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A weekly podcast on cybersecurity and privacy from the cyberlaw practice at Steptoe and Johnson. Featuring Stewart Baker and Michael Vatis.
Updates on the latest cybersecurity threats to businesses, data breach disclosures, and how you can secure your firm in an increasingly risky time.
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Today's podcast covers a Canada Post password alert, a new sextortion campaign, Samsung phone fingerprint trouble, malware in sound files and exposed resumesBy ITWC.
Today's podcast reports on an online trust survey of Canadians, Internet toilet fears, how often do sites let you delete your browsing data and why you should forget about jailbreaking your smartphonesBy ITWC.
Our interview is with Sultan Meghji, CEO of Neocova. We cover the large Chinese investment in quantum technology and what it means for the United States. It’s possible that Chinese physicists are even better than American physicists at extracting funding from their government. Indeed, it looks as though some quantum tech, such as the use of ent ...…
Today's podcast looks at better password protection, why you need to charge your smartphone and updates for iTunes, iCloud and Chrome to watch forBy ITWC.
Today's podcast reports on an email hack at a US hospital and looks at why two-factor authentication is vital to stop hacks like itBy ITWC.
Today's podcast reports on repeated data breaches at a US cancer hospital chain, where to check for login credential theft, a new Instagram security feature and patches to watch forBy ITWC.
Today’s episode opens with a truly disturbing bit of neocolonial judicial lawmaking from the Court of Justice of the European Union. The CJEU ruled that an Austrian court can order Facebook to take down statements about an Austrian politician. Called an “oaf” and a “fascist,” the politician more or less proved the truth of the accusations by su ...…
Today's podcast reports on the credit card hack at three US restaurant chains, a Canadian survey on data breaches and how an online soccer game site suffered a privacy breachBy ITWC.
In this episode I cross swords with John Samples of the Cato Institute on Silicon Valley’s efforts to disadvantage conservative speech and what to do about it. I accuse him of Panglossian libertarianism; he challenges me to identify any way in which bringing government into the dispute will make things better. I say government is already in it, ...…
Today's podcast looks at the increase in reported stalkerware, an FBI warning on ransomware, a survey on bad password practices and moreBy ITWC.
Today's podcast offers advice for October cyber security awareness month, outlines some new ransomware statistics and warns of lots of security updates to watch out forBy ITWC.
In our 279th episode of The Cyberlaw Podcast, the Blockchain Group takes over the podcast. Host Alan Cohn is joined by Gary Goldsholle, Will Turner and Evan Abrams to discuss: The SEC has issued its second token-related no-action letter to Pocketful of Quarters, Inc., giving more guidance and opening a number of issues. The SEC has brought a do ...…
Today's podcast covers a data breach at the DoorDash food delivery service, attacks on suppliers of aircraft manufacturer Airbus suppliers and possible unpatchable Apple devicesBy ITWC.
Today's podcast looks at how scammers evade email security gateways, thousands of vulnerable webcams found, 'fleeceware' Android apps and a bug in new Apple operating systemsBy ITWC.
Today's podcast warns of an email Snowden book offer scam, an Instagram copyright scam and the discovery of more bad Android appsBy ITWC.
Today's podcast looks at why trust is the bedrock of cyber security, how buying a cheap smart phone may be trouble and two Android apps to be deletedBy ITWC.
Today's podcast looks at how two botnets infect machines, offers advice for what data breach victims should do after getting a warning and tells how to defend your Windows DefenderBy ITWC.
Today's podcast reports on medical information on millions found open on the Internet, the maker of the Lumin PDF editor hacked, unsafe routers and moreBy ITWC.
Joel Trachtman thinks it’s a near certainty that the World Trade Organization agreements will complicate U.S. efforts to head off an Internet of Things cybersecurity meltdown, and there’s a real possibility that a U.S. cybersecurity regime could be held to violate our international trade obligations. Claire Schachter and I dig into the details ...…
Today's podcast offers advice for those worried about misinformation during elections, reports on the discovery of another open database of personal information online, sextortion and cheating on examsBy ITWC.
Today's podcast warns about a university library password scam, reports on the break-up of an international email fraud ring and urges Android app users to say no to unreasonable permissionsBy ITWC.
Warning on how data from women’s’ apps is being used, a penalty for using facial recognition in a school and careless document filing leads to data breach.
Camille Stewart talks about a little-known national security risk: China’s propensity to acquire U.S. technology through the bankruptcy courts and the many ways in which the bankruptcy system isn’t set up to combat improper tech transfers. Published by the Journal of National Security Law & Policy, Camille’s paper is available here. Camille has ...…
Today's podcast reports on an Open server found with peoples' resumes, how an Alaska city got lucky and several updates to watch out forBy ITWC.
Today's podcast includes a warning about unsafe child GPS trackers, finds a company exposing customer email and finds a report on crimewareBy ITWC.
In this bonus episode of the Cyberlaw Podcast, Alex Stamos of Stanford’s Freeman Spogli Institute talks about the Institute’s recent paper on the risk of Chinese social media interference with Taiwan’s upcoming presidential election. It’s a wide-ranging discussion of everything from a century of Chinese history to the reasons why WeChat lost a ...…
And we’re back with an episode that tries to pick out some of the events of August that will mean the most for technology law and policy this year. Dave Aitel opens, telling us that Cyber Command gave the world a hint of what “defending forward” looks like with an operation that is claimed to have knocked the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s tanke ...…
Today's podcast looks at two data breaches, not so smart devices, privacy learning games for kids, cloned debit cards and moreBy ITWC.
Today's podcasts lists independent web sites where you can find cyber security and privacy resourcesBy ITWC.
Today's podcast offers tips from Canada's privacy commissioner on how to stay safe using Facebook, Twitter and other social mediaBy ITWC.
Today's podcast looks at how university and college students can better protect themselves onlineBy ITWC.
Today's podcast wonders who really is that person on your voicemail, details charges made against an international email fraud rink and urges you to ditch old softwareBy ITWC.
Today's podcast deals with ways to stop virtual assistants from sharing your voice, a data breach at Moviepass and trouble at Poker TrackerBy ITWC.
Today's podcast warns about Fortnite ransomware, a scam aimed at Steam game users, Android adware apps, a clumsy porn site reveals member names and moreBy ITWC.
Today's podcast reminds listeners to update LibreOffice, Firefox and Trend Micro's password manager, details how a hotel chain has been hit with a data breach and repeats a Microsoft phishing warningBy ITWC.
Today's podcast suggests paying with cash for gas, reveals another voicemail scam, urges users to patch their printers and identifies a problem with Kaspersky AntivirusBy ITWC.
Today's podcast reports on the ability of Android users to log into Google services with a fingerprint, preventing ransomware from getting on your digital camera, unsecured personal data found on an Amazon storage site and moreBy ITWC.
Today's podcast offers Wi-Fi advice for travelers who rent rooms in homes, and looks at companies caught giving away personal information of a customerBy ITWC.
Today's podcast looks at a customer password reset issued by State Farm Insurance, data breach at the National Baseball Hall of Fame, more fake web sites found and privacy issues at a dating siteBy ITWC.
Today's podcast looks at an FBI warning for romantics, a data breach at CafePress, employees paid off at AT&T and a caution on banking appsBy ITWC.
Today's podcast is a reminder that what you post about your company on social media could help hackers break inBy ITWC.
Got an old computer or smartphone you want to give away or get rid of? Here are tips on how to make sure no sensitive data is left on itBy ITWC.
Today's podcast has tips on how to find out if your email has been hackedBy ITWC.
Our guests this week are Paul Scharre from the Center for a New American Security and Greg Allen from the Defense Department’s newly formed Joint Artificial Intelligence Center. Paul and Greg have a lot to say about AI policy, especially with an eye toward national security and strategic competition. Greg sheds some light on the Defense Departm ...…
Password warning for network-attached storage devices, more ransomawre victims and the connection between police and Ring home surveillance cameras.
Today's podcast counts how many stolen credit/debit cards are for sale on the Dark Web, finds the latest cyber attack trends and shows the wrong way a company alerted customers to a breachBy ITWC.
Today's podcast looks at a new Office 356 attack, librarians versus LinkedIn and several pieces of software that need patching
Today, I interview Frank Blake, who as CEO brought Home Depot through a massive data breach. Frank is a former co-clerk of mine; a former deputy secretary of energy; and the current host of Crazy Good Turns, a podcast about people who have found remarkable, even crazy, ways to help others. In addition to his insights on what it takes to lead an ...…
Today's podcast looks at what's behind a fake Office365 website, explains why you don't trust strangers on the Internet and finds a warning on college web site softwareBy ITWC.
Today's podcast looks at how companies should prepare for ransomware, the discovery of stalking apps in the Google Play store and why Slack is reseting thousands of passwordsBy ITWC.
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