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Best Flipping podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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Real Estate Investing Without Using Your Cash or Credit - It's called Wholesaling Real Estate with the main Focus on Wholesaling Houses but also Apartment Buildings (Multifamily) and Commercial Real Estate. It's a form of Flipping where you Cash or Credit will not matter. Sit back learn, enjoy, share and I will see you on the FLIP SIDE. The Flip Man
Flip Da Script is an Urban Podcast hosted by QueenzFlip & Dj Gmoney. Queenzflip who is known for his crazy antics; his ability to get the truth out of his guest as well as FLIPPING on his guest from time to time. Dj Gmoney is the more rational and peaceful one. With this amazing duo The show is a combination of realism and comedy; a much watch show in today’s environment.To get the visual experience go to https://www.youtube.com/quietroombattle
High Top Flip Flops
Comedy driven podcast hosting conversation with the underrated and underappreciated. Hosted by Nivake and Krish.STREAM EVERYWHERE YOU LISTEN TO PODCASTS BABY YEEEEOOOOWWW
Flip This Town
Flip This Town started as a book by downtown revitalization expert Ron Drake, and has now transformed into a movement that is sweeping communities across the country. Join Ron Drake and his partner, Main Street Manager Kristi Trevarrow as they set out to restore the heart of America, one downtown at a time.
The Flipping Websites Podcast is all about building, buying and selling content websites to achieve financial freedom.
Flipped Lifestyle
Helping families find freedom online!
We are a husband & wife team that works together at home. Our family makes it’s entire living on the internet, we can show you how your family can too!
We are a husband & wife team that works together at home. Our family makes it’s entire living on the internet, we can show you how your family can too!
A podcast for and about the FLN community
Mitch likes the Yankees, Ursula likes the Mets. Together they host Flipping Bats & Winning Games, a podcast about baseball by baseball fans who approach their love of the game very differently.
The Flip Side
This podcast series features a lively debate between two of Barclays’ Research analysts taking opposing viewpoints on timely topics of importance to economies and businesses around the globe.By hearing arguments and insights on both sides, we hope you will come away with a greater understanding of the economic implications of sometimes polarizing issues.
Flip Talk with Don Costa is a no BS podcast with the specific goal of giving real actionable information that you can use to start or grow your real estate business. No fluff, no bull, and no so called experts. Just real knowledge, tips and tricks form the guys who actually flip houses every day! Subscribe for our weekly episodes and get an inside look at successful house flipping businesses and learn from "real" investors who have forged the path of success. Join Don Costa to get tips and t ...
Flip Flop Investors Radio Show on KCAA http://iereic.org/
Baseball podcast from 3 guys who love the game. The main focus will be on the Toronto Blue Jays, but we will dabble in the league as a whole and touch on other subjects occasionally.
Box set comedy from BBC Radio 4 featuring the funniest people around. The series will flip about once a month. For rights reasons, episodes will be available for 30 days.
Butterfly effect in gaming! Every few weeks Cam and Bam take a video game and change one specific game-play or narrative detail, speculating on (and laughing about) how the rest of the game would differ without it becoming unrecognizable. NEW episodes every other Friday!
Connecting the reality of the gospel to the grit of life.
An educational podcast seeking the Korean American Heritage truths hosted by Philip "Flip" Cuddy (dosan.org), Sofia Carro, and Han Kim (inthekimchijar.com).
From the US to China, the United Kingdom to New Zealand, Spain to Dubai and beyond, Flipped Learning Worldwide is a radio channel covering the evolution of flipped learning around the globe. Hear from researchers, school leaders, technologists, thought leaders, and teachers. Each short 10-12 minute episode is available on-demand from your computer or mobile phone. Now you can stay on top of the next practices in flipped learning anywhere, anytime. In addition to the voices of flipped practit ...
Flip The Strip
Las Vegas’ home for insider discussion about the entertainment, lifestyle and vibrant scene on and off the famous Las Vegas Strip! Mark and Melinda draw on their years of experience living and working in the Valley to provide a complete look at Las Vegas – filtering out any outsider perception.
The podcast for those approaching 50, 50 and over 50 who want to change the way we age. Fitness, wellness, and health research put into practical tips you can use today. You still got it girl!
The podcast for those approaching 50, 50 and over 50 who want to change the way we age. Fitness, wellness, and health research put into practical tips you can use today. You still got it girl!
Secrets to Real Estate Investing Podcast with Holly McKhann. Expert Real Estate Investor and House Flip Master.
Flip the Script
Flip the Script is your go-to podcast about health disparities, Hosted by Max Tiako, MD Candidate at the Yale School of Medicine, and Alumnus of Howard University. On this podcast, Max discusses societal and healthcare issues that disproportionately affect the health of minorities, including but not limited to racial and ethnic minorities, sexual and gender minorities, and religious minorities, on a national and global scale. These discussions are centered around the work of healthcare, publ ...
Welcome to the Rental Property Owner and Real Estate Investor Podcast, Brought to you by the Rental Property Owner Association - providing benefits and services to real estate investors and rental property owners for over 45 years. Hosted by Brian Hamrick from Hamrick Investment Group. Every Monday Brian and his special guest will discuss topics, tips, and techniques Designed to make you a more confident and successful Rental Property Owner and Real Estate Investor
Join us in Mind Flipping and build a better life for yourself and your community. Through conversations with world-class experts in meditation, neuroscience, hypnosis, NLP, coaching and more you will learn to understand and access the power and natural abilities of your mind. Listen as these experts share their favorite tools, tips, stories and strategies for building better lives, in an inspiring, informational, and entertaining way. Each episode offers you the opportunity to learn time-tes ...
Ritual Disc Flip
Host Chris Naes, a music lover from Missouri, & various guests share their gratitude for music with reviews of albums old and new, as well as the occasional live concert experience.
Wholesaling Inc
Are you making money wholesaling Real Estate? Do you regularly make assignment fees of $10k to $50k (AND MORE) per deal? Would you like to be? Join America’s #1 Real Estate Wholesaling coach, Tom Krol along with 7 Figure Wholesaler, Cody Hofhine as they lead you by the hand to help you CRUSH your income goals! This Podcast is NOT about theory, stories or fluff. It’s all about taking MASSIVE action and following instruction rather than more education (most people get stuck in “education mode” ...
Most get going in real estate investing while working a job or creating income somewhere else. So the system they use to learn real estate must work around this income producer until it can replace those earnings. You CAN'T and shouldn't quit your current income source until you can replace it with something better ... And The "new" Income Must Be Dependable! ... In this podcast series you will get procedures like: *** Finding the money for deals *** Sandwich Lease Option Transfers (SLOT dea ...
The Flip Empire Show
On The Flip Empire Show, Alex Pardo brings you strategies, interviews, and insights for smart real estate investors to help grow and scale your real estate investing business. The Flip Empire Show was created for YOU, the smart real estate investor and entrepreneur. If you're looking for ACTIONABLE and SIMPLIFIED advice, Alex Pardo has you covered with his Master Class Expert Interviews, as well as the Q and A shows. Learn from real estate's heavy hitters, as Alex Pardo puts them on the hot ...
Do you want to learn how to wholesale real estate and flip properties? Join Lex Levinrad on the Investing in Real Estate Podcast and learn how YOU can get started flipping houses today. This podcast is full of ACTION PACKED information and CONCRETE ACTION STEPS that you can start taking TODAY to learn how to start investing in real estate and flipping real estate. Join Lex as he talks about EVERY TOPIC related to INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE including wholesaling, locating deals, finding propert ...
Hey Guys! You’ve found it! Welcome to the Fearless Pursuit of Freedom Podcast; I am your host Brandon Richards. I am a real estate investor and avid entrepreneur in Dallas, TX. My company is Fearless Properties and we rehab, wholesale and hold rentals. Listen in as I interview the nation’s leading entrepreneurs and discuss the monumental battles of business and life.
🚎 Willy'sViewPodcast 🚎🍁 Hola Amigo's , Willy here , Welcome to my World ..I interview COOL Celebs , Authors , Personal Chefs , More !Feel free to email willysviewpodcast@gmail.com For bookings Thanks for Listening 🎶 📻 🎧🎵🎟See You , On the Flip Side ! 📹🍁XXOO , Willy
Every week I bring you an informative interview of either a highly successful real estate investor or professional service provider. Listen in as my guests share their REI Jewels of Wisdom.-Dan Breslin
Tucker Merrihew, a successful Real Estate entrepreneur, shares his experience and knowledge and teaches listeners about real estate investing and house flipping in this weekly podcast. Hear about successes, failures, lessons learned, what works and how Tucker operates a successful Real Estate Investment Company. This podcast will include a wealth of how-to information as well as cover actual real estate deals and how to get started in real estate investing, wholesaling, new construction, reh ...
Wholesaling Inc
Are you making money wholesaling Real Estate? Do you regularly make assignment fees of $10k to $50k (AND MORE) per deal? Would you like to be? Join America’s #1 Real Estate Wholesaling coach, Tom Krol along with 7 Figure Wholesaler, Cody Hofhine as they lead you by the hand to help you CRUSH your income goals! This Podcast is NOT about theory, stories or fluff. It’s all about taking MASSIVE action and following instruction rather than more education (most people get stuck in “education mode” ...
The Inside Property Investing Podcast is a regular interview show, sharing the stories of the most inspiring and successful property investors and entrepreneurs. We discuss their backgrounds, how they got started in property investing, where there business is at now, their future goals and plans to get there, as well as advice for those of us looking to start investing or take our property business to the next level.
What drives people to change, to heal, to reinvent themselves? How do we reclaim our health, bounce back from heartbreak, flip the script? On goopfellas, two friends who have become familiar with unlikely personal transformations have raw conversations with people who have experienced profound shifts in perspective and well-being. Together, functional medicine practitioner Will Cole, DC, and chef Seamus Mullen get at the catalysts that bring people out of their dark night and into their purp ...
The Tantrum House Board Gaming Podcast features the entire crew from Tantrum House! Three married couples—each with their own distinct board gaming preferences—get together each week to talk about board games that are coming to Kickstarter, games that have arrived in the mail, and ones they are looking forward to playing again soon. They cover topics like how to build up your local board gaming community, how to get your game onto Kickstarter, and pretty much every other hobby topic under th ...
Most people lack control in their financial plan.Once we help them create wealth through real estate, they are confident in their future.
Flip The Coin Over
Like coins have two sides, topics and stories have more than one side as well. "Heads" represent the obvious aspects--those we see with our eyes. "Tails" represent the after-thought aspects that come when we try to see the viewpoint from an angle not our own. The two sides are supposed to give the same value to the topic. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/flipthecoinover/support
Fulltime E-Commerce Reseller of Amazon, eBay, Poshmark, StockX and more! I have a Reseller Team i teach how to make money in a LIVE chat everday with guides, community, strategies, and more! This Podcast is broadcasted every day on my daily experiences as a online reseller. I Flip sneakers, supreme, online releases, thrifting, and anything that makes money QUICK. If you are interested in making money online from your phone and starting reselling you have come to the right place. Check me out ...
Welcome to Real Estate Investing Unscripted, a podcast exploring some of the most creative, innovative, and inspiring stories from the real estate investor community. With expert advice and success stories you won’t hear anywhere else, you’ll come away with inspiration on how to improvise in the unscripted world that is real estate investing - so that you can dominate your next real estate deal. Hosted by Matt Rodak, Founder and CEO of Fund That Flip. More at https://www.fundthatflip.com
Flip Talk Rookie Playbook
Flip Talk Rookie Playbook is a no BS podcast with the specific goal of giving real usable and solid information that you can use to start or grow your real estate business.
Imagine you are friends with hundreds of real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Now imagine you can grab a beer with each of them and casually chat about failures, successes, motivations, and lessons learned. That’s what The BiggerPockets Podcast delivers. Co-hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene, this podcast provides actionable advice from investors and other real estate professionals every week. The show won’t tell you how to “get rich quick” or sell you a course, boot camp, or guru ...
A collaborative, comedy Dungeons & Dragons podcast, where two friends take turns playing the same character and making up the world along the way
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Hey y'all! Welcome to today's episode of The Flipped Lifestyle Podcast!In today's episode, we take you behind the scenes in our business!In today's show we are going to share: Discus making BIG changes in your business How to find the courage to make big changes How to understand when burnout is setting in, and overcoming fatigue in your busine ...…
Menopause weight seems to creep up even on women who are already doing all the things. They’re health conscious. They’re the ones their friends look to when dessert menus come out to see if you’re going to order or not. You’re the one who has already ran when you get to Easter brunch or open presents on Christmas. If this is you, I created this ...…
WARNING: This podcast is not for the light hearted or thin skinned investor who has purple colored glasses on. Why you may ask? Most investors fail at the most important task in the business. Yet no one talks about it or even attempts to explain it. They plunge into deals without this one reality and understanding of what is actually happening ...…
Jim Huntzicker started his real estate career in 2005 as a way to spend more time with his young children. Fast forward to today, and he has closed nearly 500 deals and has rehabbed most of those. It was only until recently that Jim got out of the rehabbing business due to the changes in the market. On today’s episode, Jim explains how he was a ...…
Enjoy! Check me out on Instagram @FlipFlip --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/reseller/support
Episode 71 featuring Anupa Mistry is now live! Anupa has worked in media for 12 years, as a writer, editor & producer - and after a brief stint of work in New York, she's come back to Toronto to focus on some projects that mean a lot to her; including teaching yoga, writing newsletters, and her new podcast "Burn Out," a show of short conversati ...…
In Episode 286, Tucker continues his series of Rock Stars Of Real Estate where he'll be highlighting three real estate investors each week. This weeks theme is Direct to Seller Marketing! Tune in to hear from Frank McGovern, Crystal Denmon and Justin Silverio! Be sure to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes or Stitcher for all future episodes!…
On the 108th Episode of #FlipDaScript The DUO sits down with #YTC Crew members Chango (@Chango_Cp5) & Titon (@Titon_Rosavelli) and for 2 hours they touched on a lot of topics, growing up, getting by & starting an empire, escaping danger, and helping the Central Park 5 get exonerated. Do you think they should have paid him for his contributions ...…
Fresh off his honeymoon, Clayton rejoins Justin and Patrick to talk MLB Postseason. After the recap of what's happened so far, the guys get out the report cards for the Blue Jays outfielders. Leave us a review and remember to send in your questions!
Mike Cowper is the owner of Return on Investments, a high-volume wholesale business in the Greater Detroit Area. He describes his success in real estate to be primarily due to his experience working in sales for five years. In September 2014, he stumbled across a free real estate mentorship group and signed up. After learning and gaining massiv ...…
When Phil hears a ruckus in Johnny's memorabilia shop downstairs, he goes to investigate, only to discover the mayor of Parbold, who gives Phil a much-needed job: to discover if her husband is having an affair. This undercover work takes Phil, Polly and Johnny across town to investigate Parbold's seedy underbelly. It may be a case Phil is despe ...…
Click here if you want to join Hypnosis Side Hustle School Our mind can either be the bridge or the barrier to everything we want in life… Laurie gives us the scoop on her first book, Wild World, Joyful Heart (available Oct.08, 2019), that’s filled with Mind Flipping moments. Plus how the mind, which is not the brain, is our most powerful tool, ...…
Got more questions on Wholesaling Real Estate? Please post your real estate investing questions in the comments section below.Here are some of the real estate investment questions for this weeks... Learn to Flip Real Estate Without Using Your Cash or CreditBy Ask Flip Man.
In this Best of Episode, we re-visit Chapter 5 of the “Our story” series. Learn how we not only quit our jobs but bought the home of our dreams (and how you can too)!This episode was originally published on October 31, 2017. You can check out the original episode here: https://flippedlifestyle.com/podcast168/FULL TRANSCRIPT:Shane: Welcome to th ...…
Key notes: Beyond the Battle online groups for guys are BACK and launching in late October. Check them out at www.beyondthebattle.netBy Noah Filipiak.
Since our first episode, we've said that restoration is our story and have proudly shared stories of great things happening in towns across America. This season kicks off with a different story of restoration as Ron shares his personal and unexpected restoration journey with his own battle with cancer.…
Show Notes This week is a little different as Ken chats with Kate Baker about our experiences last week at FlipTech Latin America 2019 in Bogotá, Colombia. I apologize for some audio issues. I have recently switched from using Google Hangouts to using Zoom for my recording and still working on my production chain. It seems that some of the audi ...…
On this week's episode, brought to you by Alpha Investors, I talk with Tommy Griffith from Clickminded.com about his days managing SEO at Airbnb and Paypal and lessons for content site owners. We then discuss why focussing on just one thing works and when it's necessary to take the focus off traffic and onto dialing down on your funnel. Show no ...…
Mastering mastery learning requires two-elements — the right teaching strategies and the right technology. Join us as we talk teaching tactics with Jon Bergmann, a recognized pioneer of Mastery learning and Jon Baker a global innovator in the mastery learning technology space. Jon Bergmann is one of the pioneers of flipped learning. Jon has tra ...…
Apartment flipping from one of the best in the biz! On today’s show, Brandon and David sit down with Nathan Tabor, a well-known multifamily investor who has done 26 multifamily flips in less than 10 years! You will love this informational and oftentimes hilarious episode, where Nathan shares some fantastic advice on how to flip apartments for b ...…
Jeff Meli, Barclays Head of Research, and Ben Theurer, Barclays Head of Latin American Equity Research and Americas Agribusiness analyst, debate whether alternative meat will be a real game changer for the food and meat industries, or just another fringe product that will fade over time. The analysts also weigh in on factors driving the adoptio ...…
HOLD IT! Are you telling me in this episode Cam and BAM flipped this beloved lawyer-based visual novel? UNlikely, your honor. OBJECTION! Oh they did, and it looks like Phoenix is about to get grilled!By Bits, Chips and Flipped Scripts.
Content Warning: Discussion of domestic violence, sexual assault, and pedophilia.Mitch and Ursula tackle discussing Domingo German's domestic violence allegations, Felipe Vazquez's _horrifying_ pedophilia arrest, and some stuff that's actually good! The Yankees are a good team! Christian Yelich was in the Body Issue! Pete Alonso!…
In this episode, we speak with Michael Green, host of The Flip Factor podcast and co-owner of Quick Cash Home Buyers. Michael shares the story of how he emerged from a troubled childhood and built an impressive real estate portfolio. Though he always had an entrepreneurial mindset, Michael acknowledges that his environment made it difficult for ...…
A few good friends went to Atlanta for the PROGPOWER festival this year. Those individuals sent me their lists of their most-enjoyed bands from the weekend of shows. Now I present to you a selection from said bands! Give me a positive review on your podcast app of choice and let me know what you think!Share the show! Spread the word!Ritualdiscf ...…
Degrees are like seasoning in recipes, and getting a Master's degree can add flavor to the careers of some, but not all. It's about blending and complementing the right seasoning/flavors together. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/appSupport this podcast: https://anchor.fm/flipthecoi ...…
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