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New Brunswick Nondenominational Church | Ethnos sermons
Generasian Radio
A weekly podcast of the most incredible fusion of world music and beats. Exploring the underground genres of modern dance music with the ancient sounds of the world. This is music you will not hear anywhere else!
Live Mixes
GUZUNProgressive / Ethno /
Ethno-musicological finds from all our world with Dan, Andrew & Jason. Utilising an excellent and expanding network of obsessive collector enthusiasts and academic expert special guests, The Audible World focuses on specific regions, countries and cultures for an in-depth listen. Broadcast from Auckland, New Zealand on Sunday evenings from 9pm.
LINK - Immersion
The author, the plot and IMMERSION, a resident at several radio stations. My work is a mix of ethno - motives with deep space and hard industrial sound in such styles as Tech House, Deep Techno, Progressive House, Techno, Deep House, NeoTrance and Chillout.
West Coast Fog radio
A weekly audio tour of the counter-cultural West, visiting obscure moments in musical history along the way. History lessons and readings, New Age visionaries, mid-'60s folk rock, psychedelic meanderings, poetry and sound collages, art/synth and post punk, ethno-honky jamz. Each week special.Host Erik Bluhm was the editor of Great God Pan magazine (“the Champion of Californiana”) through the ‘90s and West Coast Fog may be seen as an aural extension of that venture.
TIKK Music
We are three brothers in spirit, who passionately express their special love for fat basses and warm melodies. In the production of innovative electro-acoustic music, we blend ethno elements with up-to- date club music. We develop our creative potential in areas such as our own compositions, remixing, djing and events. The principles of TIKK Music are based on quality, experience and openness for new things. Our ambition, combined with our curiosity, drives us to pursue the spirit of the tim ...
Worldmusicnight 18/19La puoi ascoltare sulle radio che aderiscono al circuito e su Itunes podcastWorldmusicnight sound designer by Miki Dj un viaggio appassionante alla scoperta della musica lounge più glamour del momento.World Music Night vi accompagnerà alla scopertà della musica lounge prodotto da Digital Media È un viaggio appassionante di un’ora alla scoperta della musica lounge più glamour del momento con brani di musica lounge, chillout, ethno beat acid jazz e ambiente, pop ...
This is a podcast based in and about Jerusalem, Israel.
ALFIDA's Podcast
Alfida is a professional singer, prize-winner of international contests, music producer, author and performer of her own songs, DJ and jury member of children vocal contests. She also teaches vocal in Moscow High Jazz College.
A psychologist, a philosopher, and an anthropologist walk into a Podcast. We hope to offend anyone that holds entrenched views, pop some bubbles, air out some echo chambers, see if we can tackle familiar controversies, and try and find a third way, a second dimension, or maybe just a fresher perspective on current political, social and psychological debates. It's not about Left vs. Right, Us Vs. Them or Good vs. Evil. It's all about dialogue and beyond binary thinking!
The audio podcast from MorningStar Community Church in Aurora, IL. For more information, please visit
Boardgames Daily
Boardgames FM is now Boardgames Daily! Tune in daily for great conversations on boardgames, tabletop gaming and so much more with Boardgames Daily powered by Theology of Games! Support this podcast:
Beneath The Surface
A podcast produced by First Baptist Church of New Castle to invite members and visitors to both be informed about things going on at the church and get an in-depth look at how their staff reach important decisions.
HOW TO: Digital Performer-TIPs is a FREE HOW TO: podcast providing quick tips for getting more out of your Digital Performer rig. Beginners and advanced users alike will find value in these concise, informative, one of a kind tutorials. Are you using Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubase SX, Nuendo, Reason, Abelton Live, or Calkwalk's Sonar for you audio production? If so, check out HOW TO: Digital Performer to see how DP stacks up to your DAW. For additional and full length tutorials including large ..., my name is Roman. In this podcast, I share with my friends music that I like. Subscribe and download mixes to listen offline.YouTube Channel: Music: podcasts
Dennis Frost
DJ and musician, a regular on the night party circuit since 2007, Dennis Frost hails out of Moscow. The accent of his performances is put on mixing tracks with his own samples using CDJs players and Maschine MK3 groovebox. Throughout his career, he has toured half the world, from Asia to Europe. There, under his alternative alias - Soulmakers, he has bagged a great collection of music, starting from hard techno and laid-back house to ethnic downtempo and intellectual trip-hop.In his hometown ...
Dangerous Ideas
Be Reasonable
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show series
This is the second part of our series: Rest.By Yucan Chiu.
We are the #1 ethno-nationalist podcast on the internet. Who is better? Who is bigger? Listen in to see what makes us so great. Enjoy!By Aaron Amihud.
Slow dance music for summer atmosphere. Check out more ethnic & downtempo records on my channels: iTunes, SoundCloud, MixCloud, PromoDj, VK & YouTube.Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues (Bona Fide Edit)Lee Jones - Safe Passage (Original Mix)Jakare - Glass Temple (Original Mix)Ulises - Wabi (Original Mix)Santi, Tugce Kurtis, Santi & Tuğçe - Lúcido (O ...…
Thankfully we're not Americans, so we don't believe there's a debate about whether climate change exists. Indeed the same Oil Lobbyists who've bought Congress to deny the existence of climate change, are now pushing the narrative that it's too late to do anything. So will we abandon hope? Will thoughts and prayers, likes and shares be our only ...…
Sunset music in progressive house & deep house genre. Magic moment of golden hour.Chambord - Kaplankaya (Original)Bona Fide, M.O.S., M.O.S. & Bona Fide - Ardeo (Original Mix)Raidho - Munilea (Original)Hood Natives - Sax in the City (Raw Artistic Soul Remix)Teho, Van Did - Huacachina (Daniel Zuur Remix)Zone+ - My Soundtrack (Original)Dole & Kom ...…
95bFM: The Audible World Ethno-musicological finds from all our world with Dan, Andrew & Jason. Utilising an excellent and expanding network of obsessive collector enthusiasts and academic expert special guests, The Audible World focuses on specific regions, countries and cultures for an in-depth listen. Broadcast from Auckland, New Zealand ...…
Israeli elections are this Tuesday and we explain why it's good thing to vote for Otzmah Yehudit. We also talk about the moon. Enjoy!By Aaron Amihud.
Immersion #79 @ LINKподписывайся и добавляй в друзья:Insta:…VK: Xinobi - Far Away Place02 Rafael Cerato - Further (Hidden Empire remix)03 Marius Drescher - Sektor (Original Mix)04 ARTBAT - Element (Original Mix)05 Unstable Son & Lily & Wolf (Martin Roth Remix) - Dystopia06 Matador & ARTBAT - ...…
In this episode of GenerAsian Radio the Crew talks to Amandaof RepublicAerialYoga about the difference between this new way to do yoga...we also explore new tracks from DangerDhami , The Headlinerz , Yung Raj , Sickflip , Sama BlakeAfro Samuraiist, Orange Tales and More!!! Only on 90.1 Kpftin Houston TX !!!!#repost #shareonyourfeed #sharingisca ...…
Description:On this episode of GenerAsian Radio …We talk to Vandana Jain and her new EP Contra, taking electronic , Bollywood , goth and making a mix like you’ve never heard before where Aphex Twin meets Asha Bhosle. We also talk to DAYAHouston about their efforts and the negetavie stereotypes of Bollywood!We go in and get into some classic cut ...…
Привет мои дорогие друзья, как же сложно встать на рельсы, когда ты сошел с пути. Микс после долгого перерыва готов для вас. Итак, отправляемся в часовое путеществие по чертогам космоса...Immersion @ LINK​01 Armen Miran, Hraach - Gravitation02 Fuenka - Sirius03 Stan Kolev - Ajna (Original Mix)04 Jerome Isma-ae & Alastor - Opium (Stan Kolev Exte ...…
Look up and listen to '80s and '90s tapes and LPs from Michael, Buddy, Ken & Jeff, Marina, Elliot, David, Don, Loren, and Rudiger. Visit Valencia, San Francisco, Hawaii, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, and elsewhere.
In this episode we dive deep into some amazing edits/reworks/remixes of bollywood , arabic and world music tracks. You have never heard a show like this....playing tracks from Beigean , Ziggy Phunk , Dino Soccio , Bete , Hadi Zeidan and more!!!! If you like this episode subscribe and share with your friends...Only on 90.1 KPFT Houston!!!David S ...…
Stories from Jenny, Yasmeena, Justin, Reggie, Sky, Jose, and ChrisBy Yucan Chiu.
Музыкант из Донецка, играет и пишет в направлениях: Melodic, Progressive, Deep,……Immersion @ LINKПлейлист не действителен(00.00 Aiho - Artificial Intelligence (Prosdo Remix) [Bosphorus Underground Recordings] 05:55 Black Hertz ...…
That's what i played in one very cosy place of Moscow from midnight to 3am. Feel the vibe of progressive house music. Tracklist is inside of "lyrics". Free listen & download on iTunes, SoundCloud, MixCloud, VK, PromoDj & YouTube.Time (FR) - Keys of Gods (Family Dub)Hannes Bieger - Echelon (Original Mix)Sevader - Wilkes on Low (Original Mix)Doug ...…
Lots of elevation gain this week. Look down on the into valleys; look up into cirques; listen to tapes from the '80s and '90s from Colorado, Berkeley, Mill Valley, Seattle, and (shrugs) Belgium?
In this latest episode of GenerAsian Radio, We got a chance to talk to one of our favorite artists and fellow Texan , David Starfire. We discuss his latest release with Soohan and their newest project-a charity compilation "Circulate Vol. 1", curated by David Starfire Music & SOOHAN, created to support after school music education for children ...…
2 idiot congresswomen were not allowed to spread their hate on Israel's soil. Also, technical difficulties, Arab terror (did you think it was going away?), pleasant times in jail, trip to Ashdod and economic wisdom from OJ Simpson. Enjoy!By Aaron Amihud.
Уезжаю в отпуск - в связи с чем представляю гостевой миксстраничка автора микса…Immersion @ LINK1. Heiko Laux, Joel Mull - Contour2. Tutti - You Make Me Sick (Matt Sassari 'Like That' Remix)3. Oscar L, Matt Sassari - A Different Day4. Ken Ishii - Soldier And Poet5. SUDO - Frequencies6. Spektre - Thinking About You ...…
Remember when we visited with adventurer/composer/musician/filmmaker Chuck Jonkey a while back? Well here's a more in depth visit with an adventurer who transforms his experiences exploring primitive worlds into sound and instrument experimentation.
It's all about family. Really. Plus Epstein and the Temple Mount. Enjoy!By Aaron Amihud.
Genesis 17:15-19 Genesis 18:9-15 Genesis 21:1-8By Yung Kim.
LINK #75 @ LINKFeri - Domadara (Original Mix) Govinda (Arg) - South Wind (Original Mix) Namatjira - CafeAna (Espen Remix) Matan Caspi, E'sh - Eidothea (Original Mix) Felix Raphael - Doa Matan Caspi & Roy Kubi - Jaruh (Original Mix) UMEK - Brethren (Original Mix) UMEK - Specific Flavour Umek - Vibrancy UMEK - Anomalies In Heart Rate (Original Mix)…
The Zionist take on the weekend mass shootings in America. Is there utility in terrorism? Let's hash it out. Also, trolling left-wing protests and the democratic debates. Enjoy!By Aaron Amihud.
Explore the past this week in San Francisco, Westwood Village, Ashland, Mountain View, and even New York City. Gurdjieff meditations, Digi-sax, sound poems, and Stickmen. 1977 to 1997.
74 @ LINKStan Kolev - AdagioStan Kolev & Paul Thomas - Revelations (Original Mix)George Acosta - RushinEnamour - VoyeGMJ - Multiverse (Original Mix) [Higher States]East Cafe - Meridian (Subandrio Remix)Miguel Matoz, Westseven - Brainchild (Kamilo Sanclemente & Dabeat Remix)ND Catani - Triple Cheese (Dmitry Molosh Remix)The Wash & T Raum - Final ...…
Showing love to our fellow Texan - Arian Foster aka Bobby Feeno on his newest musical project. The gang talks to him about his album , his move to music and being signed by Nas , and more!!!We also play tracks from November Rose , Abhi the Nomad , Skinnylocal , Malfnktion , Midival Punditz , Afrosamuraiist , dj Captain Planet, Dj Snake and more ...…
Hybrid live from my techno session at PurPur Afterparty in Moscow. Free listen & download on iTunes, VK, MixCloud, SoundCloud, YouTube & PromoDj.Drunken Kong - Sky High (Original Mix)Roel Salemink - Prophet (Original Mix)BEC - One Chance (Original Mix)Mario Ochoa - The Prestige (Original Mix)Paride Saraceni - Black Mamba (Original Mix)Rob Hes - ...…
Ayelet Shaked is a secular woman that is now the head of the united, national-religious party. Is this a good thing? Let's hash it out. Enjoy!By Aaron Amihud.
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