenes have changed, Tone Troy has adapted to thepeopl ...
The Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902 saw the British Empire at the height of its power facing a small band of highly mobile Boers in South Africa. The war introduced the world to the concentration camp and is regarded as the first war of the modern era where magazine rifles, trenches and machine guns were deployed extensively. British losses topped 28 000 in a conflict that was supposed to take a few weeks but lasted three years.
Pick Your Class & Earn Your Battle Points Because It’s Time For The Star Wars Battlefront Podcast! Brothers Sage & Sam Goodwin Host SWBP, The #1 Star Wars Battlefront Podcast, Covering EVERYTHING Star Wars Battlefront! Every Week, They Go Over News, Speculate & Break Down The Best Strategies! Enjoy The Show And May The Force Be With You! Leave Us Feedback: battlefrontpodcast@gmail.com.Twitter: @SWBPodcast.YouTube: The Star Wars Battlefront Podcast.
Men Of Action Podcast
The Men of Action are Graham Self and Andrew Crupi a real life buddy cop movie odd couple. Graham’s the fresh faced recrute whos had very little experience with movies from the“Golden Age of Action” while Crupi’s the grizzled veteran who’s seen it all before and is getting too old for this... well you know the rest. The Men Of Actions mission, should they choose to accept it, is to watch action movies from the “Golden Age of Action” the 80’s and 90’s and discuss whether or not they deserve a ...
10 Backward is a Star Trek discussion podcast from the United Kingdom.
In introducing the English version of this book I venture to bespeak a welcome for it, not only for the light which it throws on some little-known incidents of the South African war, but also because of the keen personal interest of the events recorded. It is more than a history. It is a dramatic picture of the hopes and fears, the devotion and bitterness with which some patriotic women in Pretoria watched and, as far as they could, took part in the war which was slowly drawing to its conclu ...
Connected Roots
The Humane Education Coalition's podcast, Connected Roots, is an acclaimed venue for humane news, insights, education tips, resources, and more. Connected Roots features inspiring interviews and stories from experts in the field of humane education.
Khandaan- A Bollywood PodcastOur newest Baby which has taken the world by storm! A bi weekly Bollywood podcast revisiting the movies of Amir, Salman and Shah Rukh Khan. Every show we pick a random year from 3 decades of collectively 300 films the Khan’s have done and let our listeners vote which movie we should talk about. Pick a team, make a vote, take us down nostalgia, punish us or make us reassess a movie we dismissed. We love the Khans and we would love for you all to be part of our Kha ...
DCTV Reviews of DCU Titans Doom Patrol Arrow Agents Of SHIELD The Flash Runaways Cloak And Dagger TV News and Reviews from the latest comic book Superhero TV shows
Grab a beer and hang with us as we discuss topics that range from the Atari 2600 to the Xbox 1. No experts here just fans who love retro and modern day gaming. Visit us at www.EmulateThis.net for more articles, how-to's, game reviews and more.
Bart, Steele & friends ruin movies.
Adult commentary on various social, political, economic, & sexual aspects of life, and all else
MixedUpzombies goes through reviewing games. He is joined in Season 2, by AJconst and Eastman; Season 3, by Bobbikis; Season 4 by AJconst, Bobbikis MonoChromaticx, Sinoda, Slixshot, the16BitRobot and a ridiculous amount of guests.
Welcome to Munchies, where anything can happen.
Dave and Warwick take a humorous look back at movies from their childhoods and decide if they still hold up after re-watching as adults. From the 80s to the 90s, our brave hosts will cover all their favorites from a cynical, modern perspective.
theOneliner.com crew get down to busting out commentaries for films. Join Craig Eastman, Scott Morris and Drew Tavendale as they turn their mighty minds on commentary tracks for movies, dispensing truth, justice and sarcastic comments from the peanut gallery. It's just like watching a movie with your friends, assuming your friends are as weird as we are. Give these movie commentaries a go. You just might like it.
The Nut Heist
Lord Zenith has a plan: Make the subjects of Aquerna, the squirrel kingdom ruled over by his cousin, Queen Lucina, believe that winter is far away so he can steal their nuts. Simple, right? Except his cousin, Queen Lucina, and her women dug up the nuts before the snows fell, disrupting his carefully plotted plan. Zenith isn’t worried, he has a backup plan and the BECS. The BECS is an elite squad of chipmunk commandos known as the Black Eastern Chipmunk Squad. They are the best of the best. N ...
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show series
Today we're joined by another pillar of the scientific gaming community. Please enjoy our chat with the guy who invented the arm that is used by the Bionic Commando! We talk about how he made the arm and some other inventions that didn't quite work out. Starring Doogie Horner! (@DoogieHorner)@PlayablePodcast We have a 'sale' going on right now ...…
We've got just what you have been asking for: a deep dive on the fashion sense on display in Arnold Schwarzenegger's Commando. Chain mail anyone? Give us a review on iTunes...even if you don't listen...please. Thanks. You can follow us on Twitter or Facebook. You can send us feedback to truebromancepodcast@gmail.com or search for us on Letterbo ...…
The religious conflict between Hindus and Muslims is one of India’s gravest fault lines. Commando 3 offers a simple solution – Vidyut Jammwal in a manbun. Watch Anupama Chopra's review of Commando 3, directed by Aditya Datt, also starring Adah Sharma, Angira Dhar and Gulshan Devaiah.By Anupama Chopra
On this episode of “The Men Of Action Podcast” AKA “Men of Compare and Contrast” it’s part two of our Stallone Vs Schwarzenegger, Rambo vs Commando, John vs John special event. Join us as we grab our quad barrel rocket launchers, let off some steam and blast our way through the 1985 action classic Commando. A movie both Graham and Crupi had not ...…
Clones are people too! In a massive stroke of synergetic force, TroytlePower is playing a game based on a cartoon (the likes of which he and MC review on The Best Animated Shows Ever... So Far!) that he's talking about as a guest on Too Young For This Hit, and that cartoon is a spinoff of the movies they are discussing on Podcasters Assemble (P ...…
Fansgiving moves on with this weeks pick from Merle. Erik tells about a show he did that had children there, the boys talk The Mandelorian and Doctor Sleep, and then break down the cinematic classic Commando.By Erik Woodworth
God's Great Precious Promises #1 --Wed - www.rahardin.com, Bio, Books,Videos,PodcastsEmail: gpwf@yahoo.com Schedule: M-F, 7-8AM; Sat-Sun, 6-8AM (CST)****Richard Hardin, POBox 45684, OKC, OK 73145.****TODAY: Apostle Peter states in 2 Peter1:4, "Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises; that by these ye might be partakers o ...…
Blood Rage by Getting Drunk and Talking Over MoviesBy Getting Drunk and Talking Over Movies
Walmart Christmas sweater fiasco, snowbank drinks, college football bowl wrap up, Meghan is a Rappa HoeBy KLRNRadio.com
By KLRNRadio.com
Hoping to get her family to help the rebels, Sabine returns home with Kanan and Ezra, and finds herself embroiled in her family's power struggle for Mandalore. Mike and Peter welcome their dice rolling BFFs Crystal and Chris on the podcast to chat about S3E13 - Trials of the Darksaber! We talk about the history of the darksaber, family trauma, ...…
We Must Seek God's Pure's Word or Will! - rahardin.com--Bio, Books, Pods, 7 Videos Tue - 7AM CSTAre you seeking and hoping to find God's perfect will about a job, school, marriage, or some other very important concern? Listen to how Abraham's chief servant found God's perfect will and found Abraham' son Isaac God's perfect wife. Neither Abraham ...…
Starting with how to avoid a very specific Twitter scam, and delving into APT 41 and their fascinating evolution into espionage.By KLRNRadio.com
Gyspy is off on a well-deserved vacay so Michael and Kung Fu Rick team u for episode 201 and it's Jampacked fun! They talk about Pearl Harbor, Crazy Uncle Joe, even crazier butthole sunbathing is an actual thing and more!By KLRNRadio.com
By KLRNRadio.com
Erik went to Restivo's birthday, the show was sent a special Christmas Gift, and the boys breakdown 1974's BLACK CHRISTMAS!!!!!By Erik Woodworth
Trinity of God: God, Jesus, and Christ which is Their Spoken Living Word!Email: gpwf@yahoo.com Weekly: M-F, 7-8AM; Sat-Sun: 6-8AM (CST); rahardin.com; Bio, Books, Videos, Podcasts Richard Hardin, POBox 45684, OKC,OK 73145;****Today, ever since Jesus was exalted to the fullness of the Godhead, the Trinity is just the relationship between God the ...…
Really great having this unsung hero join us today. We talk with Oliver, one of the truck drivers in the iconic Frogger franchise. We talk to him about driving trucks, frogs, and reading. Enjoy! Starring Jason Salmon! (@JSalmonComedy) @PlayablePodcastBy Playable Podcast
In July 1936 Peadar O'Donnell, a veteran of the Irish war of Independence and civil war travelled to Spain on holiday. He was among those caught up in the opening stages of the Spanish Civil War. He witnessed the chaotic opening phase of the conflict providing gripping eye witness detail. As this podcast reveals O'Donnell was in Barcelona and w ...…
‘Cleaners are one of the most important parts in our business, they are our eyes and ears as the people who are first into a property when guests leave’ In this hybrid episode, Khadija is interviewing Kevin about SA... And Kevin is interviewing Khadija about her cleaning business! They discuss what’s important when you are starting out in Servi ...…
God Loved Esau/Edom! (Esau's name was changed to Edom, so they are interchangable in most verses of the Bible.) Jacob and Esau were twins, Esau the oldest.***rahardin.com - Bio, Books, Videos, Podcasts Weekly: M-F, 7-8AM; Sat-Sun, 6-8AM (CST) gpwf@yahoo.com Richard Hardin POBox 45684, OKC, OK 73145***** A lie taught by all of Christianity is th ...…
This week its all about the scandal of the Concentration Camps which breaks across Great Britain as the Fawcett Commission releases its initial report. We also continue to monitor General Christiaan de Wet who has a large commando of 700 men and is beginning the move towards the Cape once more. His plan is to increase the pressure on the Englis ...…
Impeach-o-rama: the Dems’ coup neither ends nor gets legit. Getting Pelosi'd: Gam-gam throws a tantrum. Changing lanes: new passengers in the 2020 clown car. And the Great Things Kamala Harris should do now that she's done. It's the Last Pod on the Right!By KLRNRadio.com
Ryan, Rory, Keith and Jeff sit down to discuss retro hockey titles such as Blades of Steel, Ice Hockey, and the 16-bit EA NHL series.By The Emulate This Crew
Bibles? Is Your Personal Bible 'God's PURE Word' ? If Not? What would or should you do?rahardin.com , Bio, Books, Videos, Podcasts Email:GPWF@rahardin.comWeekly: M-F,7-8AM;Sat-Sun,6-8AM (CST)****Richard Hardin, POBox 45684, OKC, OK 73145.****I will give any minister $10,000 for his/her ministry that will go through my programs with me and show ...…
Your daily dose of what made this nation great!By KLRNRadio.com
SWBP IS BACK! In this episode, Sage and Sam go over their thoughts on the Celebration Edition, the upcoming update, BB-8 controversy, Fallen Order and if you can believe it, much more!Twitter: www.twitter.com/SWBPodcastRAGESTART: www.ragestart.comIf You Want To Come On The Show, Head Over To Our Patreon or Click on Our PayPal Link Below! If You ...…
Today's Flash Back Friday comes from Episode 32, originally published in January 2011. Jason Hartman talks with Darren LaCroix, the World Champion of Public Speaking, who out-spoke 25,000 contestants from 14 countries to win that title. That was just a benchmark. Since that victory, Darren has traveled the world demystifying the process of crea ...…
30 years ago today, December 6th 1989, the BBC aired the final episode in the classic run of Doctor Who; “Survival, Part Three”. In honor of that occasion we discuss the last serial (Starring Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor) among other things Who related. Special Guests Russell McGee (Big Finish) Rachel Frend (The Five(ish) Fangirls) https://www ...…
Faith Concepts--------------------- Broadcasts Fri, Dec 6;**Regular Broadcasts: Mon –Fri, 7-8AM; Sat-Sun, 6-8AM (CST).Website: rahardin.com -Bio, 6 Books, Radio, VideosEmail: gpwf@yahoo.com****God is not backing up our confused, mixed-up Christian community, for the denominational beliefs are so mixed up, and confusion is of the devil. All fals ...…
Writer-director Mudassar Aziz attempts to deliver a reboot that is lively, funny and at least superficially, progressive – he doesn’t always succeed but there is fun to be had here. Pati Patni Aur Woh stars Kartik Aaryan, Bhumi Pednekar, Ananya Pandey and Aparshakti Khurana.By Anupama Chopra
Panipat should have been the 18th century version of Uri because the josh of Sadashivrao and his men is always high. Directed by Ashutosh Gowariker, this films stars Arjun Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt, Kriti Sanon.By Anupama Chopra
Sarah and Dawn welcome business & venture capital guru, Fox Business panelist, podcast host & action figure model Carol Roth to the #@#*! studio. Join them as they talk about Carol’s Future File legacy planning system (FutureFile.com), capitalism and entrepreneurship, and her approach to improving on-camera performance. You’ll even get to hear ...…
Veterans of Foreign Wars, No One Does More For VeteransBy KLRNRadio.com
By KLRNRadio.com
Technically an episode! TroytlePower has a brand new baby in his life, which means he has zero energy or brain power or cleverness, but he does have a YouTube compilation of “Who’s that Pokémon“ segment, and a will to not miss putting our an episode this week! Social Media: Follow the show on twitter at @TPPTPPTPwTP or follow Troytle directly a ...…
Faith #2 & Concepts ------------------- Broadcasts Thu, Fri.Regular Broadcasts: Mon –Fri, 7-8AM; Sat-Sun, 6-8AM (CST).Website: rahardin.com -Bio, 6 Books, Radio, VideosEmail: gpwf@yahoo.com****God is not backing up our confused, mixed-up Christian community, for the denominational beliefs are so mixed up, and confusion is of the devil. All fals ...…
Impeachment hearing fiascos you may or may not have noticed. Kamala Harris drops out.By KLRNRadio.com
By KLRNRadio.com
Faith #1 & #2 & Concepts ------------------- Broadcasts Wed, Thu, Fri.Regular Broadcasts: Mon –Fri, 7-8AM; Sat-Sun, 6-8AM (CST).Website: rahardin.com -Bio, 6 Books, Radio, VideosEmail: gpwf@yahoo.com****God is not backing up our confused, mixed-up Christian community, for the denominational beliefs are so mixed up, and confusion is of the devil ...…
Silent Night Deadly Night 2 by Getting Drunk and Talking Over MoviesBy Getting Drunk and Talking Over Movies
Author Bethany Brevard, The Mouse and the Hammock, some Christmas, some football and a drink.By KLRNRadio.com
By KLRNRadio.com
A new droid arrives at the rebel base, but is not what it appears to be... Mike and Peter discuss the cozy creepy vibes of this episode, whether or not Zeb is a mass murderer, and talk for longer than appropriate about how common courtesy annoys us. You can connect with us on Instagram, Twitter, or email the show at RebelsRebelsPod@gmail.com. S ...…
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