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Hello It's Josh
For those who like podcasts.... yeah I'd go somewhere else. Want to tell us to do better? try reaching the show through: Hola.its.Josh@gmail.comCover art curtsy of: Support this podcast:
Podcast of what's happening in the world of the Free Art movement in Atlanta, GA
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My sister-in-law calls me up and I get put on speaker phone with 4 people. It's a travesty from the start. EMAIL THE SHOW AT: and I'll send you a free sticker. --- Support this podcast:
Ever wonder how they get that cream stuff inside of a Cadbury Egg??? Well I haven't and we won't ever talk about it, I promise, so stop asking me annoying questions. --- Support this podcast:
Hello there, You look less fat today. That's right it National Compliment Day! #endgame #FeelBetter --- Support this podcast:
My Buddy thinks he's hip and cool but I show him how little he really nose. --- Support this podcast:
While I drive across Indiana I get to tell My Buddy all about Helga and Clara and the amazing feat that they accomplished!! Its a long one so buckle up and get your popcorns ready. --- Support this podcast:
I found a bit of history that I can't wait to share with my Buddy, but per usual he has no time for me. We start the story here but to hear the exciting conclusion you'll have to tune in next time. unless this is our last episode ever. Oh God are they going to pull our plug and cancel our show? Oh shit is Netflix about to pull another sense8 on ...…
I get the chance to speak with the creator of my new favorite Zombie Noir Podcast, Kevin the voice of Detective Samwel Sift. He shares his insight into the wonderful world of zombie tracking. Also we get the inside scoop on the up coming season. Juicy brain details inside. or search for "Detective Samw ...…
Things are getting even more busy for My Buddy now that he has a new born, Yet there is always still time to play games inside a goodwill. --- Support this podcast:
My buddy thinks he knows about camping but I'm sure he don't. --- Support this podcast:
The little guy calls me up and can't help but follow in his fathers foot steps. --- Support this podcast:
My Buddy and his little one trash a hotel lobby and brag to me about the path of destruction they left. but If you think any of that is true than youre an idoit. Kisses --- Support this podcast:
Word Excel and Stickers what more do you need? --- Support this podcast:
My buddy has an emergency and I was not around to help him. If only I could be a better friend. --- Support this podcast:
A NEW CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My Buddy Final actually getts a new car. Finally. I promise this means more more dining!! every. I sure we'll find plenty of other ways to annoy the shit out of you listeners but dining will no longer be one of them. (scouts honor) --- Support this podcast: ...…
My Buddy calls to interrupt a Football thing I do and then I tell him the way things are. --- Support this podcast:
When is a good time to feed a dragon? Answer: when you can best interrupt our call or before it eats your software. Aren't computers fun? --- Support this podcast:
My Buddy Celebrates a new family addition and I need a new lappy. my poorboy machine crashed hard. --- Support this podcast:
A late night ranging conversation about humanity good and evil and how to make you own diamonds from thin air. --- Support this podcast:
Not My Buddy this week. I get my Dad on the phone and we chat Cribbage. Do you play cribbage? ps. I love my Dads laugh. --- Support this podcast:
What do you give a dog when he has a fever? Ketchup ofcourse, cus thats what you put on hot dogs... get it? yeah, i guess now that I type it all out it sounds rather dumb. --- Support this podcast:
I tell My Buddy about my last great achievement, musical themes. and he tells me about the car he didn't get. --- Support this podcast:
The Guys talk about Guns and cars with all the manly grunts and groans that go a long with it. #Getwet - Producer Natalie --- Support this podcast:
Harry Potter! Reply All! My Buddy's Mom! what more could you want out of a 4 minuet episode. no seriously, what more could you want? Like what else do I need to do? would you like a joke, or maybe to hear a childhood story. OH I know I could tell you my favorite secret family recipe. --- Support this podcast: ...…
We're Back baby!!! While we were out My Buddy and I had a few missed phone calls. --- Support this podcast:
The Last Episode of Season 2.... but more phone calls and insuing hilarity after the short Holiday Break. And as always Email the show Support this podcast:
My Buddy buys a pizza, I sell him some new slogans and he just finds out about your shows new Email address: --- Support this podcast:
This is used to just get more views. so... Cars Ford Chevy Fun Comedy Joe Rogan, Marc Maron, Money, Forbes, Dumb and Dumber, Christmas. Holidays, X-mas, Santa, Music. Yep thats what the shows about ;) if you need to email me Support this podcast:…
My Buddy tries to sell me on his newest form of Therapy and ... I'm not buying it, at all. Be the second person to email our little show at --- Support this podcast:
I try out my new voice and My Buddy shares a bit of his family vacation with me. Want to email the show and request a free sticker? --- Support this podcast:
A scathing critique of the show arrived in our email and My Buddy can barely contain himself. --- Support this podcast:
No warnings given because politics is just polite conversation. Eat your heart out Washington this is how its done!--- Support this podcast:
I have to explain to My Buddy again that he's favorite catch phrase is from Babe (the movie) and not Charlotte's Web. ALSO I'm a crappy Wedding DJ. If you'd like to have me DJ your wedding please Email the show at --- Support this podcast:…
I get to gloat and brag to My Buddy about how much My favorite Podcast Mentioned our stupid little show on air!!!! (how do you like those apples). Thank you to the guys, Red, Dave, and Martine over at We Facted Up. --- Support this podcast: https://ancho ...…
The obsession won't stop as My Buddy calls me again over 12 times. We also talk about the new intro song and his growing family --- Support this podcast:
We get to a boiling point and My Buddy turns against me... will our show go on after this? --- Support this podcast:
This week we talk to our new friend Tom, creator of the famous Hipster Pug sound. as always email the show at Support this podcast:
I hacked Angie's list and can't wait to tell My Buddy all about it. --- Support this podcast:
It was just a txt. --- Support this podcast:
My Buddy's upset and I have to cheer him up. --- Support this podcast:
I set the phone down and took a friend and a recorder to lunch. Its about.. well everything and nothing. This show was loved so much that We made a new PodCast based off of it. Search for Wes for Lunch and enjoy ( ) as all ways email: Support this podcast: ...…
I have the worst co-host with no email skills and very poor quality equipment. It's like talking to someone cross Atlantic in the 60's. --- Support this podcast:
Another two part episode about something... i kinda forgot what its about. --- Support this podcast:
I teach My Buddy about the history of Olympic Marathons and then... then I try to surprise some random running store. but I fail> is the best way to tell us your grandma's favorite salad. --- Support this podcast:
A short follow-up chat and I try out (unsuccessfully) the Josh DeYoung "The Noise Room"--- Support this podcast:
I talk about my protest tag and My Buddy wants to dig deep into its meaning. Then we ramble on about business stuff. --- Support this podcast:
My Buddy wants to have his intro song song so bad and i escape a deadly trap. --- Support this podcast:
I'm stressed about buying a house and My Buddy won't make time for me to share, not that you care either. Write in to the show and share your House buying woes at: --- Support this podcast:
Larry wanted to take a balloon ride and ... he did. Boy the 80's are cool.--- Support this podcast:
My Buddy needs to share a clip from the internet at 1 am and I'm very tired but I give it my best effort. --- Support this podcast:
I went 2 clean out my voicemail and found a little gem from My Buddy --- Support this podcast:
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