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Scott Le Duc
The Educational Ninja!
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This is the very first episode!
Follow the video above for step by step instructions to using the Lesley MAP system. Click on the download button to see a larger version of the video clip.
Once you have built a survey and some people have taken it, you are ready to see the results.
If you are familiar with the slide master, then this presentation is for you! Find out how to combine numerous master slides and their associated themes into one presentation. I will also cover how to copy and paste the layout from one presentation to another. Resources Microsoft’s web site
It’s a one-two punch; screencasting with Jing, the tool, and, the host. Be sure to watch the introduction video on the main page at Also visit the Help Center for more great instructional videos.
Want to add functionality to the Firefox web browser? Look no further than the tutorial video above. A few easy steps and you’ll have extra capabilities, like the browser buttons installed
I have created a survey for my uses only. It is a version of the paper faculty survey that you complete at the end of the class. I have used it as a template to show you have Survey Monkey works and also for my own teaching and program improvement. Click Here to take survey (SURVEY IS CLOSED 3-15-09)… Web Server Information Address: SSH to Web address View your web page from the WUT Web Development Web Page Bash Codes Resource An A-Z Index of the Bash command line for Linux.
Now that you have created an account, let’s fill in the details and get connected with people. is a powerful social networking tool. You can connect with friends and colleagues, seek employment or find people who can help you achieve your goals. All this in one great site that millions of people are using.
Now you are part of a great blogging community. is home to many wonderful bloggers. Let’s log in and get to know the inner parts of this incredible powerful and popular social networking tool. Nearly five million people cannot be wrong!
Follow the steps deatiled in the presentation to create your blog. It’s free. It’s easy. It will make you look cool! Welcome to the blogosphere.
FreeMind is a wonderful concept or mind mapping Open Source program. It runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. If you haven’t used it, you should try it. It’s free and helps one work with information in both a right and left brain friendly means. I think of FreeMind as the brainstorming ‘little engine that could.’ It has less feature than Inspiration, ...…
Exporting from FreeMind is very easy. The files are written in XML, making them highly flexible for exporting especially to HTML.
Create a cool photo booklet with template. Get a copy of the PocketMod template from the teacher Watch the video on the web site for folding directions Fold your PocketMod Drag and drop your 12 pictures into iPhoto 6 images demonstrating the rules you are following 6 images demonstrating the rules you are not followi ...…
Create a custom resource page that people can experience with It’s like a virtual newspaper. For a class, for friends or family, pagecasts are a nice way to subscribe to content on the Internet via RSS, Really Simple Syndication, that you select and approve.
Finding images to use that are not restricted by copyright is challenging. Creative Commons is a great alternative. Creative Commons provides free tools that let authors, scientists, artists, and educators easily mark their creative work with the freedoms they want it to carry. You can use CC to change your copyright terms from “All Rights Rese ...…
Explore the six rules of composition at the created by Kodak Simplicity The Rule of Thirds Lines Balance Framing Avoiding Mergers Gather six images that represent the six rules of composition exhibited on the Kodak site Save them to your account
Experiment with the CSS in the portfolio_test.html file Save your work in your server account
Mirror half your face on the other half and see what it looks like. Due this to both sides of your face. Perform this function in Photoshop Save all your layers When finished, follow at least one Photoshop tutorial at
Create a new full page document Copy and paste your business card into the new document Make 3 copies of your card on the page Print it on the color printer Cut out the cards and hand in 2 copies When finished, try a Photoshop tutorial at
Learn how HTML and CSS work together to create a well formatted valid web page. The W3C created this tutorial to help beginning web designers better grasp the relationship between the tyoes of code. TUTORIAL: CSS tutorial, starting with HTML + CSS Navigate to the tutorial Follow the directions Help each other interpret the instructions Save wor ...…
Business cards are small 2 x 3.5 inch representations of ourselves to the world. What can you included in your card to help relay who you are? Watch the video lesson Include your logo Include name Include graduation year Include top three multiple intelligences Include color picked from the color theory exercise Include your goal for life Inclu ...…
Creating a web site is very exciting. How do the pro’s do it? They create a template or mock up of the site’s look and feel first. They usually do this in a graphic program like Adobe Illustrator. It is like a story board of your plan for the site. Once completed, a designer shows this to the client for revision and / or approval. Where to star ...…
Exploring color can be exciting. What do colors mean? How do we interpret colors? Take this Color Theory Quiz Explore colors’ meaning at the Color in Motion Web Site If you are all done, create color combination with the Color Scheme Generator 2
Creating a web page template can be easy with Adobe Illustrator. Watch the video to see some of the basic elements to get started. If you find yourself either under-inspired, looking for a new challenge or a bit overwhelmed by the program, try a tutorial at They are small, fairly simple tutorials that help demonstrate the po ...…
Learning how to create a web page can be difficult. All the HTML and CSS can be challenging. W3school does a great job of making it easier to understand. Navigate to Take the HMTL tutorial. Take the HTML quiz. Post the results of the quiz to your blog. Title the blog entry “W3Schools HTML Tutorial and Quiz Results” Write at le ...…
Having all of your bookmarks in one convenient place sure would be nice. Well, such a place exists. It is allows you to create bookmarks from any computer web browser on the Internet. You can navigate to your bookmarks from home and work. One other great feature is being able to organize your bookmarks with tags. Ta ...…
Creating a blog for education is easy with It is one of the premier blog communities built for educators. Create a blog in minutes and begin connecting with your students. An added plus; you are connected with educators around the world. The community is searchable for educational topics you care about. The Internet j ...…
What are your favorite designs at CssZenGarden is a web site highlighting the capabilities of CSS, Cascading Style Sheets. The HTML file is the same on each page. It is the CSS that is unique. Only the CSS has been changed by the web designer. It is a beautiful place to visit to be inspired and gather ideas for web design. Fin ...…
Watch the screencast to observe how to create and set up your wiki. This is free to students and teachers. The built-in tutorials are very useful. The best thing is there are no ads.
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