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Podcast by Game Time with Nick Bahe
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Nick is joined by Josh and John and they talk some bracket heart breakers and struggles they experienced while filling their brackets out and more!
Brody joins Nick and talks about the big win Creighton picked up in the first round of the NIT and looks forward to Memphis as they come to town and more!
Nick dives into Martin Krampelj and how he was the key to Creighton's win last night and how he was surprised Creighton had to get ramped up for the game and also gets into why it's a bad idea for Nebraska to continue to let Tim Miles coach and let Hoiberg sit and wait around.
As a society we are some haters and Zion plays on a team that everyone normally HATES but NOBODY hates Zion and Nick dives into that and also gets into some Glen Watson talk and more!
Nick believes there is only 6 teams that can win the national championship and goes through each one and why!
Nick answers all of your questions includeing what traits he doesn’t want his daughter to inherit, thoughts on Martin Krampelj possibly leaving, which former teammates would be on his coaching staff, what movie would he remake and more!
Nick explains why it's tough to get a feel for Nebraska Butler tonight. Also goes through the fact they possibly have 6 players available tonight and gives his pick to win tonight and why.
Creighton picked up a win in the first round last night against Loyola Chicago and Nick dives into what he saw last night and looks forward to Memphis coming to town and more!
Callers are calling and joining in on the Hoiberg speculation and how he's a high character guy and Nick shares we can't look at what happened in Chicago and judge him off of that and have to be optimistic about a change and more!
Nick kicks off the show talking about the risk of letting Tim Miles coach the NIT tournament and how we as a society don't want to give people the time to change their mind and this is giving Hoiberg (IF he's on the line already) and how you never know until the ink is on the paper and dry and more!
Nick is joined by Josh and John to talk about a bad caller take!
Thor joins Nick and talks about the big opportunity this is for a young Creighton squad, what the most important aspect in the next couple weeks are and thoughts on Tim Miles and if a decision has been made or not. Also a caller who IS NOT a fan of Hoiberg.
Hoiberg rumors are strong and NIck doesn't think Jeff Goodman would go public if it's not a done deal, Nick also reveals who were his top 2 choices for the Nebraska job and voices his concerns with Hoiberg and more!
Robin joins Nick and talks Nebrasketball and thoughts on Moos not being in Chicago, if he thinks Miles knew what the statement said, thoughts on the Hoiberg rumor and if not Hoiberg then who and more!
Nick gets a great call and dives into the fact that Nebrasketball needs someone who hasn't been involved in the program for their head coach and more!
Nick touches on Sip's comments yesterday on USC and how he thinks "ALLEGEDLY" Miles knew what the statement said and more!
The NIT is the experimental place where the NCAA will test out new rules and Nick lets us in on what the news rules are going to be and how they will effect each Nebraska and Creighton and more!
The NIT is the experimental place where the NCAA will test out new rules and Nick lets us in on what the news rules are going to be and how they will effect each Nebraska and Creighton and more!
Nick dives into how important this tourney is for Nebraska and breaks down tonight's NIT game with Creighton against Loyola and more!
Nick takes the time and goes through the South and Midwest regions of the bracket and there is one of these regions Nick is not a huge fan of and more!
It's bracket time! Nick looks at the West and East region of the brackets and one of these regions nick LOVES!
Mike Trout is going to sign the biggest contract in sports history and should always be taking the check when going out to lunch with him but Nick dives into Huskers and Ohio State game as some odds came out about the game and more!
NIT starts tonight for Creighton and Nick dives into a little bit on their path to Madison Square Garden but touches on Fred Hoiberg and the hype around him becoming Nebraska's next basketball coach and shares what he would like about him coming to Lincoln and more!
Nick is Joined by John and Josh to discuss the tweet that's got Nebraska Basketball fans talking and more!
Nick gets Vrz's thoughts on Jeff Goodmans tweet about Nebraska Basketball's front runner for the coaching job after Time Miles and also talks about fear and confidence on a football field and more!
Jeff Goodman tweets front runner for Nebraskaetball's coach after Time Miles and nick explains why if Nebraska could pull this off it'd be a HOME RUN!
Creighton AND Nebraska are both in the NIT this year and Nick dives into their match ups and more!
Nick dives in on the question if he'd take Duke or the field and shares where he thinks they can get too in the tournament!
Nick and Schaef talk Nebrasketball and Tim Miles and touch a little bit on some Husker football and more!
Johnny Trueblood...what a story! Nick dives into why he thinks Johnny T has been so successful and more!
Nick dives into the fact that if Moos's mind is made up that Friday was the time to make the decision on Miles. Also a caller explains how it reminds him of how the Mike Riley situation was handled and more.
Nebraska basketball Time Miles still has his job and the point of Andy Katz's comments could hurt the coaching search and Nick has takes on both and more!
A LOT of people taking Duke to win it all and Nick dives into who he'd take Duke or the field and a very important stat to keep in mind and also touches on some of the stuff the committee did wrong and some mistakes and more!
Nick is a big fan of Ken Pomeroy and what he has to say this time of year and shares why AND gives you the 8 teams that according to Ken realistically have a chance to win the NCAA Tourney and more!
BRACKETS ARE HERE! But Nick wants to start off though locally and touches on Tim Miles and Bill Moos. Also a take on nationally how people look at Nebraska and why it should make fans and Nebraskans blood boil and more!
A scenario that weirdly makes sense in a cheating world Vrz dives into and more!
Vrz talks Lebron and it's March so we're updating whats going on in the SEC tourney and BIG 10 tourney that's on right now
Schick joins Vrz and talks about small school tournaments energy and touches on Duke and Zion Williamson and more!
Vrz gets some meniscus stories and gets told to STOP PICKING CREIGHTON in bets because it never turns out good and more!
Vrz tackles the question if St. Johns has a better resume than Nebraska and goes through in-bounding and Creighton and also poses the question...What does a Appendix do?
All reports coming in said that Spring practice today was chippy and Vrz explains what he likes about it and more!
Kool-Aid Steve gives his buddy Vrz a call and wants to talk about the bribing college situation and more!
Marken Manager of NRG Media Mark Shecterle jons Vrz and shares what we are doing to help our brothers and sisters in Nebraska and Iowa for flood reliefs.
BC joins Vrz and and talk Huskers Spring Camp and what he's seen and more!
Vrz touches on Duke and how Zion is THE REAL DEAL and more!
Vrz is in for this Friday edition of Game Time and Nebraska is still in the BIG 10 toruney and finally look like they're having some fun. Johnny Trueblood is giving max effort and more!
Vrz wraps up this shortened version of Game Time (Creighton Hoops)with lifting and basketball players and also gives his take on what the BlueJays need to do defensively to get a win in New York!
Vrz and George give there magic number for Creighton to get into the big dance and Vrz dives into expectation and if that got in the way for Nebrasketball this year and if he thinks Tim Miles is out or not and more!
Vrz dives into offers that the Huskers have out for DT's and T's and gets into Nebrasketball keys to their game today and more!
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