Best Dnd podcasts we could find (Updated February 2019)
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High Rollers DnD
Welcome to High Rollers, a live-play Dungeons & Dragons podcast! Join Dungeon Master Mark Hulmes and his players as they explore the world of Aerois on Europe's biggest RPG stream! Episodes go live Mondays and Thursdays! Watch live every Sunday at 5pm UK Time on or catch up on missed episodes on!
Down With DnD
Podcast Network
A group of four friends finally become the ultimate nerds by playing Dungeons and Dragons. Listen to their imaginary escapades, with the occasional guest star!
DnD Sports Radio
Thinking about playing Dungeons and Dragons for the first time? Does it seem incredibly intimidating? Have you ever wandered what it would be like to have chargrilled oysters made by a horse lord? Well then adventurer! This podcast is for you. Ben and Joe, dive into the game Dungeons and Dragons and explore the game for new players, and on occasion ramble on about life. Welcome to DnD Sports Radio!!!
Second Best: A DnD Adventure is a real-play D&D 5e comedy podcast created by NYC improvisers.Second Best follows the adventures of Bug, Yolanda, Gail, and Hue in a fantasy realm called Milarien. They’re not the finest adventurers in the land - a fact they’re reminded of a lot - but that won’t stop this determined bunch.Stephen Buckley is your dungeon master, the players are Ali Gordon, Glo Tavarez, Marty Scanlon, and Stephen Kelly.
Dad Bod Dnd
What's your favorite "Dad Joke"? Mine is "Why do paladins prefer chainmail?... Because it is holy armor" ; )Welcome to Dad Bod Dnd. This is a place where a couple of dads and dudes get together to geek out on some Dungeons and Dragons. Check out our YT Channel: out our Twitter: out our Twitch Channel:
Dust off your dice, and hold onto your butts! Do you love dungeons, dragons, magic, mysteries, intrigue, and romance? Of course you do. Meet Rowan the enigmatic bard, Atlas the blacksmith with a heart of gold, Kristoff a sorcerer who enchants with both fact and fiction. Join our heroes as they undo the best laid plans of their indomitable DM in...THE LAWFUL STUPID
Welcome to the Under the Bridge Tattoos - DnD night podcast, where ridiculous things happen and we roll too many 1s in situations when I really wish we hadn’t.
Queer DND Club
The official podcast of the Queer DND Club, where we discuss the world's greatest roleplaying game from a queer perspective.
Geckos & Grottos is a tabletop esque podcast that many will find themselves feeling a sense of familiarity towards. Join Brittany, Dan, Matt, and Tim as they drink and adventure their way through the various worlds that spring to life from their spooky and weird minds! Join the conversation over on Facebook and watch the visual component over on Youtube! Find Geckos & Grottos on all your favorite podcast listening apps! Itunes: Castbox: Web: htt ...
A real play Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition podcast that doesn't take itself so seriously. Jump on to Season 4 with Episode 145
Competitive podcast that pits brothers wielding original D&D 5e characters against one another for tabletop validity and no prize of consequence. Come play with us in the lab!
Spell Check
A DnD 5e podcast run and played by six Young Adult authors who are all trying their best. We currently update with a new 30-40 min episode each Wednesday!
Mythic Mishaps
The tabletop adventures of a group of friends. Join us as we learn how DnD and podcasting work!
Dum Dum Die
A home-brew actual-play DnD podcast. All female. All awesome! Embark on this adventure with two new players, two experienced players and a Female GM who is relatively new but totally excited :) This #RPGPodcast started as a way to explore improvisational play as performers and now is a weekly gathering of awesome women creating high-fantasy adventures together. Whether you love #ttrpg or this is your first introduction to it, this podcast is here to share our love of roleplaying with everyon ...
Arcs is an actual-play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition podcast, in which three unlikely comrades journey across the mystical realm of Thirithia in search of a famed relic! Pretty basic, right? Well, dear reader… That’s only the beginning. Featuring radio-style production, original music and a lightning pace, Arcs is the perfect show for anyone looking for a hearty sip of comedy, drama, intrigue, and sometimes a dog. Whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or a total newbie to DnD, you’re sure ...
Cauldron Juice
Find the powerful gems. Stop the hateful Dragon Club. Save the frickin' world.An incredibly interconnected adventure story that bounces inelegantly between silly and serious.Five heroes, Aziza, Kosef, Tam, Xander, and Anthel, stumble their way into a conglomerated plot so perplexing that they completely ruin Dungeon Master Grant's plans (which is exactly as it should be).New episodes every week (or close to!). Run on D&D 5E and pure imagination.
The worst D&D actual play podcast. Nothing I can write here will actually make the show stand out, it's just another D&D actual play podcast where I bank on the comedic value of my friends to sell a show to you. It's funny, I promise. Updates Tuesdays and Fridays! STARRING: Wong (The Great Brandonian) - Biz (The DM) -
Roll Me a Story
A DnD5e actual play podcast with randomly rolled characters and settings. Each arc follows new characters, until the final arc of the season. In that arc, we'll play our favorite of the characters so far and tie all the stories together!
Tavern Tales
DnD boi
Baltic and Dragons
A band of misfits embark on an epic quest in this highly mismanaged DnD campaign.
A strange group explores the expansive world of Gaia. Some seek justice, others vengeance, and others motives yet unknown.
DnD campaign. DM is Christina. Taylor plays Elfy, Sophie plays Mardred, and Jackson plays Tristan.Cover art photo by
An improv comedy podcast featuring long-form improv, some DnD and tabletop, and other nonsense.
A fun-filled DnD podcast where our diabetic Dungeon Master guides us on a crazy journey full of randomness and player-caused chaos and stupidity.
Pass Me A Beer
Welcome to Pass Me A Beer where every week we meet up and talk about everything. Your Hosts Ana, Arturo, Andy, and Isaac attack every topic imaginable from DND to DP. Join us.
Join Dawson Carpenter, Micah Goss, Myles Warman, Chandler Yarnall, and our Guests in a dnd 5E actual play podcast. There is always chaos in the world so let’s see how our adventurers decide to handle what the world of Abberant throws at them. This is Adventures in Abberant. You can follow us on: Twitter – @aaberant Instagram – adventiresinabberant
Extra Free Time
This is Extra Free Time the podcast you listen to when you have the time. We talk about just about everything from serious topics, to hilarious ones and tons of references to DnD. With random and special guests joining in on the conversations the outcome of the topic can be unpredictable but most importantly this is a podcast about friendship!
Three Kobolds
Welcome to Three Kobolds podcast. We are a group of friends from Indiana who enjoy playing DnD. We have an endless stream of inside jokes and witty dialogue.
I am Silica The Dungeon Master (also known as scott through my various campaigns) I plan to record my DnD adventures and in depth discussions of nerdy subjects (books, video games, etc.) with my friends.
Hyper's Tabletop Role Playing Games are recorded live in Los Angeles and broadcasted to Our shows focus on diverse stories with audience engagement, you never know where the story will take you.
Heroes Rise
The Dungeons and Dragons podcast featuring information on all the latest Dungeons and Dragons news, including new book and adventure module releases; reviews of helpful tools, apps, and physical merchandise for your table; and tips and suggestions for improving your game, no matter which side of the screen you’re on.
Vi är en rollspelspod som kör actual play baserad i Stockholm!Nuvarande kampanj: The One RingNytt avsnitt varje Fredag!
Sneak Attack!
Sneak Attack! is an original tabletop RPG adventure set in the world of Brannis, and the furthest reaches of outer space. While in season, new episodes release every Friday.
The Unexpectables
Follow the travels and tribulations of Task the Kobold Ranger, Greckles the Kenku Rogue, Panic the Tiefling Bard, and Borky the Orc Barbarian, as they traverse the dangerous and mysterious lands of Alivast, and the Capital City that hosts a bungle of characters, magic and villains.
A show aboout having a d20 in one hand and a glass in the other.
The Broadswords
Yllairies, Mépris, and Keilah each have their own reasons for travelling to the harsh, spirit laden land of Rashemen, but none of them are prepared for what the land has in store. . . Join four women playing Dungeons and Dragons. Sometimes they swear.
We're seven friends who shoved microphones in front our faces while playing dungeons and dragons. Listen along while we drink, tell jokes, and make the DM hate us! Updates come every other Friday.
This is an actual play podcast of the tabletop roleplaying game Dungeon World.
A D&D real play podcast about four dads from our world transported into the Forgotten Realms and their quest to rescue their sons. Not a BDSM podcast.
Five old friends of more than 20 years come together to produce a high quality, bi-weekly podcast about tabletop gaming of all kinds: board games, card games, miniatures, role-playing games and much more. In each episode you can expect board game reviews, gaming industry news and round-table discussions. The Founders, Jamie, Tony, Chris, Steve and Brian, each have varying tastes in gaming to provide a variety of viewpoints. Since 2011, over 100 full length episodes and now more with our new ...
Actual play recordings by Happy Jacks hosts and listeners.
All of Know Direction’s Shows, including Pathfinder and Starfinder News, Reviews, Interviews, and Actual Play podcasts.
Opposable Thumbs
We (Taylor Hokanson and Rob Ray) assign ourselves (and a guest) a new creative challenge every two weeks. We then talk about our discoveries, problems, solutions, failures and successes and.... try to steer clear of catastrophic shop accidents.
DCC RPG Podcast
The go to Podcast for a huge variety of macabre, and uniquely different stories! With the goal to support authors and convert listeners into writers; this is truly a Storytelling Podcast. With Old Time Radio shows, Creepypasta and Nosleep, myth and legend, listener stories both true and fiction, and horror stories with a twist. This daily show also covers crpytids, science fiction, and conducts research on topics from around the world both strange and bizarre. Over 280+ episodes and growing, ...
How The Quest Was Won is an actual play tabletop role-playing game podcast. It features a group of friends playing different RPG's. The current campaign is using the Dungeons & Dragons 5e rules. Four out of five dentists agree that it is weird to ask your dentist to review your RPG podcast.
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show series
For Valentine's day this year we continue our tale as the were-rats are defeated and the party has to make a tough decision. How much does Xantillarion love the Goddess Selenna? How much does Oriole love Vladislav? How much does Darby love himself? And how much do our heroes love Calendos?An home-brew actual-play Dungeons and Dragons 5e podcast ...…
Western ep 19 "Låt oss avsluta det" by Tärningen är Kastad
It's a live show! Due to events our of our control, we were unable to put up our scheduled programming, but here is a Modern Alternate Universe Rashemen adventure. Congratulations to @Canadian_Moose for winning the Dryad Gaming Co. giveaway! Music Theme: Victoria Rogers Other Music: "Northern Glade" Kevin MacLeod ( under ...…
Wilderness Origins compliments last year’s Ultimate Wilderness with tons character options crammed into a tiny package. Find out how this book can power up your outdoor loving characters and critter friends in our review! Listen Now! (mp3)
The party tries to hold their own. Thanks for listening <3 Playing DnD 5E - Eye of the Storm | @party_roll | | patreon | teener time
On this week's episode of Sneak Attack!, the gang makes their way towards Helios 2, but encounters a bit of turbulence along the way. Patreon: Website: Star Warrior: Twitter: @SneakPodcast
Episode 391 - SFGT | he Creaking Door - Alive in the Grave [𝓞𝓵𝓭 𝓣𝓲𝓶𝒆 ℛ𝓪𝓭𝓲𝓸]Title: Alive in the Grave 📓Link: Backgdrop: 𝓐𝓵𝓲𝓿𝒆 𝓲𝓷 𝓽𝓱𝒆 𝓖𝓻𝓪𝓿𝒆 A morale conundrum – you’re poor, and your partner is about to leave you on those grounds; you fi ...…
Shawn gets down with Mike Shea at Winter Fantasy. Enjoy the interview. Links Mad Wizard’s Menagerie Patreon
Subscribe on YouTube ► the Thumper Army ► HYPER RPGDiscord - - - - and - ...…
Heroes are hunted. Buttons are mashed. Foes pursue. --- Tidings are wrought, but will sustains. Be ready. --- Show: Barri: Larkin: Jackson: Dungeon Boy:
We now know what Breeze needs for his ritual, can we finally save the fading Tracker? Thanks to our new sponsor Elderwood Academy! Head to and, in the order notes, enter "Happy Birthday High Rollers" to get a free set of miniature metal dice worth $25! D&D Beyond is the official digital toolset for Dung ...…
No guest this week! Just Rob and Taylor going big and... then also going home. Rob and Taylor dive in on relational aesthetics, branding and hoping the artist whose art you like isn't a giant butthole. R. Kelly, Carl Andre and Henry Rollins walk into a bar... Which person's art do you choose to like? That's not a very good joke. And then we dee ...…
The world has been changed, strange things happen and weird creatures roam about, teenagers try to solve the mysteries in our Bloodcurdling Tales From The Loop RPG Show! Background and all art for the RPG by: Simon Stålenhag - System - Tales From The Loop (Free League Publishing / Modiphius) - https://www.m ...…
second10Game: Second StarSystem: Star Trek AdventuresGM: CADavePlayers: Adam, J., Mac, Teri, Jason, ClaraThese are the voyages... The U.S.S. Barbican has been newly assigned to Narendra Station, on the far side of the Klingon Empire and bordering the mostly unexplored and mysterious Shackleton Expanse. Their mission is to explore the Expanse an ...…
Welcome, brave adventurers... to the sixty-first entry into our chronicle, recorded on Saturday February 9th 2019, and released Wednesday February 13th, 2019 over at
In this week's episode, our heroes head to the antique roadshow, make friends, and upset people who are just trying to do their jobs.
Welcome to the twenty-third episode The Forge of Fury; the second adventure in Tales from the Yawning Portal, a Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign from Wizards of the Coast. Eldeth has leapt from the top of the waterfall into it’s dark depths and now everyone is rushing to save her. Except Tessakar who… decided to jump in too? What is with these ...…
Hey Now Cabalists! Today the lords start out by reviewing the recently released book called Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana: A Visual History and present a contest to win a copy of the book. Then the gang takes a question from a listener wondering how we manage getting in gaming while life continues to get in the way which transitions into ...…
Our first (and last?) musical episode explodes on the scene as Dan and Garin both bring our their best vocal magic damage to try and woo one another with this all Bards throwdown. We apologize for being out of tune but don’t apologize for rocking so hard. Patreon: of Stone - D. E. Chaudron (https://bi ...…
Brought to you by: High Tea, Apple Pay & Going Commando. Feb 13, 2019
Subscribe on YouTube ? the Thumper Army ? HYPER RPGDiscord - - - - and - ...…
Subscribe on YouTube ? Live Fridays at 7pm PT ? the Thumper Army ? HYPER RPGDiscord - - - - and https://streamlabs.c ...…
Episode 390 - SFGT | My Name is Lily Madwhip and My Parents are the DevilTitle: My Name is Lily Madwhip and My Parents are the DevilLink: Lillian_MadwhipTopic: #Nosleep #Creepy #Storytelling #Fiction #LilyMadwhipLillian Madwhip is no ordinary ...…
The dads mediate a conflict between a dragon and his children. Follow us on Twitter @dungeonsanddads DM is Anthony Burch Darryl Wilson is Matt Arnold (@mattlarnold) Henry Oak is Will Campos (@willbcampos) Ron Stampler is Beth May (@heybethmay) Glenn Close is Freddie Wong (@fwong) Theme song by Maxton Waller…
And the winner of most dysfunctional family goes too...! Check out our merch store! Check out our Patreon Rate and Review us on Apple Podcasts Follow us on Twitter @TabletopChamps Sean: @seanthedm Kyle: @fung Ben: @thev0idman Matt: @rp_ggamer Steph: @Nat20Steph Lauren: @TheNat1Lady Don't forget to tell a friend! Theme song composed and recorded ...…
The party contends with the Cult of the Five Fangs as they try to catch a boat in Glass Port. Hugo is sad for the first time. Angelica is glad she bought insurance. Bob saves a goat. Nyx delivers some bad news in a song. | NPC Names: Juniper Cloverleaf, Athos Cloverleaf, Zusandar of the Rishkal Lineage, Captain Turonde Drakebane, Zeghral the Fa ...…
Tonight we discuss urban legends and conspiracy theories, favorite date night activities, and influential people in our lives. ______________ Dad Bod Merch! ------------------------ Thank you New Wave Retro for the intermission music: ------------------------- Che ...…
It's time for Sentry to meet the life-extending Guardian, Breeze! Thanks to our new sponsor Elderwood Academy! Head to and, in the order notes, enter "Happy Birthday High Rollers" to get a free set of miniature metal dice worth $25! D&D Beyond is the official digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragons 5th E ...…
wild01Game: Wild Wild TalentsSystem: Wild Talents (ORE)GM: KimiPlayers: Samantha, Mike, Joey, JimSummary: The old west is a WILD WILD place! People with powers have been pushed to the edges of society to avoid being noticed in big cities. On the frontier, these metahumans tangle with outlaws, boomtowns, and the other challenges of the WILD WEST ...…
dragon06Game: Dragon HeistSystem: Dungeons & Dragons 5eGM: AabriaPlayers: Jason, Mac, Teri, AdamSummary: A grand urban caper awaits! Our party tests their skill and bravado against villains the likes of which they've never faced before, and let the dragon hunt begin! Famed explorer Volothamp Geddarm needs them to complete a simple quest. Thus b ...…
The boys and company head out to their destination. They find the road to ridgescar is not one to be taken lightly. Atlas faces something he thought laid to rest. The boys learn that not all endings are endings at all... We at Lawful Stupid are a D&D 5e actual play podcast who actually love to play. We love everything about the Tabletop RPG Com ...…
Episode 389 - SFGT | Japanese Folk Stories - The Story of Prince Yamato TakeAuthor: Yei Theodora OzakiLink: the Podcast, leave an iTunes Review: my folk story lovers!I have you an old 1908 Japanese Folk Story episode - letters compiled by one friend of author Yei Theodora Ozaki into a comp ...…
The Unexpectables set their plan into motion and fight their hardest battle yet. Featuring Octopimp!
Our most requested feature on the KD Network is back… at a galactic scale! We begin the process of designing a solar system for Starfinder from the ground… or actually STARS up! And you get to help! Listen Now! (Mp3)
On this week's episode of Sneak Attack!, the gang returns to their home base of Outpost Beta to turn in their mission and meet up with the locals. Patreon: Website: Star Warrior: Twitter: @SneakPodcast
Episode 388 - SFGT | Lily Madwhip - I saw the Angel of Death [Series]#1: Lily Madwhip - I saw the Angel of Death Link: Lillian_MadwhipTopic: #Nosleep #Creepy #Storytelling #FictionToday’s episode is a continuation of the stories series Lily M ...…
Chris and Shawn get down with the planes of existence. It’s gates, and shadowfey fellwild realms, and fire & ice, and all the wackiness of the Elemental Chaos, Limbo, and Pandemonium. So lets get hopping. Links Dragon Heist: Forgotten Tales A new Sage Advice compendium is available Mad Wizard’s Menagerie Patreon…
Things are about to get dreadful! RPG System - Call of Cthulu | Publisher - Chaosium | on YouTube ? Live Wednesdays at 7pm PT ? the Thumper Army ? HYPER RPGTwitter - ...…
Boats exist. Dog is fun. Doors are flippant. --- Ahoy matey - Welcome aboard the SS. Boys of Dungaard for a relaxed and jovial evening guaranteed to leave your mind refreshed, your skin exfoliated, and your soul mostly kind've not overwhelmed by dread. Mostly. --- Show: Barri: Larkin: ...…
The gang have some time to kill, so Quill and Lucius compete in their preliminary Spell Clash battles! D&D Beyond is the official digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. Create your FREE account now and start digitising your campaigns here: Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound…
The party meets up with a few interesting people in the depths of the tomb. Check out our new merch: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you Fleurs et Rebellion for use of the ToA 8 bit intro. Check out their channel at ...…
The Lab Boys get paternal with childish creations from “Little Heroes” by Anne Gregersen. Garin invokes the cuteness of his own flesh and blood with an angelic build that honors the playground dwelling SAND PAPA and Dan brings yet another guest into the Lab that creates yet another problem and why won’t he ever learn? Check the links below for ...…
Will the party figure out the cog, or will they be trapped in the control room forever? Check out our new merch: ---------------------------------------- Thank you Fleurs et Rebellion for use of the ToA 8 bit intro. Check out their channel at --------------------- ...…
The world has been changed, strange things happen and weird creatures roam about, teenagers try to solve the mysteries in our Bloodcurdling Tales From The Loop RPG Show! Background and all art for the RPG by: Simon Stålenhag - System - Tales From The Loop (Free League Publishing / Modiphius) - https://www.m ...…
This week Darby tells everyone what he knows of the rats, the Mistress, and Tsimiel. He also shows his deep appreciation for ham...An home-brew actual-play Dungeons and Dragons 5e podcast. All female. All awesome!Music by @vid-gobacTweet us @dumdumdie or email us at dumdumdiepod@gmail.comDownload your own Dum Dum Die RPG Paper Minis for free he ...…
The team explores more nautical means of escape. Hue picks up an accent. Yolanda gets mad lovestruck. Bug advocates self-care. Gail will not have this dance. DM Stephen goes ham on some NPC voices. Support us on PATREON right here! Second Best: A DnD Adventure is a podcast where a bunch of New York City improvisers play D&D. Second Best follows ...…
Our heroes learn more about their next mark.... and about ~each other!~
Welcome, brave adventurers... to the sixtieth entry into our chronicle, recorded on Saturday, February 2nd 2019, and released Wednesday, February 6th 2019 over at
Welcome to the twenty-second episode The Forge of Fury; the second adventure in Tales from the Yawning Portal, a Dungeons and Dragons 5e campaign from Wizards of the Coast. We’ve found the third level of the Forge of Fury! Progress! Oh… wait… What… no, Eldeth, stop!! Starring: Chelsea Friessen, Paige Fossheim, Aaron Infusino, Allison and Kyle G ...…
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