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Business life style. Motivation to become hustler and earn millions!!!
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This is part one of an interview we had we Cathy. A food Bio Tech major who is taking the Realestate, beauty, tours and travel worlds by storm! be sure to check out the rest of the interview in the coming episode! share subscribe and leave a review! also follow us on instagram and facebook!
Today’s episode is an amazing interview with Bonavent D’mello an Indian national currently pursuing a medical degree in the Russian Federation while running a fully fledged educational consultancy, placing Indian students in medical schools in over 5 eastern European universities
Our blog is up and running!! and there is a lot of interesting material on our facebook page as well check it out, like share and follow! Oh by the way! check out Mr swiss on instagram @swiss_fotography_
Suppose this idea thats been burning on the inside of you , suppose you started it today? what if you got off your behind and took a step, did something towards realising that idea, that project, that dream thats been nagging at you in your head? Problem is most people before starting anything , they think too far ahead and scare themselves out ...…
Rachael A chemical engineering student, shares how she came up with the idea to teach english to Russians as a means to create an alternative income stream. The student entrepreneur Podcast features a new story EVERY WEEK of a young person who started a hustle/project/job without quitting school. You’ll learn how they got the idea, how they ove ...…
Weekend motivation! Welcome to Weekend motivation! this is our gift to you! a weekend dose of motivation. weekends for those who are yet to attain and achieve their goals are not for chilling and hanging out. they are for reviewing you goals, your past week analysing you failures and success and gearing up for the week ahead to do even better! ...…
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