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It's all about life. Presented by Ray Darcy.
The Hot Breakfast is 105.1 Triple M Melbourne’s daily snapshot of what is happening in what we think is the greatest city on the planet. The Hot Breakfast features Eddie McGuire, Wil Anderson and Luke Darcy. The show isn’t your typical breakfast show - Eddie, Wil and Luke set the day's agenda and provide the inside word on the biggest stories. Listen to The Hot Breakfast every weekday morning 6-9am on 105.1 Triple M Melbourne or catch up with the show here.
Darci Kistler (Audio)
Darcy Omar's Podcast
Position Impossible Podcast with Dave Camarillo and Matt Darcy
Podcast of resolved Telly Problems in Ireland If you have any telly problems that are driving you nuts Email: And don't forget to listen to the Ray D'Arcy Show on Today Fm every Thursday to see if your problem is read out and resolved. If it is you will win a bobble head Ray for your troubles
PirateCast Live!
The 100% unofficial talk radio show dedicated to the Poole Pirates speedway team.
What Should I Read Next? is the show for every reader who has ever finished a book and faced the problem of not knowing what to read next. Each week, Anne Bogel, of the blog Modern Mrs Darcy, interviews a reader about the books they love, the books they hate, and the books they're reading now. Then, she makes recommendations about what to read next. The real purpose of the show is to help YOU find your next read.
iRadio's iGo Home
All the best bits from iGo Home with Fergal Darcy only on iRadio.
Podcast by Caleb and Becky
Director Kriv Stenders, producer Nelson Woss and actor John Batchelor discuss the movie’s extraordinary success aided by a special appearance from Koko the dog.
Michigan Crime Stories is MLive’s new podcast exploring murder, mysteries and mayhem in the Mitten. Hosted by MLive reporters Darcie Moran and John Counts.
Calgarypuck Radio
Calgarypuck Radio is hardcore hockey talk for the C of Red. Join hosts D’arcy McGrath and Grant Farhall as they discuss the news and issues of the Calgary Flames and the NHL. Join the conversation at
Rooty Radio
Russ, Darcy, Nonsense
Austen’s timeless romantic classic, follows the lives of the five Bennett sisters, who live in a time where an advantageous marriage and social status are considered a fundamental for any woman to stand a fair chance at life. Set at the turn of the 19th century, Pride and Prejudice catches a perfect glimpse not only of a time when women were socially and economically dependent solely on their marital status, but also as an age of enlightenment and witness of the French Revolution. This roman ...
Pride and Prejudice is Jane Austen's classic comic romance, in which the five Bennett sisters try to find that most elusive creature: a single man in possession of a large fortune. Sparks fly when sweet, pretty Jane meets their new neighbor, Mr. Bingley, but her sister Elizabeth is most offended by his haughty friend, Mr. Darcy. This is Austen at the height of her powers: the ironic narration, hilariously drawn supporting characters, and romantic suspense make this her most enduringly popula ...
Darcy Ogandaga is a serial entrepreneur who published and produced 12 audio books in French, Spanish and English. He is the Founder of The Laws of The Internet a consulting firm that helps Entrepreneurs to reach the globe with their content via social media in more than 54 languages. You can contact him at
As a teenager, Benjamin Franklin apprenticed with his brother James at the shop where The New-England Courant was printed. Since James would not publish any of Benjamin's works, fifteen-year-old Benjamin sent letters to The New England Courant under the pseudonym Silence Dogood. A total of fourteen letters were sent, one each fortnight, between April and December of 1722. (Introduction by Darcy Smittenaar)
Comedian Eve Darcy chats existentially with fellow humans to find out what this life thing is about and how being a human is going for them. AFOG Pod is a light, humorous exchange about life, being human, with a focus on mental & emotional well-being. AFOG = Another F*ing Opportunity for Growth :)
The most famous of Jane Austen’s novels, Pride and Prejudice is the satirical tale of the notorious Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy, one of the most popular couples in literary history. When the silly Mrs. Bennet tries to marry off each of her five daug
Pride and Prejudice is a novel by Jane Austen, first published in 1813. The story follows the main character Elizabeth Bennet as she deals with issues of manners, upbringing, morality, education and marriage in the society of the landed gentry of early 19th-century England. Elizabeth is the second of five daughters of a country gentleman, living near the fictional town of Meryton in Hertfordshire, near London. In this reading, Librivox volunteers lend their voices to dramatize Jane Austen's ...
Celeb Cafe
Coming from a Cafe Near You! Join host Darcy Oliver as he sits down with your favourite Celebrity's each week.
Up To Date
Recaps your favourite Australian TV Shows With your Favourite Aussie StarsHosted By Darcy Oliver New Episodes every Friday!
This serious, yet witty and hilarious, romantic comedy by Samuel Hopkins Adams is a must read/listen! From the very beginning it intrigues you with the troubles and feminine woes of young Miss Darcy Cole. Being a dowdy, unkempt fledgling lady, she finds herself in a mirthful fix after telling a whopper to her room-mates in order to save face from her severely lacking personal life. Resentful and jealous of most all other women, and contemplating suicide, she turns to actress Gloria Greene fo ...
Lily James, Jack Huston, Bella Heathcote and Douglas Booth discuss Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Casting aside personal and social prejudices, feisty heroine Elizabeth Bennet and Mr Darcy must unite to rid the country of a zombie menace and discover their true love for one another. Hosted by Rhianna Dhillon at the Apple Store, Covent Garden in London.
A radio show, community, and podcast exploring the transition from high school to college.Co-hosted byMatthew Damschroder, Assistant Dean of Students for Campus Life, and Brexton Isaacs, an IWU Sophomore, with production and technical expertise and support, as well as contributions and participation from Associate Dean of Students Darcy L. Greder.The show is a weekly productionwith content directed towardshelping parents to understandthe experiences of their incomingstudents, and the develop ...
Damn It, Degrassi!
We’ve been mindless Degrassi fans since Drake was wheeling around at the bottom. We were there when James Tiberius Yorke was unjustly stabbed, we remember when we had to illegally download Manny’s abortion episode because American audiences apparently weren’t mature enough. We know exactly when we finally respected Darcy Edwards. We talked for years about when Degrassi would tackle a heart wrenching suicide storyline; we just weren’t ready for it to be Campbell. Unlike some others we’ve also ...
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Attitude Of Gratitude by Darcy J. WattBy (Darcy J. Watt).
What would you like most to know about your relationship with your dog, cat, horse or other companion - what is it about your relationship that is meaningful to them Are you listening to what they are saying to you Get answers to these as well as other commonly asked questions such as: changing a behavior, how to promote a healthy aura, what ar ...…
Hey! Erica and Sheila aren’t dead! The hiatus comes to an end as the ladies discuss the differences between Playmobil play and Lego play! Darcy continues to overshare, and boys go to Neverland to die! Posting every other Thursday. Contact us at Follow us @oofiwrotethat on Twitter for episode updates and general musings. ...…
Jet Blue saves Darcy the French Bulldog. Most popular gender neutral names. A complete discussion about soy sauce and Asian cooking. Michelin has a new idea for using wood for tires. An interview with the B/CS Chamber of Commerce. Movies with Kate. Miss America - what exactly is it becoming?
Darcy Howe has a passion for innovation and has been a regional leader in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, developing connectivity between funders, entrepreneurs and advisors. She is also a 20-year veteran angel investor so coming out of retirement to build the KC Rise Venture Fund was a perfect fit. In this episode Darcy shares details on the KC ...…
Laura Vanderkam I love reading self-help books - specifically the ones that are going to give me tangible takeaways to improve my life. One topic I rarely see covered effectively is the act of time. Now, I’ve heard speakers talk about learning to say no and waking up an hour early, but what if I already do those things? That’s where Laura Vande ...…
In Episode 159 of The Maccessibility Roundtable Podcast, our knights discuss: Updates to Audio Hijack More on Dark Mode iOS beta Shortcuts and Photos The Braille Me Braille display The FlickType Third-Party Keyboard Shelly’s CMD-D session The next episode of the Parallel Podcast The Dot To Dot Podcast Our Summer Hiatus Knights on this episode: ...…
Former Crusaders player and former assistant coach of the side Dave Hewett joins Darcy and Goran to talk about Wyatt Crockett’s amazing achievement – becoming the first Super Rugby player to play 200 matches.
Matt Brown joins Darcy and Goran with an update on the tennis action at Wimbledon, including wearing the wrong underpants, and flying ants.
Apologies for being a day late folks but Chips Blanch is gallivanting across the European countryside and Jaybor needed a co-host... Up steps Big Fat Darc and GPS First Grader Tom Christie.With just a few rounds of QPR footy left, the NRC is starting to become a hot topic, so the lads give their thoughts on who they think will be bolters from e ...…
Darci Smith shares her wisdom on The Business Blast Podcast! You can learn more about Darci here: episode is brought to you by Authors Unite. Authors Unite provides you with all the resources you need to become a successful author. You can learn more about Authors Unite and join the free communi ...…
Playlist: Unknown Mortal Orchestra - the internet of love rhythm of cruelty - explosions baba zula - carino the clash - wrong 'em boyo morphine - cure for pain colin stetson - part of me apart from you BADBADNOTGOOD - since you asked kindly BEYRIES - soldier Dos Santos - return y regreso mo kenney - sucker Damien Jurado - percy faith saltland - ...…
This week, Kyrie and Cori discuss LGBTQ+ books they selected, as well as some history on Pride month. What We Are Drinking During their discussion, Kyrie and Cori, and their special guest Sydney drink Rosa De Jamaica, and it is a Hibiscus and Pineapple ice tea from Two Sisters Tea. As you can see by the photo below, it’s this beautiful merlot c ...…
Our relationship experts are back, Alison Keating Psychologist and Ray O’Neill, psychoanalyst. Are in studio this afternoon to answers all the listeners relationship queries and questions.
On today's show, Kildare won the battle, walking Megan Merkles dog, Jen Hogan won a breast feeding award, relationship advice with Ray and Alison and Live music with Jake Carter
Jen Hogan, Author of The Real Mum’s Guide to Surviving Parenthood and Mum of seven children who won Journalist of the Year at the Friends of Breastfeeding Awards this week and she popped into studio this afternoon to chat to Brenda
In Episode 158 of The Maccessibility Roundtable Podcast, our knights discuss Swimming with the Apple Watch Twitch The TV app The Apple TV and HomeKit The Jitterbug phone and Apple’s Guided Access Accessibility at WWDC Live Listen iOS Shortcuts Dark Mode Shelly’s accessibility coverage rant Knights on this episode: Darcy Burnard Holly Anderson J ...…
Kristen Darcy offers coaching services to individuals challenged with infertility and facing a divorce. She is the author of Girlfriend To Girlfriend: A Fertility Companion AND Love & Infertility: Survival Strategies for Balancing Infertility, Marriage and Life which received RESOLVE'S 2009 Hope Award for Best Book. Kristen has also been highli ...…
Founder, President, CEO & Director for True Leaf Medicine International Ltd Darcy Bomford talks to Doc Rob about his work on Plant-focused Wellness For People and Their Pets. We also learn about outlying plans for True Leaf, including with True Leaf’s other division, True Leaf Medicine, which is currently waiting for a license to produce and se ...…
Twin Cities Pride Board Chair Darcie Baumann sits down with Ryan for a special extended interview to talk candidly about the issues and controversies that have surrounded the Festival and Parade over the past two years. We talk about what went wrong, what’s been done to correct it and what’s being done this year and beyond to ensure that the Fe ...…
Episode 3.2!!! This is part 2 of my conversation with my friend and co-worker Serdar Aydemir.(Jerry)On this week's episode to talk about our views on religion, music, storytelling and how he got the nickname Jerry. To learn more about Serdar go listen to episode 3 part. Also, Here is a brief description of both the author and book written by Se ...…
Join Loree and Rob for an in-depth discussion of "Marrying Mr. Darcy." Get Rob's hot takes on wedding fashion, Loree's thoughts on fakeout marriage proposals, and find out how this Hallmark movie breaks one rom-com rule in a big way.
Who Would The Spider Be? by Darcy J. WattBy (Darcy J. Watt).
We speak with Darcie Yukimura, HCF Director of Community Philanthropy on Kauai, Taharaa Stein, Principal at Hanalei Elementary and Ashley Guerrero, Co-Director of Aloha School Early Learning Center.
This week, we stumbled upon an episode topic by accident (as we tend to do) and revisited Buffalo's Old First Ward at the Barrel Factory, home of one of Buffalo's newest breweries, Pressure Drop Brewing! This place is really awesome, and hits all of our "good place" vibes. They don't make barrels here anymore (yet?) but they do push out some se ...…
Featured Interview: Prospect for suspending joint military drillsGuest:Darcie DraudtNon-Resident FellowPacific Forum CSIS
FIFA World Cup Begins; Bon Jovi Tour Announcement; Early Bird Quiz; Sport News; Wil Anderson Reflects on the Murder of Eurydice Dixon; Which Teacher Had an Impact on you; Darc v Neil Mitchell; 'Malcolm Turnbull' Lawrence Mooney; Ed's Plane Dramas - The Fallout; Geelong Captain Joel Selwood; Mick Malthouse not happy with Gary Pert's Appointment; ...…
Celeb Cafe Is BACK! This Week Darcy Chats to one of the countrys most loved Performers Rob Mills about his new show Puffs That Spins Of The Harry Potter Universe from the Perspective of The HufflePuff House. And His Career In Muscial Theatre. Follow Rob Mills Follow Darcy Oliver ...…
TTR Network - 06/14/18 - Dr. Pat & Darcy Pariso - Hour 2 by Alternative Talk- 1150AM KKNW
Relationships are made easier with the help of our animal friends. They come to the rescue even when we don't realize we need rescuing! From working....., or healing, our animal friends are doing more than we know.
Lake Placid News Staff Writer Griffin Kelly interviewed 11-year-old Lincoln Norfolk on June 11 at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts during the world premiere of Norfolk's short film, "Finding Home." His parents, Matt and Darcy, were included in the interview.
Darcy Boerio always enjoyed running, especially when her son was a baby and could be pushed in a jogging stroller. But once he was too old for that, Darcy struggled to find a fitness activity they could both do together. She was talking with a friend who did karate with her daughter and thought that it wouldn’t hurt to go. With her friend as an ...…
Conor Pope joins us once again to champion your consumer issues, if you have a consumer problem you can send it to
Tommy Bowe has hung up his boots after playing professional rugby for fifteen years. He has played on the wing for Ulster, Ireland, the Ospreys and the Lions.
On today's show, Dip in the Nip world record attempt, The End Game - Tommy Bowe, Pricewatch Conor Pope and actor Rupert Everett on his new film The Happy Prince
"The Happy Prince" hits cinemas this week! It tells the story of Irish writer Oscar Wilde’s later years - after he was freed from prison. Rupert Everett plays Oscar Wilde and he popped into studio this afternoon to chat to Ray
I talk to Vancouver Comedian Darcy Boon Collins about drinking and sobriety. Follow him on twitter @CollinsDarcy and on Instagram @darcyboon collins. Follow me on twitter and Instagram @levimccachen
Darcy Milne is the Audio Producer for Kate Tim & Marty, Nova's national drive show in Australia. His work is heard by over 1.5 million people each week. He's previously worked at 92.9 Perth and 2Day FM Sydney.
Darcy Carter, District Director of the US Small Business Administration in Vermont joins us this episode to talk about the SBA’s role in supporting Vermont’s small business community through their financial and business development programs. In addition to talking about the unique small business landscape in Vermont, Justin shares his own exper ...…
In Episode 157 of The Maccessibility Roundtable Podcast, our knights discuss Apple’s WWDC keynote. Knights on this episode: Darcy Burnard Holly Anderson Shelly Brisbin Robin Christopherson Links For This Episode Watch the Keynote
In 2013, Darcy Gaechter became the first woman (and vegan) to kayak the Amazon River from source to sea. With blistering lips and irradiated fingernails, her team of three paddlers tackled Class V whitewater for twenty-five days in a row; just barely survived a dynamite laden canyon being prepared for a hydroelectric dam, and pled for mercy at ...…
Welcome to STEMCasts: Capturing the journeys of successful STEM professionals. In this episode, we have a dual conversation covering two careers. Capturing the journeys of Elizabeth Morris, Director of Intellectual Property Law and Maureen Reilly, Civil Engineer and Groundwater Hydrologist. Highlights from this episode include: The iPhone rubbe ...…
It's our 60th episode! This week, we brought on Darcie from The Little London Show to talk about survival this Beer Festival season. We run down the 6 top tips to make sure you make it out alive.Check out The Little London Show here: on the Beer on iTunes: ...…
Teri Wilson writes romance and women’s fiction for Harlequin and Gallery Books. Her novels Unleashing Mr. Darcy and The Art of Us are both now Hallmark Channel Original Movies, and her third Hallmark film, MARRYING MR. DARCY, is set to premiere on June 2. Teri also writes an offbeat fashion column for the royal blog What Would Kate Do? and is a ...…
Designer Dre gets in on some podcast action, alongside the legendary Darcy, DJ Morgen Wynn and Scorz!Talkin Mitches Birthday, Music and The Royal Wedding!
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