Best Databreach podcasts we could find (Updated February 2019)
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Updates on the latest cybersecurity threats to businesses, data breach disclosures, and how you can secure your firm in an increasingly risky time.
A weekly podcast on cybersecurity and privacy from the cyberlaw practice at Steptoe and Johnson. Featuring Stewart Baker and Michael Vatis.
The RAND Corporation is a nonprofit institution that helps improve policy and decision making through research and analysis. RAND Congressional Briefings connect RAND experts with lawmakers, legislative staff, and respected opinion leaders on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., to present findings and recommendations on issues relevant to the current policy debate. For more about RAND, visit
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Today's podcast covers another huge file of stolen credentials for sale on the dark web, new stats show how bad breaches were in 2018 and a phony U.S. military web site spotted.
Today's podcast covers a crippling attack on a secure email provider, another successful credential stuffing attack against a donut chain, and a desktop simulator for teaching how to protect Internet-connected industrial devices
If you get SMS messages on your phone and think you have two-factor authentication, you’re kidding yourself. That’s the message Nick Weaver and David Kris extract from two stories we cover in this week’s episode of The Cyberlaw Podcast—the Justice Department’s indictment of a couple of kids whose hacker chops are modest but whose social enginee ...…
In today's podcast I describe dealing with a Windows scammer, German regulator clamps down on Facebook and two updates to watch out for
Today's podcast covers the hack of a U.S. restaurant chain, how a cyber attack used a real document to trick people and the need to patch open office suites
In this episode, I interview Chris Bing and Joel Schectman about their remarkable stories covering the actions of what amount to U.S. cyber-mercenary hackers. We spare a moment of sympathy for one of those hackers, Lori Stroud, who managed to go from hiring Edward Snowden to hacking for the UAE in the space of a few years. In the news, I ask my ...…
Today's podcast covers advice from a privacy expert, an insurance company fined for mixing business and politics over Brexit and how to authenticate corporate email
Jodi Liu discusses key characteristics of single-payer health care proposals and their potential impact; common misconceptions and areas of uncertainty; and plan details and implementation decisions that would affect impacts, including the cost of care, changes in total spending, and provider payment.…
Today's podcast covers new quadruple-threat Mac malware spotted, a SuperBowl warning about fake online goods and hike seen in malware spread through hacking of email of people you trust
Today's podcast looks at an email scam that tries to divert employee salaries, a WordPress plugin problem and police are tracking down users of a website for hire to knock others offline
If the surgeon about to operate on you has been disciplined for neglecting patients, wouldn’t you like to know? Well, the mandarins of the European Union privacy lobby beg to differ. Google has been told by a Dutch court not to index that story, and there seems to have been a six-month lag in disclosing even the court ruling. That’s part of thi ...…
Because today is Data Protection Day here's advice for listeners on how to protect their personal information, and for businesses on how to treat customers
Today's podcast looks at how much unpatched software might be on your PC, an angry ex-employee hurts company and another misconfigured server found on the Internet
So says the remarkable Jeff Jonas, CEO of Senzing. And he’s got a claim to be doing just that. A data scientist before data science was cool, Jeff has used his technical skills and an intuitive grasp of complex data problems to stop card counters in Las Vegas and terrorists targeting the U.S., and then to launch an initiative making voter regis ...…
Today's podcast looks at how thousands of malicious websites are being shut, a global meeting on cyber security and an Android file manager warning
Today's podcast covers what you should do about news that a huge cache of stolen passwords and email addresses has been found, unique Android malware unveiled and trouble for Linux servers
Today's podcast looks at Fortnite login security problem, U.S. privacy laws proposed and more examples of data improperly exposed on the Internet
Today's podcast looks at vulnerabilities found in website hosting companies that could have allowed an attacker to take over a site, a report from the Nova Scotia privacy commissioner and the possibility that construction cranes could be hacked
Brazen Russian intrusions into the U.S. electricity grid lead our episode. I ask Matthew Heiman and Nick Weaver whether Russia intended for us to know about their intrusions (duh, yes!) and how we should respond to the implicit threat to leave Americans freezing in the dark. Their answers and mine show creativity if not exactly sobriety. In wha ...…
Today's podcast covers allegations that Amazon's Ring video door bell division gave wide access to customer video feeds, claims that U.S. wireless carriers allowed user location data to be resold many times and other news
Today's podcast looks at how the U.S. shutdown affects government web sites, a malvertising warning and how new social media sites are used by terrorists
Nate Jones, David Kris and I kick off 2019 with a roundup of the month of news since we took our Christmas break. First, we break down the utterly predictable but undismissable Silicon Valley claim that the administration’s new export control strategy will hurt the emerging AI industry. Then we draw on our guests’ expertise in counterintelligen ...…
Today's podcast looks at a new SMS banking scam that tries to fool Canadians into giving up passwords, a WhatsApp scam and why a WiFi app for a hot tub can get you into hot water
Today's podcast warns of an iPhone call scam, looks at a hack of prominent Germans and describes spyware found in Android apps
Today's podcast looks at a rash of breaches reported around the first days of the new year, a U.S. poll on privacy expectations and the need for Mac users to update a utility
Today's podcast asks listeners to resolve in 2019 to be safer online, and has a number of practical suggestions on how to do it
Today's podcast has some quick advice to make your online holiday shopping sales spree safe
How much location data does your smart phone give away? Quite a lot, according to a recent New York Times article. Today's podcast talks a look at location services and what you should think about
Today's podcast covers a new email campaign targeting employees of banks and financial institutions, two embarrassing cases of employee errors and a warning to upgrade Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser
Today's podcast covers the hack of an Arizona man's surveillance camera that might have a Canadian connection, and might have been a good deed; also, a Twitter controversy and a new bug to be patched
On December 17th, Alan Cohn hosted the 244th episode of The Cyberlaw Podcast. We took a deep dive into all things blockchain and cryptocurrency, discussing recent regulatory developments and projections for 2019. Our episode begins with Alan welcoming Will Turner to Steptoe’s Corporate and Blockchain Practice. Turner joins the firm’s Chicago of ...…
Today's podcast looks at a challenge to two-factor authentication, a new tool on the dark web for attacking Windows computers and the threa of memes to your PC
Today's podcast covers a new phishing lure that tries to capture passwords, another bad Mac app discovered and interesting reports from government committees in Canada and the U.S.
Today's podcast covers a ransomware author who isn't giving victims the opportunity to pay to get their data back, a new malware campaign attacking home and small busienss routes and a warning to say away from piracted Mac software
In the News Roundup, Nick Weaver and I offer very different assessments of Australia’s controversial encryption bill. Nick’s side of the argument is bolstered by Denise Howell, the original legal podcaster, with 445 weekly episodes of This Week in Law to her credit. Later in the program, I interview Rep. Jim Langevin (D-RI), who’s a force for c ...…
Today's podcast looks at a new email campaign aimed at retail, restaurant and grocery chains, which include personalized attachments to trick people. Also, a error at a company's web support page leads to trouble and watch for security updates for kids' devices #cybersecurity
Today's podcast covers the endorsement by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce of the Cyber Essentials certification program, Australia's attempt to catch criminals who use encryption and a reminder to watch for an Android update
This episode features an interview with Michael Tiffany, the co-founder and president of White Ops and a deep student of how to curtail adtech fraud. Michael explains the adtech business, how fraudsters take advantage of its structure, and what a coalition of law enforcement and tech companies did to wreck one of the most successful fraud netwo ...…
Today's podcast looks at ways criminals take advantage of news of data breaches, why you need to watch who sends you email and Apple pulls two apps from its store because they force people to pay when logging in
Today's podcast discovers problem open ElasticSearch databases, a warning about Sennheiser headphone software and a security update that needs to be installed by users of the Zoom desktop conferencing software
Today's podcast has news about prosecutors going after global ransomware, virus and advertising scams, as well as on Dell's admission of a security breach
I propose this episode’s title as Baker’s Law of Evil Technology, something that explains Twitter’s dysfunctional woke-ness, Yahoo’s crappy security and Uber’s deadly autonomous vehicles. Companies with lots of revenue can afford to offer a lot of stuff they don’t much care about, including protection of minority voices; security; and, um, not ...…
Today's podcast covers a Thanksgiving scam, research on improving fake fingerprints and a possible data breach in the U.S. and a warning from a dental office to its patients
Today's podcast reminds listeners not to use company-owned computers or smart phones to go for online holiday bargains, the U.S. post office fixes a serious website flaw and 13 bad apps found on the Google Play Store
With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming this weekend, we have more tips for making better shopping decisions online and for buying Internet-connected devices. Also, two surveys on Canadians' opinion of the cyber security
Mieke Eoyang joins us for the interview about Third Way’s “To Catch a Hacker” report. We agree on the importance of what I call “attribution and retribution” as a way to improve cybersecurity. But we disagree on some of the details. Mieke reveals that this report is the first in a series that will hopefully address my concerns about a lack of d ...…
Today's podcast covers the good, the bad and the ugly in recent breakdowns in password protection and encryption
It’s the holiday gift-buying season, which means it’s time to carefully consider security features when buying Internet-connected devices. Plus, a kid's watch with big security problems and a warning for Black Friday.
This week’s interview is a deep (and long—over an hour) dive into new investment review regulations for the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS). It’s excerpted from an ABA panel discussion on the topic, featuring: Tom Feddo, who currently oversees CFIUS; Aimen Mir, who used to oversee CFIUS; Sanchi Jayaram, who is in ch ...…
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