Best Crafting podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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We’re Denise Wild and Jennifer Moore. We’re obsessive, we’re passionate. We craft, we talk. Welcome!http://craftingneverstops.comFollow us on Instagram!
Crafting Creatives
Everyday we have the power to reshape our world using our creative ability, a pen, a piece of paper, a monitor and a mouse. This podcast will motivate you to get off your ass and do something more AND you'll hear from industry professionals. Love you all, cheers!
Mary Crafts-Homer has been part of the best events in Utah for over 35 years. She is the largest off-premise caterer in Utah, catering for names like Oprah Winfrey, George W. Bush, and Sir Elton John. She's a 16X Best of State winner! Now there's an opportunity to give back and to share with others her hard-won life lessons and success, bringing you her life experiences as only she can to help you craft a meaningful life!
On The Bias
On The Bias is a crafting show hosted by Michaela Harkins (the veteran crafter) and Corey Forbus (the crafting greenhorn). We discuss projects we're working on, work that inspires us, and much more.
Author and editor Darren Todd delves into the often-treacherous world of short fiction, with a focus on editing and rewriting.
Double Blanks
This is a podcast all about Star Wars Destiny, from the state of the game to theory crafting; pretty much just every Star Wars Destiny! We have just started and can't wait to see where it goes!
2nd Story
2nd Story is dedicated to creating and crafting story-sharing experiences that foster meaningful connections between individuals and communities. We believe that well-crafted, well-told stories can be a catalyst for change for artist and audience alike.We believe that stories are what bind us to each other.We want to live in a world driven by empathy.We host events in and around Chicago that elevate the storyteller’s words to deliver a unique, live, literary/theatrical experience unlike any ...
Helping Writers Become Authors provides writers help in summoning inspiration, crafting solid characters, outlining and structuring novels, and polishing prose. Learn how to write a book and edit it into a story agents will buy and readers will love. (Music intro by Kevin MacLeod.)
A podcast about crafting and the creative process.
Reel Ghouls
Two girls meet in college, become fast friends, discover their mutual love of crafting, Warm Flannel Embrace Glade air freshener, and horror...what happens next? You will have to stay tuned to find out!
Stephanie Trussell
Our very first WLS-AM 890 Next Talk Star. And now she has her own show every week. Shes a self-proclaimed TEA Party conservative and a Chicago native. Raised on the West Side by a single mom, she attended Lourdes High School in Marquette Park while working at McDonald"s to help pay her tuition. She believes strongly in God, family, and the American dream. Her family includes her husband, five children (ages 29 to 9-years-old) and a daughter-in-law. When she's not tracking the activities of t ...
This is a knitting podcast that features a lot of spinning content. My name is Jade and I am a multi-crafter who does a lot of knitting, and spinning, as well as some quilting and sewing. New episodes are uploaded on Sunday nights. There is also the Sew Perfect Purls blog that accompanies the podcast and there is a new blog post every Friday. Hope you enjoy!https://www.sewperfectpurls.comInstagram: sewperfectpurlsRavelry: sewperfectpurls
Welcome to the YouTube channel for the Knitting in Stitches Podcast! Recording in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada, I'm putting out a new episode every week/two weeks. We'll talk about knitting, we'll laugh a little, and hopefully have some fun.Enjoy!Moira
We are a Final Fantasy Gaming podcast, discussing anything and everything Final Fantasy related. With a focus on FFXIV, we discuss news, crafting and gathering, in-game lore, and the true end game, Glamour!
The Morale Boost podcast: Your guide to Paladins. We look at and comment on all aspects of the game from patch notes to theory crafting, esports to community news. We cover it all. Episodes are released on a patch-by-patch basis
Have you ever tried to pursue a creative life, but have sacrificed self-care and wellness in the process? Or, perhaps you’re trying to pursue wellness, but are frustrated by rigid definitions and standards of health that seem to stifle creativity? Long-distance, sock-obsessed cousins Anna Barnard and Maria Ramsey have come to the conclusion that we don’t need to choose between our art and our wellbeing. In fact, they’ve got lots of thoughts to share about the intersection between the two. Tu ...
Discover Clarity on Innovation through finding Purpose, living by values, crafting plans, creating systems and necessary structures
Welcome to Underdog Empowerment! This show is for underdog entrepreneurs who have all the odds stacked against them want to level up and win in their sales, marketing, and business goals. I'm Zachary Babcock, a 6 time convicted felon who spent over 5 years of my life in prison. I made it my mission to empower underdog entrepreneurs. I share all of my biggest "a-ha moments" in my personal journey of identifying my target audience/ideal customer, crafting compelling offers, outsourcing, buildi ...
These are radio programs which the Missionary Independent Spiritual Church produces for broadcast on the LMC Radio Network. They have as their aims spiritual uplift and self-empowerment.On TuesdaysThe Crystal Silence League Hour is hosted by the Reverend Jon Saint Germain, who provides guidance on the practical use of crystals and crystal balls in the development of mental concentration and mind power, silent influence over others, divination and scrying of the future, and telepathic contact ...
Out on the Wire
Out on the Wire is the show about making stories, step by step. Join cartoonist Jessica Abel as she breaks down the principles of storytelling and puts you on the path to crafting your own story—in prose, comics, audio, video—in any narrative art form, fiction or nonfiction. Featuring radio and podcasting star producers from This American Life, Radiolab, Planet Money, Snap Judgment, and many more. Listen, learn, and collaborate with us to make something great.
This podcast is for the learners of the Russian language, who feel passionate about Russian culture and Russian poetry. I suggest my listeners to make a journey to the world of Russian poetic legacy, and to improve the language skills along the way. Immersion in the language culture is not merely effective, but utterly fascinating as well. I encourage my audience to look at Russian language not purely as a tool of communication, but as an artistic instrument of crafting peculiar literary rea ...
He's eating it! She's dying! He's BOMBING! For a stand-up comic there's no pain quite like a joke that bombs. Every comic bombs and in Bombing with Mike Dorval we seek to find out WHY! Every week a new comedian joins Mike to dive into the nitty gritty of joke writing. They'll explore the mechanics of crafting of great joke and the agony of a watching a joke they loved, nurtured, and thought would soar come crashing to Earth. It's a deep dive into the agony and ecstasy of writing jokes.
Our GTD® podcasts are here to support you at every stage of your GTD practice. You will hear David Allen and others interviewing people from all walks of life about their journey with GTD, from beginners to those who have been at it for years. The podcasts include personal and professional stories, as well as practical tips about GTD systems for desktop and mobile, using apps and paper. Start listening now and you'll be well on your way to stress-free productivity.
Trials and successes as an Oil Painter, illustrator or other creative person. Interviews, conversations, and solo thoughts and perspectives, with a sense of humor. Oil Painting, Art, Freelance, Illustration,Taxidermy, Sculpture, Creativity, Crafting, Music Making, Instrument Building... who knows? We all have something in common: a creative spirit and a love of what we do.
Driven 2 Educate
Driven 2 Educate is a podcast that showcases individuals, organizations and community leaders who are working to make a difference in education today. Our focus is on those that are deep in the trenches, reaching students in different ways through new teaching techniques, crafting new school environments or by creating unique experiences in schools or outside the school system.
Conversations about the work we do and the things we love — with author and host Tsh Oxenreider.
The Ellie Show
Emmy Award—winning producer, actor, and comedian Larry Wilmore is back on the air, hosting a podcast where he weighs in on the issues of the week and interviews guests in the worlds of politics, entertainment, culture, sports, and beyond.
THC is an interview-based show that seeks to explore topics of conspiracy, the paranormal, the psychedelic, & the esoteric with the best researchers and authors in the game.
Join us for in-depth interviews and discussions with today’s most influential Pagan artists, authors, musicians, teachers, leaders, bloggers, podcasters, and more! The conversations are sure to be inspiring, insightful, entertaining, and always engaging. Exploring topics that will turn the Pagan community on its head in an attempt to gain a new perspective on life, all while hearing some great music by today’s greatest Pagan and Pagan inspired musicians and bands. Down at the Crossroads is w ...
'If you don't have a plan, you become part of somebody else's plan.' -TMDROP ME A LINE: (208) 918-2837
Hello PhD
A podcast for scientists, and the people who love them.
Jane's Apple
Since most of us start crafting for the pure enjoyment it's hard to shift focus to thinking of our craft as a business. This is a 13 step podcast series to selling your handmade craft online.
A show about creative production and technology
Steve Sherwood first began listening to electronic music in the late 90’s when his younger sister unknowingly left a cassette tape with a live set by Carl Cox on the floor of his car. He quickly fell for the harder side of dance music and became a regular at underground raves held in the Arizona desert. In the summer of 2000, he moved to San Francisco and was transformed by a diverse local dance scene which included parties like Universe, Pleasuredome, Mass, Fag Fridays, and Trannyshack. Aft ...
Greater Than Code
because #peoplematter
What’s Working Right Now To Grow, Manage, And Run Small Businesses In The Digital Age
Listen to recordings of public events from the Brookings Institution, a nonprofit public policy research organization (think tank) in Washington, DC. Expert speakers and panelists at our events include scholars, leading policymakers, and foreign officials, and address a wide range of public policy issues that matter to the nation and the world.
How Do You Write
Explore the processes of working writers with bestselling author Rachael Herron. How do you write a book? Start here. You'll gain tips to get in the chair, tricks to stay there, and inspiration to get your own words flowing.
Podcast for dentists – practice transformation and passive cash flow generation. Learn more at
Host Madeleine Brand looks at news, culture and emerging trends through the lens of Los Angeles.
A show through which many topics related to spirituality, magic, Nature based religions, philosophies and spirit-minedness.
Interviews with Sociologists about their New Books
Zach Spuckler brings you top tricks, tips and industry leaders to help you take your online business to the next level. Everything from the art of confidently charging your worth to the science of a six-figure launch - you'll find it all on the Heart, Soul & Hustle Podcast!
The Fearless Launching Show is a podcast for entrepreneurs who want to bring their most important ideas to the world. My mission is to help online entrepreneurs narrow in on their most important ideas, get things done that matter, to build the life and business they dream about.
The Artful Trader
Successful traders strive to make measured, strategic decisions – but what really goes on in the minds of the experts behind the trade? In this original series, we talk to the traders who’ve been through it all - big wins, losses and everything in between. Join us as we unlock the secrets behind the highs and lows of the industry’s experts, and discover their journey to mastering the art of the financial markets.
Opposable Thumbs
We (Taylor Hokanson and Rob Ray) assign ourselves (and a guest) a new creative challenge every two weeks. We then talk about our discoveries, problems, solutions, failures and successes and.... try to steer clear of catastrophic shop accidents.
Commentary from Michael Kitces on Financial Planning News & Strategies
Scene Play
We do cinematic, improv-heavy storygaming.Every several episodes comprise an arc, a single continuous story. Each arc uses a new system, or framework to improvise in, and is made up of a new cast.On the show, we like to push towards: Swashbuckling, Feelings, and The End of Things. It's quite fun.
Podcast by Lynne Rowe - The Woolnest
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show series
With prison reform a topic of international conversation and debate, Marica Morgan’s Black Women Prison Employees: The Intersectionality of Gender and Race offers an in-depth and unique analysis of a population largely lost in these debates and discussions: black women. By centering their experiences, Morgan offers and intersectional and psycho ...…
In his groundbreaking new book, Alef is for Allah: Childhood, Emotion, and Visual Culture in Islamic Societies (University of California Press, 2018), Jamal Elias takes his readers on a riveting intellectual tour thematically centered on the interaction of childhood, visual culture, and affect in contemporary Muslim majority societies, and in M ...…
In this episode, Jean-Francois Cloutier talks about theory of mind: his Elixir-powered robots, predictive processing, object-oriented programming, intuition and emergent properties, and the ineffability of Smalltalk.Hi friends!...that's what Scott Hanselman says whenever he starts a talk or a podcast. He's done over 650 episodes of his Hanselmi ...…
There are certain principles of New Thought that may seem far-fetched, and one of these is that Mind can re-shape and effect reality on a physical level. Tonight we'll discuss the nature of 'reality' and some of New Thought's perspectives on this elusive concept. Tonight's crystal is Thulite, a pinkish-red stone believed to help transform emoti ...…
How much does it cost to launch? How much money do we REALLY need to get our online products, courses, and coaching programs into the hands of our ideal customers? This is a question I received recently on a webinar…and just knew I wanted to share my answer with you here too! If you’re getting ready to figure out how to launch your first produc ...…
Teachers are expected to be back in school on Wednesday. The negotiations ended at 6:15 am Tuesday, after 21 hours of talks, according to Mayor Eric Garcetti. Teachers will get pay raises, smaller class sizes, and more nurses and librarians.By (KCRW, Madeleine Brand).
Continuing this month with two movies worth of SPOILERS! We are talking the masked intruders of The Strangers and The Strangers: Prey at Night.
The Nitty-Gritty: Why Meagan Francis chose to walk away from her successful content marketing business and start working for someone else Why she decided to head back to entrepreneurship and go all-in on a podcasting business How her mindset evolved from venture to venture The changes Meagan has made to her own role in her business and the way ...…
How has the council estate been represented on stage? In Social Housing In Performance: The English Council Estate On and Off Stage (Methuen Drama, 2018), Dr. Katie Beswick, a lecturer in drama at the University of Exeter, explores this question using a mixture of dramatic and social theory, along with examples from a variety of theatre perform ...…
In this episode I speak with Trebbe Johnson, author of ‘Radical Joy for Hard Times: Finding Meaning and Making Beauty in Earth's Broken Places.’ We discuss how in a "world devastated by human interaction and natural disaster — from clearcutting and fracking to extreme weather and urban sprawl — creating art, ritual, and even joy in wounded plac ...…
It’s Monday morning and you arrive in lab a little late. No worries, you drop your tissue culture media into the warming bath, turn on the hood, and head down the hall while things ‘warm up.’ Next stop is the -80 freezer. You dig through the drifting piles of frost and snow, around the boxes […] The post 108: My Green Lab with Allison Paradise ...…
Today on THC we welcome Jeremy Rothe-Kushel. Jeremy has a background in politics with experience in community organizing, media jamming, documentary journalism, and consensus-building. He's also worked in Permaculture, future-roots music production, performance, and education. He's on Twitter under @jeremywrk.He's also the co-host and producer ...…
Listen to America change… one person at a time. For these six people, the politics of the Trump era have changed everyday life. Follow them in real time through the tumultuous two years since he became president.By (KCRW).
In this segment of my discussion writer, lawyer, and environmental activist Will Falk, we place Will's activism and insights within the broader context of what is currently unfolding at the Unist'ot'en Camp, part of the Wet’suwet’en territory in so-called British Columbia. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), on January 7th, breached the b ...…
Welcome to Episode 42 of the Sew Perfect Purls Knitting Podcast. I hope you all enjoy!You can find me anywhere on the web as Sew Perfect Purls, but I am most active on Instagram and in the Ravelry group.💜The Sew Perfect Purls Etsy shop can be found at-💜💜The podcast is available on YouTube and iTunes. Yo ...…
Make power moves by building a powerful personal brand. Curtis Washington shares his dope underdog story and blueprint for personal branding.
Heeding your brain's natural wiring is the first step in creating your own personalized writing process. You can start by asking these five questions.
LINK TO THE FULL “DEBATE”: this introduction, I try to adequately examine my “debate” with Michael Wood Jr. — former Baltimore police officer, whistleblower, and Police Management Scholar. I’ve spoken with Michael previously on the podcast (#163), in which we discussed his experiences and research into modern polic ...…
Stephanie Trussell is joined by political commentator Kathy Barnette, border mom Marvina Case, congressional candidate Matt Quigley, investigative reporter Julie Roys, Lennie Jarrett of the Heartland Institute, Ted Dabrowski of Wirepoints, and Mark Weyermuller, man on the street.
If your audio is great people can forgive medicore video, but if it sounds bad people will turn it off. This episode we are talking with mic and preamp reviewer Curtis Judd and podcast producer Ray Ortega the simple secrets to audio production for some common situations. This podcast is brought to you by Epidemic Sound, where creators can easil ...…
Listen in as we talk about magickal alphabets. What are they? How do we use them? Can modern languages works as a magickal alphabet? We will cover it all. A Pagan podcast featuring two professional Witches. Learn about Goddess worship, rituals, spells, and more. Ancient reverence with modern perspective. Professional witches Elvyra Love and Pho ...…
There’s been plenty of drama this week at the El Chapo trial, where it was revealed that he allegedly bribed a Mexican president. He also performed a movie-like escape in the dead of night as agents came to arrest him.By (KCRW, Madeleine Brand).
What will you learn from listening to Mary's Podcast in 2019? Crafting a Meaningful life encourages you to enjoy and be comfortable with your "state of being." Re-examine your daily meanings and find out what means the most to you. Craft your most meaningful life. Learn how to gain growth and minimize fear based shaming. Finally, Mary tells the ...…
In this episode, I speak with writer, lawyer, and environmental activist Will Falk. In 2014 and 2015, Will spent a great deal of time at the Unist’ot’en Camp, part of the Wet’suwet’en Nation (in so-called British Columbia). We place Will's activism and insights about his time at the Camp within the broader context of what is currently unfolding ...…
Serial memoirist Eve O. Schaub lives with her family in Vermont and enjoys performing experiments on them so she can write about it. During 2011 Eve wrote a blog about her family’s attempt to live and eat for a year without any added sugar in their food, which became the book Year of No Sugar. She has been a guest on the Dr. Oz Show, and FOX an ...…
Growing older is a privilege denied to many people; it means we should celebrate the gift it is! In this episode, we’re talking about ways to celebrate birthday milestones in your life — Christine recently wrote a gorgeous essay about what it meant for her to turn 40 not too long ago. Then Tsh shares thoughts on her current beauty and self-care ...…
People often seem not to value their teeth, but in reality, this has a lot to do with how well their dentist is educating and communicating with them. Heidi Mount is a consultant and international speaker who helps dentists find what they’re missing, stress less, have happier employees, and profit more from their practices. She emphasizes the i ...…
Have you ever received feedback about your business or launch and weren’t sure exactly what to do with it? Maybe you felt overwhelmed, or confused, or hurt...or ANGRY! I think we’d all agree that feedback is important. But it can also be tough to deal with, tough to know the good from the bad… Today we’re going to share my strategies for handli ...…
On January 17, the Africa Growth Initiative hosted a Foresight Africa launch featuring a panel of leading Africa experts to offer insights on regional trends along with recommendations for national governments, regional organizations, multilateral institutions, and civil society actors as they forge ahead in 2019. Subscribe to Brookings Events ...…
Negotiations are back on between the teachers and LAUSD. We look at what they should be talking about with an education consultant who’s seen both sides. Also, what happened at two Central LA school where teachers met with parents?By (KCRW, Madeleine Brand).
In this segment of my discussion with anarchist, activist, and writer Peter Gelderloos we discuss his book ’Worshiping Power: An Anarchist View of Early State Formation,’ which examines state formation in societies through out human history. What stands out from this discussion is: 1) there are numerous examples of societies throughout human hi ...…
It was a tough decision to shut down our membership site that was generating revenue for the company, but today I’ll be explaining why we decided to do it. I hope this episode gives you the insight (and permission) to realize that if something isn’t serving your business, you don’t have to keep doing it, even if it is making you money. This epi ...…
Melissa Potter is our guest this episode! Chicago in tha house! We talk to Melissa about bad art history books, the radness of papermaking, the earnestness of hardcore kids... and the rad earnestness of papermaker hardcore kids. Rob brings the patterns of life and the YouTube-ness of "How To Lyfe" to the Roland TR 909 drum machine. Mel also exa ...…
Hello and thank you once again for joining us down at the crossroads for some music, magick, and Paganism. Where witches gather for the sabbath, offerings are made, pacts are signed for musical fame and we cross paths with today’s most influential Pagans, occultists, and deep thinkers. I am your bewitching, bald headed, host Chris Orapello and ...…
After three days of striking, pressure has increased on both sides to settle the LAUSD teachers strike. The district and the teachers have lost millions of dollars. We speak with teachers union president Alex Caputo-Pearl and school board member Nick Melvoin.By (KCRW, Madeleine Brand).
I don’t know about the colleges and universities you’re familiar with, but the U.S. military has a pretty visible presence on my campus—through the ROTC, a newly remodeled Veterans Resource Center, and the student veterans themselves who enroll in my classes each semester. So I was immediately intrigued when I heard about the book Grateful Nati ...…
In this episode, Amr talks about the fact that it’s not just code: people need to own their privilege and use it for good by calling out others, being good allies, and avoiding biases. If you like Greater Than Code, you should check out The Transatlantic Cable Podcast from Kaspersky Lab. They condense the most interesting InfoSec and Cybersecur ...…
There are certain principles of New Thought that may seem far-fetched, and one of these is that Mind can re-shape and effect reality on a physical level. Tonight we'll discuss the nature of 'reality' and some of New Thought's perspectives on this elusive concept. Tonight's crystal is Pink Petalite, a gentle stone believed to help with issues of ...…
LAUSD teachers are striking for the second day. Many people are questioning the state’s model for funding schools. California spends around $10,800 per pupil, which is less than the national average. But maybe that money could be better spent if the district itself were smaller and more manageable.By (KCRW, Madeleine Brand).
In this minisode we discuss masks, the killers that wear them, and the horrors that come along with this barrier.
The Nitty Gritty Margy Thomas, Ph.D. and founder of ScholarShape, supports academics and researchers in telling their stories through what she calls the Story-Argument concept. This tool or strategy, applied to her clients’ work, turns their text into “both a functional machine and a pleasing work of art.” Why Margy’s so passionate about academ ...…
China’s global rise has been analysed from many perspectives in recent years. But pressing questions over how understandings of gender – and particularly masculinity – have been changing amidst increasing mutual contact between China and the wider world have been asked less often. Derek Hird and Geng Song are among the foremost contributors to ...…
In a long series of shows with Shamangineer, we've gone over a lot of the best research and marginalized leaders across the alchemical/ethereal sciences, divided up in previous episodes by element. Today, we approach this realm of information through Shamangineer's theory of the mind. You can explore the many resources that we talk about below: ...…
Thirty-one thousand LAUSD teachers, nurses, librarians, and counselors went on strike this morning. They want a salary increase, smaller class sizes, and the hiring of more staff. The district says it can’t afford all that. We see what happened on the picket lines.By (KCRW, Madeleine Brand).
In this episode, I speak with anarchist, activist, and writer Peter Gelderloos. Peter is the author of numerous books, two of which we examine in this interview — ‘How Nonviolence Protects The State’ and ’Worshiping Power: An Anarchist View of Early State Formation.’ In this discussion, I ask Peter to examine the most lauded nonviolent movement ...…
After years of being overlooked, there has been a growing interest among academic historians in the history of Turkish Guest Workers in West Germany. In her new book, Turkish Germans in the Federal Republic of Germany: Immigration, Space, and Belonging, 1961-1990 (Cambridge University Press, 2018), Sarah Thomsen Vierra examines the experience o ...…
How can detective fiction explain the social world? In Detecting the Social: Order and Disorder in Post-1970s Detective Fiction(Palgrave Macmillan, 2019), Mary Evans and Hazel Johnstone, both from the London School of Economics' Department of Gender Studies, and Sarah Moore, a Senior Lecturer at the University of Bath's Department of Social and ...…
Brendan has over 2.5 million followers across social media. He empowers thousands to live a better life by being authentic & vulnerable on social media.
In the first episode of 2019, Klauss, Seyrr, and Chille are joined by real-world culinarian Taliz Marvelous! The crew give their spoiler-free impressions of the Patch 4.5 content, and in a new segment, Taliz tells us all about the wonders of eggs in Eorzea, as well as their counterparts in the real world! We hope you enjoy! Show Notes Taliz Mar ...…
In this story, teller Lauren Sivak pleads her case with help from her star witness - an onion ring.
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