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Fighting Talk
A hilarious look at the volatile world of sport where guests compete for points with their sporting punditry. Informed comments are rewarded but witless outbursts are penalised.
Tights and Fights
Tights and Fights is the podcast that covers pro-wrestling with the sincerity and hilarity that it deserves. Every week, hosts Hal Lublin, Danielle Radford and Mike Eagle make sense of the chaos that is the world of sports-entertainment. Whether it's the latest headlines, a cultural analysis of an old angle or a debate about which wrestler has the best merch, Tights and Fights will examine every corner of the squared-circle for your enjoyment.
ScreenJunkies presents "Movie Fights", where real nerds get in real fights over fake movies! Each week, our panelists will be judged and scored on their arguments for facts, passion and creativity. So "let them fight!" because "there can only be one."
Fight! Fight! Fight!
Topical comedy show. Join Bobby Mair, Harriet Kemsley, Tim Renkow and producer Stu Rochards as they go head-to-head and decide who came out on top in the most bloodiest battles in Transatlantic news this week.
This is a program that defends the Christian Faith from attacks from both inside and outside of the visible Church. Think of this program as theology on roller blades. We name names as well as expose errors and heresies. We also try to have a little fun along the way. Topics include, apologetics, doctrine, and the Good News that Jesus Christ is God in Human Flesh and that He Died for the Sins of the World.
Former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir and broadcaster/comedian Richard Hunter talk to the biggest names in mixed martial arts, discussing the latest news in the sport of MMA.
Street Fight Radio
Podcast by Street Fight Radio
The Fighting Cock
This is The Fighting Cock. Flav, Spooky, Ricky, Thelonious, Bardi and Alex on the rotation. Windy dropping weekly yoof knowledge bombs. Engineer Al remotely editing and mixing our degenerate dissection of all things THFC. Occasional star guests included. Love the shirt.
Fight Society
FOX Sports Senior UFC Writer Damon Martin brings you the all new Fight Society, a podcast dedicated to all things MMA. Featuring top guests around the industry with the most informed opinions and insight, Fight Society is a must-listen for any MMA fan. If you want the best fight analysis from current top pros and the guys who sit ringside for the biggest fights, look no further.
The Chef Community Podcast, where DevOps engineeers do battle. This is not a cooking show.
The proven best MMA predictions are on the Fury's Fight Picks Podcast! Join professional sports gambler Luca Fury for the most accurate breakdowns and picks in the business. Fury's analysis is backed by the proven best documented MMA betting track record on the net. This podcast is powered by, the most popular and successful MMA betting advice website. Be sure to visit the site for more proven winning MMA picks and betting advice!
Book Fight
A weekly podcast about books, writing, reading, and raccoons. Hosted by Mike Ingram and Tom McAllister, editors at Barrelhouse Magazine and authors of fiction and creative nonfiction. Winner of a 2015 Philadelphia Geek Award for Best Streaming Media Project. You don't need to read the books to enjoy the show!
Fight Society
Debate and discussion from the world of mixed martial arts covering the UFC, Bellator and many more with interviews with the top fighters and promoters from around the world with hosts Damon Martin and Jeremy Loper.
Gabriel Roth, Rebecca Lavoie, and Carvell Wallace share triumphs and fails and offer advice on parenting kids from toddler to teens.
The Big Fight
Tempers fly as the newsmakers of the week face-off in this award-winning show. Anchored by Vikram Chandra, this weekly program has politicians battling wits as a live audience.
The Good Fight
"The Good Fight," the podcast that searches for the ideas, policies and strategies that can beat authoritarian populism.
Fight Night
The big names, the big fights, the big stories... it’s the podcast that packs a punch.
Knowledge Fight
Dan is a gentleman who holds an unhealthy obsession with InfoWars. Jordan is a good friend of his who knows next to nothing about InfoWars. On each episode of Knowledge Fight, Dan plays Jordan clips from one day of the Alex Jones Show, and the two try desperately to make sense of it.
The Good Fight
EWTN, Global Catholic Television Network
Let's Fight a Boss
We are a Dublin-based group of animator friends who like to talk openly and casually about video games and the video game industry. Join us as we take on a new adventure each episode and fight that boss!
Hosted by American Top Team strength & conditioning coach Phil Daru, and Australian strength & conditioning specialist Macgregor McNair, Fight Strength Podcast is a weekly show featuring well-known fighters and coaches from MMA, and trainers from the strength and conditioning industry. Daru has been using his Daru Strong Specialized Training Systems as a S&C coach for nearly a decade. Having trained MMA superstars such as Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Dustin Poirier, Tyron Woodley, Will Brooks and Muh ...
The Contractor Fight Podcast challenges contractors to live unafraid & motor against mediocrity. It's time to pick a fight and take back our dignity. It's time to wage war on the mindsets that hold us back from business and personal success.
Unpublished WW2 memoirs. Dunkirk, D-Day; Interviews, memories & more. WWII.
Film reviews and commentary from Matt Sardo and the crew from Monkeys Fighting Robots. Never heard of Matt Sardo? For starters, he made the Kessel Run in less than 11 parsecs. Prior to that, he gave Doc Brown the idea for the flux capacitor and led the Resistance to victory over SkyNet – all while sipping a finely crafted IPA. He’s covered everything from the Super Bowl to Comic-Con.Do you have a question that you would like answered during the show? Email your questions to
Jack Slack examines the ins and outs of upcoming fights, the history of martial arts, and the science of combat.
The world's biggest sports radio station
In Fighting Shape
Taped at the Everlast Studio in NYC. In Fighting Shape is the ultimate fitness podcast born in combat sports. Hosted by Phoenix Carnevale, she has combined her diverse training & martial arts background and her creative vision to design unique fitness initiatives. She conducts seminars for universities and corporations throughout the country and is a regular instructor on DAILY BURN. “I got into fitness because my favorite part of an action movie was always the training montage”. Phoenix has ...
Fight Dads Podcast
Talk shit, get hit. Middle-aged dads swap stories of life, love and fighting.
Welcome to the Front Row Factor show! Here you'll learn "Everything you want to know about living life from those fighting for it." I'm so grateful you're here. Nice to meet you. I'm your host Jon Vroman, and In 2005, I co-founded a charity called Front Row Foundation, which helps kids and adults with life threatening illnesses to have a front row experience at the live event of their dreams. We then provide the tools to live EVERYDAY "in the front row," which is one of the reasons we host t ...
Since launching in 2016, has become the leader in crossover combat sports and entertainment coverage, talking pro wrestling, UFC, MMA, WWE, Boxing and much more. With connections inside all three industries and expertise from those who have covered each for years, we bring you breaking news coverage and analysis without taking ourselves too seriously. Make sure to check us out at
The world's most entertaining fight sports podcast brought to you each week by hosts Adam Catterall & Nick Peet.This show is designed to ensure the hardest working athletes in sports get an opportunity to share their personalities with fight fans all over the world, while having a few laughs along the way.Visit our website ( and subscribe for FREE now.
The Chef Community Podcast, where DevOps engineeers do battle. This is not a cooking show.
Fighting For Fair
Meet 12 extraordinary people who’ll change your life. Mamamia has partnered with Australia’s leading social justice law firm Maurice Blackburn to bring you incredible true stories about Australians fighting for a fairer society. You’ll hear people from all walks of life. From sports heroes to transgender women, rappers to lawyers, pacifists to activists, workers to the wounded, all with one thing in common; they are fighting for a world that gives everyone a fair go, and they are not giving up.
What if your world, and everything you were brought up to believe, turned out to be a lie - except your feelings for the cute boy or girl you just met? Each episode, Dan and Paul take an in-depth look at a world portrayed in a Young Adult dystopian movie or book. How did they colour code uniforms in The Giver when everyone sees in black and white? In Divergent, what faction do sketch comedians belong to? These questions and more will discussed on Fight the Future!
Light The Fight
Heidi Swapp, mother, entrepreneur and influencer of woman. Teams up with David Kozlowski Licensed marriage and family therapist to bring you a podcast that discusses all topics related to personal and family relationships.This unlikely duo was brought together by the death of Heidi’s son Cory, who passed away by suicide in July of 2015.Heidi and David discuss the most valuable things that have helped her these past couple years, along with questions from her followers that are looking for to ...
Beyond the Fight
Join UFC Star and ESPN Commentator Chael Sonnen twice a week for Beyond the Fight, your weekly source for insider info and insight from some of the mixed martial arts most iconic
Fighting Stigma
“Creating a nation that values and includes all people with mental illness.” This is the vision for the Like Minds Like Mine Project.\r\nFighting Stigma is hosted by people who have lived experience of mental illness, and for the mental health sector. The show aims to make a difference in our community by breaking down the barriers that discriminate against people with experience of mental illness and their family whanau members, and ultimately change people’s attitudes and behaviour. The sh ...
Obviously Fight Talk is a weekly mixed martial arts (MMA) podcast hosted by its creators Robert Pallin and Noel O'Keeffe. Each week Rob and Noel, an MMA writer and MMA ring announcer, break down the biggest headlines in the fighting world, preview upcoming UFC events, and interview some of the biggest names in combat sports. Produced by Dublin, Ireland natives, expect plenty of banter throughout, along with a cast of returning characters including professional MMA referee Daniel Movahedi, fi ...
My goal is to help my listeners overcome the fear of failure so they can live the life of their dreams. Everyone has a dream, I believe the fear of failure is stopping them from making it a reality, not for long.
Increasing Fire Ground Performance - Firefighter Fitness
Fighting Chance
Fighting Chance tags along with Dan O'Brien and Cate Hall - two professional poker players - as they focus on the rewards and accept the risks that come with competing in the World Series of Poker.
Fight Talk
Stephen Jensen hosts this show about the latest news, predictions, conversations and more from the world of MMA and Professional Wrestling. Tune in to hear from other fans as well as the professional fighters and wrestlers themselves!
Unpublished WW2 memoirs. Dunkirk, D-Day; Interviews, memories & more. WWII.
A United States Senator for twenty four years until 2017, also served in the U.S. House and on the Marin County Board of Supervisors. She is known as a pioneer for women and a champion for the environment, human rights, civil rights and economic fairness. She is now speaking on current issues across the country and is a volunteer for a political action committee she founded called Pac For A Change.
Double Tap is Mash Those Button’s bi-weekly podcast dedicated to fighting games and the FGC. In each episode we discuss news, recent and upcoming events, and on-goings in the FGC.
Future to Fight For is a series of conversations about the challenges of the world as it is, and the possibilities of the world as it could be. It’s brought to you by GetUp - a movement of over 1 million people fighting for a more fair, just and flourishing society.
Fight For Your Marriage Podcast provides a variety of messages from Charlyne Steinkamp and selected pastors and other speakers. We invite you to peruse the messages available below at your convenience and listen on-demand as you desire.
Pilot Fight
Hundreds of new shows are released every year and Pilot Fight is here to find the next "Firefly" or "Freaks and Geeks" before it's too late. Every week KayDee Kersten and Red Scott compare two shows head to head, and pick a winner in the search for the next great tv show. Follow along and vote on twitter at
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Phoenix and the IFS co-host extraordinaire, Chris Flores, discover way more about their feet from Dr. Emily Splichal. They discuss the evolution of the human body, the nervous system's connection to feet, reflexology, and grounding. Dr. Emily of course gives some injury prevention advice, as well as advice as to how to deal with injuries. Learn ...…
Bardi, Flav & T maul over the crucial opening day win against Newcastle. Was Rachel from Friends just a haircut? Windy speaks youth and loanees, Bardi introduces his girlfriend to porn, and can Pochettino forgive and forget? Funeral dilemmas and responsible Spurs players round off the podcast.
Sean Ross Sapp and Alex Pawlowski have you covered for the last WWE Monday Night Raw before Summerslam 2018! Get the latest in wrestling, MMA, and boxing news, updates, podcasts, and more on For exclusive content, check out Fightful Select on Patreon: More Fightful: Facebook - https://www.faceboo ...…
Adam Catterall has Nick Peet & Gareth A. Davies alongside him as the guys reflect on an exclusive interview with Tyson Fury that he gave to talkSPORT earlier on this week.
This week we welcome another special guest to the podcast: writer, guitarist, high-school music teacher, and debut novelist Daniel DiFranco, whose book, Panic Years, comes out this Wednesday. As is the Book Fight custom, we let Dan pick the book we read for this week's episode, which was Michael Poore's Reincarnation Blues. The novel had a bit ...…
One of the fastest ways you can start making more money is by taking control of the sales process. When you own that sales process it not only benefits you but it also benefits the customer. Great things happen when you respect both yours and the client’s time and money. You're the pro! Don't forget that. Links to resources: Contractor Sales Ac ...…
Today, Dan tells Jordan about what Alex Jones is up to since he got kicked off of a lot of social media. Is he shook? Yes. Does he have stupid ideas about what's happening to him? Of course he does. He's also ranting about China and expressing his fear of seeing Muslim women in public, so it's clear that being off social media hasn't changed hi ...…
Mr. Warren Hayes recaps the G1 Finals! Subscribe today and turn on your notifications to get new content as soon as it comes out! Subscribe here: Follow our side channel, Fightful Scraps, and see your favorite moments from our podcasts: Get the latest in wrestling, MMA, and boxing news, updates, podca ...…
When was the last time someone asked you how your heart is today? Have you ever been asked that question? This was one of several intriguing topics I discussed with today’s guest, Brett Culp. Brett is an acclaimed filmmaker and keynote speaker who spent many years as a wedding and personal cinematographer for Hollywood celebrities, royalty, and ...…
Street Fight With Drew Toothpaste// You Are Smart And Know Things And We Don't // Nintendo Fucked Up Our Dopamine Levels // Can't Watch Movies Without Cellphones // Different Kind Of Rich // Not Living Broke To Have Honor // Millennial Night For Old Ugly People // 141,000 Horrible Jobs // We Hate Authority // My Goal Is To Fuck Around // Glasse ...…
A conversation with Chris Short (@chrisshort) and Julian Dunn (@julian_dunn) about the role of Product Marketing Managers.
A conversation with Chris Short (@chrisshort) and Julian Dunn (@julian_dunn) about the role of Product Marketing Managers.
In this week's show, Phil and Mac reminisce about the recent whirlwind 'Daru Strong Combat Sports Performance Seminar - Australian Tour' which they are both still recovering from! Phil shares his latest updates from some of the fighters he is working with, and utilising some conditioning/testing protocols he picked up during his time in Austral ...…
This week on the Good Fight, Barbara talks about her trip to Ireland stepped into the ring with two football players- Chris Godfrey and Elvis Gerbac
We've signed no one. But we bothered to turn up and record.
We’re back for another MMA Live Chat. MMA on Point’s Jason Hartley joins Robert Pallin to discuss all the big MMA news of the week and take YOUR questions. This could include McGregor-Khabib, Darren Till’s comments, Logan Paul… extreme weight cutting, Greg Hardy, Bellator’s tournaments and more.
Today, Dan tells Jordan all about a real confusing weirdo named Mark Biltz who showed up on the Jim Bakker Show to talk about Blood Moons. The gents struggle to make sense of anything that's being said, while rationalizing that Jim Bakker is basically an impotent neanderthal.
This week Mike Quackenbush joins the Hal, Danielle and Mike in the Nation of Conversation! He’s one of the founders of the independent wrestling promotion Chikara, which he says is, “the Marvel Cinematic Universe realized as a pro wrestling company.” The organization has gained a following for its original approach to stories and hosting the la ...…
Fightful's James Lynch is joined top MMA Journalist Dave Doyle of MMAFigthing and Yahoo! Sports to talk about his career.
Evo hype is still at a high as the events that took place this past weekend are only just getting started. A bunch of new updates and some highlight moments will be talked about this episode. Crashtag returns from the fun filled weekend in Vegas as Mezza sulks a little for not being there. A lot of new updates came forth as the Evo reveals gave ...…
Barbara and Nicole about the historic numbers of women running in 2018 and what it could mean for our Country moving forward. Then, The Senator talks with Georgia Gubernatorial nominee Stacey Abrams about her fight for her state. Nicole's hot race speaks with documentarian Kimberly Reed and her new film, "Dark Money".…
Frank breaks down the UFC 227 main card, making his case that Demetrious Johnson won his fight, and discussing in detail the striking nuances of the main event bantamweight title fight between T.J. Dillashaw & Cody Garbrandt. The guys discuss the news that Conor McGregor is set to return to The UFC in October, & analyze how much of a challenge ...…
Jimmy Van is back from Orlando, and he's jawin' at Sean Ross Sapp. Topics include: - All in pioneering wrestling - John Cena - Tama Tonga - Matt Riddle's Bro Spot - Stupid People news - Kiera Hogan interview/beef with Ember Moon - unearthed memorabilia - Summerslam Subscribe today and turn on your notifications to get new content as soon as it ...…
This week, everyone is back – including Michelle Said, wife of Patches (@splendourific), who comes on the podcast to tell Katey and Da7e how great Eighth Grade (the Bo Burnham movie) is. Then, David stumps for Madeline's Madeline, out in limited release this week. Finally, recent events surround James Gunn's tweets and his directing job and Ale ...…
UFC welterweight Darren Till joins Obviously Fight Talk for an exclusive interview ahead of his UFC 228 welterweight title challenge against Tyron Woodley. Till addresses the criticism he’s received for his ‘legacy’ comments surrounding his pregnant girlfriend and daughter; explains why he’s a challenge for Tyron Woodley, answers what kind of w ...…
Today, Dan tells Jordan all about the day that Alex Jones got kicked off a whole bunch of social media platforms. Does Alex come out of the box swinging or is he super weak? Does Dan really like Cake? Does Alex interview a wildly islamophobic prick for almost no reason? Tune in to find out
Sean Ross Sapp and Alex Pawlowski review the August 7 Smackdown Live for and give you backstage news! Get the latest in wrestling, MMA, and boxing news, updates, podcasts, and more on For exclusive content, check out Fightful Select on Patreon: More Fightful: Facebook - T ...…
The Fight Disciples are joined in studio by boxing coach Scottie Hamilton who two weeks ago pulled one of his boxers out of a main event in the second round, much to Nick's disapproval. Scottie gives his take on the decision before going on to discuss his journey into the fight game, the fighters and coaches he looks up to most, and also his as ...…
Sean Ross Sapp and Showdown Joe Ferraro offer up their thoughts on UFC 227 and more! - UFC 227 - Cejudo beats Mighty Mouse - Dillashaw beats Garbrandt - Who is next? - Conor vs. Khabib - Nate Diaz is back.... or is he? - Glover vs. Manuwa. - Viviane Pereira Opts To Not Re-Sign With UFC - Bellator welterweight tourney - Rizin…
It’s time to get off your ass, surround yourself with other winners and invest in yourself. The Contractor Sales Academy Revolution 2019 is right around the corner. Sign up now to get more information and get your name on the waiting list! Links to resources: Contractor Sales Academy Revolution 2019 - ...…
We're back and despite the lack of anything exciting happening we're so chuffed to be back. We go through the transfer window, despite nothing happening, should we be angry with Levy and where do we go from here. Most of all we're loving being together once again. We love Tottenham and we love you.
Sean Ross Sapp and Alex Pawlowski of bring you their coverage of WWE Raw for August 8, 2018! Get the latest in wrestling, MMA, and boxing news, updates, podcasts, and more on For exclusive content, check out Fightful Select on Patreon: More Fightful: Facebook - https://www.facebook.c ...…
With Adam on his jollies Nick decided to give the show an injection of sexy by inviting UFC welterweight Danny Roberts back into the studio to break down UFC 227. Along with Demetrious Johnson’s demise and TJ Dillashaw’s ascension, they also review Danny’s latest bonus cheque winning performance, preview the 170lb title class featuring Darren T ...…
Boxing writer Chris Walker sits in for Ibiza-bouncing Adam this week to review all the weekend’s action across the pond where Sergey Kovalev got ‘Krushed’, Andre Berto jumped back into contention and Top Rank revealed their won extensive ESPN TV deal. Plus, closer to home, we breakdown all the action from Cardiff and get the inside track on a p ...…
Takin calls in the WCRS studio// Watching Fights // If Your Ordering For 5, Go Inside // // Arizona Is A Wild Place // Getting An Ugly Cat Online // I Just Want The Dishes Done // We Are Not Idols // A Little Bit Of Pop In My Music // Bryans Weed Philosophy // What To Do When The Teachers Late // Kids Are New On The Planet // Naming Names // Fr ...…
Join Gareth A. Davies, The Sun's Boxing correspondent Colin Hart & former Middleweight Champion of the world Darren Barker for another edition of Fight Night, as they talk Wilder, Fury, Joshua & the WBSS Final in Jeddah
This week we're taking a quick break from our Summer of Spouses discussions to welcome two guests to the podcast: Stephanie Feldman and Nathaniel Popkin, co-editors of the recently published anthology Who Will Speak for America?, which brings together work from a bunch of contemporary writers responding in various ways to our current political ...…
Today, Dan tells Jordan about a couple of 2009 episodes of The Alex Jones Show that go to some profoundly weird places. What is the connection between 10th amendment state representatives and meth houses? Who is "The Living Man?" Do hardware stores sell guns? Tune in to answer all these questions and more.…
Processes and systems are something that a lot of contractors and builders struggle with implementing. We all know that we need systems but when it comes down to putting them into place, a lot of us come up short. That’s why Tom sat down with Todd Dawalt from the Construction Leading Edge Podcast. Todd is a 20+ year veteran of the construction ...…
James Lynch breaks down the UFC 227 show! Get the latest in wrestling, MMA, and boxing news, updates, podcasts, and more on For exclusive content, check out Fightful Select on Patreon: More Fightful: Facebook - Twitter - ...…
In this DM, David and Heidi discuss and give useful tips on how to have a better relationship with your adult children. Here is the link to sign up for our workshop: us questions at: lightthefightpodcast@gmail.comOr find us on Social Media @lightthefight…
Fightful's James Lynch is joined by one of the best wrtiers in MMA, Chuck Mindenhall who talks all about his career.
UFC fighters James Vick & Sodiq Yusuff join the show together to discuss Vick's upcoming Fight Night main event with Justin Gaethje, Yusuff's recent win on Dana White's Tuesday Night Contender Series that got him his UFC contract, & their long history together as training partners. Frank & Richard break down this weekend's UFC 227 double featur ...…
Today, Dan tells Jordan about the various lawsuits that Alex Jones is dealing with at the moment. They deal with that pretty quickly then get on to greener pastures, like pitching an arson based TV show and cataloging yet more instances of Alex being really stupid.
MMA on Point’s Jason Hartley joins Robert Pallin for an MMA Live Chat. They take fan questions and cover all the big MMA news this week including McGregor’s rumored UFC return at UFC 227, the UFC’s ratings struggle, Colby Covington meeting Donald Trump, some UFC 227 talk, and more.
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Host: Stephen Jensen || Guest: Danny Adams || Danny joins me on Fight Talk to discuss what it's like being part-owner of Glory Pro Wrestling, living his dream as a pro wrestler, his upcoming match at Southern Underground Pro, and much more! || Recorded on August 2, 2018
This week, Danielle and Mike are joined by Sarah "The Rebel" Wolfe! She's a wrestling manager who's been in wrestling rings all over the country and the host of the podcasts Women Wrestling Friends and Women's Pro Wrestling Weekly. This week, Danielle and Mike are joined by Sarah "The Rebel" Wolfe! She's a wrestling manager who's been in wrestl ...…
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