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FLW fishing Podcast is a weekly podcast that focuses on bass fishing, tips, techniques, and updates from FLW Tour anglers.
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Jody starts off breaking things down with Brian Latimer. Topics covered include YouTube, his rise to the Tour level, redfish, teaching people about fishing and his upcoming YouTube series Straight Up Fishing. Then, Kyle and Jody review the Costa FLW Series event at Lake of the Ozarks, the first two BFL Regionals and a smallmouth party.…
Kyle interviews Bryan Thrift to start things off. Then Kyle and Jody talk through another tie in the Costa FLW Series Southwestern Divison, the season finale of the Central Division on Lake of the Ozarks, some other news and some fishing.By
Matt Stefan stops by for the interview. Afterwards, Kyle and Jody talk about the Cal Delta, Fort Gibson, two YETI FLW College Fishing derbies, the final week of BFL Super Tournaments and some recent fishing.By
Jody and Grae Buck talk about the FLW Tour, smallies and gobies to start out. Then Kyle and Jody are joined for a special Delta preview by Jimmy Reese, pick their Costa Challenge teams, run through the slate of BFL Super Tournaments and talk fishing.By
Jody talks with Alex Davis for some FLW Cup and Guntersville info to kick things off. Then Kyle and Jody touch on some recent fishing news, spinnerbaits, cats and the weekend’s slate of BFL Super Tournaments.By
Jody talks with Joe Uribe Jr. for the interview portion of the show. Topics include the Costa FLW Western Division Angler of the Year picture, the California Delta and his outlook on fishing full-time. Then, Kyle and Jody run through the Northern Division finale at the 1000 Islands, some other tournament news, the first week of BFL Super Tourna ...…
Jody and Wes Logan talk about the FLW Cup, his rookie season on Tour and the Coosa River to start things off. Then, Kyle and Jody pick Costa Challenge teams for the 1000 Islands, run through some Tour news and talk fishing.By
Cory Johnston talks about his finish at the FLW Cup on Ouachita and then previews the upcoming Costa FLW Series event at the 1000 Islands. Kyle and Jody review some recent BFL action as well as the FLW Canada Cup.By
James Niggemeyer reviews his first season on the FLW Tour and runner-up finish in the Forrest Wood Cup. Then, Kyle and Jody finally get around to wrapping up the Cup before walking through the Costa FLW Series news and some recent BFL events.By
Catching up with Clent Davis after his dramatic win in the FLW Cup on Lake Ouachita.By
Kyle and Jody talk fishing and Shane LeHew, Brandon Cobb and Joseph Webster talk Ouachita and more.By
Kyle and Jody take the pulse of practice early and run through the options for Fantasy Fishing players at the FLW Cup.By
Kyle talks with Zack Birge lieu of a regular episode. Topics include things about Birge and the upcoming FLW Cup.By
The guest is Cody Hahner. The topics are smallmouths, more smallmouths, the Costa/FLW High School Fishing Summer Camp and some other recent derbies.By
Justin Atkins is the guest and Kyle and Jody talk rules, preview some derbies and run through the weekend's BFL action.By
Kyle and Jody wrap up the FLW Tour season and cover a few more news items while they're still up north and not sweating in Florida.By
Kyle and Jody run through a few St. Clair topics and then cover Champlain, some BFL events and a bunch of emails.By
Kyle and Jody talk Fantasy Fishing before the final event of the regular season.By
It's basically all about smallmouths.By
This one is pretty smallmouth heavy. Other than smallmouths, the boys wrap the Costa FLW Series event on Barkley and run through a couple of BFL events.By
Nick LeBrun stops by to break down his win on Cross Lake to start the show. Then, Kyle and Jody rock and roll through the YETI FLW College Fishing National Championship and the T-H Marine BFL All-American before picking teams for the Costa FLW Series event on Lake Barkley and moving on to some other fishing-related chat.…
Jody and Kyle run through the Tour event on Kentucky Lake and then do some housekeeping with recent BFL events and next week’s pile of championship events.By
Kyle and Jody talk Kentucky Lake and then run down a bunch of recent FLW news and some personal fishing.By
Kyle and Jody preview a possible ledge fishing showdown from a Fantasy Fishing perspective.By
Episode 186 recaps the FLW Tour event on Smith Lake as well as a bunch of other recent tournament action. Mark Rose stops by to talk about his event at Smith, as well as his position in the Pennzoil Marine Angler of the Year race. Kyle and Jody also talk about frogs and ice cream and some other stuff too.…
Similar to the show from Cumberland, Kyle and Jody talk Fantasy Fishing and Smith Lake before wrapping up a bunch of recent news.By
Previewing the FLW Tour at Lake Cumberland and touching on a few other topics.By
An intimate combo episode, Kyle and Jody start off with a preview of Cumberland heavy on Fantasy Fishing and then wrap with other news from the FLW realm.By
Kyle talks with David Williams about various topics and then Kyle and Jody preview the Costa FLW Series on Santee Cooper and the FLW Tour on Cumberland. Later on, Curt joins the show for a breakdown of his heroic efforts in the Jet-A-Marine tournament.By
Episode 182 recaps a pile of BFL events and the Costa FLW Series event at Grand Lake. Kyle and Jody also talk spinnerbaits, photos and touch on a few other random topics.By
Episode 180. Apologies for the audio levels in the Hallman interview.By
Jody and Kyle preview the third stop of the FLW Tour with spotted bass and Fantasy Fishing in mind.By
We had some audio troubles with Episode 179, but the interview with Chris Johnston came through just fine.By
Episode 178 preview the FLW Tour at the Harris Chain and runs down some recent FLW news from Sam Rayburn and elsewhere.By
Kyle and Jody preview the second stop of the FLW Tour from a fantasy perspective.By
Episode 177 covers the Costa FLW Series Western Divison event on Lake Havasu, previews the FLW Series event on Sam Rayburn and wraps up a few YETI FLW college Fishing and T-H Marine BFL events.By
Wrapping up the FLW Tour opener with the winner.By
Kyle and Jody talk Fantasy Fishing ahead of the first FLW Tour event of the season.By
Episode 172, recorded last week and up now due to some technical difficulties and fishing-related distraction.By
Why you should consider the co-angler side of the Costa FLW Series and more from Costa FLW Series Tournament Director Ron Lappin.By
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